Homeland Season 6 Finale Carrie Keane

Homeland Season 6 Finale Recap: Greater Expectations — Grade It!

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Season 6 of Homeland wrapped up with Sunday’s finale… but if you’re looking for a happy ending, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Dar Adal walks through that favorite restaurant of his and back to the meat locker, where he finds a U.S. senator tied up in his underwear. Dar says this is “a reprimand” for keeping him out of the loop. Then a lackey comes in to douse the senator with a bucket of water. Dar grills him about Quinn and the “Toxic Soldier” sock-puppet plot; the senator says he doesn’t know, but he later spills some very interesting intel to Dar.

Homeland Season 6 Finale Quinn Rupert FriendCarrie and Quinn rush back from the site of last week’s Queens bombing to Manhattan, where Keane is holed up in her hotel — and where the black-ops soldiers who rigged the house to explode are headed to serve as “reinforcements.” A massive protest is still raging outside the hotel, and Carrie heads inside to find Keane while Quinn stays outside to hunt for the soldiers. He notices an alarming amount of military firepower outside… including more than a few snipers in position to fire. Also outside: General McClendon, the head of the black-ops team who’s in bed with Dar Adal — and who’s now in charge of Keane’s security.

In the hotel suite, Saul compliments Keane for having the “balls” to face off with O’Keefe. She frets that she’s “not ready for this, any of it,” but Saul talks her off the ledge. Carrie gets up there and tries to tell Keane and Saul about the Queens bombing and McClendon’s involvement, but suddenly, they’re all rushed out of the hotel by the Secret Service due to a “credible” bomb threat. Keane wants to wait for her staff, but she’s told that’s not possible. (Boy, for a President-elect, she sure gets told “no” a lot.) Her chief of staff Rob is placed in a different SUV, along with a Keane lookalike decoy.

Homeland Season 6 Finale Dar Adal F. Murray AbrahamCarrie tries to call Quinn to warn him… but she gets Dar instead. He tells her Keane’s life is in danger, and not to let the motorcade leave the building. She doesn’t trust him, though, after all he’s pulled with Franny. But he puts the pieces together for her: They’re framing Quinn as Keane’s assassin. She stops one of the SUVs before it can leave, but one gets out to the street… and promptly explodes. (RIP, Rob and Fake Keane.) Carrie and Keane are quickly rushed to safety. Or, I should say, “safety.”

McClendon’s special-ops thugs move in and hunt for Keane, with Quinn lurking nearby. While the thugs take out one of Keane’s Secret Service guys, Carrie takes her into a service elevator and pulls the emergency-stop button. She calmly informs Keane she’s in danger and they’re currently “in a kill-zone.” (Thanks for the tip!) They head to the basement, and when the doors open, a gun’s in Carrie’s face. But it’s just Quinn. He herds Carrie and Keane into an SUV and takes the wheel, peeling out of the garage as the soldiers open fire.

Once they hit the street, they’re basically trapped, with gunmen on either side. Quinn tells Carrie and Keane to stay down, and slams the gas, driving through a barricade while soldiers pump at least a half-dozen bullets into his chest. He gets Carrie and Keane to safety… and then slumps over the wheel. Is this it? Can it be true? The mighty Quinn… dead? Carrie chokes back tears, while Keane says “he saved our lives.” A crowd gathers as we… cut to black.

We jump forward to “six weeks later”: O’Keefe is on his radio show, ranting that Keane was inaugurated in secret, behind closed doors. He clues us in that 60 government officials, including a U.S. senator, are currently in military jail in connection with the assassination attempt on Keane, and insists we’re headed for “civil war.” Meanwhile, Carrie reassures a room full of intelligence officials; Keane is too paranoid to meet with any of them, so Carrie’s acting as her liaison.

Saul tries to catch Carrie after the meeting; he notes they haven’t spoken since Quinn’s memorial. (Oof. So it’s true.) She bristles when he notes she didn’t speak at Quinn’s service; he insists she’s going too hard, and is bound to “hit a wall.” She tells him to stop worrying about her, and storms off to the Oval Office, where Keane is waiting. She wants to officially make Carrie her senior adviser, with an office in the West Wing. Carrie says it’d be “the greatest honor of my career,” but she needs to check in with Franny first. (She’s getting home visits now… which is progress, I guess.)

Saul heads to prison, where Dar Adal is waiting for him in a blue jumpsuit. “You look like s–t,” Saul says with a smile. Dar tells him people keep trying to get him to talk, but he won’t. “I wish you’d given me a chance to talk you out of it,” Saul says. Dar says he never meant for things to get this ugly. So Dar has a heart after all? He’s still no fan of Keane’s, though: “There’s something off about her… something distinctly un-American.”

Homeland Season 6 Finale Carrie Claire DanesCarrie gets a visit from a drunken Max, who says it’s “a f–king disgrace” how they’re making Quinn into some kind of action hero. She stashes him in the basement, though, because Christine from child-services is arriving for that home visit. Carrie shows her Franny’s room, with all her stuffed animals arranged on the bed; Christine says she’s passed “with flying colors,” and they can set up a new court date for custody right away. Carrie tells her about the D.C. job, and that all seems fine with Christine… so Franny might be headed home soon. (Yay!)

Carrie goes down to the basement to find Max passed out, and starts cleaning up. In a drawer, she finds a copy of Dickens’ Great Expectations, with an envelope inside it. In the envelope: pictures of Quinn’s baby boy, the one he never really met. Carrie’s chin trembles as she looks through the photos… and then she stumbles on a picture of herself. Aw, Quinn loved her! She breaks down in sobs.

Carrie gets a frantic call from Saul: He’s being put under arrest, and Saul blames Keane’s paranoia. He’s not alone, with officials from the CIA, the State Department and other high levels of government in handcuffs. Carrie calls Keane, but can’t get through, so she seeks out Keane’s new right-hand man David Wellington and yells at him about Saul. He tells her NSA surveillance connects Saul to the conspirators. Carrie tries to get into the Oval Office, but she’s kept outside. She yells in to Keane, “Innocent people are being arrested in your name!” Keane hears her, but remains inside — alone.

