Supergirl Spoilers Karamel

Supergirl Secrets Get Spilled! Stars Preview Kara/Mon-El 'Tensions' and a 'Dark Path' for Winn/Lyra

This Monday on Supergirl (The CW, 8/7c), secrets and lies prove to be kryptonite to two nascent relationships.

Barely weeks into their star-crossed romance, Kara will discover Mon-El’s connection to a pair of Daxamite newcomers, played by Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman) and Kevin Sorbo (Hercules). Winn, similarly, meanwhile will discover a not-so-little something about Starhavenite girlfriend Lyra.

Can either coupling survive its trust-rattling reveal?

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Previewing the bombshell dropped on Kara, Melissa Benoist tells TVLine, “The way she finds out the truth is not the way she would want to find out — and not just because it’s a secret Mon-El (Chris Wood) has kept from her this whole time.”

Instead, Kara stumbles upon her beau’s sin of omission in perhaps the worst way possible, and as a result, “Tensions are high,” Benoist says. After all, “Daxamites and Kryptonians don’t really get along. Kara and Mon-El found common ground through the kindness in their hearts, but [the new arrivals] are much more set in their ways, so it’s difficult.”

As for how Mon-El’s ties to these nefarious newcomers impacts the special something he finally got going with the Girl of Steel, Benoist warns, “It’s definitely a wrench in the gears.”

Winn, at least, is in the midst of an adventurous tryst with his own sweetheart-from-outer space when he comes to realize that Lyra has been keeping something from him as well. “Winn is feeling very deceived by Lyra, somebody he’s put his full trust in and fallen very fast and very hard for,” Jeremy Jordan shares, adding: “It goes down a pretty dark path. Winn and Lyra’s future is definitely up in the air after this big deception.”

If there’s any silver lining, Jordan points out, “I get a couple really fun scenes with Floriana [Lima],” as Maggie does her best — though it may not be good enough — to keep Alex’s DEO colleague from doing time for Lyra’s unexpected crime.

As their respective romances threat to get derailed, might Kara and Winn find cause to “compare notes”? “There is a really nice connection between Winn and Kara in the episode,” Jordan says, “which we don’t see a lot of anymore, after the whole thing happened last year with Winn kissing her and telling her how he really felt. Their friendship survived, but inevitably changed. “But by the end of the episode, they do have something to really connect with — this idea of being betrayed and double-crossed.”

Surveying the two friends’ respective evolution over a season-and-a-half, he says, “Winn’s grown up a lot. He went from this goofy, kind of scatterbrained, scared kid to someone who has a lot of confidence and has become much more grounded — a source of humanity for a lot of our characters who need a reality check.” Kara meanwhile “has in a sense grown more wary, from a wide-eyed kind of girl to a hardened crime-fighter. We’ll see how Winn and Kara handle their situations very differently” — before, of course, things take a musical turn, and this week’s crossover with The Flash gets underway. (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Yel says:

    Hella unpopular opinion BUT I god damn love Mon-El this season

    • Rainie says:

      It’s really not that unpopular when you look around. Tons of us love Mon-El but the haters are loud and love to go everywhere telling everyone how they feel.

      • Mary says:

        Why should we keep quiet about how the show has been taken over by the Daxamite plalyboy? It was better without him.

        • Rainie says:

          But it hasn’t. The pod was in the series finale so he was obviously supposed to be a major character this season. He still has less screen time than Kara and Alex so how could he have taken the show over? He’s Kara’s love interest and her romance is a major plot line this season so it stands to reason that he will get screen time.

          And we all have our opinions but I find this season better than the last one. And part of it is because of Mon-El. He’s a great addition to the show.

          • Brian says:

            Yes, he has. He is neck to neck with Alex in regards to screentime and that is pretty much unacceptable.

            >> He’s Kara’s love interest and her romance is a major plot line this season so it stands to reason that he will get screen time.
            Tell that to Maggie, who is the character with the least amount of screentime in the entire show. She is the co-lead’s love interest and their romance is literally the focus of BOTH characters storylines this year. There is literally NO excuse for Mon-El having more screentime than half the cast combined.

