This Is Us Finale Recap Season 1

This Is Us Finale Recap: You Don't Know Jack — Plus, Grade the Episode!

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After an entire season of This Is Us, we thought we had a pretty good handle on every single member of the Pearson family.

Turns out, we didn’t know Jack.

The NBC drama caps its first season with an hour that focused on Jack and Rebecca — the Big Three only appear as adults, and only for a few brief scenes — and spends its time hopping between Mr. and Mrs. Pearson’s kismet-kissed first meeting and a giant fight that may mark the beginning of their marriage’s end.

By the end of the hour, Jack moves out of the house to spend some time at Miguel’s… and Rebecca lets him go. How did we get here? Read on for the highlights of “Moonshadow.”

JACK LIVES! (FOR NOW) | As a drunk-but-not-as-drunk-as-he’s-gonna-be Jack arrives at the club where Rebecca is singing — safely, phew — he seems to realize that his grand gesture may not be a welcome one. “What the hell are you doing, Jack?” he asks himself… and then we flashback to a baby-faced Jack (actual age: 28), who’s fixing a car for a kind widow who can only pay him $5 for his help. He courteously thanks her, and she says she’ll make it up to him by setting him up with her friend’s granddaughter. “You’ll thank me. She’s a total knockout,” the well-intentioned old lady says. Jack’s not psyched about the idea — though he loves the widow’s 1967 Chevelle Super Sport — but he reluctantly agrees to the blind date.

We learn a little more about the Big Three’s dad as a young man: He’s a Vietnam vet, he’s paying rent to live with his folks, and he’s got a dream to open an auto-body shop with his friend, Darryl. He’s also got a Jimmy Stewart-esque outlook on how being a “good guy” will eventually pay off — and he uses that as a reason to take his little wad of saved cash down to a shady, backroom poker game that Darryl’s cousin knows about.

It’s a terrible idea from the start, but Jack is so enamored of the idea of doubling or tripling his money, he doesn’t care. And when he wins $1500 in one hand, then takes off, the guys can’t believe their good fortune. “GET OUT OF THERE!,” I yell at my TV, but Jack can’t hear me as he and Darryl hit the alley, so busy is he celebrating how “The good guys, they don’t always finish last!” And that’s when two thugs beat Jack down, take all his money and warn him never to return or he’ll be killed.

GOOD GUYS FINISH LAST | By the time Darryl drives a bruised, bloody Jack home, Pearson is on the verge of tears, noting that whenever his father had to choose between right and wrong, “he always broke the wrong way, like clockwork.” In response, Jack says, he’s tried to “be respectful to women, do my part in ‘Nam, be a good man — and look where it’s gotten me.” He decides that they’re going to get their money back, then he goes inside to hatch an even worse plan than the poker game one.

Basically, Jack plots to steal from the till at the bar owned by Threatening Mafia-ish Poker Guy, aided by an elderly barkeep and a well-timed phone call from Darryl. Does it work? More on that in a moment.

WRONG GUY | Rebecca is out to eat with some friends who nag her about whether or not she’s bringing a plus-one to an upcoming wedding. She turns down an offer to be set up with a guy, saying that she’s focusing on her singing career. “Things are going well for me, you know?” she says, citing the demo she just recorded and the many open mic nights she attends. I get that we’re supposed to be all “Yay, Rebecca!” in the moment, but she comes across a little Marnie Michaels here, and I don’t blame her friends for gently suggesting that she “diversify” just in case she’s not the next Carole King.

And after she gets a rejection letter about her demo, she decides to take her pals’ advice and have one of them set her up with a guy. And as Van Morrison’s “Into the Mystic” plays, we watch Jack and Rebecca getting ready to go out at their respective homes, and we’re very much supposed to think that they’re about to be each other’s blind dates. But when Rebecca’s guy appears at the restaurant, he’s a boring suit-wearer named Ethan. And his conversation is so boring — no, tell me more about mergers and acquisitions! — that she makes her apologies and skips out to croon at an open-mic night.

SMOOTH NON-CRIMINAL | Meanwhile, Jack is just about to execute his plan when he realizes that he’s late for his own date. Still, he seems on target for petty larceny until he sets eyes upon the vocalist singing “Moonshadow” at the bar he’s about to rob: It’s Rebecca, and he’s so taken with her, he immediately abandons his life of crime. She notices him from the stage, and they make their introductions after her song.