The final image of the season is Carrie staring out at the Capitol building… and she’s not feeling patriotic. Will the Keane storyline continue next season? And will we even want to keep watching without Quinn?

Got thoughts on the Homeland finale? Give it a grade in our poll below, then hit the comments for a full debrief.

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  1. K says:


    Pretty good finale. Dar was right!

    • Dee Smith says:

      Very disappointing Homeland killed off Quinn. Big mistake. His character was strong and the reason slot of viewers tuned in.

      • VR says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Quinn rises from the dead in Season 7.

        • Sure, and Brody, too. Oh, and Rob Stark and his wife will be back in S07 of GOT.

        • Abhinaya says:

          So. It looks like Quinn is still alive, and hiding at the place Dar mentioned??

        • Quandary says:

          This is not the show where characters are brought back to life. That one’s on HBO and will be back in July!

          • Frojo says:

            Not too happy with season 6. Wtf with Carrie- she doesn’t act human- or she a sociopath in addition to being bipolar. Just poor writing & too sloppy all season. Think I’m done with show. Just didn’t really enjoy it this season. Seasons 4&5 have been the best by far!!! If they can get 2 seasons SO good, why can’t they keep it up? And Quinn’s death really should have been at the end of Season 5, or not have him due. His character worked so well – they could have kept him for 2 more seasons. Ya, I think Im done!!!!!GOT is coming back in July??? Hadn’t heard anything yet!!!

        • Anna says:

          I would like that very much…l

      • Agree with comment that Peter Quinn was a very special and loved character in this series. Big mistake to kill him!!!!

        • Quandary says:

          So TV characters that are loved should never die? Is that what you’re saying?

          • glrnnis says:

            My draw to the series was Quinn. Without him I too will be finished. Without Superman who would watch Superman? The show is not called the Mighty Quinn, but Quinn was my reason..

          • Holly says:

            No what others are saying I think is that Quinn’s character finally came to life this season (no pun intended) and then they just yanked him out of the show just when he was hitting a peak with the audience. Fingers crossed the writers can’t be that stupid and he will be back somehow.

      • Mark Sharafinski says:

        I suspect Max is going to become the new “Peter”.

      • Jan says:

        I lost interest when they hung Brody….but stuck with it because of Quinn. But this season I got to the point I have to come here and read the recap to try to decipher what I just watched! LOL Nah…..I don’t think I’ll bother any more….although I do like dear old Max.

        • John Tino says:

          In retrospect I’ve come to the sad conclusion that the Homeland writers got lost somewhere along the line, Leaving out NO Memorial service for Quinn, ( only talked about) Think about it, when Carrie’s Father died, they did half a show about it!! Quinn was the glue that’s held Homeland together. And, someone wrote about the 180 degree turn by Keane, makes NO sense. Especially Saul getting busted! Damn, Saul was the first to tell Keane what was “really happening!!” They seemed to have gotten lost along about episode 8. They were “assuming that” Clinton would win..when the fool Trump won, they needed to flip their scripts, but they obviously went way too far. Sad, homeland has Always been for Me the best “Spy/post 9/11 show on the air. It has been buried in too many inconsistencies and misconceptions. Carrie should have immediately gotten Her Daughter back, damn, Keane should have picked up the phone ASAP for Carrie!! But, as another person noted, NOT showing any Memorial Service for Quinn was unforgivable. Another great cable show bites the dust…..I’m hoping that season 7 is right on track and turns the page on Keanes nonsense, Saul released, O’Keefe in prison, ( I was sure that the Vet who knew the real deal about the video would in episode 12 admit it was doctored). Sad, So very Sad.

          • normagee says:

            They clearly let themselves a door open not to show his funeral! ;) There could be twists – hint are there, IF they would want to get Quinn back!

            And Keane got just balls and is effective to find out who is in conspiracy… They told Carry he would be released when not guilty… She just don’t know whom to trust anymore and make strong decisions…think President is just 100% unsecure and want to find out EVERYTHING now. I understand her!

            And Frannie: if Carry is moving, doing another job next season (however, for president, could be, even now!) perhaps it tirns out better for Frannie to be in care with that other family while Carry really has not too much time for a kid (as she will admit perhaps – because for HER job always will come first! Think about that… This show needs a Carry, not a mum first place!)

            And so on.
            So, sorry, I’m not agrreing with you here! ;) But, we all love Quinn! :)
            If he’s out finally, I’m out, too…

          • Eva says:

            A movement demanding answers regarding Quinn’s departure and the show’s disservice to wounded vets is currently forming on twitter. #NotOurHomeland

        • Anna says:

          same here

      • Michael Garber says:

        I will miss him alot, but the show was great before he became a major player and will remain so. He was certainly outstanding in every way, Friend was perfect in the role.

        • normagee says:

          That you only can say because you’re not female!! What about if Carry would be replaced (well, in rheory)…you think show would work for you anymore?!

          • Quandary says:

            That would be a little different as she is the main character. That would make it a much different show. Michael makes a good point, it’s not like the show was bad without Quinn.

          • normagee says:

            That’s not what I said! ;)
            Show can be good without Quinn.
            But not (emotionally) satisfying anymore for all the women with kinda crush on Quinn! ;) Just sad and disappointing (even painful) from now on, big hole left…
            You don’t need to understand that.
            But many fans feel cheated now, me too.
            (I explained in other posts. ;))

            I wonder what many (romantic) men would feel, when Carry wouldn’t be there anymore? ;)
            I know, main character and everything – but just for instance?
            People with happy relationships or satisfying sex life don’t need that kind of thing out of a show; they don’t need the special kick in it…
            But if you once had a fictionary but brilliant character like a “Quinn” to watch weekly for a special emotional satisfaction, too (or even more?) you can’t live (=watch) without it and just go on with the show! Not after so many years of hoping, dreaming for a get-together with Carrie! And the satisfaction to watch Rupert Friend acting so very well, that (hot) “Quinn” became to live in our fantasies while those takes are deeply enjoyable because of that…
            You understand? :)

            How many men you think do have the same thing with Carry, hm? ;) A lot, I think!

