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Grimm Series Finale Interview

Grimm Finale: EPs Explain All Those Deaths, Rosalee's Skipped Pregnancy and Who They Just Couldn't Bring Back

Warning: The following post contains major spoilers from the Grimm series finale. 

The problem with ending previous seasons of Grimm with huge, cliffhanging episodes, showrunners James Kouf and David Greenwalt tell TVLine, is that the series finale then had to be even an even bigger deal than what had come before.

So what did the executive producers do? Killed them all, of course.

By “them,” we mean Nick’s friends. And by “all,” we mean Renard, Adalind, Rosalee, Monroe and Trubel, who died in quick succession in Friday’s series finale. And just when Nick was so bereft that he was about to hand the magic stick to Zerstörer in exchange for getting his friends back, Nick’s mom, Kelly, and his aunt, Marie, showed up to help him and Trubel defeat the devil. (Make sure you read our full recap, as well as our breakdown of those surprise cameos, for more on exactly what happened.)

We got a hold of Greenwalt and Kouf and peppered them with Grimm questions. Which cast member couldn’t make it back for the episode? Who was most emotional on set? What line did they just know wasn’t going to make it into the hour? And what became of the characters we didn’t see in the flashforward? Read on as the supernatural series’ EPs give us the lowdown on the finale.

TVLINE | How did you come to the idea that, even though things were going to be reversed later, everyone had to die except for Nick?
KOUF | That’s the logic of it. Because if you’re fighting great evil and great evil wants something that is going to destroy the world and he’s got to convince you that it’s worth it to give this to him so he can destroy the world, you’ve got to take a lot away from [Nick].
GREENWALT | Everything! So that decides a lot of the plot, if you go to that emotional space. And it’s our biggest ending ever. We’ve had previous giant endings to the show every season, so we had to go all the way.

TVLINE | This is a much different episode for David Giuntoli than the usual Grimm script.
KOUF | Oh yeah. David had to pace himself. He couldn’t blow it all on the first one or two, because it was really so sad. So it’s a fine-tuned response to every single one where he, at the end, comes unglued.

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TVLINE | The Monroe death seemed to break Nick a little more than all the others.
GREENWALT | That’s right. It was designed. You’re sort of killing them in some emotional order, but for sure, Monroe is the most devastating one in terms of if you’ve been watching the show for six years. Losing the women you love and your best friend and your partner and on and on… I just wanted to say, David Giuntoli, that’s a heck of a performance. As an actor, you look at that, and what you said: In about 25 pages, everybody’s dead. And quickly. He had to keep coming up with different ways to face that and play that. It was quite amazing.
KOUF | Yeah, he really brought it.

TVLINE | The whole season has been filled with callbacks to previous seasons. Were there any that you weren’t able to make happen but wanted to?
KOUF | Yeah, Bud.
KOUF | But we couldn’t get him in.
GREENWALT | The keen-eyed viewers will notice Sgt. Franco is dead on the floor at the beginning. One of our script supervisors, [P.R. Tooke], is also dead on the floor in there. That’s just an inside thing. We couldn’t do — as Jim always says, we had 42 minutes to tell a story. You couldn’t do everything.

TVLINE | Was there any member of the cast that was more of an emotional mess when you were shooting?
KOUF | Silas [Weir Mitchell].
GREENWALT | Maybe Silas. He’s a very emotional being, it’s no wonder he’s such a hell of an actor.

Grimm Series Finale Recap The EndTVLINE | Diana goes pretty willingly with Zerstörer when he comes to get her, which is a change from her fear earlier in the episode. At that point, does she have any inkling of what’s going to happen regarding the rewind? It seems like an abrupt difference in her reaction to him.
GREENWALT | She’s under his thrall. And there is a line that I always knew we would cut, and we should have cut, but there is a line [Laughs] where she looks at Renard, who’s dying, and she says, regarding her and Zerstörer, “We’re going to have a hundred babies!” [Laughs] We thought that might have been a bridge too far, and it certainly was.
KOUF | But all of this was to show that she was so much under his thrall that she had no idea what she was in for.
GREENWALT | Obviously not.