Aww, nice, right? Well, get ready for the pain.

OUCH | In the ’90s, Jack sits at the bar in the club where Rebecca’s band will perform and slugs back beers and bourbon until he’s a sweaty, sloppy mess. Unbeknownst to him, Rebecca has just realized that her paranoid husband was dead-on about one thing, because Ben just tried to kiss her in the dressing room downstairs. Rebecca leaves Jack a sweet answering machine message at home… but that’s before she walks in on him punching Ben, who has inadvertently let on that he “crossed a line” with his lead singer.

So Rebecca angrily leaves to drive her drunk husband home — she’s done with the band, by the way — and they have a blowout argument when they’re back and Jack is more sober. She erases the message before he can hear it. She says she had no idea that his drinking had gotten so bad. And she waves off his apologies and implications of alcoholism. “You’re not a drunk, Jack,” she says, noting that it’s “convenient” that his problem “rematerializes at the exact same moment that I finally have something happening for myself.”

The rest of the fight happens at top volume, with some of the emotional hits carrying the impact of a physical blow. He wonders how far she went with Ben. She laughs off his attempt to invoke the damage his father did. She says she has no life, and she only wants a career. And then, Jack lobs this grenade straight into his wife’s heart:

“You are a 40 year old woman singing covers in pubs! That is not a career, Rebecca. That is ridiculous.”

There’s more — in particular, Rebecca taunts Jack to “let your father out” and “let go of the whole Mr. Perfect charade” — but it ends when Rebecca asks Jack to say what he loves about her right at that moment, because she thinks he’s gotten into the habit of loving her instead of doing it for real.

ALL’S BAD THAT ENDS BAD | The next morning, Rebecca opens her door and, you can tell, is disappointed that Jack’s not doing the dutiful dog thing on the floor outside their bedroom. “We meant what we said,” she says to him, just before suggesting that he spend some time at Miguel’s. “We may have hated how we said, but we meant it, and we can’t pull it back in the light of day.”

Before he leaves, Rebecca sadly wonders if they’ve ruined their kids forever. He assures her they haven’t. “We’ve shown them a healthy marriage. This is just gonna be a blip on their radar years from now,” he says. “How they turn out, that’s bigger than us.” (Side note: Milo Ventimiglia is KILLING IT in this episode.) That’s when we get a quick update on the kids as adults.

Kate, back in Los Angeles, surprises Toby by saying that she wants to pursue a singing career. Kevin sadly tells Sophie that he’s only going to Los Angeles for a meeting about the Ron Howard movie, but they both act like he’s leaving forever. And Randall puts a photo of William into the family album and then announces to Beth that he wants to adopt a baby.

Before he leaves, Jack lists all the things he loves about his wife, finishing with, “You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca, you are my big break.” He’s choked up. She’s fondling the pendant he gave her. All of his stuff is in a sad duffel bag. It’s horrible, especially when he says that their love story “is just getting started”… then leaves to crash on his lame friend’s couch.

Now it’s your turn. Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. kn1231 says:

    Well I knew they weren’t going to reveal how Jack died, but I expected something juicy during this finale. This was easily the worst episode of the season, in my opinion.

    • Pedro says:

      Agreed. They started stalling. Bad sign.

    • kitkat41 says:

      EXACTLY. I knew Jack’s death wouldn’t be shown, but the way the cast and crew have been raving for weeks about how spectacular and heartbreaking this episode was gonna be, it was a letdown. Nothing happened! No questions were answered! Grrr.

    • Ktina says:

      Not if you’re married and have fought like that. That was a REAL argument, not some made up fair fight BS. The writing was good and Mandy and Milo were excellent in their delivery. I completely related to them last night and so did my hubby. “This is Us” was us last night.

      • Tina says:

        I totally agree. After that scene, my hubby looks at me and says, this show is too real. I thought it was raw and excellent!

      • Couldn’t agree more – her pain over being “just” a stay-at-home mom and his anger that he’s toiling away his days at an office to support the family. Those were real emotions of two flawed characters reaching mid-life and wondering what could have been. The fact that they filmed that fight scene without one camera break was amazing… way to edit. That scene earned the actors, the writers and the show an Emmy.

