What Was Prison Break's Wildest Leap? Is Empire Son a Bad Dad? Worst Grimm Death? A Needless Remake? More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Sleepy Hollow, Once Upon a Time, The Walking Dead, Quantico, Legends of Tomorrow and Scandal!

1 | In the Sleepy Hollow finale, wouldn’t it have made more sense for Lara to sacrifice her soul to the devil — rather than Ichabod — given that there are basically two of her in this timeline (and she’s kinda the surplus one)?

2 | Which Grimm finale death hit you the hardest (when you thought they were going to stick)?

3 | Does the well-connected Hawaii Five-0 team really rely on years-old U.S. Census data to determine if a person of interest lives alone or not? On the brighter side, how spot-on was McGarrett’s “recap” of the Danny/Rachel/Stan/Charlie saga?

4 | Could Once Upon a Time‘s Jasmine and Aladdin have less chemistry? And do we have an early frontrunner for our end-of-year Worst CGI award?

5 | Is it mandatory that every TV time-travel show — Timeless, Legends of Tomorrow and now Making History — visits Al Capone’s Chicago at some point?

6 | Yes, Big Little Lies earned that happy ending, but would Amabella really want to go on a beach playdate with her torturer Max? Or was he magically cured when his abusive father was killed? During Ed’s and Bonnie’s performances, why were their biggest fans — their significant others — standing so far back in the crowd? And finally, who do we think was spying on our heroines from behind those binoculars?

7 | On Girls, why is Shoshanna’s old boss Abigail getting more scenes in the final episodes than Shosh herself?The Good Fight

8 | Since moving to The Good Fight, has Lucca’s behavior and personality become inexplicably Kalinda-like, with the overt sexual comments and aloofness?

9 | Shouldn’t a self-professed smarty pants like The Walking Dead‘s Eugene have had the foresight to take back the poison he’d given Sasha, rather than let her walk around with incriminating evidence?

10 | Even though Dancing With the Stars‘ Julianne and Derek Hough performed a gorgeous routine about their parents’ divorce, wasn’t it very awkward to have their mom watching it from the audience?

11 | On a scale of 1 to Rambaldi, how much of a handle do you have on Quantico‘s “collaborators” storyline? Also, based on the story ideas on Sasha’s white board, doesn’t it seem like she’s got quite a work week ahead of her? (She still is a features reporter, right?)

12 | iZombie fans, doesn’t Fillmore Graves’ proposed zombie island sound like a great theme park idea?

13 | Were you hoping that Legends of Tomorrow‘s finale would rejigger the team more? Was League of Assassins-trained Malcolm knocked out too easily by Jax? How did the show’s doppelgänger CGI wizardry rank compare to Orphan Black, The Vampire Diaries, etc.? (Speaking of which, would the Internet have broken if the two Saras got curious and kissed?)

14 | If that was indeed New Girl‘s series finale, wouldn’t it have been nice to have at least one scene with all of the characters in the same room? And if the show returns for Season 7, can we get Damon Wayans (currently on Fox’s Lethal Weapon, and father of former loftmate Damon Wayans Jr.) to play Winston’s father?

15 | Is Hulu’s Dimension 404 supposed to look like it has the production values of a Mentos commercial?

16 | Was the Prison Break premiere’s biggest stretch of credulity that wispy Michael’s jacket fit beefy Lincoln? Also, why did that blonde assassin leave Jacob alive, to potentially ID her? (Unless… Sara’s husband is one of them?!) And which nit do you most want to pick: the changed year on Michael’s tombstone, the fact that said grave changed countries, or the fact that prison escapee Sara is living free in America?

17 | Why did Designated Survivor‘s Tom wear such a staid, non-politician-y suit to the town hall? And are we to believe those audience questions were not pre-screened, as they would be in real life?

18 | Doesn’t it feel like black-ish‘s Bow has been pregnant for two years?

19 | Any other Chicago P.D. fans bummed the Burgess/Ruzek scene was cut from this week’s episode?

20 | Are we just going to pretend that it’s OK that Empire‘s Hakeem ripped sleeping daughter Bella out of her crib and made off with her in the middle of the night because he hastily decided he wanted to spend QT with her during the remaining minutes of his 21st birthday? (Lucious declared him father of the year for this?) And where was Annika while all this was happening? #SaveBella

21 | Brockmire has us wondering: Even for a crummy minor league team, would a PA guy really deliver running play-by-play during the pitcher’s wind-up, throughout at-bats? Seems distracting.

22 | Was Huck’s escape from the trunk of that sinking car the most ridiculous stunt Scandal has ever pulled (in a long line of ridiculous stunts)?