TVLINE | So as it turns out, the only time we saw Rosalee visibly pregnant was —
GREENWALT | —just the one dream sequence [earlier in the season], which I thought was very satisfying. We couldn’t have any more babies. That show had more babies than a nursery!

TVLINE | But as we see in the flashforward, we see that Diana and Kelly are carrying on the Grimm work, and they mention that Adalind and Nick — as well as the triplets — are involved. What can you tell me about how everyone else ended up?
KOUF | They’re all just one big, happy family, fighting evil together.
GREENWALT |They’re all fighting the good fight, in one way or the other. Trubel’s definitely out there. She’s “have sword, will travel” for sure.

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  1. Thank you for everything, Grimm. You’ve been my favorite for five years. I love you! Hopefully the Diana, Kelly and Fuschbaden Triplets come soon enough!

    • Angel says:

      I know right!! There has got to be a break-off series. This show is too entertaining to “rest in peace” thi soon.

  2. John Corbae says:

    Very interesting ending, though predictable I suppose. I still can’t believe they haven’t computerized the Grimm records as a backup.

    • Angel says:

      I think low tech in the end is the best protection for all those dangerous spells and historical tales. The internet is forever. And capable of being hacked. Just think, if they got hacked, Zorstorer could become president or something.

    • Rylie says:

      They did have a computer in the new trailer though

    • Phoenix says:

      Looks like they are doing both, which is smart, you’ve got a computerized log to get fast info when you need it, but what if there’s no power, then you’re screwed so it’s smart to keep a written record as back up, in real life my power went out and tablets, computers, laptops, none of the things I have convenience mattered when my battery was done it was done, I had to go back to reading my books until the power came back on and I was glad I had a whole shelf full of books and candles to past the time

  3. Linda Sylvester says:

    I have watched every episode & you created an astonishing, perfect ending. As an avid fan, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. A little chill went through me when I saw the kids grown uo & the reference made to the triples was icing on the cake. A job well done. Thank you.

    • H.H. says:

      It was far from perfect. It was a good series but a bad ending. The end was far too rushed. Dead mama and auntie showing up is a deus ex machina plot device. And those just come across as lazy and eye-roll educing. Plus, it’s a finale so they just have to find a way to cram familiar faces in even if it’s lazy writing. There’s no reason why they showed up now instead of earlier, why this or any Grimm can suddenly see Grimm ghosts, etc. It’s just boom, going up against superbaddie makes this possible which isn’t really an explanation — just an excuse for some fan service. And war against superbaddie was super brief which made him less interesting. Why does he want Diana and Kelley, no one ever really says especially about the Kelley part. Why is he so bad besides killing all of Nick’s pals? Ambiguous apocalypse, maybe? For the ultimate evil he was flat and uninteresting. And then suddenly he’s whisked back in time — with no real explanation as to how that’s even possible — and it’s all good? THAT CRAP WAS LAZY.

      • I think his interest in Kelly might have been a bait. Itd make nick and adalind even more unstable.
        Other than that, completely agree with you. When I saw Aunt Marie I was like “aaf really?”
        My favorite sitcom gone down…

      • Alison says:

        I was soooo disappointed in the finale! The writers had 6 seasons to prepare, and this is the best they could come up with?! Lots of action, no real story cohesion; just “let’s cram as much as we can into this last 40-something minutes, and let the viewers sort it out”. Sadly, you give the viewers a bad ending and THAT is what they remember.

      • Jill Oliver says:

        The very end was right out of Wizard of Oz. “I was in this strange place and you were a there’s no place like home.” Rushed job. Although, I loved seeing mom and auntie once more.

      • Desert Son says:

        Auntie Em! Auntie Em! They even gushed at each other like the final scene of “Wizard of Oz”! I figured the writers were told, “Wrap it up, make it warm and fuzzy, but shock the fans first.” After a great series, I was totally disappointed by this ending.