          • TigerLily says:

            I can think of a hundred things that would have been more interesting to have in that pod than a boring white dude. *yawn*

          • Witness says:

            Alex isn’t a “co-lead,” she’s a supporting character, and I fast forward every single scene with Maggie because she has nothing better to do than do nothing at all or just distract Alex from being awesome. Her and Mon-El are the worst part of season 2 and I sincerely hope both disappear by season 3.

          • Brian says:

            Yes, Alex is the co-lead. That was said by creator and executive producer(s) Berlanti and Kreisberg. Google is your friend.

          • Ws says:

            Alex is not a co-lead.. the show is called “Supergirl” not “Supergirl and her sister.” And Maggie has gotten more screen time than James this season.. and even Winn for large portions of it.. and those are series regulars while she is simply “recurring.”. there have been large amounts of screen time devoted to her.

          • Brian says:

            @ws wrong on all accounts. Alex is the co-lead. That was said by the creator of the show. Period. She has always been the character with the most screen time next to Kara and the only character to have more screentime than Kara in an episode. 2 – Maggie does not have less screen time than James. Those things are timed. There are charts online. She is the character with the least amount screen time this season. 3 – Floriana Lima is a series regular, not a recurring character. If you don’t want to keep embarrassing yourself, the least you can do is your homework properly.

          • Ws says:

            Anyone who does a chart of character time really has too much time on their hands. James has missed entire episodes and rarely appears on the show anymore… he doesnt even really have a storyline anymore. And no.. the show is about Supergirl’s journey.. they arent equal leads.

          • Brian says:

            People do that in every fandom. You must be new to the internet. It doesn’t matter how many episodes he’s missed – he STILL has more screen time than Maggie. I never said that Kara and Alex are equal leads – that’s what a co-lead means. Kara is the title character. You can have more than one lead in a show named after a title character. Bones and Castle say hello.

          • Pedro says:

            Supergirl is nothing like Bones and Castle. Alex is clearly not a co-lead, regardless of what was said. She could miss an episode and it wouldn’t be too weird. If Kara missed an episode, it would be blatantly noticeable.

          • Brian says:

            It is very much like Bones and Castle. Show named after a title character and has a co-lead. A co-lead can miss an episode and not change a thing. A lead, not so much, but it *can* happen. Alex had more screentime than Kara in episode 15 and it was easily the best episode of the season. And yes, Alex IS a co-lead, because it was said by the creator of the show in more than one occasion. The main relationship on the show is also centered around both characters. You can’t argue your way out of this, sorry.

          • Gift says:

            Mon El is a nice addition to the show. And I will watch him anytime. This story is not about Alex, the story is Kara’s story. it’s should be shown through her eyes. Mon El is someone she love why shouldn’t he a big part of the show? whatever he is,he is still very fun to watch.

          • Tara says:

            Brian, Alex is a supporting character so her love interest will never be as important as Kara’s. Plus she’s not as important to the story as an alien who works at the DEO.

            And what do you mean by unacceptable? No excuse? The producers think Daxam is an important storyline hence the stunt casting for Mon-El’s parents. You might want to get with the program and accept that the writers aren’t writing your fanfiction. All your yapping and negativity won’t make any difference because this is not your story to tell. Change the channel if you don’t like it.

          • Brian says:

            @Tara it doesn’t matter how many times you keep saying Alex is a supporting character – it will still not be true. Where did I say Alex’s love interest is more important than Kara’s? I am saying we are seeing too much of him to the detriment of other characters who are just as important. If you think the frat boy is more important than Martian Manhunter to the story, you need to get your head checked. Him being the lead’s love interest is NO excuse. Kara had James and at least two other love interests in season 1 and the entire cast had a decent amount of playing field. Also, they thought Kara and James storyline was important enough to milk it for an entire season only to drop it like a hot potato in half an episode. You are entirely delusional if you think the writers don’t take feedback into account and adjust accordingly. I will keep watching and keep criticizing this pod version of Kara for as long as it is necessary. You can scroll if you don’t like it.

