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The Originals Recap

The Originals Premiere: EP Explains Creepy Cliffhanger, Confirms a Death

At last, the Mikaelsons have returned! (Well, most of them, anyway.)

Friday’s season premiere of The Originals picked up five years after the family’s defeat, with King Marcel and Reverend Vincent working (somewhat uncomfortably) as one to prolong the city’s new era of peace. Unfortunately for Klaus, a key step in keeping that peace involves torturing him 24/7 in a dank, dirty basement.

Elsewhere, Hayley tracked down the final wolf pack member she needed to brew the Mikaelsons’ Wake-Up Juice™. Freya was the first to say good morning, followed by Elijah, the latter of whom celebrated by planting a long-overdue kiss on Hayley. (That whole werewolf fight sequence was actually pretty badass. I hope we see more of Hayley’s wild side this season.)

Now, let’s start with the question on everybody’s mind: What the heck was Hope drawing at the end of the episode, and why were those drawings also appearing all over New Orleans? (Sorry, I guess that was two questions. I’m apparently as good at math as I am at deciphering serpentine sigils.)

“It’s sort of the key to unraveling the whole mystery of the season,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells TVLine of the mysterious symbol, which he identifies as an “ouroboros, a serpent eating itself. Hope is starting to dream about that symbol, and now it’s appearing in the form of graffiti throughout the city.”

Below, Narducci answers more of our burning questions from the premiere:

TVLINE | Since we’re already talking about Hope, I have to ask: Where’d that red hair come from?
[Laughs] That is a good observation. You know, we weren’t setting out to cast an actress with red hair — we were looking for someone, and we saw a lot of young actresses, who could really portray some really emotional scenes, including the reunion with her father. She needs to be able to handle some of the darkest beats we’ve ever done on the show. … As for the red hair, if people refuse to believe there was ever red hair somewhere in this Viking bloodline, I’ll apologize for that.

TVLINE | One thing you don’t need to apologize for is that Hayley-Elijah reunion. Of course the first thing he’d do is put a jacket on her. Such a gentleman. … Is it crazy to think they might be able to stay happy and obstacle-free?
I think there are always going to be some obstacles, just in terms of there still being a threat posed to the family. There’s Marcel, and there’s a city full of witches that have enjoyed the freedoms that came with the Mikaelsons being absent. There’s also this seven-year-old person who is going to have her own perspective and her own feelings. Going forward, everyone has to say, “We’ve done whatever we want for the last thousand years, and it’s been great, but now there’s this kid.” It’s the height of selfishness and irresponsibility to not put her needs and concerns first. I’m not saying Hope is an obstacle to anyone’s happiness — far from it, since she’s the source of their inspiration and possibly their redemption — but she’s going to be the center of a lot of what’s going on moving forward.

TVLINE | It’s funny… For an episode of The Originals, there weren’t very many Originals in this one.
Well, it was definitely our intention not to have them all awake at the top of the episode. We really wanted it to feel like they’ve been asleep for five years. And if you think about it, there’s Hayley and Hope. They’re both part of the family, as is Marcel, really.

TVLINE | Oh, Marcel. Please tell me that somewhere, deep down, he’s feeling a little bad about what he’s doing to Klaus.
I think he probably is, maybe a little bit. But if you remember back to the Season 3 finale, Klaus basically stood there and watched while Elijah killed Marcel.

TVLINE | And is there any chance that Klaus isn’t going to straight-up murder Marcel as soon as he’s free?
Well, that’s assuming that revenge will be Klaus’ first priority once he becomes free, which it might not be. His first thought could be, “Let me go find my kid.” That’s also assuming that Marcel will be easy to kill. When he drank that serum at the end of last season, he became something we still don’t quite understand. He may not be so easy to take down.