23 | After the nasty way that Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith gave Nathan the brushoff, would he — or anyone — really come back for more? And shouldn’t the show have given us some progression in Alex and Jo’s relationship by now, or have had DeLuca confess his feelings to her, or… something, anything?

24 | Does ABC’s Dirty Dancing remake have to air?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lani says:

    I thought it was the detective watching them on Big Little Lies… they made such a show of her clicking that lighter, and I thought I heard the sound again during the beach scene.

    • Pamela says:

      Yes, I believe that’s correct. I had the closed captioning turned on and it identified the sound of the lighter clicking.

    • Rocky says:

      You did hear the lighter and that was meant to tell us it was the detective. I don’t think it was meant to be a mystery at all.

    • bryce says:

      But more than this… Why?! Also, has anyone else loved how King of Queens’ Deacon and Kelly both received very similar roles in similalry-themed premium shows?

    • Nancy Lawson says:

      Certain it was the detective with the clicking lighter.

  2. Wordsmith says:

    2) The Grimm finale deaths were handled in such a ham-fisted fashion that I never for a second thought they would stick. If I had to pick one, though, I’d say Rosalee – killing the pregnant lady is just wrong.

    • I agree with you entirely. It became almost laughable guessing who was going to be next, as you knew they would all be resurrected by the end.

      Rosalee’s was the most unconvincing as I cannot believe a pregnant woman would be anywhere involved in the business end of it all like she was, surely they’d want to put the babies first. Plus for being pregnant with triplets she had way too much energy ;-)

      • 1idpete says:

        Heck, I knew when Wu and Hank were slain at the end the week before that no one was really going to die. It’s a shame, they had a fun, menacing and powerful villain but cheapened the whole arc with the quick and excessive carnage to our heroes. The last 2 shows really encapsulated how a good show kind of flailed around in the last couple of seasons to me.

  3. Wordsmith says:

    13) I was indeed expecting more of a shakeup in the Legends’ roster, though I think the overall chemistry on the team is pretty good at the moment.
    If we’re talking crazy changes, am I the only one who thinks they might be setting up Stein’s daughter replacing him as team physics nerd and Jax/Firestorm’s other half? I feel like they can’t keep Victor Garber forever, and she proved that she could hang with the team. Now they just need a nuclear catastrophe…

  4. Ana says:

    #4 There is very little chemistry between any of the characters on OUAT, especially the romantic pairings. As far as CGI, they’ve had the worst TV CGI for the last couple of seasons running. Disney should be ashamed.

    • Wordsmith says:

      I actually still pick up a lot of chemistry between Jennifer Morrison and Josh Dallas, which is weird and uncomfortable on a variety of levels.

      • Ana says:

        Your right, also between Ginnifer and Lana, but they don’t use that enough. This whole show had so much potential after S1, but the people behind the scenes are awful.

    • Penny says:

      I think that’s the big overall problem with OUAT, everything the writers write is plot and very little character. There’s little chemistry because the characters are not written in a way you can connect. Last week should have been a great girls night talking about things that bring people closer and instead it was a blink and you miss it scene. The characters should tell the story while moving along the plot but OUAT has it backwards for several seasons now.

      • T.W.S.S. says:

        “Everything the writers write is plot and very little character.” This is very sad, as the plots have been riddled with holes for several years now.

  5. JC1 says:

    13 | Were you hoping that Legends of Tomorrow‘s finale would rejigger the team more?
    No, not really. I would have liked to lose Nate, but other than him, I like all the Legends. And Sara and Mick are my faves and I was very worried about Mick. I wish Rip was staying though. I can’t tell whether Marc Guggenheim’s statement about having plans for Rip in season three means that he’s still going to have a major presence, or that he might show up in an episode or two here and there.
    However, I think they might be saving up all their deaths for next season. Phil Klemmer gave an interview to ComicBook.com, comparing season three to Game of Thrones in that “no one’s safe”. So the normal season finale deaths may simply just have been postponed. :(

  6. Wordsmith says:

    23) Riggs is a guy who knows how to roll with the punches and not hold a grudge. Literally, I might add. I think he takes Meredith’s dismissive behavior in stride.
    Anyway, I thought it was way more savage the way that Arizona blithely crushed his spirit by going on and on about Mer and Derek…

    • Stacy says:

      They really overplayed their hand in that scene. I could’ve believed a subtle mention of not realizing she was ready to move on, etc, but Arizona is not an emotionally out of tune fool. The whole thing was ridiculous.

      • Wordsmith says:

        It actually reminded me of the manic pixie Arizona from days of yore, back when she would just reflexively spout sunshine and rainbows without a second thought. I thought her gaffe was completely in character, but it was still pretty brutal.