    • herman1959 says:

      I get the feeling that “they” slowed down when the show was renewed to save something for next season. I get it, but the ending (showing the big 3) seemed tacked on, too.

  2. Tina says:

    It kinda just ended which sucks.

    • Brock says:

      Life isn’t perfect and they’re showing that. It’s not like 24 where you see it’s xx:59 and know it’s going down right then. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s life.

  3. Al says:

    Umm a bit underwhelming
    The flashback dragged a bit to be honest
    They only spent 5 mins in the The present timeline

  4. Melody says:


  5. KarenP says:

    It is spelled Chevelle. Meanwhile, it was a shame to waste Milo V’s abilities on such lame writing. And there weren’t a lot of guys named Ethan that age in that time frame.

    • Ann says:

      Tell that to Ethan Hawke.

      • Amy says:

        Ethan Hawke was born in 1970, so not exactly old enough to be discussing mergers and acquisitions over dinner in the mid to late 70s.

        • Dryheat says:

          There were always Ethan’s at Hebrew school when I was growing up in the 70s…it is a biblical name, after all.

    • Dysturbed says:

      “And there weren’t a lot of guys named Ethan that age in that time frame.”

      There weren’t a lot, but people with that name did exist and apparently the character was supposedly one of them. Is that of all things really worth nitpicking?

  6. kelly says:

    Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia are phenomenal on this show. They have amazing chemistry and Jack/Rebecca’s love story is beautiful and sad. Although I do wish next season they would tone down the “jack is perfect guy” “jack the perfect parent/Rebecca the bad guy” thing they did all this season.

    • RomanticAtHeart says:

      I agree. I’m so tired of Rebecca being the bad one. I would rather see her answering the “Why she loves Jack?” question. Life is about choices and sacrifices. She made them and I hope she made them for love.

    • MG says:

      I think Jack knows he’s flawed and Rebecca doesn’t know she is. She didn’t give up her singing career for Jack and the kids, it was already gone (rejection letter) when she agreed to go on the blind date. She was destined to be, at best, a cover band singer and Jack supported that until he was uncomfortable about her going on tour with her ex. Obviously he was right and Rebecca even acknowledged that. Jack, in my opinion is the one that made the sacrifices, selling his car (that he loved) and giving up HIS dream of going into business for himself. He did that for his family. He is always the one apologizing for his mistakes and professing his love for her, but she doesn’t do the same. Whether or not she ever wanted kids, she is a mom now and she has responsibilities. Wonder how many gigs she’d be doing as a single mom if Jack wasn’t the “perfect guy”. Just saying……

  7. S says:

    I gave it a C. I thought they’d show Jack’s death. The whole time, I’m sitting in anticipation and NOTHING HAPPENED.

    • DT says:

      Why would you expect that when we were already told that we wouldn’t learn how it happened this season or for awhile for that matter?!

  8. Sylvia says:

    Disappointed with Jack,typical male, all about him. Poor Rebecca.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      Hahaha, I’m the complete opposite. I think Rebecca treats Jack like crap :-)

    • Mari says:

      Actually Rebecca is kinda selfish.
      Yeah, Jack’s not perfect, but she’s all about her.
      Jack has let go of his dream of his own construction company, but she’s all ‘I’ve been a mom with my dreams on the backburner’. Dude, wake up, you won’t male it as a singer.

      Rebecca is all about Rebecca.

      • toppiri says:

        My thoughts exactly! “At the exact same moment that I finally have something happening for myself”??! Seriously, Rebecca. Like you didn’t have a great husband and awesome kids to be proud of… She’s just unbearable.

      • Mary says:

        Seriously, I think the opposite. There is nothing wrong now that the kids have grown to do something for herself, heck she could of done it while they were growing up but she made the decision to put it on hold. I think it shows his insecurities as a man.

    • Ktina says:

      My husband kept giving me side eye last night. He knows I gave up who I was to be a wife and mom and at times, it bothers me just like it does Rebecca. As wives and mothers we give up a lot, we just don’t bitch about it like men do. Jack hit some low blows last night. That 40 year old singer comment hit me in the gut.

      • Pedro says:

        Jack hates his job and only took it, giving up on his dreams, to send Randall to Private School. His whole life is taking care of his family.

