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Grey's Anatomy's Jessica Capshaw on Arizona/Eliza's First Big Challenge, Plus: a 'Great Chance' of a Callie Return

As weird as it sounds, Grey’s Anatomy docs Arizona and Eliza may soon miss the bygone days when they had to keep their romance on the D.L. Now that their colleagues have begun to find out about the new couple, “they have to see what happens when they actually have a relationship — the sex and the commitment versus no commitment,” Jessica Capshaw, who plays Robbins, told TVLine earlier this month at PaleyFest. The question becomes, “What are they now?”

What’s more, there’s the little matter of… uh, very few Grey Sloan attendings can stand Arizona’s new girlfriend. But “she’s not a villain,” Capshaw is quick to note. “She’s just representing a threat to Dr. Webber, who everyone loves. So it’ll probably become a little more apparent who Eliza is in the scheme of things and what she’s about.”

Though Sara Ramirez’s recent beef with ABC would seem to suggest that we’ll never get to see how Arizona’s ex Callie reacts to her successor, Capshaw hasn’t given up hope. “I feel like nothing is impossible,” she says. “There’s a great chance that she would come back for something.”

What do you think? Would you like to see what Torres makes of Minnick? Hit the comments. (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Kennedy says:

    I love her with Minnick!!

  2. Shar says:

    Zero interest in this couple.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Well, I’ve got 1, maybe 1.5 interests in this couple.

    • Sandra says:

      Same her, This couple have no chemistry at all.

      I would love to have Sara back I really miss her great acting on Grey’s

      • Simon says:

        THIS. Jessica usually has good chemistry with others. But Arizona and Minnick are just too painful to watch. It’s like someone is trying to replace a Calzona with a cheap Rolex from China. Ms. Domińczyk less than stellar acting skills doesn’t help either. You can’t just put two LGBT characters together and expect that fans will like them.

        • Anna says:

          SO MUCH YES! The only reason she was cast is because her husband is a lead on Scandal. C’mon, Shonda!

        • Jami says:

          I disagree. Ms. Dominczyk has an impossible job, to Calzona fans. I am so glad Callie is gone her character in S12 was horrible to Arizona. Arizona and Minnick are hot.

    • dragons3 says:

      Same here. I’ve never liked Arizona, and Minnick’s a real turn-off too. No reflection on the actresses, who are both good, just their characters drive me crazy.

  3. ABC says:

    Nah thanks, Callie can stay away. I’d rather see Arizona happy.

  4. Toots says:

    I want Callie back.

  5. Dodi says:

    Please please PLEASE someone save us from dull Minnick. Does anyone remember the times Grey’s Anatomy used to cast actors paying attention to their acting skills. Now they comes as plus to their spouses contracts.

  6. Cassie says:

    Sara come back!!!!! I need Callie on my screen and calzona back together!!

    • app says:

      Calzona God NO, Owen and Amelia are doing Calzona 2.0 already totally done with these I want a baby you don’t couples.

  7. T. says:

    I loved Calzona but I don’t want Callie to return. I love who Arizona has become and I love her relationship with Minnick.

    Please Shondaland Gods, make Marika a regular next year.

  8. Lea says:

    I hope Sara/Callie won’t return honestly.

  9. tk says:

    I love the new doc keep her. :) Don’t care about the X they split start of season 11 it’s been 3 yrs stop harping on it jeez.

  10. A fan of TV says:

    I just miss Callie. Eliza can’t replace her. I’m not saying the show is absolutely trying to force this, but regardless there’s a big old Callie-sized hole that’s pretty evident to me when Eliza is on screen. Maybe they should have brought her in and instead of introducing her as a bit of a villain for the sake of drama (not a villain and feeling like she’s a villain are different perspectives on the same issue), they should have made her more likable right up front, because the reality is that she IS a replacement for Callie in a couple ways (female doc, love interest for Arizona). It also may be problematic that the issue of whether Callie ever returns is still on the table… It’s like being given a Granny Smith apple with a couple bruises, knowing there’s a pristine, fresh Red Delicious apple you strongly prefer, that may or may not become available to you, too. You just aren’t as satisfied…

    • Jennifer Hamel says:

      I agree

    • coaster says:

      I disagree on the replacement comment, it’s not about replacing someone, people are not replaceable ever but people do move on and can find love again with someone new. You are right though the problematic issue is the will Callie come back for Arizona problem. Holding on to that means you can’t enjoy what’s in front of you, it is like what is the point this is a waste of time it is just hard to care about what is happening with Arizona if Callie is coming back. I think it would be better to just tell the fans plain and simple yes or no so they can move on with Arizona if she is moving on. It is just rather annoying to me that they are stringing along fans, people who are loving this Ariliza relationship are getting attacked by Calzona fans for enjoying it, and calzona fans need to know ffs so they can truly mourn and let go.

      • A fan of TV says:

        I’m not a shipper at all, I really just loved Callie for Callie. Issues between actress and network aside, Eliza doesn’t compare, for me, as a character overall, not as a love interest for Arizona. (Being honest, with everything they went through as a couple, they don’t belong together anymore, anyway, IMO.) That is what I mean by her coming in to fill that female doc hole left by Sara Ramirez (like Nate filled the Derek hole, Owen the Burke hole, Jackson and April for George and Izzy…Regardless of the relationships, cast body count calls for replacements, generally.

