'Vampire Diaries' Finale Week
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Vampire Diaries Boss Talks Katherine's Sudden Rise to Power, Admits She Briefly Considered Killing Off Elena

If you were hoping Friday’s Vampire Diaries finale (The CW, 9/8c) would help fill in a few blanks about Katherine — for example, how she became the new queen of Hell — then I guess that makes me the bearer of bad news.

“One of the things we realized as we were getting to the end and trying to squeeze in story where we could was, like, of course Katherine wound up running hell,” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine. “Of course she had Cade wrapped around her little finger.” As for specifics, “You can fill in the blanks of how she’s able to pull that off.”

Adds Plec, “If I could nail down Nina [Dobrev] for a shortened-season retelling of Katherine’s exploits in Hell, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”

And although the Katherine-centric series finale has a full-circle feel to it, Plec says she hadn’t always planned on bringing Dobrev’s wicked doppelgänger back into the picture.

“We made the decision when we took Katherine away that we were going to do it in a way that looked different from how anyone else had died,” she explains. “We weren’t going to push ourselves to answer the question of ‘where,’ because — in our minds — it was whatever version of hell The Vampire Diaries would choose to tell stories about. In Season 8, we decided to tell that story. It came back around perfectly because we got to show not just where Katherine’s been, but also reveal that she’s actually basically been the puppet master of everything that happened in Season 8 — which is nice full circle back to how she was the puppet master of everything in Season 1.”

Of course, Dobrev wasn’t always confirmed to appear in the series finale, leading Plec to contemplate a back-up plan she now considers “pretty lame.”

“At one point in the middle of the season, I thought, ‘Should we just shock the audience and kill Elena in the middle of the season? Burn her body, and she’s just gone, so we’re not misleading fans all season with the promise that she’ll return?’ One of the writers was like, ‘As a fan of the show, I think that’s just about the worst idea you’ve ever had.'” (On behalf of literally every single fan, I thank you, mysterious writer.)

And if you’re wondering about those 15-second teases we’ve been seeing, Plec promises they’re not a total misdirect: “We’re not pulling a bait and switch of Elena not being awake. She is. We will see her in this episode.”

OK, you tell us: Can you accept not knowing how Katherine rose in the ranks? Would you have been crushed by a premature Elena death? And how do you hope this all ends on Friday? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Ken says:

    No, we really don’t need to see how Katherine rose in the ranks of hell. We know she’s a master manipulator so we can all imagine how she wormed her way up the hell ladder. It would have been a major mistake to kill Elena off in the middle of the season. It would have put a damper on the entire season as well as the entire series.

    • Amelia says:

      I feel like even if they did kill her off everyone would be thinking they’d still find a way to bring her back so it’d be pointless.

      • Jane says:

        Well if they killed her off they could give a try to Damon and Bonnie and if didn’t work, they could’ve always bring Elena from the dead to have Delena endgame. But then with Bamon and Steroline they’d be messing with Delena and Klaroline all at once. And no Elena = no Stelena. That’s too much to take on, especially after you already lost the leading actress.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I don’t know… I’m pretty curious about Kat’s rise :P

    • Kimber lee says:

      TVD was 1 of my favorite shows I hope they bring it back or at least mix it with the originals. Yes I would like to see how Katherine wrapped Kade around her finger, anything to keep the show going. So get to work lol

  2. Jane says:

    Season 8 is a bit of a mess, they mentioned a few times that they dramatically changed the plot many times, they even changed who dies in the final. They also didn’t know who’s coming back, and when they came back how to fit them in (poor Tyler) and they weren’t sure what endgames they can have. The whole season just feels kind of rushed, full of plot wholes and somewhat off.

  3. Geralyn says:

    They should have killed Elena off at the end of season three, I personally don’t see why they are so obsessed with her. If it hadn’t been for Ian playing Damon so well, all the Mikelsons, Bonnie, Alaric and Enzo, I would have stop watching it. By the way, thank you for putting Bonnie and Enzo together, they are the hottest couple ever on The Vampire Diaries.

    • Christie Carter says:

      Yes so true

    • Karen says:

      I completely agree with everything you said, Geralyn, I’ve been completely over Elena for a long time. Not to mention how every other character would do anything to save her. Damon is my absolute favourite. I know there are tons of people who don’t agree but to each his own. And I think the seasons featuring the Originals were the best of the show.