        • Angie D says:

          Both their lives have been about taking care of their family. She did not want kids as soon as Jack did. If you ask either of them if they really regret their life, I think that they both have no regrets for the sacrifices. But what they are going through now is pretty common IMHO – what happens when the kids don’t need you anymore? Did you lose each other? Are you 2 strangers to each other now? They both love each other and I think they’ll find each other again.

  9. Daniel says:

    Is it just me or has barely anything happened since the mid-season finale? The first 10 or so episodes had so much and the latter half has been lacking in my opinion

    • Dusti O says:

      I feel the same way! I’ve lost interest a bit as the show just stopped progressing – it’s like a daytime soap opera – I feel like I could come back in a year or two and they’d still be in the same spot.

    • Pedro says:

      They got drunk with success and started stalling. See this show tanking in rating by season 3.

    • DT says:

      I guess the introduction of Sophie, Randall’s breakdown and quitting his job, William’s death, and Jack moving out of the house in the finale after an intense (yet epic – acting-wise) fight are barely anything. I suppose there has to be cliffhangers and gut-wrenching twists and the answer to how Jack died every week for something to register.

      • Ktina says:

        I’m with you DT! This show has been such a roller coaster. I saw nothing wrong with last night’s episode. The acting was “epic”. That fight got me.

      • Amen, DT! Seriously, some of these comments have me wondering what show some of our fellow viewers think they’re watching. If you ask me, it was quite clear from the start that not every question, regarding every character and/or storyline would be answered how and when we wanted them to be or indeed, if they would even be answered at all. That’s the beauty of this show in that nothing is handed to us, neatly wrapped up and with a nice bow on-top; we have to dig deep and draw our own conclusions.

        Sure compared to previous episodes, not much happened apart from Rebecca and Jack’s huge fight which was very well executed, by the way, but that’s life.

  10. John says:

    It was a disappointment. I know they were gonna skip how jack died but give us something for the next 6 months. We know he dies soon but give us an inkling

  11. Leah says:

    So glad we didn’t see Jack die tonight. It became obvious we wouldn’t as the hour went on. Kate blames herself and once they got home it was clear it happens much later. Can’t shake the feeling the gamblers will have something to do with it. Does Jack spiral again? The acting in this episode was superb.

    • Dryheat says:

      Maybe in Kate’s teenage mind she feels like it’s her fault because Jack going to Cleveland was the catalyst for her parents to take a little break, and he dies somehow because he wasn’t living at home?

  12. John036 says:

    I thought it was a nice ending to a strong ending. I give it a B.

    I’m eagerly waiting for the headline that Alexandra Breckenridge has been upgraded to a regular, though. I love Sophie. I hope we see more of her.

    • Mika02 says:

      This is exactly how I felt it was a strong episode just not the strongest of the season. I would have like more adult Big three but this was about J&R’s love story and I think next season will be about their demise.

  13. Teri says:

    So disappointing!!!! I can’t believe a great season and it ends with a drag on end nothing last show. AWFUL.

  14. DT says:

    I don’t understand all the negativity… I thought it was a great finale! It was an acting clinic by Mandy and Milo, the episode furthered Jack and Rebecca’s backstory which is so important to see their journey (which we should be savoring instead of clamoring to see it’s end), and the episode also set up storylines for next season in the present day. Great writing and pacing of this great show. So happy to be along for the ride. Can’t wait for season 2!!

    • Paige says:

      The finale was over-hyped and I don’t think it lived up to those expectations.

      The acting was phenomenal and it was a good episode, but not really a “finale” episode. You could put this episode anywhere in the season and it would fit.

      • herman1959 says:


      • DT says:

        Sorry, but I don’t need a cliffhanger in all of my finales. I really enjoy the pace of this show and what I wanted was for more back story about Jack and Rebecca and for the show to set up storylines for next season, which it delivered on! The episode wasn’t over-hyped in my opinion. The previews for the finale only suggested that we would learn how Jack and Rebecca met. I don’t remember seeing a promo offering the most riveting hour in television or in the series to date. It’s the fans that clamor for the answer to Jack’s death every week that built the hype and the showrunners came out to squash that so too many people weren’t disappointed. I’m not in a hurry to find out how Jack died, because when I do that is going to be such a huge question answered that Milo’s character will lose alot of his intrigue. He’s killing it on the show so I can wait. I find it disappointing that everyone is in such a rush to find out all of the answers. I hope the writers continue at their current pace and don’t give in to all the rabid fans that need instant gratification.