TVLINE | I loved the references — including visuals! — to Cami and Davina. Will we see more of them?
These were both really important characters to the people of the city, and they’re both greatly missed. And have we seen the last of these characters? On a supernatural show, you can imagine there’s a possibility of seeing them again in some form or another. As you saw [in the Season 4 trailer], Klaus is going to be experiencing this terrible torment, and one of the moments of solace and relief that he gets is conjuring this memory of this person who meant so, so much to him. You’ll get that in the very next episode.

TVLINE | And what does our friend Alistair have in store next week? Just when I think this show has run out of fun accents…
[Laughs] I should nip this in the bud and tell you that was it for Alistair. Marcel’s thinking was: This guy is coming to my town and being really bossy. He wants Klaus, so I’ll very smartly give him exactly what he wants. I’ll also show him in a public form that when Klaus is gifted to someone, that gift bites back. Now all the other unsired vampires realize there’s no stopping Klaus, so they let Marcel keep him in check.

TVLINE | Oh, my bad. I guess I just assumed Marcel would give Alistair the cure for Klaus’ bite.
I think Marcel is definitely going to use Klaus’ blood to cure some of those other people… but Alistair is kaput.

Fellow humans, your thoughts on Friday’s premiere? Grade it below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Its been too long. I love this show. Welcome back TO!

    • Ben says:

      +1. It was really entertaining!. Just like the past season. Such a quality difference with TVD poor and boring writing in the latest seasons.

      • Jane says:

        I have to agree on this one, even though tvd had more characters I cared about, the plot in TO has always been stronger, more emotional, good acting, I even liked Vincent & Maxine moment, which wasn’t related to my beloved originals or anything. We only getting 13 episodes so I hope none of them are fillers. Although I wonder how TO will bind with TVD finale (letter) if Joseph said that he didn’t know about the letter till tvd finale episode aired. I suppose it means we won’t see Klaus writing this letter or anything…

        • Gift says:

          I’m sure we will get something about the letter, they have to help us understand why it came to be. why did klaus send a letter to Thank Caroline. I’m sure there must be something that points to that. I actually smiled seeing Vincent nd Maxine, their connection was fun. I know TVD disappointed me in some ways, it’s still one of my most favorite TV shows if not No2 because of my precious STEFAN. I will watch that guy anywhere any day. Hahaha. when I respond to ur comment Jane it goes to post at the end of the comment box so I have to post it again.

  2. Liz says:

    Umm… the red hair can not explained. She may be a very talented actress, but she really doesn’t resemble any of original family. And from what I remember Klaus didnt just stand there when Elijah killed Marcel. All in all I enjoyed this episode of TO. It even had me wish well for Hayley, and for me that is really hard to do. It’s a very solid start to a short season.

    • Sara says:

      Agreed. She doesn’t look anything like Klaus or Hayley.

      Also, Mikael was a Viking and they showed us in Season 2 that Esther wasn’t, nor do we believe Ansel was so Klaus isn’t even a Viking – and Dahlia commented on that in Season 2 as well.

    • Selena says:

      Neither Klaus or Hayley have to have red hair for Hope to. They just have to have a biological relative with red hair to carry the trait to Hope. We have not met any of Hayley’s family so we can’t say one of the doesn’t have red hair, and Esther’s parents or Ansel’s could of had red hair.

      Hope being a redhead is more logical/explainable than Elijah, Kol and Henrik all having brown eyes while Mikael and Esther both have blue and blue is the dominant and even if all 4 grandparents have brown eyes, if both parents have blue eyes then the chance of the child having brown eyes is slim to none.

      • Liv says:

        I’m pretty sure Esther was brown eyed, so it does make sense. Only Mikael was blue.

      • Lalala says:

        Blue eyes are recessive. Both parents need to have blue eyes for children to have them as well. It is more likely that one parent had blue and one had brown. A brown eyed person can carry a recessive gene for blue eyes. Hence, either blue or brown eyed children depending on partner.

        • Lalala says:

          And yes, two blue eyed parents can only produce blue eyed children.

