GIrls Recap Season 6 Episode 9

Girls Recap: The Best Worst

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Our little Girls are growing up. Finally.

In the series’ penultimate episode, a major job offer causes Hannah to seriously consider leaving New York City and raising her baby elsewhere. The possibility pushes the mom-to-be to seek out the opinions of those who’ve shared her sphere (and at least a couple who’ve shared her apartment) over the past six seasons.

It doesn’t go well — mainly because Hannah, Marnie, Shosh and Jessa finally have realized what we’ve known all along: They’re not really friends. And because of that, Hannah’s decision becomes an easy one.

Read on for the highlights of “Goodbye Tour.”

A NEW HOPE | Hannah happily tours a small liberal arts college, then has an amazing meeting with the department head who all but hires her on the spot. (Side note: Ann Dowd!) The woman’s admiration for Hannah seems to stem from the fact that she writes for online publications. “Can you show these students the real guts and meats of the Internet, what it’s really for?” she asks. When Hannah replies in the affirmative, it’s basically a done deal: She gets a professorship offer via phone call on the train back to the city.

ROLL CALL! | After asking for the weekend to consider it, Hannah consults the people in her life. A brief summation of their opinions follow:

* Elijah: Nay. He reminds her that they made a promise to live together in misery in the big, bad city. We also learn that he proposed to her in St. Mark’s Place way back. (!) He also sings her Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer” through their bedroom walls as they’re both falling asleep. (Aww.)
* Hannah’s dad: Yay. He and his boyfriend think her leaving New York City is a great idea.
* Marnie: MIA, though Hannah leaves several voicemails.
* Shoshanna: Also MIA, and her phone number has been changed.
* Caroline (aka Adam’s sister/Sample’s mom): A huge yay, so much so that when she cries “I release you like a biiiiird,” it freaks Hannah out and sends her to Shosh’s in person to figure out what’s going on.

Girls Recap Season 6 Episode 9CONGRATS, SHOSH! | And that’s where she finds out that Shoshanna is having a party to which she invited everyone but Hannah — even Elijah is there — and that Shosh is going to marry a guy named Byron. In fact, the bash is their engagement party. Marnie and Jessa are there, too, and when drama starts to break out, Marn calls an emergency meeting in the bathroom.

“We’re gonna be the adult women I know we can be,” Marnie announces, and that happens, but probably not in the way she expects. Shoshanna — who has always, always been my favorite — correctly points out that they can’t do something for one of them without another making it all about her. “I think we should all just agree to call it,” she pronounces, bailing on the meeting first.

Then Hannah announces that she’s taking the job upstate, because she’s fed up with New York, aka “a city where people take s–ts on the street.” (Side note: Just in case you’re not from New York and think this line may be exaggerated for comedic effect, let me assure you: It is not.) Just then, Elijah busts in: After four callbacks, he got the part in the White Men Can’t Jump musical. Yay!

MOVIN’ ON | Any sane person with the option would leave a party at which he or she just broke up with his or her former besties. But all of the ladies remain, which gives Jessa an opportunity to give Hannah a dress for the baby — which we learn is a boy — and to apologize “for everything.” They’re both crying as Hannah quickly reassures her that they’ve both done stuff that wasn’t great. “We were all just doin’ our best,” she adds. “The worst best,” but still.

So the last we see of the four of them together, they’re dancing at the party just like back in Season 1. And in flashes of the future, we see Hannah moving upstate and looking really happy in her new home.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. april-ann says:

    1. Yes, Elijah singing to Hannah was sweet. But we can’t deny that what Hannah really wanted initially was for him to “sleep” with her. She’s in the horny phase of her pregnancy and she didn’t say no when he asked her if that was what she had in mind (her hands being down there and all). 2. Shosh as a society matron. The hair, the outfit, the generic, non descript fiance. Okay, makes sense now. 3. Based on recaps I’ve seen tonight, am I really the only one who saw that Jessa is pregnant when they were all dancing at the party?

    • JJ LIONS says:

      I think Jessa is pregnant. In episode 8, she was throwing up (morning sickness) and the fact that she was so subtle about quitting school makes me suspect she is. I know its Jessa, but she was finally so passionate about being a therapist. Why would she quit school unexpectantly? Hopefully, they reveal it next week since it is the last episode.

  2. N says:

    I am curious to see if there will be any kind of big time jump in the finale next week. It would interesting to see where they all end up in say like 5 years or so.

  3. What a wonderful ending this show is taking. Sometimes I can be a bit of a mess, but it’s really shaping up to show how life works. You don’t end up with the people you think you’re supposed to be with somethings – friends or loved ones. I respect that.

    • JJ LIONS says:

      I was really surprised she chose to leave NYC. That I did not predict. I wonder if Marnie will move in with her and help her with the baby? It would be better than living with her mother.