      • Edward Maher says:

        First and foremost, they weren’t ghosts or spirits. They were the composite of the Grimm. Using their presence was to confuse the confusable, which it obviously did..

      • Ray says:

        I concur. I put off viewing the finale because I didn’t want it to end but what a whopper of a disappointment. It was incredibly eye roll inducing. I was also really hoping Nick would come to his senses and end up with Eve/Juliette, but no…it was Adalind until the very end.

        Did not like everyone dying and coming back to life in the last minutes either. Cheap ploy.

  4. jason says:

    it felt like Nick was in some alternate reality where everyone lived when he went through the door and not the real world..instead that he just changed time?

    • The show was set in a pretty dark, moody environment, except for the final battle where it was daylight. But the reunion when he came back through into a more cheery atmosphere, there seems to be a subtlety to it. Dark forest cabin to a nice cozy home.

  5. Elle says:

    That was the best ending ever! Thank you for a such a wonderful series!!!

  6. Pat says:

    My six seasons of Grimm, have come to an end and yes, I am bawling like a baby. Thank you to all the actors and know that each and every one of you will be missed by this devoted fan. The ending was a roller coaster but I knew that all would be righted by the end.

  7. Alichat says:

    I rather expected that most of the characters would die and having everyone survive would be rather lame, but I like the way it went down. (Except Nick and Adalind together because I will just not be down with that ever) I was glad to see Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Kate Burton again. I thought at one point we’d see multiple Grimms from Nick and Trubel’s ancestry fighting the Zoesterer.
    I am wondering what was up with Nick’s stick-nesia. Everyone is being killed and he’s like ‘Oh nooooo!!’ and I’m saying over and over ‘The stick is in your pocket….get the stick out of your pocket!’ He always remembered the stick after someone died. “Oh no….don’t die….don’t die.” ugh…*exhale* “Oh wait….the stick!”

    • H.H. says:

      The whole thing was bad, lazy writing. A pair of Grimm ghosts show up, why? Just cuz finale fan service…. He can’t remember his magic life saving stick, why? Cause everyone needs to die to make this flat, one-dimensional villain scary just cuz… And then he goes back in time to when everyone is okay, why? Just cuz finale happy ending… It was sloppy and awful writing because it was terrible and nonsensical.

      • Ben says:

        +1. That was just poor fanservice in the finale. But at this point who cares.. the show lose it seasons ago.. just after that “sexist” rape baby plot that end up in marriage and a happy family in the finale… ewww!.

  8. Joe says:

    There is no way Nick would have raised Kelly to say ” We have Wesen to kill” Kindly rewrite thhe final line and rerun the finale.

    • AnnieM says:

      Yeah, that line didn’t sit well with me, either. Especially considering the fact that they were heading out to ‘kill Wesen’ WITH 3 WESEN!. Lol.

      • V B says:

        Actually 6 Wesen! Everyone named was Wesen except Nick! I liked the ending but it could have been better. Instead of Diana coming in and supernaturally closing the book, they could have had Kelly close it that way. At least we would have known that he inherited powers from his mom and show his eyes black so we knew he was a grimm! Or even better for my personal viewing pleasure, a girl a little younger than Kelly should have come into the trailer and said “Come on Kelly, mom, dad and Diana are waiting on you”. He would have answered “Ok Marie, I’m coming”. The audience would have known from her name that Nick and Adalind had a third child, one they planned to have and she could have closed the book supernaturally. Kelly then could have held out his hand and summoned the staff. And then, once again the black eyes, sign of the
        Grimm!! I’m sure everyone wanted to get at least an idea of what Kelly’s abilities were. We already knew what Diana could do.

    • H.H. says:

      There was WAY TOO MUCH about that finale that needed fixing. You can tell that the writers room was super lazy and just threw a bunch of stuff in without obeying the logical rules of the Grimm universe. It was nothing but a fan service garbage fire. We deserved better.

      • JenJ says:

        Awww, stop your complaining, the show is over, you didn’t like the episode, too bad.
        It was the best ending ever!
        I loved this show, and will forever miss it! I wish the series could have gone on and on, NBC WTH were you thinking when you cancelled this series???
        I’m so sad, Love to all of you Grimmsters!