        • donholley77 says:

          I agree you don’t need a cliffhanger, but you don’t need an overhyped episode, either!

        • Paige says:

          The interviews talked about how we needed our tissues, grab a friend, call in sick, etc. setting up a gut -wrenching finale. I thought the episode when Willliam died or when Kevin went to save his brother from a panic attack met that criteria more. . I’ve never said anything about Jack’s death and knew we wouldn’t find out this episode, but the finale was ridiculously over-hyped.

          • VegasGal72 says:

            I don’t think it was over-hyped. I think people read into it the wrong way. Most people thought they were talking about us seeing how Jack died not that they separated. It was very sad to see that since almost all season we saw this happy in love couple who could get through anything together.

    • Pedro says:

      You could miss this episode entirely and still follow the next premiere.

  15. flowerduh says:

    Eh! I gave it a D. Every single episode was GREAT….until this episode. It just fell flat. I thought maybe they were going to have a real fight….which they did. But anybody who has been married knows it doesn’t end that quickly.

    I wanted more of the big 3. Honestly, this episode could’ve been saved for season 2. Episode 2.

  16. Ann says:

    Spoiler Alert! MIGUEL KILLS JACK! It’s so obvious…Jack gets in that fight with Rebecca and is forced to stay over at Miguel’s place and Miguel sees it as his opportunity to hook up with Rebecca, so he gets Jack completely drunk while they’re together and let’s him drive and dies in an accident. Miguel is swoops in to console Rebecca and hook up with her. The end. Mystery solved!

  17. Wrstlgirl says:

    I knew people were going to be disappointed. It was way overhyped with cast interviews saying how heartbreaking it was. Turns out most were barely even in it. I thought it was pretty good but I was expecting more. So much for all the Jack dies in Cleveland theories, lmao!!

    • Angelfan says:

      Maybe the cast feels it was heartbreaking because they are so identified with the characters? Most concerned about Kevin and Sophie. Felt Kevin had made real progress this season and I’m hoping the LA trip does not cause a backslide.

  18. herman1959 says:

    Vito was very good, but the episode was just OK. It was sort of like a filler episode but at the end of the season (?); I gave it a C.

  19. Janice Evans says:

    I think the ending was great for now, because it leading to more history. It is going to show the struggles, the bumps and bruises that any family suffers through. This first season basically just introduced us to them.

  20. G says:

    Totally agree with Daniel

  21. GuessWhat says:

    good season
    just an OK season finale
    they rode all that Jack dying hype and didn’t deliver
    oh well

  22. monicaplace says:

    A quiet, sad season finale with enough heartbreak to leave me screaming inside WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS? Unsaid, unmet dreams chipped away at, and here they are. Sort of like life. I loved this episode for what it WAS, nit what it wasn’t.

  23. Pedro says:

    Are they in their early 50’s in this episode? The kids were born when Jack was 36. They are teenagers now. Rebecca should look a bit older.

    • K.Smith says:

      Rebecca was thirty when they were born, so she is in her mid-40s. Jack is in early 50s. This is one of the reasons why I was confused when he wanted another kid. It`s certainly not impossible in 40s, but it is a lot less likely.

  24. Day says:

    So, when jack goes to his dad for money when they find out they’re having triplets, jack says it’s because he got into trouble with some gambling. Does this mean that he goes back to the mafia game somehow?

  25. I thought it was done very well. I wasn’t expecting a death since we just ran out of tissues over the last two episodes with William’s death. The episode also gave us a couple more scenarios about what led to Jack’s death and set up the season for next year nicely. Great Show. Wonderful Season.

  26. K.Smith says:

    As an episode, this was okay. Not surprising or shocking, but it did give a lot of good background information. As a season finale, it was severely underwhelming, especially considering how much everyone hyped this episode up all week. It felt like filler. Maybe they should have switched the order around or something?

    This show has a history of overhyping, though. I can count on one hand the number of times I have cried during this show.