      • Diana Oneal says:

        I agree whole heartedly

    • Kevin Tran says:

      I’m not sure on what the potential set-up for Season Seven will be.

      • It looks like the CIA/Intelligence agencies vs. a power hungry President.

        • No freakin’ thanks….been done to death….Honestly, giving Rupert just this one season to stretch and become a Quinn thats endured so much….he deserves so much better

          • But your outrage should have been over last season then, not here.

            This show for all its faults at least tries to live in a world of reality. People in Quinn’s situation do not make 100% recoveries. That’s why the season finale worked. For a skilled assassin, someone with so much pride, to be crippled, literally and figuratively by a situation, he got to go out in a blaze of glory and save the President of the United States! It was either that, or three more seasons of him dealing with stroke-related symptoms. Which would you prefer?

          • Sunnyty says:

            Great response kevinlawerancecantor! I think Quinn had to go out like a hero. I screamed and got teary eyed watching him die. But realistically they couldn’t allow a couple more seasons of a crippled assassin. It just would be awkward and weird. I came to peace with his demise. It was the best exit for him. I just wish they memorialized him😢

          • normagee says:

            You’re right, Erica, the same here! :)
            The others don’t understand that Quinn didn’t need to recover physically (he was still very capable!) but mentally, freeing himself – for a change to the better – and then gets his love with an (evolved) Carry and happy home life again.
            That would have been the only(good) option here, after so many years of suffering! Beeing in this condition for Quinn was even helpful to get rid of his demons, to reflect, to discover he can get out of beeing an assasin and getting a life of his own! They needed to give us what most of all wantedto see: a free Quinn in mind and a healthier, happier person in the end even in this body! Would have worked perfectly! Because before this injury he wasn’t ableto make it, to open up, to talk – he was in s middle of a change which have could out worked greatly by time and a warmer Carrie (or even Astrid, whoever). This was in fact his chance to get along and free his soul from beeing a murderer and under a cursed feeling. (In reality too…psychoogically!) Can’t you all see that?! Fans waited for this change for him – because turns out he was still capable enough and not done with life or chances… with a little help by Carrie or even her growing heart for him? But they decided against and that was a really bad choice! They let us hoped for YEARS for Quinn, letting him go through so much – with that ending now? Wow. (And what a bad move for all the veterans out there too, who are injured and need a little hope for themselves…)
            They will loose so much loyal fans now! We feel so cheated and played wirh our feeling and hopes and dreams! This show did it once and it worked because – but not this time, not with Quinn! They’ve gone too far – and I won’t pay a cent anymore to them to watch!! If it’s on Netflix or free tv anytime I perhaps will watch outif curiosity and because I like Carry as Claire Danes too very well and the thrilling story – but they so disappoint (and hurt) us deeply, playedwith our real feelings here (especially last season) to let it endfor Quinn like that – no, gone too far, that was too much, too wrong, too unfair. Just a big mistake! They will see! (If I want pure 100% reality and pessimism I don’t need to watch shows, I can watch the news, read papers and life my own life on this sad planet.)
            I watch such shows with hope for at least a little happy ending for somebody! And Quinn deserved it more than anybody else.
            That was a let-down I won’t forget. And many others won’t, too!
            Changing people in shows and stories for the better (or worse) that is how they are made and work! They had that choice and they made their decision – and I made mine.
            No more cent for Homeland-Show. I’m done. (And a bit heartbroken, too.) And now, I’m not a teenie, I’m 50 (and ill) and good! shows are my plan to survive all this…

            Now I watch “The Americans” (they don’t will mess with us like that I think! Good work!) and “Better call Saul” and perhaps one or two others…but there will never be a second “Quinn” to have a crush like this on a character (not on the actor!). And that’s sad enough for me…and many others.
            Greets from Munich, Germany! ;)

          • Anna says:

            But Claire Dance did say that “there is no happy ending” in Homeland. No “good moments” for Carry.

  2. Kevin Tran says:

    RIP Peter Quinn. Hope Rupert Friend gets Emmy nominated soon and what’s going to happen in the final two seasons now that the series is moving on without Quinn. BTW, Dar Adal is really the one character people love to hate.

  3. Brooke says:

    Worst finale ever. I cancelled the series on my dvr. Why would they kill Quinn after all that? Who wants to watch this show without Quinn? Not any of us! Farewell homeland after 6 loyal seasons!

    • Betty Amory says:

      I agree Brooke!!

    • RJM says:

      I completely agree with you, Brooke!

    • FedUp says:

      For the first time since the show started, I’m not looking forward to the next season. I think I’m done. Granted the rest of the cast is still great, but without Quinn, sigh.

      Seeing Saul visit Dar in jail made me a bit happy, although I do love the friction and mystery he creates it was nice to see him in a “time out” lol. I’m hoping too that Quinn is in Witsec and laying low somewhere, perhaps living at Carries lake house.

      Could it be Dar’s “young fellow at GW teaching classics” is Quinn? We see Carrie pick up his Great Expectations novel. We know Dar has a soft spot for Quinn and to not see any of them mourn even six weeks later is strange. I know many want Quinn dead, but I’m not there yet.

      If true, I totally agree about Quinn’s death. It was uneventful for such a strong popular character on the show, no time for tears, what the heck. I really don’t know how to process this.

      All that Quinn went through and the way Carrie acted at the house that was bombed to not even jump over the front seat to get a pulse was confusing to me.

      For Quinn die saving the Evil Queen is really making my blood boil. I’ll watch it again when I’m not as irritated.