          • Pedro says:

            Get over it. Alex is a supporting character. Bones and Castle were shows about will-or-they-won’t couples. This is not the case here.

          • Brian says:

            LOL. Tell that to the creator of the show. You will never be a bigger authority than him. You’re the one who needs to get over it.

          • Lb says:

            I agree! Love this season much more than last season because of Mon el!

        • Gift says:

          Really? Are u sure u know what u re saying…. s1 was unbelievable for most. Now it’s good u say the show was better without Mon El. wow, just wow Mary!

      • Kyle says:

        Tons? Not remotely.

    • Kristina says:

      Me too! Chris Wood is fantastic and the character lightens up the show–it’s gotten so serious and broody at times lately. I hope we get to keep him :)

    • Ashley says:

      The haters are always the loudest. I’ve loved Mon-El since the second he got here, even knowing nothing about his existence in the comics. I always love to hear from people who enjoy his character.

      • Ws says:

        I think he is fine on the show.. though i wish they would stick closer to his comic book roots.

      • Goldenvibefan says:

        I really like the choice of Chris Wood as Mon El. He does a great job of playing the character, though the writers kinda write him badly :S.

        • Doc says:

          I agree he is doing a decent job but the character is still awful. He’d work much better in smaller doses (like in episode 15). The screen hogging is way too much.

    • Nicole says:

      Can I ask why?

    • Kel says:

      Ships have a way of ruining shows, or at least the enjoyment of those of us that are simply fans of the show and not one particular person or relationship. Ships have a way of really making the waters murky as to what people actually like and don’t like. I have to say they have certainly ruined the fun of tweeting with the writers and actors on Monday nights for sure…they pretty much steer clear these days. Pretty sad, considering last year was so much fun for the fans tweeting with the writers. So, I wouldn’t say he is unpopular, I would just say that those that don’t like him are very loud. The mute button on Twitter has been very active for me…lol But just enjoy the show, if you like him, cool….he will be around next season as well, so hopefully we will get the full suit and superhero out of him. :) Also, the chemistry between him and Kara is absolutely dynamite. I’m also hoping that Lena and Kara become good friends, and that friendship stays intact, she needs a girl friend that isn’t her sister. As far as the Alex/Maggie pairing, it has been beautifully written this season, very cool to watch.

      • Ws says:

        I agree about shippers.. they really ruin these comment boards… Enjoy the show.. dont hate on characters that are different than your “ship”

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      I like Mon-El too. People take these shows way too seriously.

    • Gift says:

      same here, I’m a fan of Mon El nd Kara. I hope his secret don’t spoil their relationship.

  2. Rainie says:

    Anyway, I love that Kara and Winn find a connection in their pain. It’s kind of funny.

    Mon-El’s evil parents will make things worse but thank Rao for the musical that should help straighten things out for the couple.

  3. Mary says:

    Mon-El had potential until they screwed things up and made him a jerk who never listens to Kara, besides the fact that he’s been hiding things from her. Also why would she want to be with a guy who’s jealous reaction to Mxyzptlk was to try to kill him. She deserves better.

    Still kind of unsure about Winn and Lyra, but I’m not too surprised that she’s going to get him in trouble. On the plus side is seeing more of Kara and Winn’s friendship again. I’ve been missing that this season since the Daxamite parasite has been taking over the show.

    • Mary says:

      I want Supergirl back to being about Supergirl and not the Mon-El show.

      • True that. He was funny and charming at first, but this is too much.

      • Susan says:

        but no alex show either I dont see it as a mon el show but it does have to much alex

        • Brian says:

          Alex is the co-lead, NOT Yawn-El. She is SUPPOSED to have the most screentime next to Kara.

          • Witness says:

            She’s not the co-lead, she’s a supporting character.

          • Manu says:

            Except that she isn’t.