    People are upset that it wasn`t revealed how Jack died, but it`s been revealed they are stretching that out, and I can see why. Without that bait, there is no guarantee that people will continue to watch the show. Don`t get me wrong, the show is awesome and refreshing and all that, but it has a tendency to get dull in spots. Jack`s death is an insurance policy, and I doubt we will get answers before Season 3. NBC doesn`t have a lot of great shows, so they have to capitalize while they can. If this show goes past five seasons, I will be surprised.

    A lot of people are mad at Rebecca, saying she`s selfish, but I don`t think she is. She`s just unhappy. She never wanted to be a mother, and I doubt she wanted to be a wife, certainly not to a regular Jo anyway. She loves her kids and husband as people, but she hates the role she has with them. I think she got swept up in a moment and is now freaking out because she feels the clock ticking against her. Jack is somewhat manipulative. He`s always wanted to have a normal family and is okay with abandoning other dreams in favor of that one, and he is frustrated that Rebecca isn`t the same way. Their fight was the best part of the episode imo.

    Overall, disappointing. I`m not as devastated about having to wait 6 months as I expected. C-

    • Dryheat says:

      “Penultimate” episodes, like last week’s, are always better than season finales…

    • Neither Jack nor Rebecca are perfect people – they both have demons and character flaws. Jack is needy, but loves his family more than anything. Rebecca is selfish – no other way to spin it. She made her choices years ago and is now blaming Jack for her lack of a music career. No one held a gun to her head and made her marry him or have children. Own your choices, Rebecca. They need to do some serious character redemption for her.

      Now all that being said, Milo and Mandy were phenomenal in that ugly argument scene. Very realistic. Marriage is incredibly tough at times and that scene illustrated it perfectly.

      Nor a great season finale, but not terrible either. I gave it a B mostly for the acting.

  27. Pedro says:

    This show is starting to suffer from the syndrome that affect shows that are a hit right of the gate. It’s afraid of letting go of the stories that hooked people and it’s starting to drag, aimlessly. In a short 18 episode season, this is the 3rd where 90% of the episode just drag in beautiful, but, ultimately pointless flashbacks or side stories that move nothing along until the closing of the hour. Frustrating.

    • K.Smith says:

      Great observation. I was thinking something similar but wasn`t sure how to phrase it. I don`t see it going past 5 seasons, maybe not even past the next two seasons they`re already signed up for.

  28. Sarah says:

    Awful. You build us up to find out how Jack dies and turn it into a typical boring drama. Drunk husband, angry wife and hubby that moves out. That is so hum drum, disappointed and let down. I hope you get new writers or something improves.

  29. Trogdor777 says:

    Cool to read everyone’s perspectives. I actually liked the ep. LOVED the music!! They seriously got the rights to use Van Morrison?! *thumbs up* I appreciate a slow build, and sub text in storytelling. I found I was more interested in Jack’s pieces/phases of his life as the episode went along, rather than staying focused on the reveal of the events of his death. Heading into this, I was all about the reveal, but Dan’s storytelling pulled me in. Kudos, Dan! That being said, i totally understand where fans are coming from that wanted a reveal, and were disappointed. I think maybe there is a danger in the way they wrote the ‘Kate’ of it all this season in relation to Jack’s death, and also showing William’s poignant death in ‘Memphis’. Kate’s just taking his death soooo badly, even now into her adult life. and finally telling Toby last episode that it was ‘her fault’,(i dont think it will be her fault, more a human nature-residual guilt thing some people do with the loss of a loved one). and then we dont see the rest of that conversation?! Anyway. Yes, I can see how a lot of the audience was disapointed in not getting the ‘reveal’ here. I’m still looking forward to seeing more pieces of Jacks life lived, im ok with no reveal for now. Honestly, i am really glad they didn’t use Jack’s death as like a psa for drunk driving, or some big social comment. I think Milo and Mandy were amaaaazing in this. You can tell they really trust each other as actors. There’s a good article on tvline with Ken Olin (director) and the setup/process of the fight scene. That scene was fantastic, and horrible to watch. I felt like I was intruding in someone’s house. Haha! I wasn’t really picking a side during the fight. I agree with bits of what both of them were saying, and sacrifices they both have made during the course of the marriage. Sadly, rocky marriage, being exhausted middle’agers, and raising 3 teenagers. It all catches up, and maybe not enough focus is spent on the work of the relationship, and continuing to communicate. I’m not sure I agree with Kimberly’s ‘dutiful dog outside the door’ comment, or perhaps I’m misinterpreting it? I don’t think she even expected jack to be outside the door. The ep when he was curled up outside the door, and he gave her the moon pendent. She could openly tell him he wasnt pulling his weight, and he said he’d stop drinking, etc. But looking back, that’s maybe when the little cracks started, she felt alone as a house wife raising the young kids, and he was unfulfilled in his crap job in Miguel’s office. In this episode, they are so far removed from those early stages of their marriage and when the kids were smaller, and now the small cracks are like big holes of resentment. I really think she was just sad about having to walk down those stairs and prepare to have a conversation with her husband about the fact their marriage is disintegrating. It’s the soft talk, after the brutal blow out fight. I thought it was a very honestly written conversation about where the relationship is headed. Yes, they said nasty things, but there was honesty in some of the things they said to each other, and to acknowledge maybe space away would be good thing. (It’s never a good thing, work on it people) but man, a conversation like that is not easy for any couple to have, especially when kiddies are factored in too. His ‘you were my big break’ and Milo’s catch in the throat was a heart Melt’er though. Anyhoo, I think they clearly closed some of the season 1 chapters on the ‘big three’ and establishing the new journeys to look forward to in season 2. (So glad Chrissy/Kate’s going to sing again)! Great first season! Its been nice to read about, and discuss this show with you all. Until next season! ‘Roll the windows down, and cranked up the music’