  11. Leigh says:

    I don’t think someone who let the castmates of years find out from a note on the internet like the fans and the media found out, that she left or took a break, whatever.. is planning to return ever again. Plus if you include the last tweets to abc..

    IMO Callie leaving is the best thing that happened to Arizona. She’s finally her own character, not Callie’s shadow.

  12. Jennifer Hamel says:

    No one can replace Callie. Arizona and Callie are supposed to be. I’m holding hope for that. I’m hoping that when Grey’s finally ends that Sara will come back and surprise Arizona because none of the rest of it will matter. She’ll knock on her door and say, so picture this I’m in New York and I’m crying I’m always crying and Penny asked me why are you crying and he say I miss my girlfriend I miss my wife and it’s not her that I miss it’s you it’s always been you Arizona there will be nobody else period and maybe I felt like I could have that with Penny but I can’t I love you and you love me and none of the rest of it matters. And I’m sorry I’ll say that to you over and over for years if that’s what you need to hear but Imma need you to give me another chance because I love you.

    • tk says:

      No way a Ross and Rachel, Sam, Naomi ending would be extremely disappointing No Thankyou

    • karen mckee says:

      I totally agree with you there I believe that callie and arizona will get back together and work things out together they had chemistry with each other, I dont think they will ever find love for another like they loved each other.

  13. Jessica says:

    The Calzona ship sank years ago. I don’t see Callie returning tbh but IF she returns it won’t be for Arizona, it won’t be realistic even for this show. With the Grey’s timeline it’s been 4 or 5 years since they got divorced, and there was no longing and any signs they miss each other.

    • A fan of TV says:

      She would come back for Sofia, one would assume. Or her job… Or both. I don’t miss her specifically for Arizona, I miss Callie for Callie, and feel Eliza can’t hold a candle to her as a character.

  14. Ainswor says:

    Jessica Capshaw needs stop queer bating, it’s getting pretty old. She is no Shonda, she knows nothing about SaRa’s plans.

  15. Jessica says:

    Jessica’s answer is a typical ”never say never” she’s being careful, cause she knows how the Calzona fans can be.

  16. tk says:

    Callie can come back and hook up with Owen they are both baby hungry

  17. Kepler says:

    Never forgiven the show for the total assassination of Callie’s character and stopped watching before even the trial. But I had to pop over slabs say, regardless of anything else, this woman is obviously a replacement for Calli because when I first saw the picture I thought it *was* Callie because they look so similar. Maybe its just the picture and they don’t resemble each other on the show, I don’t know. Just seems weird to me.

  18. Martina says:

    Well, while I want to see Arizona happy and I think things with Callie have evolved in the wrong direction completely and those changes are too big to make the couple work ever again, I don’t like Minnick! Her character has been introduced poorly and I haven’t seen anything yet that makes me like her. I also really don’t buy Arizona falling for her. Things have evolved way to quickly between those two for me to believe the feelings are real and this is not just some kind of fling because Arizona wants to get laid again.

  19. N says:

    Bring Callie back!

  20. Natalie says:

    Eliza sucks. Maybe if they made her a little bit likable things would be better. But she’s a little MS KNOW IT ALL….and they have April for that.

  21. Terry Viergutz says:

    I love Ariliza! Minnick is great for her. That smile is back!

  22. Danni says:

    I Hope Shonda does not bring Callie back and Sara Ramirez says No. Not because I don’t like Callie but because of the behavior of Calzona fans and Callie fans. It is disgusting and should not be rewarded. The things I have read about the actresses both samantha Sloyan/Penny and this lovely new girl Marika is appalling It has to stop. It has really turned me off all things Calzona frankly and giving them what they want would do nothing but encourage this outrages distasteful disturbing unhealthy Juvenile wrong behavior.. Kindness people Kindness.

    • Tanisha says:

      you Guys Always Blaming Calzona Fans a Minute We Say Calzona You All Panties In A Bunch We Love Calzona Want Them Back They Have Chemistry Az & Stiff Barbie Has No Zero Chemistry If They Did We Would Or Some More Would Fell For That Story Line But Didn’t Like We Didn’t Fall For Callie & Penny Story Penny Was Hated To So only Fair Ez Was Nothing Against Her As A Person But She Not Good Actress Sorry Say Boring My Opinioin Hope She Is gone For Good I Would Like See Callie Come Back And Fight For Az Says Set It Free If It Comes Back To You It Will Go Figure

  23. Sam says:

    “very few Grey Sloan attendings can stand Arizona’s new girlfriend.”

    Same with Grey’s viewers.