        • Roberto says:

          Totally agree with you. This has been my favorite series next to StarGate. I started purchasing from Amazon streaming from the very beginning. To me it was awesome. I too believe it had a couple more seasons in it. [NOTE: To me the very end, when Nick comes back from the other dimension or what not, it seemed like “Wizard of Oz-ish” I could almost hear the words, “… and you were there, and you were there, and so Hank and Wu pop in through the front door like the characters in the “Oz” stuck their heads through the window (actors that played the Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion)]. Either way, hope someone can bring it back in a different version or make a darker movie out of it. I really enjoyed the series, even though some had the negitive responses for the finale.

  9. Thank you Grimm for all the great hours I spent with you.

  10. Dana says:

    Why we have and ending this a wonderful serie. Please NBC thing about it.

  11. Mike Wittkop says:

    Thanks for a fantastic series! I didn’t think the writer(s) could pull off an acceptable or even a happy ending – but they did it with the finale tonight. Superb series!

  12. AngelWasHere says:

    I don’t know, but the finale was kind of predictable and cheesy. Once they killed everyone you knew they were coming back. Someone guessed the staff and time travel thing last week. I suspected as much. Also sucks we didn’t get to see the triplets.

  13. AngelWasHere says:

    I enjoy the show tho. Thanks for the good times Grimm.

    • V B says:

      I LOVE GRIMM!!!! Don’t know why it got cancelled. It was one of the best shows on tv. I hope when they were considering ratings or percentages of viewers watching they realized that not everyone is at home on Friday nights so many people watched it On Demand or over the internet. I am totally disappointed with NBC! I purchased it and have 2 copies of every season!

  14. Laura Berrios says:

    Family of Grimmsters for life. We cried and at the end we were so happy. Meeting Claire Coffee on Kevin Can Wait was super cool. Thanks for making our Fridays a family night.

  15. “And they all lived happily ever after.”

    Great ending!

  16. Kino says:

    A job very well done. Emotional roller coaster. Im hoping that there will be a series with Kelly diana and the triplets who i would have liked to have seen. Ah well.

  17. CA Bolton says:


  18. This was the absolute most AWESOME series finale I’ve ever seen. You really outdid yourselves! I LOVED the series and was sad it was ending, but what an ending! Bravo.

  19. katsssblog says:

    Yup, another one here. Sobbed too.
    Loved happy ending, and seeing kids and their legacy. I kind of wish if we saw more, like what happened with Eve/Juliette, maybe she end up with Sean, or Rosalee giving birth, but it was very sweet ending.
    Thank you for a wonderful show, it will be missed.

  20. TvPeong says:

    Bud!! I missed him

  21. katsssblog says:

    p.s. Now lets make a spin off Kelly, Diana and triplets hunting Wesen.

  22. Christine Hughes says:

    I have enjoyed being a part of the Grimm family but I did miss Bud in the finale.

    • Marie A says:

      He would have been great being in the last episode. He would have been freaking out big time seeing that Z devil character. He always was skittish but that was what made him who he was I guess.

  23. RhonnieNYC says:

    Such a great finale! I was mad, well pissed at the deaths but then the twist at the end – YES!!! Gonna miss Grimm!!

  24. Diane says:

    I had tears in my eyes with the fan directed “Thank You” end card, in all different languages. I thought that was thoughtful and classy.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      That part really got to me too. I was already crying but that made me sob. What a beautiful way to close the show. Have other series ever done that in their finales? Cuz it’s AWESOME.