  7. padraicjacob says:

    I would think that Celeste would have tried to get Max some kind of help that might have quelled his behavior before it got worse. Also the watcher was definitely the detective. Not sure why so many people are confused by this.

  8. Shar says:

    Re # 8 – I think Luca’s always been that girl and with fewer restrictions, the writer’s can now develop that part of her character. I think the better question would have been what’s up with that ridiculous pink bow? or most of her wardrobe?

  9. kate says:

    16. It was between the jacket and Sara’s status (the only thing I can figure, just another camera angle and conceivably Michael’s own wound might have support the story). I actually didn’t question the tombstone too much, but, the biggest thing, I am not sure a body would have been in any gravesite anyway. They were fugitives in Costa Rica, so there was nothing but the tombstone there. And then, unless Sara made a fuss, his body would have been more likely returned to wherever Lincoln was making his home and that appears to have been Chicago. But yeah, even now, the two wouldn’t wear the same jacket based on what they look like in Legends.

    13. I wasn’t hoping they rejiggered the team more, I like everyone this time. I thought it wasn’t terrible, especially because it was occasionally helpfully confusing?

    • GeekWithFanGirlSkills says:

      I think, perhaps, the fact that they took the time to show the jacket being delivered to Lincoln in a dry cleaning bag before he put it on to mean he not only had it cleaned, but altered as well. And I can totally see Lincoln letting Michael be buried close to wherever Sara would be settled with his son. That was my take on it anyway. I do expect her new hubby to be on the wrong team in the end.

  10. Tiffany says:

    2) Adalind. It was so unexpected and brutal! I cried so hard!!

  11. kalinis says:

    the hardest deaths for me were Monroe/rosalee, not just cause she was preggers but to me from episode 1 on Monroe was my fav character

  12. T.W.S.S. says:

    14. If New Girls returns, they really need to make Nasim Pedrad a main cast member.

  13. Katie_Mead says:

    24) Absolutely not. Please not. Why, oh why, would anyone have even suggested the possibility, let alone going ahead to make it?

  14. Jared says:

    The Prison Break premiere left ALOT to be desired. Some parts literally made me laugh out loud, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t the intention.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I am SO with you on #24!!!!!

  16. jr. says:

    Are any of the Glee cast, going to the ballroom on Dancing With The Stars, to show their support for Heather? And why couldn’t Dereck step in as Heathers dance substitute, while her partner healed?

  17. Didn’the ow find out she was pregnant at the end of last season? If so, that baby should have been born at Christmastime. And I thought Bernadette on Big Bang was ridiculous.

  18. Staci says:

    2. Monroe. But man did Wu and Hank’s really hurt because it was so unexpected in the penultimate episode.

    19. Yes!!! I enjoyed the scenes that they did have in the episode. I’m hoping PD will release it, since they’ve released deleted scenes in the past.

  19. TiredofTripe says:

    24. From the photos I’ve seen, the “Dirty Dancing” remake looks like a dinner theater production.

    However, network executives only think of 💰.

    By the way, I’m old enough to remember the ghastly miscast, highly sanitized short lived CBS tv series adaptation.

  20. Kay says:

    The Rambaldi shout-out was gold, thank you! I’m going to start ranking everything confusing on a scale from 1-Rambaldi

  21. Mikaela says:

    #24: A resounding NO!!

    Also what was Anna’s deal on Chicago Fire? One minute she’s all happy and content with Kelly and now she’s running from him? Come on Fire, can’t we let Kelly be happy for longer than a week?

  22. Stacy says:

    23. Definitely something, anything. They’ve done a really poor job moving Alex & Jo’s storylines (separately or as a couple) forward. I mean, Amelia can’t escape Owen, but Alex & Jo have no problem? Ish. As for Mer, they’ve never given us a great reason or connection for Riggs to be so into Mer. A crush? Sure. But this whole epic saga is about a girl who barely gives him the time of day, so …. no.

    14. I get that they were trying to wrap things up enough, and still leave wiggle room for a renewal, but I agree — they should have had a big group scene.

    3. Of all the plot & character holes on H50, census data is the least of my concerns. LOL

  23. Vicki says:

    19. I am disappointed they cut the scene between Burgess and Ruzek . Especially since it would of been their last scene together til season 5 ( assuming it gets picked up 🤞) I’m hoping Chicago PD will release it online as a digital exclusive like they did with Linsteads cut scene last week ( I won’t hold my breath though)

  24. Tom says:

    21 | Brockmire has us wondering: Even for a crummy minor league team, would a PA guy really deliver running play-by-play during the pitcher’s wind-up, throughout at-bats? Seems distracting.
    In reality of course no but I got the impression that’s what Jules wanted. For the record, I kinda want to marry her.