      • AGrose says:

        I’ve got a feeling that the young man Dar refers to is Quinn’s son and that he’ll make an appearance next season

    • Terri Reagan says:

      I agree!

    • Jim says:

      Was this season about starting Keene off as a Hilary Clinton analogue and turning her into a Trump by the end?

      • FedUp says:

        Honestly I think that this is why they pushed the season back. Claire was on a chat show recently and said they just wrapped up so it’s not as if the season was shot and they pushed back, it seems as if they wrote as they went along. Which could be the reason it was slightly scattered. Why I don’t know why, If I’d want reality I’d watch the news. Oh well, too late now.

    • Nathan says:

      HA “US”

    • I’ll watch. LIke I will watch GOT to the end, no matter who gets killed. Not sure what world you live in where you expect that all your favorite characters live forever. Never-Never Land?

      • normagee says:

        Its not about that! Its about women (single, sad, alone or with stupid men) needing a romantic thrill out of lovable shows – the one guy who is better than reality ever will be!
        The dreamboy every woman wants! For me it is like this…and I’m 50! This has nothing to do with why men warching this – it is about emotional connection in a fantasy that we NEED (romance) to survive the cold hard reality of real men or boring life without a really special guy….
        Men like you will never understand that! And thats exactly the reason women need Quinn’s! ;>

        • Homeland is not a romance show. Jeeze!

          • normagee says:

            Then you saw an other show then me and all angry women out there crying over Quinns death! ;)
            Sure it is romance too! Since the beginning!! It’s part pf the show! And I bet, Carrie will get her match in the end – and that should have been Quinn!
            Reasons for this I posted elsewhere on a reaction on IW-article:

            I totally disagree here – shows also are about changing a character to the better (and healthier). Carry changed! He did, first physically to bring it all out, and then? Should have been by time for the better, too: because he reflected everything – and then there is a chance! But the writers just throw that away, letting him stuck in something they shouldn’t! Fans wanted that change for him so badly – to a healthier, happier person (with Carry perhaps or another woman), to get rid of his demons… And what did they do?! No, that wasn’t nice (and tactically wrong), not to Quinn who deserved better than that, and not to us fans! If I want reality I don’t need to watch shows! Sometimes happy endings are required like in fairy tales for children! We need them, emotionally – that’s what those good stories are made for, too. Even in Homeland…just look closer. And Quinn should have gotten his!

        • Quandary says:

          Your honesty is appreciated, but this is a brutal show where people die a lot, and there are basically never happy endings. It’s been that way for six years. I don’t think it’s fair to criticize the show for not warping itself to satisfy some fantastical romance angle. I’m sure there are shows that aim for that, but Homeland??

          • normagee says:

            Sure, Homeland is about romance since the beginning! It’s part of the show!
            Why you think women are crying about Quinns death so much, beeing angry now? They built them up for years, whole realationship between both of them, letting us hoping for more. We feel cheated. And I bet, Carrie will get her match in the end or her happy ending (with Frannie) however – and that should have been with Quinn and not with someone else perhaps later on.

            Shows also are about changing a character to the better and healthier or the other way around. Carry changed. And he did, first physically to bring it all out, and then? Should have been by time for the better, too: because he reflected everything and then there’s a chance! But the writers just throw that away, letting him stuck in something they shouldn’t! Fans wanted that change for him so badly: to a healthier, happier person (with Carry perhaps or another woman), to get rid of his own demons. And what did they do? No, that wasn’t right, tactically wrong. He deserved better than that and we fans too! If I want only hard reality I don’t need to watch shows. Sometimes happy endings are required like in fairy tales for children. We need them, emotionally – that’s what those good stories are made off, in the end. If not, most fans will be very unpleased. Like now! Quinn should have gotten his luck for once. He didn’t deserve this upleasant ending, he deserved to overcome his masochism tendencies (especially for Carry) and free himself! That’s what we fans think and wished for.

            And yes, people die in this show: it’s thrilling, political, everything. But have a closer look: it’s about romance all the time! Carry loves Brody and the other red head guy (boring), Quinn loves Carry (dramatic), Astrid loves Quinn (sad ending, because of bad judgement of Quinn) and so on. At the end there must be something good out of it – the big picture, not only political but in private life too!
            Because they change them (for the better) or they destroy them. And they cannot destroy them all and our hopes and dreams!
            For that reality is there… ;>

      • funnibone31 says:

        The problem with that analogy is that GoT has a huge ensemble cast. Homeland does not.

    • Wow! It’s an awesome show! Did you also say you wouldn’t watch after they killed Brody?

      • normagee says:

        I hadn’t a thing for Brody, couldn’t understand her affection for him… So it was much more easy to let him go!
        I din’t say that the show is not amzing or good enough without Quinn in it – I say it’s too frustrating and sad now to watch after they played with our dreams, feelings and hopes so hard, after all Quinn gone through, after the building up the relationship between them for so many years and after most of the female fans find Quinn to be the perfect match for Carrie (if she could open her heart for him). I say I won’t watch anymore because I feel betrayed and sad and wouldn’t have not much fun anymore out oft it after Quinn is out. The thing between them – it was the best part of the show for me and many others. And yes, I really liked that guy very much. Because he was perfect to me in a romantic way and I would miss that intensely…
        You won’t understand that kind of thing. You watch this for another reason than I do! I do like the storyline, I like Carry and if there wouldn’t have been a “Quinn” I would watch forever! Now it’s just not fun anymore, just a big hole, like lost a love – even if it’s only fictionary. It only would hurt watching it now without him.
        And yes, I know you don’t understand that. I’m 50, not a child or a teenie – but age doesn’t matter here. If you have a romantic heart, it’s always there – and if private life in reality is dramatic (physicall illness) and you can’t get what you want out of it, then those shows with a special kick for loners are the only thing left we could have!
        And I am not aline with that.
        Do you now understand how nessecary guys like Quinn are for many (unhappy, lonely?) women?
        Well, doesn’t matter. Fans like me knows… ;>

    • Wow! It’s an awesome show! Did you also say you wouldn’t watch after they killed Brody?