  30. Dave says:

    See yah in S2.

  31. PhillyinDC says:

    “and then we flashback to a baby-faced Jack (actual age: 28)”

    This doesn’t make sense. Jack and Rebecca are 40 when she goes to sing in the club. The triplets are 16 then. Assume 4 years from their first date to the birth of the triplets, that means Jack is roughly 48 when Rebecca goes on tour.

    Possible, but I think your data is wrong.

    • kn1231 says:

      During the older flashbacks, Jack’s father said he was basically a 28 year told loser so he was 28 when he met Rebecca. Also Jack was 36 when the children were born, and they are teens when she goes on tour, so I think that makes Jack closer to 50+

      • herman1959 says:

        Look guys, there is clearly something funky going on with the math here. I would chalk it up to continuity issues, let it go, and just enjoy the show.

    • VegasGal72 says:

      Rebecca is 40, Jack is 52 in 1996. Of course that would make Rebecca 16 in 1972 when they met. Maybe Jack was using the term 40 year old loosely and she is actually 45ish?

  32. Erin B says:

    I kind of feel like that is the last conversation they will have. The way the lights got bright in the house seemed ethereal or something. I don’t know what happens to him, but it would be tragic for them to have a fight & be on the outs when he dies.

  33. MiaB says:

    I appreciate you getting a dig in at Miguel at the end. He’s the worst. (It just has to be said.)

  34. Lisa Echerd says:

    It’s a good thing the writing and acting have been so outstanding until this episode. This was not the way to end the series that makes you anxious for the next season. I knew we weren’t going to learn how Jack died but the only other cliffhanger in the past is whether Jack and Rebecca make up and I’d bet they do. I’ll definitely watch next fall but not on the strength of this depressing episode.

  35. Marilyn says:

    I’m glad Jack didn’t die, but since I know he IS going to die, I was disappointed to not know how! Now we gotta wait for next season. (WHEN is that going to be???).
    I love this show, and can’t wait for the next episode.

  36. Dee says:

    I knew they wouldn’t show how Jack died but I did not expect them to show how Jack & Rebecca met! I kind of liked how the episode mainly focused on them stalled at certain points in their life before they came together. And both Mandy & Milo were killing it in the episode! They were hitting me in the feels. My only gripe is the ending. I wish it would have ended a bit differently instead of just Rebecca playing with the pendant and then that’s it while Jack leaves. The ending just wasn’t powerful enough for me as a season finale!

  37. Mary says:

    Okay but was a little disappointed for a finale. I think it was kind of a let down, especially after Williams death. I will return for season 2.

  38. Lynn says:

    It was a heartache of a show.