          • Jane says:

            Esther had brown eyes. As for Hope’s hair, who cares, maybe Hayley’s been dyeing her hair since TVD. My bf still doesn’t know I’m not a natural blond so

          • sab says:

            Actually two blue eyed parents can have brown eyed children if the gene
            Runs in the family.

        • thefirstdark says:

          Maybe. I know many biracial people of black/white and black/native American/white ancestry (myself being one of the latter!) that have blue eyes and green; with only one of the two parents having blue eyes. I also have a whole NOLA-born and bred side of my family that are mostly red haired with green eyes; yet at least one of their parents having traditionally what is considered typical African American features paths other parent being light skinned to nearly and/or, white. I believe that past ancestors of a family’s tree can skip generations, and ‘defy & dominate’ what most would consider a child’s inherited features would have been. I.e., the question of Viking red hair & blue eyes in a child not born to what history considers a ‘viking.’ And there’s always the ancient myths, passed down by the Egyptians (primarily) -and Greeks, Romans, etc. …that history considered red haired/blue eyed peeps to be Witches, and powerful ones at that. As it seems so far, Hope’s witch characteristics seem to have manifested themselves strongly at birth. I could see why the producers may have leaned towards a red haired child-actress. 😜😋😵

    • Liv says:

      Agree. They would both have to have the gene for red hair for Hope to have it. And that seems like a bit of stretch, but it’s a TV show so realism need not apply.

    • Lucy says:

      I’d rather he’d say that we never met Hayley’s family so it’s possible there, or simply say that they hired the best actress for the job – no need to explain the red hair. I’d rather have a good actress than a bad one that resembles the parents.
      I feel like they are trying to hard to make her resemble the Mikaelsons, completely ignoring Hayley and her side.

      Although, I do admit that all the comments on Twitter about Hope looking more like Aurora’s child had me laughing especially when you compare them side by side.

      • Liz says:

        So totally agree. If they would have said that it came from Hayley’s side of the family I wouldn’t have even question it. But the fact they are depending on the “Viking” bloodline makes me go, really?
        Even with that they are the ones who brought it up in the article, so they knew the people were going to go what’s up with the hair. Cause the last time we saw Hope she was a blonde, and yeah when you grow up hair changes but it wouldn’t have changed to that shade of red.

    • anonymous says:

      this is a show about vampires, witches hybrids and the thing that people find unbelievable is that hope has red hair. wow

      • Liz says:

        If you are reading the article then yeah people are going to comment on the hair. It’s the first question they discuss. It’s not a random thing someone brought up.

        • Meek says:

          I was like ”wtf” when I watched the episode.
          I must have missed a biology class or something, but wasn’t Hope’s hair really blonde?
          I mean, when a few babies grow older, their hair color grows darker, take me for example. My hair was really, really blonde as a baby, but it’s brown now that I’m a full grown adult. Hope’s is red? smh

      • Gift says:

        Hahaha I was just thinking that. we just watched the first episode of the originals after waiting so long for it nd it was amazing, brilliant nd fun. we sure have better things to talk about. klaus didn’t just stand nd watch Elijah kill Marcel. it happened so fast. Guilt or not Marcel needs to be put down! And death is too easy a punishment.

    • Carole says:

      Actually Klaus’s hair is strawberry blonde. When his beard goes you can definitely see red tints in it.

    • Sam says:

      I have red hair, and neither of my parents or siblings do. I don’t think we know enough about the original family line to say it ‘can not be explained.’ Great premiere… can’t wait to see what the rest of the season brings!

    • NR says:

      Coming from a mixed background of British Isles and Scandinavia, I can definitely say that red hair is mixed in there somewhere. While most of my family is blonde or light brown, there are two cousins with red hair, though their parents (my aunt and uncle) are blonde and brunet, respectively. It’s not common but it’s not unheard of either, so blond Klaus and brunette Haley could technically have a kid with a throwback gene like red hair. Just fyi.