    • Doug Henning says:

      I get a kick out of people who say goodbye to shows they pay for in their subscriptions.. Homeland has 2 more seasons to go no matter what people think… Long time TV watchers know that with no body means no death…. Even Michael Scofield has come back alive after being buried …

    • Wyngate says:

      This is all the same rhetoric from the same people when they killed Brody- “I WILL NEVER WATCH THIS SHOW AGAIN!!!” But you did, and you will. The reason this show is still on the air is because it evolves, and Claire Danes. And her show name is Carrie, not Carry. Sad to say that this show is the only reason I still subscribe to Showtime.

      • normagee says:

        You’re wrong! When Brody died it wasn’t the same as Quinn. I, personally, never was attached to Brody anyway – but I do love Quinn and that for the first time I saw him (and hoped for a Quarry-thing as many of us).
        Quinn was the better character, much more prettier, charismatic, helpful for Carrie and for running the show (as like Carrie and Saul).
        Quinn could have (and should have!) evolved the last season especially after his damage, mentally! That was his chance to get out of all that and for a more private life and winning the heart of Carry…. (we all hoped for!).
        You said it right: it’s about evolving, too. But Quinn didn’t evolve – they didn’t let him. And I and many others feel betrayed because of that. Could have been a great plot with Quinn alive and getting along!
        Now, I won’t watch anymore, never again! That sad choice they made – big mistake! Brody and Carrie never would have been a realistic and healthy match. But Quinn (RF longer at the show than Lewis!) and Carrie – that could have been a great story of evolving for both, together. I miss that so much and really hate that ending!
        I’ m done with Homeland – they won’t get anymore cent out of me.
        (In my case: Apple won’t, because I’m German and watched via iTunes, 2,99€ per episode!).
        Perhaps I will watch later on, when it’s for free on Netflix or in german TV. But only out of curiosity what they come up with next…not out of fun and joy anymore!

        So, be sure of that: MANY of us won’t watch after Quinn died. They hurt us too much, manipulate our hopes (and dreams) too much, disappointed us (me) too much – I win’t forget! Worst show ever for me now! And I never will watch a Gansa-show again. Just saying.
        That disappoinment I don’t need anymore. The showrunners forgotten the fans and their needs!
        That’s what I think.
        And I hope MANY of us will boykott Homeland/Showtime now next season. (For them to learn that fans have real hearts and real feelings…)

  4. Betty Amory says:

    Did not like the finale! Cannot believe Peter Quinn is dead… hopefully in a witness protection program ? Without the sensuality between Peter and Carrie, I may not watch Homeland anymore. I felt the final overall was very weak !

    • VR says:

      I really do wonder if Quinn will be resurrected somehow. It’s illogical, but so is switching out the Medina Medley vans and keeping the real van in the black ops’ safe house. I wouldn’t put any ridiculousness past the writers.

  5. JM says:

    I hope Quinn froze some sperm and Carrie sprogs herself up. #CarrinnBaby

  6. Ronald Roth says:

    I’ll miss the mighty Quinn. Be nice if he could be resurrected. Totally creeped out by new president and Saul’s arrest. Can Carrie save America and the free world? I’ll be watching….

  7. DJ says:

    I’m heartbroken. I watched homeland because of Quinn ! Notice I said watched as in past tense. Way to ruin a show.

  8. derek117 says:

    My criteria for judging any film, TV series episode, and (especially) the season finale is: did it wrap up most of the storylines? Set up the next season? And, most of all: did it make sense in relationship to the story & characters–and any “theme” the writers may have been working towards.

    On all accounts the Homeland Finale hit all the right marks–I rated it awesome.

    Just to touch on a few items below…WARNING Spoilers coming!

    For the past couple of weeks I’ve been predicting that Carrie would be working as the White House “liaison” to the intelligence community. And, that’s more/less where Carrie is at the end of the episode.

    What was always more difficult for the season is “how” the two opposing sides end. This is especially true since the show’s producers (in interviews before the finale) admitted that they had to recalibrate the season AFTER episode eight (of twelve) when Donald Trump won the 2016 U.S. Presidential election. The producers, like most people, believed Trump would lose–and the “currency” of this Season would be fueled by a “victimized” female President.

    The season finale totally reversed that with a Vengeful POTUS, using the power of the office to settle personal scores. And the set-up for the final two seasons clearly will be Carrie–working on the inside–saving both her friends (like Saul who was carted off to jail) AND the Nation from power.

    Finally, the obvious “downer” in the finale (and the probable reason many viewers may not like it) is the death of Peter Quinn. After sparing his life at the end of last season, to only kill him at the end of this one, seems cruel. But, once they made Quinn “not the man he use to be” both physically and mentally–there was little use for the character going forward. Except maybe as a weekly reminder of how being on the front line of the battle against the U.S.’ enemies will always take its toll. I’m pleased that they gave him a Heroic Death–instead of the meaningless death he almost suffered in Berlin.

    Oh, I almost forgot: seeing Dar Adal in jail was probably worth the price of popcorn. And, yes, his request to Saul to help out a “boy” in D.C., confirms that Dar is indeed gay. Another loose end resolved.

    Well done, Homeland: now bring on the next two seasons. Carry in The Resistance!

    • Dawn0410 says:

      derek117 I agree with everything that you said…and while I am sad that Quinn died, I am also surprised that others did not see it coming. After Quinn was irreparably changed last season it was only a matter of time before he was killed off. He was on borrowed time.

    • Holly says:

      I don’t really get how you can say the show gave Peter Quinn a Heroic Death when it looks like he basically gave up his life for a ”vengeful potus” who is misusing the powers of that office to settle personal scores. Don’t really see any honor in that. They should have just let him die honorable in Berlin. Instead they bring him back so we could all fall in love with his character only for him to die again, supposedly….. Dumb.