  25. Wrstlgirl says:

    16) I still think Sara living in the U.S. and the different grave site can be explained. She could have been exonerated and when they actually received Michael’s body buried him in the states since that’s where she and Linc were living now. Or they could have just had him moved. Not sure if they even had a body to bury at the beach. As far as the date goes, it is what it is.

    • Mishey says:

      I’m sure it can be explained but it seems super weird not to even mention it.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Well the first episode was more about finding out if Michael was really alive. I’m sure as the eps go on we’ll get more info. Or not, who knows. But I’m not surprised it wasn’t mentioned/explained in ep one. I believe Kellerman shows up in ep two, maybe he had a hand in getting Sara to the states. We’ll see, I’m patient, I can wait.

      • Gospino says:

        It was the first episode. Maybe they wanted to concentrate on other things and will address that later. Or not, possibly, but it’s too early to know.

        • Shelly says:

          I just wish they had given her something to say about how she cleared her name again. Just one line. And then reveal how it happened later.

    • Diane says:

      That what I figured. I really don’t care, as long as the old band gets back together.

  26. Amanda says:

    In regards to #2, I definitely couldn’t have handled it if Monroe really died. He’s been my absolute favorite since the pilot and if he had died, I would never have forgiven the show-runners for that one!! And seeing Nick’s reaction to his death was even more heartbreaking than witnessing it myself! So glad Monroe lived (as well as the others).

    I will miss the show though, for sure.

  27. Jason says:

    2) Honestly, Hank and Wu were the most devastating deaths on Grimm, because you had to wait a week and wonder how it would pan out. But even there, I never really doubted that everything would be okay. It would be so out of character for the show to end in such a bleak fashion, that I never really felt for a second that any of that nightmare scenario would stick. It didn’t affect my enjoyment though, because the suffering made Nick’s “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment at the end, all the sweeter.
    13) The two Saras making out on Legends? That sounds like a great leaping off point for a fan fiction. And if you write it, tell me. I’d read that.

  28. kirads09 says:

    #2 – Rosalee and Monroe. When they looked at each other one.last.time :’-(
    #20 – Well, given Hakeem’s impetuous and spoiled nature, his age and maturity (or severe lack thereof) would you really expect anything less from him? Plus this is a nighttime soap. Extremely ridiculous things happen on soaps.
    #24 – No. It doesn’t. Please.

  29. ladydmaj says:

    Re. #16 (Prison Break): Don’t care it was a stretch (literally) for Michael’s jacket to fit Linc. Man looked fiiiiine.

  30. Bobble says:

    Is nobody going to ask what happenend to the second time ship on legends? There were two teams and two ships. One team was killed what happen to the ship?

  31. Amy says:

    The only thing that makes Burgess watchable on Chicago PD wasn’t her relationship with Rusek, I for one am happy she’s taking “time”

  32. Eric says:

    I think it’s cannon that the Prison Break movie wasn’t real. Even in the recaps on youtube they ignore the movie.

    • I don’t think so, since the recap showed the Michael/Sara kiss before he sacrificed himself, shots of Linc and Sara, not to mention Michael’s video he recorded. This was all in the movie event; so it’s obviously canon.

  33. Lorimarie says:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 100%. Spot on.

    1. Big Little Lies, I thought it was the police detective, continuing to watch. 2. Rambaldi!!!! I love that you mentioned that. #stillmissalias
    3. Scandal is so off the rails this season. It’s very disappointing on many levels. 4. Girls…agreed, stick to the core characters at this point. Maybe they have limited budget/time to work w Shoah?

  34. herman1959 says:

    (17) They were going for that “down-to-earth/everyman” look like when Romney was running for POTUS and they put him in a checked shirt with rolled up sleeves…silly because he’s RICH and everyone knew it.

    (22) It was beyond ridiculous. The entire episode was crazy…like something that was written during an acid trip. Shonda, WHAT is gong on?

    • Liz says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty sad when Charlie is the only sane one. Olivia doesn’t even know what she is doing any more. Quinn is nuts, Abby is pathetic, Jake is a shell of his former self. Marcus is barely more than a prop at this point. Fitz is completely irrelevant. David and Mellie are practically non-existent. Can we get Harrison back? (Yes I know he’s dead – but even dead he is more interesting than these characters).

      I was actually hoping that they would kill Huck off. That might actually have been interesting.