  3. Sara says:

    ” One thing you don’t need to apologize for is that Hayley-Elijah reunion.”
    Yes he does. It was awful. Why won’t you let that ship die already?

  4. Jeremy says:

    So 5 years passed with Klaus in the abandoned compound and that was the worst he could look?

    • edhjw says:

      I know, he should have long hair, a beard, he should be in slightly ripped clothing with scuff and marks. Imagine Kol, Rebekah and Elijah upon seeming him like this and he suddenly smiles. That would’ve been a reunion. It looks like he’s been there for a couple of weeks at best

    • Gift says:

      Yea I thought that too. He has been there for five years, he should look bad or worse like someone in captivity. I’m sure they don’t want fans feeling bad nd hating Marcel too much. They decided to give us a better view of Klaus. But I’m still mad at Marcel. I hope after all these, klaus has paid for his sins right? He doesn’t need to die in the end like they did the other show.

  5. Dominique says:

    i thought it was a pretty solid episode. they could’ve given us a better explaination than “i guess kol and rebekah couldn’t control their hunger” to explain why they weren’t there, but i’m hoping we’ll see more of them soon enough.
    the redhead daughter is not a stretch. the gene for red hair is recessive if i recall correctly, but can still be passed on from parent to child, and if both klaus and hayley have the gene, then yes, they can have a redhaired child.
    my parents and grandparents are from indonesia, and i’m as pale and blonde as you can get. got my great-grandfathers to thank for that, who were both caucasian. so nope, not a stretch. it’s a myth that a child has to be a copy of both their parents.

    • Honestly, I hope we see more of kol and rebekah this season. Imagine, despite lol being called the wildest we haven’t seen anything remotely close to his capacities. I would like to see him go up against a couple of hybrids or vamps.

  6. Erick Voshel says:

    Tonight’s episode was awesome! Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

  7. Katrina says:

    Ready for Caroline to show up!

  8. Andrew says:

    I’m hoping it’s Davina behind the witch symbols appearing around town.

    I know some people don’t like the character, but I LOVED how determined she was.

    I liked Freya, but what she did to Davina wasn’t right. I want Davina back! Screw Freya.

    • Gift says:

      we re over that now nd Davina will put them down without as much as a thought. Look what she did to Klaus. The originals family have to remain the strongest in the show that includes Freya because I know she will always put her family first. I want Davina back, but I guess she paid for her own sins.

  9. Aj says:

    Can someone explai how Klaus sent Caroline a letter? carina said it was a year and half after but after what? The tvd flashforward? Wouldn’t that make it 6 1/2 years?

  10. Angelfan says:

    What do they teach fantasy reviewers these days? Serpent is an ouroboros, traditionally symbolizes infinity, but who knows what it will symbolize in this show.

  11. Klaroline says:

    Gutted about Alastair. Love Neil Jackson

  12. Jayy says:

    Its been so long and the premiere was damn to epic. Awesome. I can’t wait to see more of wild Hayley, haylijah and what place Cole has and something tells me Freya is gonna die which would be so devastating. Oh well…

    • Gift says:

      Really, u got that just from one episode? I hope that is not the case. The originals needs their own powerful witch.

      • Jane says:

        They have Hope now and the whole seasons is about her developing her powers and learning to control them. I also think that if there is a significant death this season, it might be Freya. She’s new relative to other Mikaelsons, who were introduced back in tvd

        • Gift says:

          Yea but Hope is still small if u get what I mean. Freya still makes a bad ass witch, I mean there re some spell Hope can’t do for her age nd I’m pretty sure klaus nd Hayley wouldn’t want their child to involve in some drastic spell or will they want to use her as a weapon in their fights. Freya will go any limit in situations which u wouldn’t want a child to go. but I’m sure she will be bad ass too.