  24. Maisie says:

    The actress who plays Eliza Minnick is just awful. Awful awful awful. She’s stiff and cardboard-y and about as exciting as watching paint dry. Paint that you don’t even like, I might add. I was looking forward to getting someone fresh to come onto the show for Arizona and to watch Arizona’s character flesh out a little and be a lead, but there is no chemistry or interesting dynamics at play between Eliza and Arizona. It’s just boring. I don’t root for them. They don’t do well together. It’s awkward and not endearing or cute or anything other than blah. And I don’t even like the character of Callie or miss that actress so that’s not my complaint. It’s just bad.

  25. We have enough women on greys we need men now. ..callie left, let’s move on also

  26. jovana says:

    I truly don’t care about Callie or Eliza. I would’ve preferred if Lauren came back. Plus, the actress who plays Eliza can’t act.

  27. the show just isn’t the same without so many of the best actors gone, Cristina and Callie are very missed because Cristina/Meredith and Callie/Arizona had amazing chemistry, so it was fun to watch them interact as friends and as a couple, respectively. i know Sandra left the show for good but Sara said she was going to take a break, so I’ve been waiting patiently for her return and for the writers to fix the mess they did to her character. Also i can’t Eliza and its not just because she was introduced ar Arizona’s new love interest its because she lacks serious acting skills, so i don’t feel any chemistry between them. the reason i like Callie and Arizona together is because both of them are very strong on their own.
    anyways i hope Sara actually goes back to the show and if she isn’t then please tell us so i can move on..(not really but meh)

  28. Trudy Coombs says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to see Callie return! I miss her, she was fabulous! Grey’s is not the same without her… bring CALLIE back please!

  29. pecola says:

    I don’t mind Callie and Arizona apart but I’m not a fan of Arizona and Minnick. They don’t have chemistry…

    …but then again, neither do half the couples on the canvas, so maybe that’s just the thing on Grey’s Anatomy now.

    Arizona had more chemistry with Leah and I don’t want to see them together either.

    As for a Callie return, I’ll wait until I hear something from Sara Ramirez

  30. jjhaley45 says:

    Callie all the way! They had the best chemistry. I miss Callie.

  31. Doreen says:


  32. Tahina says:

    Arizona and Minnick have zero chemistry, it looks too forced for me. Bring Callie back, or get someone who really sparks the screen like Sara did with JCAP.

  33. Jec says:

    I hope she’s comes back! I miss Callie! Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of her arc in Season 12, she was a great character!

  34. Atrum angelus says:

    I don’t care what they do with Marrizonick. I just want Callie back. Not to hook back up with Arizona, just back. I miss her.

  35. Ella says:

    I like them together but honestly, I am so irked with Arizona right now. She hates on April for doing what Bailey tells her to but then shacks up with Eliza?! So hypocritical.

  36. Jessie says:

    Hate you Minnick! Please go away!

  37. Melanie Bradley says:

    Miss so many of the shows departed characters. Callie is definitely one I miss most. Hope she returns to the show even if its only for a guest spot.

    • sharon Miller says:

      Will we ever see Callie return to Grey’s?? I sure miss her smile!

      • karen mckee says:

        I sure hope so Arizona and Callie made the show worth watching tearing jerking to see the two split up I believe that Callie could have tried a little harder to make her relationship with Arizona work. Callie/Arizona and Meredith/Christiana make the show break back Callie and Christina.

  38. Jackie says:

    I would love to see Torres again I miss her and their daughter as for calzone or however you spell that I don’t think they’re ever getting back together

  39. Ry says:

    UGH NO TO CALLIE COMING BACK! Callie needs to stay where she is and invite Owen and Amelia to come and deal with their issues wherever she is and then KEEP THEM THERE.

  40. Larc says:

    Callie (return) – Arizona and Minnick (departure) = balance.

  41. Andre says:

    I hate Minnick!!!!

  42. Ryan says:

    If Ramirez comes back, I quit watching.

  43. Chelsea Ashley says:

    Yes!! Sara Ramirez appearance WITH her new awesome haircut 😍😍

  44. Yvette says:

    Bringing Callie back to Grey’s would be great! She’s beautiful, outspoken and a great doctor and friend. What could go wrong?

  45. Maggie needs to get a grip .parents die .really seriously she needs to leave Sloan Grey start fresh her character is wrong.all wrong

  46. Rachael Buford says:

    I like Arizona/Eliza. They’re cute together. Arizona deserves some happiness. Loved She and Callie, but their tumultuous relationship could be exhausting at times. And lastly….Is it just me or do these two resemble each other a little?

  47. Heather Feldman says:

    Arizona and Eliza look like the same person with different hair colors. It’s like sisters kissing, yuck! Arizona needs a hot woman who doesn’t look like she’s related!

  48. Brittany says:

    uuggh! Dr. Minnick soooo cardboard! They have 0 chemistry and there scenes are soooooo forced! They make each other bad actors when they are in a scene together!👎👎Next!!! Lets try again….PLEASE!

  49. Brittany says:

    Even if Callie doesn’t come back(though I’d Love to see that) the actors have NO CHEMISTRY!! There scenes feel and look forced and are difficult to watch. PLEASE….if not Callie send Dr. Minnick to HR to turn i. Her badge than go the air port with a one way tick to some place else. Pehaps Chicago Med.

  50. Bj says:

    I want called to return and fight for Arizona