  4. Rob says:

    This finale kind of confirmed for me, at least, that the only satisfying end is one in which something mundane happens, our GIRLS are living their lives in a parallel to the pilot and then the show ends on the title card: WOMEN.

  5. Jim says:

    I don’t know, I’ve always felt Hannah and Marnie were really friends. Friends that exasperated each other, yes, but real friends anyway. The others I’ve never felt were really friends with each other and it did seem like we were watching them all waiting for them to discover it.

    • JJ LIONS says:

      Shosanna always seemed like the little sister who was tagging along. She was so in awe of Jessa. Now she wants nothing to do with her.

      • april-ann says:

        Yet she invited her to the party. Hannah treated her like less of an after thought than did Jessa, Marnie and Elijah. Shoshanna is a mean girl. I’m glad she’s going to hang with people she thinks are good enough for her now. She deserves them.

  6. Hurley says:

    I feel like Hannah and Jessa, and Hannah and Marnie were the only real friendships ever in the show. I always fellt like Soshanna half-hated all of them the entire time.

  7. Wonderingwatxher says:

    What was the song that played at the end of this episode ?!

  8. Erin B says:

    No Ray at the engagement party? Is Shosh done with him too? I would expect him to be there.

  9. J Pope says:

    It’s a grown-up choice for Hannah to move out of the city. However, I can’t see her happy elsewhere, she’s a writer and gets inspiration from it. I love her and Elijah’s relationship. I could watch a show on just them! I thought the scene between Jessa and Hannah was sad and touching. Jessa seems to be growing up too…I didn’t notice her “pregnancy”!

  10. J Pope says:

    It’s a grown-up decision for Hannah to move out of the city. However, I can’t see her being happy because she’s a writer and city gives her inspiration. I love the scene between Jessica and Hannah, it was sad and touching. Jesssa also seems to be growing up. I did not notice the pregnancy!! Last, my favorite part of the episode was Hannah and Elijah interacting. I love their relationship and could watch a show on just them together.

  11. I had never been able to “like” Hannah, and I know that there is so much polarized opinions on the net about Lena Dunham, so I hope this doesn’t sound like a hater’s POV about her. Obviously, the “girl” is super talented and has created a great series, and has even developed some major acting chops as the series has gone along. But this season has “woke” me to her character, and while I would probably fall more on the side of Shoshanna’s (who has also been my favorite “girl,” as well) POV about Hannah, I truly admire how Lena has shown in this season a more likable Hannah, or at least a more sympathetic one. It’s almost as though I have seen Lena Dunham mature as an artist simultaneously with the development of her character. I will miss this series. I hope that Adam and Ray get their last hurrah next week.

    Side note: this show has excelled in making casting decisions, with Becky Ann Baker, Peter Scolari, Gaby Hoffman, Chris O’Dowd, Corey Stoll, Aidy Bryant, Tracy Ullman, Jorma “Booth” Taccone, Louise Effing Lasser, and scores of more one off characters, all of them so richly drawn that an entire series could be developed around any of them.

    Kudos Ms. Dunham. I look forward to seeing what a more grown up Lena creates in the future.

    • Rob says:

      I completely agree. I think the way they’ve developed Hannah is really true to life and it took a lot of effort and care to craft the character in that way. We were never supposed to like any of them because they’re all really selfish, unlikable characters. Hannah in particular was always extremely self-centered and unaware of her surroundings or the people in her life. This episode demonstrated the awakening of Hannah in that she finally took a step back, breathed in a moment, and realized that she doesn’t always come first and that’s okay. Coupled with the fact that she didn’t even know Shoshanna was engaged and then that final scene where she takes every last moment in and sees the people around her for the first time….I could gush about this episode all day. In short, you’re spot on and Lena deserves credit for creating this character and this story that served her well.

      • Sloane says:

        I believe this show is very well written and surprisingly so from such a young writer. The evolution of the characters, and by evolution I mean self awareness, Is something that you only realize in life in your late 20s early 30s. At that time you realize the friendships you thought were soul founded were more like life rafts you used to survive the unknown waters of pubescent adulthood. Dunham is a genius writer to this affect. She truly captures the reality of that period of your life, if you have the opportunity to extend your youth as a single in a big city well into your 20’s. The fact is, we use one another unknowingly for various reasons and usually find that perhaps only one or two of our friendships are based in genuine affection. Most dissipate as the necessity wanes. Bravo to a great series! Though it was sad and broke my heart a bit…but true to life

  12. Benny says:

    Hey! Does anybody know where is the jacket Jessa is wearing from? The embroided satin one! Thank you :)

  13. Carly Berger says:

    I thought it was so realistic, except for the dancing at the end of the party. Fact: people move on after college. Fact: some of them just can’t make it in NYC. Fact: they are all too self absorbed. Final fact: who really cares anymore??