Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: Huck's Fate Revealed

Scandal decided to show its viewers some mercy on Thursday by (A) sticking to a single timeline of events, and (B) delivering some long-overdue answers. Unfortunately, that same mercy didn’t exactly extend to Huck.

Picking up right where last week’s episode left off — or was it the episode before last? — OPA was firing on all cylinders to track down its missing member. And the gang was right to worry; while Olivia’s minions were tittering about the city looking for Huck, he was bleeding out in the trunk of Meg’s car, which eventually made its way off a cliff and into the sea.

But Huck wasn’t about to go down without a fight — not when he had an entire squad of spirit friends to cheer him on! (Well, most of them were rooting for him. Spirit Rowan really could have been more supportive. And what was up with Spirit Huck’s coyote threats?)

Anyway, with most of the metaphorical group lending him support, Huck Houdini’d his way out of Meg’s trunk and onto dry land. After that, it was just a matter of OPA using Jennifer’s phone to track both bodies, one of which (Huck’s, duh!) was not yet a corpse.

Other moments worth discussing…

* Watching Olivia slap Abby was really satisfying. (“What did I tell you? Do not cross me again!”)

* Abby and Olivia’s whole fight was actually kind of satisfying, as was watching Quinn lunge at Abby from across the OPA boardroom table. It brought the whole season full circle; everyone’s got someone’s blood on their hands.

* The whole time Quinn and Charlie were torturing Meg, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Is this, like, foreplay to them?” Also, did Quinn really have to slit her throat like that? No wonder this episode came with a parental warning! #MyEyes

* Speaking of Quinn, did anyone else get nostalgic for #HuckleberryQuinn during her speech to him in the hospital? Like, Charlie might want to watch his back… or at least his ring finger.

* Fitz and Olivia also shared a nice moment in the hospital — the kind of moment that might make someone go vote in a poll about the future of said couple.

So, was this week’s episode worth the hype — not to mention the waitDrop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. madhatter360 says:

    Huck is a great character. I love him. He should not have survived this episode. Maybe it’s medically plausible for him to have survived everything he did, but it seems very unrealistic that he would have made it through. Unrealistic enough that it was distracting and frustrating to watch. If they wanted him to survive, his injuries shouldn’t have been so bad.
    Scandal kills people all the time, but rarely characters in the main cast (I’d say never, but Harrison was killed off, though it shouldn’t really count considering the off screen circumstances). Killing Huck would have raised the stakes in a way that other deaths haven’t done.
    I also think his death would have set up the alternate reality-ness of next week’s episode better (and the alternate reality aspect means that even if he was killed off he can still be in the 100th).

    • Bwine says:

      +1 to everything you wrote. This episode got more and more ridiculous as the hour wore on. This man was shot three times, lost a ton of blood, and yet, he could free himself from a submerged car that had gone over a cliff, swim to shore AND have the strength to pull Jennifer’s dead body out the the water!! I know we are supposed to suspend belief when we watch tv, but this was just too much.

      Also, how dumb was that ending?!? They ping Hucks phone at the beginning of the episode, but it doesn’t dawn on them that the killer probably dumped Huck and Jennifer’s bodies together so maybe they should ping her phone too. Ugh, this whole episode got on my nerves.

      • Fabrizia says:

        Meg was a great spy but a terrible killer apparently. Not only she did not kill Huck by shooting him, but she also left Jennifer’s phone in her pocket?!

  2. Tennisnsun says:

    I’m in Cali so with the time difference haven’t seen the episode yet, but happy the huckster is OK as we all hoped. More later if I don’t doze off………

  3. Tennisnsun says:

    I’m in Cali so with the time difference haven’t seen the episode yet, but happy the huckster is OK as we all hoped. Time for another glass of wine………..

  4. herman1959 says:

    Again, what the hell? I want to elaborate, but I don’t know where to start.