  25. Jason says:

    Man, I’ve got a lot more questions I’d like to ask. What was Zerstorer’s origin? What was the staff’s origin? What does Eve do after this? Do Nick and Adalind get a proper house to raise kids in? (I bet their wedding was nuts.) Does Renard remain Captain or does he continue to seek power (Mayor or maybe head of the Royal Family)? Does Wu ever find a cure for his condition or does he learn to adapt to it? What was the deal with Ghost Meisner? Is he still floating around Portland or did he move on? Was it awkward when Diana had to start interacting with other kids? (Hopefully she didn’t use voodoo on her first bully) Did the Wesen council reform? If so, did Monroe and Rosalee take leadership roles? Do Nick and Adalind have more kids? (It’s Adalind, so probably.) Does Kelly become a Grimm at an earlier age because he’s part Hexenbiest and did he get any magical abilities? Do Kelly or Diana ever end up in a relationship with any of the triplets? (Who wouldn’t love the idea of one of Nick and Adalind’s kids falling in love with one of Monroe and Rosalee’s kids?)….I guess it’s the mark of a great series, that they’ve left me hungry for more.

    • Chocolate8 says:

      what type of wesen the triplets are and why Diana called Nick Dad were my questions ;)

      • JenJ says:

        Maybe because she loves him, and he raised her? It’s possible that Renard died early in her life. Diana always liked and respected Nick, although I have the feeling that if the show had continued, they would have found a way to make her hate him because of jealousy about wanting her mother with Renard. Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter, the series is over, and damn I miss it already!

      • Jason says:

        I imagine Diana calls Nick Dad because that’s exactly the role he’s played in her life for twenty years. It Nick we’re talking about here, so I imagine her relationship with her step father has been a very loving one. He’s clearly spent as much time making her part of the Grimm life as he did Kelly.

    • GeekWithFanGirlSkills says:

      Even if Renard is still alive and well in that beautiful future, that doesn’t negate Diana considering Nick “Dad” too. My niece calls both my brother, her bio-father, and her stepdad, ‘Dad’ because she loves them both dearly and they both play that role in her life.

  26. Ronnie Brown says:

    great show that finished strong…like a burp after a great meal…well done.

  27. This was my favorite show. Hate to see it end!

  28. Sara Alves says:

    Nos agradecemos – tank you guys for make this last six years awesome and great.

  29. ninergrl6 says:

    I posted over on the recap page how much I LOVED the finale, particularly that last scene with grown up Kelly. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Every commercial break I had to take deep breaths to try to calm down and process what I was watching. THAT’s how you wrap up a series!

    A few totally nit picky criticisms (I still gave the ep an A grade): the death of Eve/Juliet felt flat, maybe because we’d seen her die before or because one stab wound did her in very quickly or because the Red Wedding cornered the market on hoffifying abdomen-stabbing deaths; by the time Rosalie died I knew it couldn’t be real or permanent because the murder of a pregnant woman is just TOO MUCH (see the afore mentioned Red Wedding); I would have preferred Nick’s mom and aunt to have just been in his head rather than physically there fighting, especially since Marie in particular did some serious damage; and lastly, I would’ve like to actually see the triplets.

  30. Petar says:

    This was amazing finale, for me it was what i expected. Yes it might had some misses, but it was a good and deserving ending.

  31. Evern says:

    I just wanted to say that you should be more careful of the headlines in your articles. I haven’t had a chance to see the finale yet and while I love your post mortems, I didn’t want to see any sort of spoilers no matter how mild, when all I was doing was just checking my email.

    • Alison says:

      I learned my lesson with “Dexter”: never follow any FB page or subscribe to any online sites that might deliver spoilers before you see the episode. I found out about Rita’s demise before I had the opportunity to see that season (didn’t have a Showtime subscription and was watching on DVD after the season had ended). What should have been a shocker fell flat for me because I had “liked” and followed “Dexter” on FB… 😔

  32. Ronald E. Tolkin says:

    I am confused by last night’s show. The devil last week piggybacked Nick back through the mirror to the present world. He kills everybody but Nick. He revives Trouble. Nick’s mother and Aunt appear and all the Grimms defeat the monster. Then they are all alive again and have no recollection of what happened to them. What am I missing? Was this a dream Nick was having?
    Now 20 years later. Are we now going to have Grimm II next year with the kids fighting evil monsters?