          • Jane says:

            Sure I love Freya and she is deffinately important for the family. I’m just wondering if there is any major death on TO who it might be. Since we had 2 big deaths last season plus TVD season was also filled with big losses so I think it’s a possibility

          • Gift says:

            I’m already so excited watching this episode, I really hope if someone is going to die, it should be Josh,Marcel if they will but not Vincent. I feel he actually felt bad for klaus. And I think I like him better.

        • Fabrizia says:

          It will probably be Rebecca, since Claire doesn’t want to be there anyway.

          • Gift says:

            right! she slipped my mind. But I don’t Rebekah to die. she is a big part of the originals. And completes klaus nd Elijah.

  13. I cannot believe the debate about the colour of Hope’s hair? She’s adorable, rumour has it she’s a fantastic little actress… I don’t see the issue. Its not like this show has some plot point dealing with the mythology of the characters’ traits – ie its a Mikaelson thing to all have blue eyes and dark hair or whatever. In which case, casting a red head would be puzzling because of their own canon. But there’s nothing like that on the show. In reality, sometimes kids dont look like their parents. Its not that weird. Someone on tumblr actually said they ‘hate’ the actress – a kid – because she doesnt look like Klaus. Argh. Get a grip.

    • Gift says:

      Hahaha Yea, Naazneen they should get a grip. The child is adorable. she is a very good actor. what more could we possibly want. Hope is just great.

    • tintin says:

      What’s funniest is that people are applying human biology to a werewolf/vampire/witch/hybrid/(human? ) child.. There is no logic anymore😂

  14. Gift says:

    Because I’m not like u, I’m stronger than u. really Marcel, really? this episode just shows how desperate Marcel is to keep nd sit on that thrown. it’s the only thing he cares about! seeing klaus in chains nd being talked down to like that just want to make me scream. I mean how long does Marcel want to keep playing this game nd win? Elijah didn’t look so happy nd so did Freya. what is Vincent play at? I must admit Hayley was pretty bad ass this episode, I hope see more of that. I can’t wait to see Hope display her powers. with all that power nd thrown, Marcel is still unbelievable wick. He is just the same as before. would have love Alistair to stick around for a bit, too bad he has to pay for wanting Klaus death. I’m pretty sure none of the family is going to go easy when they wake up. splendid episode!!!!!!!! really fun nd different.

  15. H.H. says:

    The article makes it sound like the show invented the Ouroboros. It’s a pretty ancient symbol. A few shows have used it before.

  16. tintin says:

    Was a good return for the show. Can’t wait to see what happens next. I am intrigued by the thought of what Hope(what is she exactly?? Does she feed on blood? Can she siphon? Does she already have a coven of followers?) will be able to do over the coming episodes, maybe Freya will teach her one or two things :). Also hoping some of the dead people come back. Not sure where we are in the timeline at the moment, buuuuut the bell in mystic falls was rung eleven times and some people came out…

  17. Monrelle Wilson says:

    Freya is really going overboard with all of her betraying people and ish. With her doing all of this, I might just be happy when their family dies.

    • Gift says:

      considering what they’ve been through, she’s been through, u can’t blame her for putting her family first. Besides, there is no the originals without screwing people over. They always put their families first but I don’t think that werewolf girl will have a bad time with them. They will end up protecting her since she protects their interest.

      • Truth is Freya is just 2 sided one can’t trust her for anything. I hated what she did to davina and don’t say it was because of protecting her fam, truth be told had it been Hayley or Camille( Elijah or klaus flame) she would have looked for other options.

        • Gift says:

          True because they re her family. I didn’t like what Freya and Elijah had to do, they made a mess of everything. but we know if they didn’t find a quick solution then Lucien would have beaten klaus which would have led to Klaus death. besides u know the Mikaelsons will always pick family over all. They re all the same. I think it’s her own way of making Davina pay for what she did to Klaus nd Finn. if she didn’t lock Finn to his body, they would have had a chance to save him. she has had this great connection with her brother(Finn) nd we could see that she final got him back nd the family was finally coming together nd Finn died. Before u know it Marcel happened. so yes she is going to be mean. Though, I’m not so sure about Camille because we did see her die nd Freya didn’t find another way. Even with Finn, she was helpless. she wasn’t going to let another family member die like that.