  5. :-) says:

    I enjoyed it. I annoyed everyone around me with my nitpicking on his escape from the car because I only 2000 Toyota Camry and they got several things wrong. Also instead of the slaps Liv Shoulda punched. the moment when Quinn came across the table was exactly right. It was perfect. I loved seeing the president come in at the end. I really did not like him defending Abby.

    Marcus played his part well. Charlie knows there’s something there with Quinn and huck. He’s not blind.

  6. Kelly says:

    Okay, something went screwy with my DVR, and I didn’t get to see any of the show after the little heart to heart between Fitz and Olivia. Can someone tell me what I missed? It would be much appreciated.

    • Christina says:

      The news happened earlier in the night and everything was delayed. This too is Syria’s fault!

    • Cheyenne says:

      This is from the EW recap:
      “…Quinn is at Huck’s bedside, yelling at his unconscious body because he’s more interested in protecting everyone else than he is in himself. She says he has a blind spot, and she’ll watch it for him, but he can’t die. As she starts to leave his room, Huck wakes up. Quinn climbs in his bed, and Charlie realizes that maybe Quinn wasn’t his after all…. Outside, Olivia stands with that Olivia face. She sits down with Abby outside, who clearly realizes how far out of her lane she’s driven. She grabs Abby’s hand, and Abby breaks down.”
      I didn’t watch the episode but EW always has good recaps.

  7. parstl says:

    Im in the Central time zone and we missed about 10 minutes including the last five minutes due to the Syria news. Maybe ABC can show an encore later tonight or post to on demand immediately.

  8. Brian says:

    Good show. It’s hard to complain about an episode when Olivia and OPA are out there gladiating. And Huck should have died, but I knew he wouldn’t. I still think Fitz will be this show’s shocking death later on down the road.

  9. Pinky Bruno says:

    Was on the edge of my seat all night (selfishly grateful presidential news didn’t interrupt the show). Gasped when Huck’s eyes opened, then back to holding my breath until I knew Huck got out of that trunk. Quite relieved now; Huck won’t die in a common hospital bed. #HuckLives!

  10. Robert says:

    Edge of my seat all night; they find him; liv and fits have a small moment; live goes to buck in the bed and suddenly George Stephanopoulus interrupts with “breaking news”…I mean seriously?!? They couldn’t wait another 2 minutes before breaking in?!? Very frustrated!

    • Linda says:

      Agreed! Can someone please fill us in on the ending???????

      • Casey says:

        The news break in was really annoying – I always think ABC should just launch their own news channel just so they don’t have to keep interrupting our shows. But you didn’t miss too much. Quinn went into Hucks room and cried and held his hand, then his eyes opened, he woke up but didn’t say anything, and Charlie was looking at them through the window of the room, clearly jealous. Olivia went outside and sat down next to Abby on a bench, Abby broke down crying and Liv held her hand (forgiving her.) That was it.

      • Ballen272004 says:

        Hulu no interruption u just have to watch a day late

  11. Carmella Kennedy says:

    It was a great episode is Huck dead omg is he alive no no no he CANT die. Olivia slaps like a true Gladiator and Quinn is my new hero. Oh yes by by Meg. Thanks Quinn you rock… and Huck will always love you. Just like Fitz and Olivia.

  12. Melody says:

    Scandal, so glad Huck is back!!!!

  13. Pearl Wise says:

    Best episode this season! Just wish Meg would not have shot Huck 3x. As written, his survival would have been impossible…especially after being pushed off a cliff. Really great episode regardless. Quinn loves Huck. Maybe Charlie lost his girl (?) Having Liv slap the snot out of Abby was long overdue. I agree with Fitz though…Liv should forgive her. #Don’tCrossOlivia.

  14. mazphiri says:

    Great episode BUT SERIOUSLY he wouldn’t have survived that. I’m all for a bit of TV schmaltz n all but 3 bullets and the car over the cliff. He wouldn’t have had the strength to open the door. However, all that crazy McGyver shizzle aside it was a great episode and had the format of Scandal of old. I loved Charlie’s speech to Olivia too. I hope him and Quinn do get married he looked slightly concerned on the feelings o meter whilst she laid with Huck.