      • Ally Oop says:

        The first 3 seasons of the show were great but then it steadily went downhill, especially when The Originals left. The problem with the show is that it was always so damn anticlimactic, especially in later seasons–they always set up such huge storylines but then in one fell swoop, killed of the season’s big bad and the storyline ended. The show would have done better to have a storyline last through a couple seasons, rather than just one. The show has also time and again introduced great new characters and then killed them off, all the while keeping annoying or useless characters like Caroline and Matt and under-using good characters like Bonnie and Katherine. Damon, since Elena’s demise, was a whiny character, a shadow of his former self. And this past season started well enough but quickly went off the rails until it’s actually difficult to sit through an episode. The only reason I’ve continued to watch is because when the show started I got my husband to watch and he insists we watch together until the bitter end.

  4. Hans Shnee says:

    Katherine is my favorite, so I am just happy they did remember her. The should have Katherine killing Elena and or Damon in the last minutes just for the heck of it.

  5. ADobbs says:

    I personally hope that Elena comes back and that she and Damon are happy together!!!😶

  6. Gift says:

    well I don’t give a care in the world if they killed Elena off. Maybe that would have made Damon move on nd we would have seen him falling in love again with Bonnie which he is by the way nd they turned it into something else. I Only care about Katherine in all the roles Nina [Dobrev] played in the Vampire Diaries as a Dubbleganger. of cause I can guess how she is behind everything in s8 nd how she became the Queen of hell, she is the master of manipulation. Her mind is so cunning nd evil! Hahaha, but I would really really love it if they gave us clue nd show how it went down.

    • Jane says:

      It’s good that she stays evil to the end, she’s a great villain. Btw there is a new article with JP, Paul and Candice. The way they described the final sounds really promising. Ah I can’t wait for the final! I really shouldn’t get so excited over fictional characters, but I’m eager to find out their fates

    • imane says:

      Only in your head Damon is in lovev with Bonnie. Damon has been about Katherine and Elena an d every single time he friendzoned Bonnie. Bamon’s fans are beyond delusional

      • Gift says:

        you re so funny thinking its all in my head, but if u actually have eyes u would see that Bonnie nd Damon would have been an epic love story that is not Delusion. Yea he was all about Katherine nd Elena until he was trap with Bonnie. of cause he wouldn’t date Bonnie because of Elena but if she was killed off, that would have happened. And I will say whatever I like. u should know, I am a Stefan fan.

        • marion says:

          Wrong.Bamon would have been fake, force, zero sexual romantic chemistry.Even trapped with Bonnie, he had zero romantic seual interest in her. He always friendzoned her,despite of Elena telling him to move on, to not wait for her,.Heck Bonnie told him that he should sleep around but he wasn’t interested, just wants his life, future with Elena.Bamon would be 2nd choice for each other, just setteling for each other because he can’t have Elena

          • kim0415 says:

            The only reason Damon & Elana sex scenes were so good is because they were a couple for real. When they broke up 4 good they couldn’t even look at each other the same way that’s why Nina quit.

      • zed says:

        Elena has been killed off end of season three – if you know what I mean- the character afterwards was just a shell of her prior self. And the toxic relationship with Damon and his obsessivness re Kat and Elena will go down in history of TV as the dark twisted thing- (maybe that was the whole point of the show)- to show how a women could lose herself in the darkness and never get out of it. I wished to have seen girls/women get empowered and move out of the darkness they got in- all three of them – Elena, Caroline and Bonnie will not get it in this show. (Even though one more epi is to air- still-I don’t believe it they would get to walk away from the whole mess- unless JP has something extraordinary prepared for the final, which I doubt. I have been with the show from the beginning- and well, I feel as a fan, I can critique it.
        I think that Elena should have been left to go and do her thing- after season six- and Damon should have actually worked through his obsessivness in season 7 and realize that he was actually in love with Bonnie. They have the most natural progressive relationship on the show.
        To me, Bonnie and Enzo is a fluke, and was done to get Bamon out of the way- as Enzo, in my opinion, is poor woman’s Damon.
        I have always loved both Elena and Katerina, also Tatia.

        • marion says:

          Only for Stelena fans because she dumped Stefan.Those seem to forget that it’s a triangle story and that Delena was gonna happen wether they’re endgame or not.
          3 things I hated in tvd
          -Elena giving Damon a chance after he killed Jeremy:Character assassination for Elena
          -Elena having to twist her morals to be with Damon;Another character assassination
          -Katherine not having a redemption story even though she deserved it more than both brothers

          But despite of everything, Elena was the most selfless, compassionate, caring and forgiving character on the show.

  7. Thithya says:

    No not every fan is thankful. Julie Plec finally had a great idea and some idiot talked her out of it. They should have killed off Elena long time ago.