      • Jenn says:

        I agree with this. And honestly, I cannot stand Carrie. Every season it’s the same story line, Carrie breaks all the rules, Carries gets away with it, Carrie saves the day. It’s exhausting. Quinn was the only reason I have been tuning in the last 2-3 seasons. And not because he’s cute like a few people have intimated on this thread, but because he was a solid character. I like Dar too (another solid and interesting character), but he isn’t in it enough to keep me coming back. I loved Saul but he has gotten a little irritating over the past couple of years.

        This show has become a job, I just don’t really enjoy it anymore. But that’s my opinion, I know there are plenty of people that will still watch. I have never stopped watching a show because a favorite character was killed off, but I just don’t like enough of the rest of the cast to keep this one up.

    • Mike Garber says:

      GREAT SUMMARY, derek117, great scripts and performances as well……..

  9. JJL says:

    The finale seemed rushed with too many things left unanswered. Somewhat of a let down

  10. Robert says:

    I see all these less than awesome ratings and yet the entire country is addicted to this program. Go figure.

  11. K says:

    I wish they would have just killed off Quinn after last season instead of bringing him back and then going out like THAT. I mean what was the point? Pretty pissed with this show right now.

    • derek117 says:

      For someone like Quinn it’s “how” you die that’s just as important as how he lived. In Berlin, he was strung-up and poisoned as a “demo” to the Germans that the terrorists had deadly chemical weapons. That’s not a Warrior’s Death.

      Quinn’s death, while saving the President from assassination is a Hero’s Death. And, I’m sure there will be mention next season of Quinn being honored by the Keene Administration. Even though Keene–thru her experiences this season?–is now the Evil threat to the Nation that was hinted at earlier.

  12. Zoogerdee says:

    Homeland isn’t Homeland without Quinn. Love him. Can’t imagine the show without him.

  13. Jay says:

    This episode was AWFUL. Confusing, disconnected, unrealistic, poorly edited. New characters float in and out. ” 6 weeks later”…..they ran out of time or ideas

    • Quandary says:

      I wasn’t confused by it. Anything you need explained? And the only new character I recall was the new Chief of Staff for the president

  14. Sugar and Stars says:

    Best season yet.

    Wrapped up the season perfectly.

    Too many of the comments are complaining about Quinn’s passing. I am sure these are the same people who complained when the red headed menace passed. However, it is best for the primary characters to achieve strong ends. Plus, this show is Carrie not Quinn. However, he will be missed.

  15. Deborah Pipes says:

    First, Homeland is an excellent show that my husband and I look forward to watching each week! It has been relevant while being entertaining. If my memory is correct, Quinn came on Season 2. He has been an excellent actor and he will be missed!

    I think all Carrie, Quinn, and Saul all deserve Emmy’s! I think Homeland is deserving of Emmy’s two!

    Thanks to Showtime, and this extraordinary cast!

    • M.B says:

      I pretty much agree with your analysis. I think Homeland is going to miss having Rupert Friend as Quinn. He is an excellent actor and will not be without many opportunities going forward. I just watched Young Victoria where he starred with Emily Blunt. He is, was, the best on Homeland. I am just no longer interested in Homeland. I watched it from the very beginning and own all the DVD’s except this last episode and am not interested in owning it. Quinn’s death was all it could be at this point. I didn’t care much for Brody’s character so having Quinn come on was a bonus. RIP Quinn.

  16. anita says:

    Didn’t want Quinn to die.. he is part of homeland and should of recovered from stroke…. he’s hot and was like a hero in every which way… he made the show exciting!!!!

  17. heyitshel says:

    They killed Quinn. I knew they would; there really was no other way to go with him, plotwise; he’d already gone through his nine lives. Now that the mighty Quinn is gone, I’m done with Homeland. My Sunday nights have now been freed up until July (when HBO’s Game of Thrones returns). Yay (kinda).

  18. heyitshel says:

    They killed Quinn. I knew they would. There was nowhere to take the character, plot wise, that would do him justice and he’d already gone through his nine lives. Now that the mighty Quinn is gone–RIP–I’m done with Homeland. My Sunday nights have freed up until July (when HBO’s Game of Thrones returns). A muted “yay” (missing Quinn and Rupert Friend).

  19. Pat. Hatfield says:

    Yep big mistake no Quinn don’t care to watch!! Will just cancel Showtime nothing else worth watching on it!!

  20. Marta says:

    Why did Quinn have to die he was a very important part of Homeland and he was the reason why I watched Homemand

    Bring him back from the dead he was a great actor and was the reason why I watched Homemand

    I am very very disappointed

  21. Janet says:

    Maybe I’m just in denial about Quinn’s death, but I’m wondering about something. Dar asked Saul to get a message to a fellow in the Classics dept at GW. Then Carrie finds Quinn’s picture stash in a copy of Great Expectations. Connection? Or just the hopeful musings of someone who really can’t see myself caring about this show without Quinn.

    • VR says:

      hmmm, I thought Dar just had some other young lover. I thought that was a bit random for him to mention him… i wonder if you might actually be onto something!

      • Alichat says:

        It’s possible that Dar introduced Quinn to the classics. He said he found Quinn in an orphanage and took him under his wing…..and did some other things to him. :-( It’s possible that it was just a nod to that and Quinn’s life….Pip in the book is an orphan, apprentice, has unrequited love, becomes immoral but grows to find his moral center again, and wins the girl…..who has changed herself. Perhaps that character resonated with Quinn.

    • Karen W. says:

      The teacher’s fellow @ GW is going to be Quinn’s son.

  22. A.E. says:

    This was weird. Felt manipulative to drag Quinn out again. nd very short — almost last minute idea to kill him. It was like 2 secs. Then cut forward. You literally could have used that, copied it and stuck it on end of S5, I mean, so strange. Also felt they made a huge change in direction, to take POTUS evil… some extreme version of their idea of Trump.