    • Nichelle says:

      You’re missing the magic staff…

      The “devil” used his staff to revive Trubel, so after the “devil” is killed Nick uses the same staff to revive all of his friends… this takes Nick back in time, to being spit out of the mirror again, but since the “devil” is dead, no one follows him. (It’s also why the staff was suddenly on the table, and why Diana validated his experience as having been real.)

      • JenJ says:

        No, that is not what happened. The entire storyline from the time that Nick crossed into the mirror to get Eve/Juliette, until he stepped out near the end of the finale, to find that his friends were all still alive, happened in the mirror-world. Remember, the stick doesn’t work in the mirror-world. The “battles” only took place in that alternate world, to trick Nick into believing that all of his friends were dead, and that the only way to save at least the children was to give Zorester-dude the stick. But “the blood of his ancestors” meaning, all of the Grimms that preceded him in history were the key defeating the evil, which his mother & aunt made him realize. Once he defeated it, the evil disappeared and Diana was able to bring him back through the mirror to their own reality. His friends had never really died, that was all done to Nick in that alternate world.

        • Roberto says:

          I don’t know why, but everyone seems to have different interpretations. Yours seems to feel in line as to how it viewed it.

  33. LeRose Wandro says:

    I’m a 70 year old woman and have loved this show and the fabulous cast. I am going to miss them all so much they have been like a second family to me. This last episode went over the top!

  34. william says:

    really going to miss this show. loved the finale. saw on you tube that bitsie tulloch and david giuntoli are engaged, congrats and wish you both the best in life.

  35. Mary Beshere says:

    I loved Grimm and was sad to see it end. Hoping we’ll see a spinoff with the kids. It was such a really cool show!

  36. Marcia lord says:

    Excellent end to one of my favorite obsessions. Sorry to see it end-thanks for the great ride!

  37. d282 says:

    Thanks Grimm for 6 great seasons. My husband and I are glad that there was no cliffhanger at the end of the episode because it would have been awful. We are glad it was a happy ending.

  38. Schatzi49 says:

    Grimm was at the top of my favorite shows and am sorry to see it go. I must admit I was getting very angry as the show progressed, so thank you for not keeping it so dire. Any chance of a sequel? Please say yes.

  39. Television says:

    Please pick this show up on a different network. It is truly a perfect show in every way. Great cast, acting, scenery, storylines, feelings, keeps you glued every time it is on. I really didn’t want to watch “the end”. Seems no reason for this show to be cancelled, they could continue with stories forever and I would never get bored. Thanks for awesome series, I hope I can get the full series on dvd, then in my mind this show is never off the air.

  40. deb says:

    Great series. Very disappointed so see the show end. I will truely miss watching it. Great last episode.

  41. Fan says:

    I told my friend the one thing I was really looking forward to in the finale was seeing Monroe and Rosalee with the triplets. I really wanted to see Monroe’s face throughout the birthing (and… to see just what the heck the birthday process would be). So disappointed about that.

    The “everybody dies, everybody lives” was pretty anticlimactic. And yeah, why did the bad guy want Kelly? You’d think the writers would tell us why — even if it was simply “bad guy wants to really piss NIck off”.

    I kept waiting for Kelly’s powers to appear and help save something or someone, but no, so that was also disappointing.

    Like others here, I was cheering for Eve and Nick to get back together. The Nick/Adalind romance never felt as real as Nick/Juliette. For me, there was no “spark” between Nick/Adalind. I kept waiting for Juliette to return and Nick return to her.

    I agree with the lazy writing others expressed so well here, however, it was the finale, and while predictable, it was as awesome an ending as there could be (without the triplets). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last six years so thank you to the cast, production people who gave me a great show to watch on an otherwise boring Friday night. Thank you. May all involved continue to find other awesome TV shows and movies to work on in the future.

  42. Helena says:

    Miss the show. Ended too soon. Love the wonderful family you are. Thanks for great moments.