    • Meek says:

      I agree. I don’t like this Freya. I understand family comes first, but you can’t just drag people into your family’s drama and expect them to sacrifice themselves because of your family, when they have nothing to do with your problems.

      • Gift says:

        well, that’s why they make a lot of enemies on their way. They re very impulsive. but if they re not, they all might die. I’m just glad this show is not about their redemption like TVD with Stefan.

  18. Gift says:

    Yea but Hope is still small if u get what I mean. Freya still makes a bad ass witch, I mean there re some spell Hope can’t do for her age nd I’m pretty sure klaus nd Hayley wouldn’t want their child to involve in some drastic spell or will they want to use her as a weapon in their fights. Freya will go any limit in situations which u wouldn’t want a child to go.

  19. Flashrow says:

    Nobody here is discussing about the bisexual Freya. The bisexual werewolf is obviously her new love interest for this season.

  20. Why isn’t kol used more in the originals, I hope it changes this season because out of all of them he is the only one who knows so mouch about witches and controlling power, look at how he helped davina, I think he should be the one to help hope. And how come we haven’t even seen the wildest and by far the best mickaelson have a standard fight?

    • Kristina says:

      I believe the lack of Kol is due at least partly to the actor’s availability.

    • Gift says:

      no, no fights amongst them. we’ve already seen a lot of that. kol would certainly be a good teacher if he doesn’t turn her evil in doing so. Without Davina I don’t know what he would be going through. will he return to his normal self? I’m hoping not.

  21. Mel says:

    OMG people why do you care so much about the kids bloody hair colour if she’s an amazing actress. Casting a kid to play such an emotional and dimensional character won’t be easy. I’m happy Narducci decided to prioritize her skills. I mean worst case she can dye her hair or wear a wig.

  22. maty says:

    A solid start!!!!

  23. Tisha says:

    There has Never been a show as great as the Originals every episode has yearning for the next!!!!! Amazing 💖💖💖

  24. Gift says:

    I’m sure we will get something about the letter, they have to help us understand why it came to be. why did klaus send a letter to Thank Caroline. I’m sure there must be something that points to that. I actually smiled seeing Vincent nd Maxine, their connection was fun. I know TVD disappointed me in some ways, it’s still one of my most favorite TV shows if not No2 because of my precious STEFAN. I will watch that guy anywhere any day. Hahaha.

  25. Gift says:

    Yea that’s why they make plenty of enemies on their way. They re pretty impulsive. Yet if they re not, they will be dead. I’m just glad there is no one there seeking for redemption.

  26. Jaimee says:

    I knew I had seen that symbol before! It was on a Netflix series called hemlock grove…very disturbing series at that

  27. Hope says:

    Loved the episode except when Klaus was tied up. I have always liked Marcel and I don’t want him gone but he needs to pay. I have been a Elijah and Hayley fan since day one so I loved their scene and Elijah is a gentlemen and he has always been loved their reunion and the kiss no matter what the haters say I was a klamille fan and want cami back and not caroline. Leah Pipes is amazing and she deserves to come back. I no way want Klaus and Hayley. Loved when Hayley turned in a wearewolf that was awesome and cant stand Mary jackson is gone get over it and nobody is to blame Love the show hope it continues all my shows are going so sad

  28. Hope says:

    Freya is one of my favorite loved her with Lucein

  29. kristan may says:

    i hope they find away turn marcel back too reg vampire like they did Lucian he was 1000 years old with the serum so i could see him out matching klaus but 300 year old even with serum out matching all the mikelsons hope he gets whats common too him

  30. Minaye Loveday Ibanichuka says:

    Welcome back,Mikaelson’s..