    Man, this use to be a GREAT spy show… not sure the last time anyone actually spied. Really sucks to watch a show decline and implode great potential. S4 was top-notch, pretend it ended then.

  23. RJM says:

    Love this show.

    Don’t understand why Quinn needed to be killed off. I was hoping for a great love story between Carrie and Quinn this season.

    Sorry, Claire, I’m a really huge fan, but can’t watch it without Quinn. He was an amazing character.

  24. Mark says:

    Very good season, terrible ending. Killing off a great character is one thing, but fast forwarding 6 weeks with little to no mention of his sacrifice or heroic act was disrespectful and tasteless. For a show that is usually consistent at tying up loose ends and driving its point home, they really missed the mark on this one.

    Didn’t Max get kidnapped? Shows up a drunk weeks later at carries door.

    Where was Saul after the motorcade was blown up? They just keep driving with half the presidents secret service personal.

    Terrible episode all around. Next season will be its last i would imagine.

    • Just Somebody says:

      The show was already renewed for two more sessions, and Season 8 has already been confirmed to be the last. They plan a two season long arc (presumably revolving around Carrie going against President Keane) to close out the show in 2019.

      • N!loofar says:

        Vinyl was renewed fast too, renewal news came after the”Quinn is alive” confirmation. When no one watches they will be forced to cancel.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


        • Dysturbed says:

          There’s a (should be) obvious difference between a show being renewed before it’s first season is completed in hope that the show will then receive more buzz, but then being cancelled when that plan didn’t work, and a show that has been on for years being renewed, knowing that it already has an established fanbase and can afford to lose some of the standard disgruntled viewers.

        • Quandary says:

          Oh yeah like we never heard that before (like after Season 3 when another character died)

    • Frojo says:

      That’s exactly what I meant about too many loose ends this season!!! And yes, very disrespectful to Quinn to have him die so suddenly & then just jump forward 6 weeks. And Carrie???its strange how she was after Quinn died- she’s always checking on others who have hurt/ may havebeen killed, but when it’s the character she’s closest to, nothing but a ” ya he’s dead”??? Just poor writing. Never understand that kind of thing in TV or movies- main reason I see so few of them. Got, D. Abbey & Homeland only shows hubby & I watch regularly/ religiously. Can’t they see in post prod. ,if not sooner that it’s not working???

  25. Vicki says:

    I’m mad that they killed off Quinn. He was a big part of the show and will be missed. Dumb move! I loved the way that he and Carrie always had each other’s back. Their friendship was so real. I don’t know if I care to watch anymore.

  26. Madeline Sabatello says:

    I won’t watch without Quinn, I’m done!
    Never liked BRODY!

  27. drama quinn says:

    you can kill off carrie who’s an annoying bitch but you can’t kill off peter. I am done

  28. Barb White says:

    I think the treatment of Quinn’s character throughout the season only to die like this with hardly a mention, a touch, or anything from Carrie felt disingenuous. It does a disservice for returning war veterans, soldiers who suffer from PTSD, wound warriors, etc. that the show couldn’t write a story that had any positivity for Quinn. He wasn’t that changed – he still had a honorable heart and the instincts he was trained with. Quinn could’ve done so much more. So now we are supposed to buy into the Drone Queen 2.0? Some new male lead? With only 2 seasons left to go? Awful. So many great things about this season and Rupert Friend’s performance – such a shame the finale couldn’t compliment any of it. I’ve watched Homeland from the beginning and this feels like such a manipulation of the viewers. It’s ok to write for your audience – the critics are the ones buying your DVD’s and buying subscriptions to Showtime. The audience wanted a show that had a little bit of romance on it – nothing wrong with that. All they got was screwed.

    • BM68 says:

      You explained my thoughts and feelings perfectly

    • Holly says:

      Took the words right of my mouth. Pretty pathetic ending for Quinn. Carrie didn’t even touch him to see if he was dead. The fact that his supposed death was treated with such disregard makes me hopeful he will return next season.

    • normagee says:

      Can’t agree more! ;)

      (See my other posts about his changed body and potential for a positive change and healing because of that! ;))

      They really did wrong this time.
      Will cost them many, many viewers… (a part of me really hopes for that now, sorry).

      (I watch “The Americans” too – they hopefully won’t give usa let down like that! Good show so far!)

    • normagee says:

      Can’t agree more! ;)

      See my other posts about his changed body and potential for a positive change and healing because of that.

      They really did wrong this time.
      Will cost them many, many viewers… (a part of me really hopes for that now, sorry).

      I watch “The Americans” too – they hopefully won’t give usa let down like that! Good show so far!

  29. Dorinda Selke says:

    I’m so upset that Quinn died. I know that he went down being brace and saving Carrie and Keane, but I loved his character and was looking forward to more Quinn – not the end 😩

  30. Cindy says:

    so long. Homeland. I’ve tried to be loyal, but I can’t stand you. Truly, I’m holding up index and middle finger to my mouth doing the dry spit sound that sends you a curse. You should have let Quinn die from one of his seven injuries last season if you had no plans to let Quinn and carry finally consumate this love you’ve made us root for all these years. I don’t like to be scammed. I don’t like to be strung along. Quinn was barely on the show tonight. Don’t care about Carrie, Franny Hop, Saul, Dar, the president, etc. only care about max, but not enough to waste one more second of my time.

  31. James D McKillip says:

    With the death of Quinn this show is dead to me.

  32. Christina says:

    Getting rid of Quinn was not a good finale. Will miss his character. Your writers got it wrong this time. Last episode for the season made no sense. Disappointed.

  33. chrissy says:

    Noooooooooooo! Quinn was an amazing character. So sad….I am hoping it is not true, that somehow he was taken to a place where could be medically taken care of….just gunshot wounds, right? oh geez…….

  34. VR says:

    Honestly, the character of Carrie is so freaking annoying. Saul, too. Can Homeland really hold itself up without the coolness and passion of Quinn?