  43. D says:

    Thanks for a great show! I never missed a one and couldn’t believe it’s over. The acting, the location, the superb character makeup, the creatures kept me on the edge of my seat! The ending was so creative and one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. The last scene showing Kelley and Diana grownup makes me wonder if they are leaving the door open for a future series. If so, I can’t wait. Thank you writers, directors, special effects, makeup artist, stunt artists, and lady but not least actors that kept this Grimmster enthrilled for 6 seasons!

  44. kat0711 says:

    It was going great. I loved all of the characters dying because it’s extremely unpredictable and unusual. Then when Nick was about to give up, his mom shows up like the Wizard of Oz and is like, you had the power inside of you all along, you just had to believe! Huge eye roll. When everyone came back to life because it was basically all a dream I was pissed off that the writers had so little respect for us. I had even tweeted right before the finale began that it better not have all been a dream. It’s as if they got the crappy writers from season 3 (that ultimately led to its cancellation) to write this crap. That’s another thing that annoys me. First two seasons were amazing, then when they created Eve it got so stupid because they didn’t know what to do with Juliet. That got the cancellation and then for the final season they went back to their roots which were amazing but it was too late. I’m really going to miss it even though they screwed up the end.

  45. Nichelle says:

    It was a fitting end to a fun series that had a decent run, everyone who worked on it should be proud of their achievement… I’ve always enjoyed Silas Weir Mitchell as a character actor in his various roles.

    My only complaint, is how someone could look up how to say, “thank you” in Arabic, write the word backwards… and then say, “oh well, close enough”? It’s only 4 letters, you’d think they could have at least written them in the correct order…

    (Note: I don’t know Hebrew, but I’m fairly certain that word was backwards on the closing screen too.)

  46. Isabel says:

    I was glued to the TV watching this through 6 seasons but I’m really disappointed with the finale. When Diana was born, Kelly (Nick’s mother) said that she was going to be very “special” and someday have a great impact on the world, like something on a large scale. Although we did see her use her powers throughout the series, I was waiting for the BIG climax. When? When do we get to see her use her powers to the fullest? It never happened and I would’ve expected it to happen at least in the finale, but no. Also, as a Grimm, Nick was always weak it seemed – always getting beaten up. Trubel on the other hand was bad-ass, no-nonsense. She’d cut off Wesen heads no hesitation like a REAL Grimm, but Nick? A wimp. And then suddenly he finds the strength to defeat the Godfather of all Evil? I was not convinced AT ALL. I also found that the time travel/alternate reality with the Evil guy in the end very confusing. Nothing was explained as far as WHY he was propelled back to a reality where they all lived when in fact, the same thing happened before the Zerstorer came back with him and Eve. I agree with other commenters that it seems like the writers got lazy, were in a rush to throw something together to end the series but it was really badly done. VERY anti-climactic. They had an entire season to bring us to this finale and come up with much better ideas and ways to end this. This was lame. Such a great series. Awful ending. These guys could’ve done so much better. Shame on them.

  47. dkamoy says:

    We need grimm blood, run Nick run!
    Wait, what? Trubel is already here? Erm… Nevermind, her blood does not count. You come quick Nick!

  48. retsim says:

    it may not be the ending that every wanted according to some comments ,but at least we got an ending that wrapped things up .Pity they are not allowed to make it an hour long so they could have fleshed it out a bit more .But at least we got an ending .I will miss probably my favourite show apart from Person of Interest .Thanks for all the episodes i loved .As they say thank you and goodnight .

  49. ragnar51 says:

    Well guys it’s on my DVR but my wife & I are huge fans and have loved Grimm and it’s characters since the beginning. I know it sounds silly but neither of us wants to see them all get killed off, I know it “just a TV show” but damm, you get invested in the shows or the characters and it’s very hard sometimes to let them go. Laugh if you will, but I was devastated when NCIS killed off the Kate Todd character, I understand she wanted to leave the show and it’s huge time commitments to have a family but nonetheless it was very sad.

  50. kimberly ortiz says:

    I am so sorry to see Grimm end I loved that the show filmed in Oregon & we could see them film for me it was the best Birthday Present ever I loved this show Thank you all