    Cracking episode and very edge of the seat viewing like the days of old but on the believeable scale I have to give it a thumbs down 👎

  15. Terri says:


  16. joe says:

    You guys thought Huck was dead? Lol a few seasons ago they stabbed Jake at least 12times if more and he survived, they were not going to kill of Huck, ( they would have done it only if queen Shonda hated him )

    • mazphiri says:

      Hahahaha Joe, I completely forgot about that one. Thanks for the reminder it’s just made me howl with laughter. Multiple upon multiple of stab wounds. If my memory serves me correctly they couldn’t take him to a proper hospital either and he’s absolutely fine…….it was just a mere flesh wound.

      Good point made. It would have been a very brave move to kill off Huck. As we wouldn’t have seen that coming. The OTT antics have always been the charm of scandal. So I suppose it was nice to see it back to it’s best. The female villain is also Cyrus Beene’s daughter in real life…..she’s def a chip of the old block hey!

  17. January says:

    It was a hold on to you seat episode but I wanted more Quinn time with Meg. I wanted Quinn to start pulling her teeth out during her torture scene. Wanted Quinn to tie up with Abby for her betrayal. Also need more details about this organization that recruited Abby. Lot of holes there for me.

  18. Beth says:

    *Beth*…..i was really wondering if Hack was going to be dead. After reading the newsletter I am grateful he is not. I just don’t get a chance to view epi. 9 as yet.

  19. Cas says:

    I like Quinn and Charlie way more than Quinn and Huck. Ugh.

    • Casey says:

      Totally agree – my favorite part of the episode wasn’t mentioned in this recap, when Charlie gave the speech to Liv telling her to suck it up and be a leader. That was awesome! #TeamCharlie.

    • BethACZ says:

      I don’t think they’ll put Quinn & Huck together. Quinn has an unrequited love/admiration/fellowship relationship with Huck. Huck’s true love is Olivia: she is his leader, his mentor, his savior, his alpha dog. Huck will keep himself as Quinn’s colleague and Olivia’s (not in a bad way) servant: Huck is selfless when it comes to Olivia because Olivia saved him.

  20. T says:

    I was glad I started the show around 8:30 and as soon as I saw them break in the first time I decided to tape the show after Scandal. They did play the whole scene after they went back. Personally while I agree they should have made his injuries a little less significant to make it totally believable I as so over joyed at the outcome I will let it slide. I do hope they are not going down the path of Quinn and Huck because I think her and Charlie are a perfect couple. Flawed people though they are, together they work. I think(hopes) she looks at Huck like a brother in this case.

  21. Janis warren says:

    Season 6 has become unwatchable!
    Gory plot lines are so unnecessary and reveal only that Shonda las run out of ideas for these worthless characters.
    It’s a shame to see this show unravel!

  22. Melvina says:

    Awesome episode!!!!

  23. Jody J Baran says:

    I was very happy with this episode…i am also happy Huck is still alive…and I think Olivia should not put too much trust in Abby from now on

  24. Lisa says:

    Such an amazing episode!! Only favorite part that wasn’t mentioned was Meg turning around from investigating the rat to Quinn’s gun in her face, Charlie right behind her. Quinn across the table at Abby was fabulous!! Hick and Quinn are more brother and sister, not lovers.

  25. Afia says:

    Thank you Shonda for keeing Huck. My household would have been done watching if he didn’t make it. Kill off Abey or Fitz or Cyrus or even Charlie but staples are Huck Quinn Jake Papa Pope Olivia and Huck again. He is the best gladiator…trained and tortured by the best. Off course he could survive a shot to the shoulder and 2 to his side and get out of a car trunk at the bottom of a river. It’s Huck! If anything I thought he took too long to escape. Between the slaps Abbey received from Olivia and Quinn lunging across the table to attack Abbey, this episode was by far the best for the season so far.