  39. This is my least favorite episode of the season but seeing as this show is in a league of its own, even its average episodes are quality television. This one just didn’t feel like a ‘finale’. It felt like after so many powerful episodes, they kinda… saved the lukewarm for last.
    On a positive note, Milo is A.MAZING. The entire cast is incredible but Milo and Ron share the number 1 spot in my heart. One thing I liked about this episode was learning that Jack’s life could have taken a wrong turn. That was actually the saddest moment for me. How close we came to losing the Jack we know and love. He could have been caught, he could have gotten away with it, and decided to do it again. The thought of our Jack as a criminal breaks my heart.
    The fight at the end didn’t. It’s been a long time coming and it could have ended a bit differently, had Rebecca been a different woman. I don’t dislike her, and I don’t think she’s the “bad guy” but I also don’t think she tries as hard as Jack does. Just let him walk out without a word after he poured his heart out. Disappointing. The ending didn’t make me care what happens next between Rebecca and Jack. I know I’m supposed to root for them, but I just find myself too emotionally disconnected from Rebecca to care whether she gets her husband back. Lord knows she won’t have trouble replacing him. And now for my rant of the week: Miguel sucks!

  40. I really liked the finale. Not every episode has to have big, dramatic revelations. This one showed a good marriage going through a period of crisis, things that all married couples can identify with. The end isn’t the point of watching (how Jack dies) but to enjoy the journey together with the characters we’ve grown to love.

  41. Angie says:

    What most people hated about this episode…I loved. I loved that it wasn’t a soap opera ending. It was a real life cliffhanger…what’s going to happen to this marriage?

    I also don’t understand people criticizing Rebecca for wanting a career now that her kids are older and more self-sufficient. My mom went back to work when my brother and I were older and our family supported her. Yes, Jack provided for his family, but Rebecca gave up her dream, too. They both sacrificed and understandably, they both only see their own sacrifices.

    I also think Rebecca is the bomb for listening to “Into the Mysttic” getting ready for her date, but I digress…

  42. donholley77 says:

    I had a feeling before this episode, that Jack wouldn’t die, but that he & Rebecca would seperate! I gave it a B, because that was the most realistic agrument I’ve seen a married couple have on TV, but the episode was waayy overhyped!

  43. Jessie says:

    Spent this morning listening to Mandy’s version of moon shadow. I recommend all This Is Us fans look it up and listen to it. It’s from her album Coverage. It’s really pretty. I would give the finale a B. Great acting, wish we had more present day scenes though.

  44. Catt says:

    I just wish they had taken some time away from that looooong card game scene and spent it instead on the big three in the present day. You knew from the start that the card game would end badly. The episode felt lopsided to me.

  45. kaycee says:

    Terrible episode. I am done. All those false leads from the actors and such saying its such a heartbreaking episode. It was a married couple fighting, it happens to everyone. Not one question was answered and there was nothing that made me want to watch it when it returns in the fall.

  46. meg says:

    I never expected them to reveal how Jack dies but I did expect a twist that they are known for and was sadly disappointed. The episode was average and certainly not a season finale. I still want to know what the “never before seen on tv” scene was between Jack and Rebecca that the writers were promising. Did I blink and miss it?

  47. Jen says:

    I was riveted throughout the entire show but especially that epic fight! Probably the best, most realistic fight I’ve ever seen portrayed on a tv show. Mandy and Milo were absolutely amazing in that scene and throughout the episode. They are an acting dream team and have made Jack and Rebecca seem like such a real couple. I love how the episode filled in some blanks and also set up stories for the Big Three for next year. Everyone said Jack wasn’t dying in this episode so I wasn’t disappointed in the least.

  48. Kailani says:

    Everyone is responding based on the 2017’s…NOT the time frame in which it occurred. If you didn’t live back then, you don’t know what it was like, being a woman, who was a mom, wanting to achieve something more when the children’s needs weren’t as pressing. It was a struggle MANY couples went through. And a delicate struggle indeed.

  49. VegasGal72 says:

    Loved it! Hated the fight and my heart hurt for “Jack”. Loved the clips of the big 3 while Jack was saying his speech to Rebecca. I don’t care at all that they didn’t show anything about Jack’s death. I think it is better to let the storylines play out. This show is line an onion, so many layers to peel back. Cant wait for season 2.

  50. HAP says:

    I thought Mandy really showed off her acting chops,and I told her so.