          • Goldenvibefan says:

            We get it Brian, you hate Mon-El.. Shut up about it already. Alex has had plenty of screen time. You know who gets barely any screentime? James… Like he’s had barely anything this year, besides the occasional guardian 5 minutes when they feel like it.

          • Brian says:

            Erm, I never said James didn’t need more screen time. I said half the cast gets less screen time BECAUSE Mon-El is screen hogging, which is true. And that includes James, Winn and Maggie, who are the bottom three.

          • Doc says:

            James has been completely sidelined to make way for the alien frat boy this season. I’m not the biggest fan of the guardian storyline but boy did Mehcad Brooks get the short end of the stick.

          • Tara says:

            I am looking forward to this episode and I know they love writing Mon-El effing up but they need to chill out on it a little. I bet they will write this secret reveal in a way that reflects badly on Mon-El even though the truth is not coming clean about being the prince of a planet that no longer exists shouldn’t be a big deal.

          • Julie says:

            Yep is Alex co-lead. I remember the creator and executive producer said that also.

          • Brian says:

            I mean… Google is free. The mental gymnastics of those denying it is sure fun to watch. It is no different than those shippers actually believing Lena and Kara might be a thing.

      • Nicole says:

        I agree. She didn’t date James because she wanted to figure out who she was as Kara/Supergirl but as soon as Mon showed up she gave all that up? It’s stupid. Also he’s a real misogynist of all the people Kara could date why that guy? The first day at Catco he was trying to sleep with Cat’s new assistant. Who does that? Did the Kara we know forget that?

        • Ws says:

          Well.. she really should date someone with powers because she’d probably injure a human lover… and it wasn’t “as soon as Mon showed up”… they slow burned it all season.

          • Tiger Lily says:

            Superman and Lois Lane have been lovers in just about every version of the comics/movies/shows and Lois is just fine. There’s no reason kara can’t have a human lover.

        • Pedro says:

          People who have healthy sexual lives and don’t feel shame or fear of sex because of a strict religious upbringing. He wanted it, she wanted it, both consented and that was fine.

        • kath says:

          Apparently Kara found out who she wanted to be — Mon El’s girlfriend. Being a blogger instead of a reporter is good enough for her now that she has Mon El.
          What a great message!

  4. Brian says:

    *falls asleep at every mention of yawn-el*

    Super excited about the potential Winn/Maggie scenes.

  5. Morgan says:

    I love Chris Wood, but hate Mon-El. You’d character is annoying, and he doesn’t listen to Kara. He ignores her feelings, repeatedly. He annoys me as much as “the guardian”. Waste of airtime.

  6. Manu says:

    Sick and tired of Mon-El taking over the show. The only thing even remotely exciting about the insufferable Daxam storyline is Teri Hatcher.

  7. Isa says:

    When will they get rid of Mon-El? Its getting annoying

  8. Agent 86 says:

    I’m happy to hear that Kara is reconnecting with her friends again, especially Winn. They were BFFs in season 1, albeit with unrequited feelings on Winn’s part, and it’s a shame that they’ve barely spoken in season 2 and have actually been at odds (due to Jimmy / The Guardian).

    • Goldenvibefan says:

      Yeah it’s definitely cool to see them interacting more besides when they are at the DEO. I miss their friendship to be honest.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree. I’m glad Winn is with the DEO now as it gives him more to do, and I’m really enjoying his budding relationship with Lyra, but Winn and Kara were FRIENDS and I want to see more of that.

  9. Phun says:

    Awesome! Cannot wait! Less than 23 hours to go!

  10. Julianne says:

    Honestly? Mon-el is killing this show.

  11. Kevin says:

    I really loved Supergirl in the first season and I was super excited for the second.
    Unfortunately the show is not that good for me anymore and when the plot with Karamel started I stopped watching.
    I hope they correct that mistake so I can go back to watching that amazing feminist hero saving earth from misogyny.

  12. Pedro says:

    Truth is most people love Mon-El. Don’t let internet comments fool you. If they meant anything, The CW would be more watched than CBS, The Force Awakens and Jurassic World would have been major flops everybody hated and people in real life would actually be interested in Kim Kadarshian.