  35. my biggest problem with prison break was Lincoln’s temporary stint as superman flying out of the car

  36. 24: I havent been so afraid of just how bad a remake is going to be since i saw the pics for this thing. Its awful.

  37. Kathy says:

    As far as Lucca on The Good Fight, I do find her less likable. I was never a fan of Kalinda, so I don’t need another character like her.

    • JMill says:

      Yup. She feels more obnoxious and broken than super-edgy-sassy-totally-independent-super-woman.

      But the writers seem to be rendering all the characters with spray paint and paint rollers instead of artfully rendered, or even daringly bold, portrayals.

  38. PatriciaLee says:

    1. No, better to have given the opportunity to Diana 2. Hank. 3. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water…knowledge is there from old records…people are creatures of habit. 4. The husband always groans when they are going to be on the show, while I just work on the laptop. 5. But it’s such fun! 13. Right! I wanted our old team back. That was why I became a fan. 14. I’d watch New Girl if Damon Wayans was on it. 16. Definitely believe her new husband is a bad’n. Oh, did the grave change countries? Oh, is Sara a prison escapee? No nits in this household. 19. Yes, but the main question is “Where is it, so we can see it on line?”

    • PatriciaLee says:

      16. Hey, I just remembered when I saw the new article with Kellerman. Remember back to when everyone got a clean start, a forgiveness, a clean record at the end of the last Prison Break episode by Kellerman? They were to decide if T-Bag got one one, too, and they decided no, so he went back to prison. We assumed Kellerman used his connections to clear Sara of the escape charges, etc.

  39. Gospino says:

    The changed year on the Prison Break tombstone is nitpicky. The grave moving sometimes happens irl, so that doesn’t matter either. I’m thinking they’ll explain Sara living free at some point, though maybe not. And I’m so happy to have the show back that I don’t care if it gets explained. Just go with it.

  40. Robert45 says:

    No reason in the wild earthly world Dirty Dancing should be remade. #bomb

  41. mooshki says:

    “On a scale of 1 to Rambaldi…” That is hilarious!

  42. Damon Waynes was already in an episode of New Girl. A quick Google search could’ve told you that.

  43. Maxsmom says:

    I am annoyed about the missing Burgess/Ruzek scene, they are the couple I like on CPD.
    blackish is too good for this glaring “mistake”.
    Damon Wayans as Winston Bishop’s dad would be a mistake, Danny Glover as The Bish’s dad will be perfect.
    Prison Break had lightening in a bottle and they opened it years ago, I tried and it’s a great cast but something about this reboot is off.
    Huck’s escape was the most easily believable plot this season.

  44. Pat says:

    #2 Hank and Wu which left me screaming and crying at the TV when it happened. Rosalee and Monroe the following week. Overall,it was everyone who died and now the biggest of them all is the end of Grimm, which for me has me in mourning on Friday nights! 😢😢😢

  45. John N Shadrick says:

    A better question would be ‘why do these successful TV shows think they have to add a baby to the show”?
    What (always?) happens afterwards is that they don’t know what to do with the kid, so they artificially age the kid 3-5 years immediately. . . and then they still don’t know what to do.. .

  46. Becky says:

    Why was Prison Break off air so long and why did it return?

    • PatriciaLee says:

      Fox cancelled the series. Miller and Purcell appeared on Flash and Legends of Tomorrow as Captain Cold and Heat Wave. They were amazed how it seemed like yesterday when they had worked together in Prison Break, not the 7 years that had passed. And so the conversation began, leading to thoughts of a reboot. Lucky us. They were great as Heat and Cold. I researched the actors because they worked together so well, and I had not seen them before. I discovered Prison Break and scored with the husband when I brought home the DVDs and introduced him to the series. Now, it is one of his exciting favorites.

      • Becky says:

        I’ll have to check out flash and legends of tomorrow. Haven’t heard of them. Thanks. I love the two actors!

        Sent from my iPhone


  47. DebG says:

    #2) Even though by that point I knew it wouldn’t be permanent, Monroe & Rosalee lying side by side did choke me up a bit
    #12) I guess I’m old but, when I heard Zombie Island I immediately envisioned a seaplane landing with a Zombie Mr Roarke and Tatoo waiting to welcome them to the island.”The plane boss, the plane”

  48. Iedl says:

    what i think the real big little lies question is where did joseph go when madeline storms put when ed perform? She told her wife henwas goong to the restroom , but i dont buy it.

  49. Nancy says:

    #10 They performed a dance routine about their parent’s divorce? With mom in the audience. Hahaha

  50. Callie says:

    Is Agents of SHIELD really going to make May and Fitz nazis so ask us to sympathesize with Ward? Will he finally be gone from this show once this framework arc is over?