Scandal Recap: OPA's Mole Revealed! Plus, Is [Spoiler] Really Dead?

Scandal Recap

Nary an inch of scenery went unchewed during Thursday’s Scandal as Olivia and her fellow Gladiators sought retribution against Rowan for assassinating the president-elect.

She began by asking Huck to kill him — you know, the way you might ask a friend to pick you up at the airport if it’s not too much of an inconvenience — but that mission quickly proved… problematic. In a moment of uncharacteristic honesty, Rowan came clean to Huck (in damn public!) and insisted that everything he did was at the behest of the Shadowy Organization™.

“Whoever is watching Olivia is close to her — on the inside,” he added, moments after avoiding a near run-in with the Shadowy Organization™ on a subway platform. “You need to find out who it is!” And just like that, Huck had a whole new mission on his to-do list.

Following a few critical missteps — including pulling a gun on Quinn and Jake in a hotel room, because that’s what unhinged lunatics do in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday — Huck eventually came to an unsettling realization: What if Meg, who asked for a private meeting with Olivia just moments after boning Huck on the floor of his surprisingly well-furnished apartment, was the mole? After all, Huck has a habit of falling for manipulative women, which the audience was reminded when he visited Becky — yeah, I had to Google her name, too — in prison.

The specifics of what happened next are kind of murky (Huck found footage from the museum… hiding in Sandra’s hair?), but it’s the outcome that matters: After learning the truth about her father’s connection to the Shadowy Organization™, Olivia called off the hit and convinced Meg to forgive Huck. Happy endings for everybody!

Well, almost everybody. In the episode’s final minute, Meg revealed her connection to the Shadowy Organization™ by putting two bullets into Jennifer Flowers — and even more in Huck! What’s worse, this entire thing might have been organized by Abby, who seemed quite pleased with Meg’s progress report at the end of the episode.

(Oh, Abby, why did you go and do a thing like that? And Huck, why did you have to tell Abby that Jennifer was still alive in the first place? And Scandal, why would you save all the good moments for the last two minutes? Spread that plot around!)

Your thoughts on this week’s Scandal? Do you think Huck is really dead? Whatever’s on your mind, drop  it in a comment below.

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