  13. Kyle says:

    The problem has been Mon and the relationship since it’s conception. He was introduced as a violent manchild.

    Proceeded to go between the fish out of water trope, frat boy sexist, and finally the guy who is fixed by the girl.

    Exactly the kind of backwards mess you’d need xpecr from the CW. So much for a feminist show.

    The best thing they could do is send Mon back with his parents. Kara needs to stop being his baby sitter.

    • Ryana says:


      Kara isn’t going to dump Mon-El just because you don’t like it. If babysitting is her thing, leave her be.

  14. Brian says:

    I am not jumping into the Kara/Mon El discussion. I’ll take the story as it goes. Should be fun having Terri Hatcher back on the small screen again and the fact that Kevin Sorbo is coming along too only makes it better. Hope for a lot of good stuff.
    I am loving the Lyra and Winn story so I hope their problems this week don’t completely sink that ship. So glad that Tamzin Merchant found another role so quickly after her wonderful turn as Ann Hale on dearly departed (too soon) ‘Salem’. I like her and Jeremy Jordan together. They seem like they are having fun with the roles and their whirlwind romance has been fun to watch unfold. But as we all well know romance never lasts in this genre of show so glad we got a little bit of romance between these two before the brakes slam tonight. Hopefully these two make it. I don’t hate Kara/Mon-El but I really could care less about that relationship and if that romance hits the curb, so be it. Wouldn’t care. Single Supergirl makes much more sense. Why does she need a relationship? Winn/Lyra on the other hand….this show could stand a little more Tamzin so I hope the break up doesn’t mean the end of the actress’s arc. I miss Mehcad Brook (Jimmy Olsen). (I really miss the Mehcad Brooks we got in ‘Necessary Roughness’) so hoping he is around to help Winn through his romantic troubles. Hopefully he also gets to reunite with his costar from ‘Desperate Housewives’ as well.

  15. Sasha says:

    I know this is purely speculation but does Melissa and Chris Woods RL relationship making it seem like they have no chemistry on screen?

  16. Cate says:

    Pretty much every message board is a Mon-El love him/ hate him zone these days. He certainly has been a divisive addition. However there are plenty of us who do not hate him. He’s been charming and a different type of male character for Kara to interact with. Still, you can’t argue that he has pushed out all the other male characters for screen time. Much less James, Winn and J’onn this year. Still, they had a Cat Grant hole to fill and it IS the CW so a pretty white boy was no real surprise!

    For many, the episode Exodus was a big favourite as there was a strong focus on Kara and Alex, the stated heart of the show by the producers, and a BALANCE of Mon-El, Lena, Winn, James, J’onn and Maggie and it is that balance that has been missing at times.

  17. Mick says:

    Whether you love or hate Mon-El or this season in general you can’t deny that the ratings have fallen drastically. Literally the episode after he and Kara got together and every episode since then has been setting a new series low. The last high rated episode was Luthors with 2.5 million viewers and now they’re about to dip under 2 million probably within the next two weeks episodes. So no people clearly aren’t liking the direction of this show or Mon-El. They went from a 1.1 to a 0.6 and it’s only going to get lower. If the CW wants to tank Supergirl they’re doing a great job of it.

  18. kath says:

    Kara and Winn are a zero sum game this season. Winn has become so much better and Jeremy Jordan is really being given a chance to use his talents.

    Kara, on the other hand, has become a supporting player in the Mon El show. She spends more time with Mon El than with the DEO and Catco combined. She’s really just Mon El’s girlfriend this season rather than Supergirl. When she lost her job at Catco, and was okay with it because she could be with Mon El and blog. Ugh.

    And now they broke up after a hot minute of dating so that the musical episode could be all about putting them back together. Who writes this poor version of a Harlequin romance?

  19. I like Mon-El and he is good for Kara. I don’t know if I see a future for them. But that is up to them. Mostly I usually see her dating James Olsen or Winn Schott. But who knows, that is up to her.