    • N!loofar says:

      After six weeks, she was throwin Quinn only belongings in a trash bag. She is just a terrible person, She kept terrorist spawn and would have kept Ayan’s if she got pregnant with his kid too. She didn’t deserve his love. They had to put the rejection in, just adding insult to injury.

      • VR says:

        She definitely did not deserve Quinn’s love. I don’t know what it was that made Quinn feel so strongly about her.

  35. Mitra says:

    Not sure if I want to watch without Quinn. 2 more seasons without him? Nope, No can do.

  36. Michael Nolan says:

    Quinn was the baddest ass on tv ever and yoi kill him for a communist president. I don’t believe he’s dead . They didn’t have a funeral just a memorial service. No way he would ever go out like that. Ever. He became,the show even after his stroke he uncovered the plot and killed who he had to. I think bnext season we will see that Carrie tracks him down under his real name living near his son. So he Can help her bring down that a hole Keane. You cannot kill of a character that arguably surpassed everyone and became the shows most popular and indispensable character . You could have killed Claire danes instead a mnsn d not have lost a fan. Bc you would know that Quinn d spend as much time and effort necessary to kill everyone responsible for her death I if he’s me im gone

  37. Terri Reagan says:

    I am completely at a loss after watching Peter Quinn being killed off this show. He is/was a very important character and I feel that this is too great a loss. Do t know if I can continue to watch. I do not like this new direction.
    You have ruined a great show.

  38. MzTeaze says:

    Had to cry a few thug tears for Quinn. I know it was the time for his character but I was sad to see him go right now.

  39. JB says:

    I agree, I don’t think Quinn is totally out of the picture. He was such a strong character. Carrie and Quinn over——–nay!! They’rè relationship was a build up to end so abruptly. Looking forward to 7!

    • Abhinaya says:

      You think so ?! You really really think so ?!! I hope you’re right. Please be right.
      And thanks for the ready of hope. :))

  40. Can’t believe you really killed Rupert Friends character!!! He was my favorite of all the cast. If he’s gone for good, I will NOT be watching Homeland next season!!! It was bad enough to have him acting handicapped this last season!!

  41. DWP says:

    My only problem with the finale was this. O’Keefe , who was central to plot to assassinate the president-elect is somehow free to continue his TV. Program. I wish the writers had taken a moment to show him in exile in say Russia or in hiding in an embassy.

    • LAwoman says:

      Yeah, I wanted to see O’Keefe suffer some repercussions for his actions, but with this vengeful president, maybe we’ll see it happen next season. I was sad about Quinn, but this has always been Carrie’s (and to some extent, Saul’s) story. I’ll watch it to the end.

    • VR says:

      Yes! It’s weird, because the President also knows he altered the video of her son.

  42. Karen W. says:

    “Oh, I almost forgot: seeing Dar Adal in jail was probably worth the price of popcorn. And, yes, his request to Saul to help out a “boy” in D.C., confirms that Dar is indeed gay. Another loose end resolved.”

    Dar may wind up being gay but the “boy” is going to turn out to be Quinn’s son not Dar’s lover.

  43. Arlene says:

    I cannot even imagine this without one of its main characters, Peter Quinn being killed off. U asked us if we even want to watch it and I don’t think I do; it just won’t be the same with him no longer in it. How and why would u kill him off? It makes no sense to me. I’m sure I’m not alone on this.

  44. Lydia says:

    HOMELAND is the best show on TV. However, first they kill my Brody, now they killed my
    Quinn. If Rupert Friend doesn’t win an Emmy for Best Performance by an Actor in a Drama
    Series then something really wrong is going on here. Rupert Friend’s acting this season in
    particular was spectacular. RIP Peter Quinn. We will miss you! I can’t take anymore
    heartbreak. Will have to think about tuning in to Season 7, especially without Quinn.

  45. BM68 says:

    This finale was stupid. Killing Quinn was show suicide. Cancelling my Showtime subscription tomorrow #NoQuinnNoHomeland

  46. JK3 says:

    Idk what it is with the Keane hate. A rogue faction within the U.S. government not only tarnished the legacy of her son, they murdered multiple fbi agents and associates of hers, and tried to kill her. I’m surprised her actions were as tame as they were and that O’Keefe is still alive. For Dar to complain about her being “unamerican” was rich. He literally made her that way based off of policy differences.

    • JK3 says:

      As for them killing Quinn… I rather he die and get a spin off (make it happen) than continue in his current state. He wasn’t going to miraculously get better.

    • Just Somebody says:

      The Keane hate is because she’s going ridiculously overboard in her reaction to the assassination plot and having a ton of innocent people detained in flagrant violation of the United States Constitution. Saul clearly had nothing to do with it, but he’s being hauled off at gunpoint for no good reason.

      That’s what’s up with the Keane hate.

  47. King says:

    Closed captions says there were only 16 government officials in military jail.

  48. Maverick says:

    Not surprised they killed Quinn character as he was partially physically paralized, But it was heartbreaking. Overall season was amazing and like the reviewer said “will we even want to keep watching without Quinn?” At the moment, my answer is NO!!!

  49. Hollis says:

    The 180 degree turn that President Keane makes just isn’t realistic, especially arresting Saul. There is nothing in her past behavior to indicate that draconian kind of reaction. Why would she have bothered to offer Carrie a senior advisory position just before shutting her out. A milder version of paranoia would have worked, but this version is too extreme to be believable.

    • Mark says:

      In the final shot of Keene at her in the Oval Office might She have been clutching a picture of her fallen son? Is it possible her behavior is somewhat driven by revenge and overwhelming grief for her lost son?

  50. Chris Franey says:

    Could not believe our beloved Quinn was killed off. Big mistake. Even being impaired he was a force to be reckoned with. Couldn’t he have been wearing a vest or somehow survived and disappeared to become anonymous. Please bring him back!! The show needs him- Carrie needs him.