  8. Saif says:

    I really think Elena will die, if u look at the guest starts of the episode, her mom her dad Jeremy her biological father her aunt Jenna…. and Lexie who I believe will help her die?

    If not Elena, then Stefan, the only two that makes sense to kill off at this point if she actually kills someone important

    • Jane says:

      Why not Damon? He’s important. This way there’ll be no more harm from Salvatores, because one is dead and one is human

      • Gift says:

        u took that right out of my mouth! why not Damon? killing them off does not make any sense to me. except they intend to kill both brothers. but we never can tell what will happen. so let’s wait nd watch.

    • imane says:

      Elena is not dying. Deal with it.It’s between Stefan, Damon, Bonnie and Caroline

      • Saif says:

        Just pointing out a theory , not saying I want her to die…. “deal with it” … watch the way you talk, we are all fans of the same show! In an ideal world no one would die!

  9. Red Snapper says:

    It would definitely be cool to see how Katherine became the Queen of Hell but its not necessary. We all know how easily Katherine can manipulate others and get them to do her bidding. Still, it would be fun to see Katherine pulling the strings in Hell.

  10. Lauree Barnes says:

    Sad to see it end! Never should changed the show to fridays!

  11. Gift says:

    trust me I am more eager Jane, since few days I can not go a whole day without checking on internet to check on this show. I’m becoming too involved in it lol. I hope JP do every character justice especially my Stefan 😀. I can’t believe it’s finally going to end after 8years, I was so crazy about this show until the whole Elena falling out of love with Stefan drama. Then the originals came on.

  12. Shru says:

    Killing Elena would’ve been a ballsy move that would’ve steered the show in a different direction. But we know the writers aren’t ballsy so it would never happen

    • Sara says:

      Yeah it’s sad that Julie was left in charge after Kevin left because he’s the one that had to push her to kill ppl off and the show has suffered greatly under her leadership.

  13. Christie Carter says:

    Im mad the show is going off the air. You should have just recasted Elena. I hate Stefan is human. I love this show but disappointed how it has gone in the final season.

  14. Denice Jones says:

    The happy ending Damon be human and marry Dalena Please!!!

  15. Gerald says:

    My happy ending.
    All the Vampires are killed off in the world and the good ones are sent to Bonnie’s Hell where they can live out eternity together. People Stephan and Bonnie can join them there when they die.
    Katherine’s hell is a different place, we don’t want them to go there.

  16. Katherine should have her own show. She is most interesting character in whole series.

  17. Kelly says:

    Elena could’ve died mid season 7. What a bore!That character brought the show down with them centering 2 whole seasons around a ghost character. So i said kill the beast, so that we can move on and not waste good characters that was still on the show, with Elena nonsense. And i guess my theory of Elena dying season finale is wrong. However she was the only one i didn’t care died in season finale. Bonnie, Damon, Caroline, Stefan,and Matt, it is not ok to kill these characters who didnt abandon ship and had major character development. They deserved a happy ending. Ric is going to TO so we know he want die. So kill Elena i can careless.Btw, I wouldn’t have tuned in to see Katherine in hell. Julie Plec obviously don’t know her tvd fans. Ugh!!!

  18. Gospino says:

    Killing Elena really would have been dumb, and it would not have stopped the audience from expecting her back in the finale. Look at how many characters have been killed off and returned over the seasons.

  19. Delilah says:

    Why did you stop. I HATE THAT. I feel that your Season 8 could have been longer.

  20. I personally can’t stand Elena’s character, it’s been great whilst she’s been away from it, i’m rooting for her to get killed off in this episode, Damon can do so much better than whiny Elena. As for Katherine ruling hell, i’ve been asking this question since Cade was killed

  21. Linda Larson says:

    If I was the writer, I would have the ending where Bonnie’s spirit stops Vicki from finishing ringing the bell so hell doesn’t exist anymore and Damon and Stephan killing off Katherine. Then since Elena will wake up finally, with the new realm Bonnie created to hide Enzo, her and everyone should go there and live happily ever after.

  22. Pamela says:

    I love Nina/Elena/Katherine. Loved the friendship between her, Carolina & Bonnie. I stopped watching after Nina left. I’ll prob finish watching the show eventually. Am a Damon/Elena fan and really enjoyed the show the first couple of seasons. Thanks to Julie & Kevin & the rest of the cast & crew for their great work. Looking forward to seeing what’s in everyone’s future.

  23. Mike J says:

    I think Sam and Dean Winchester should arrive in Mystic Falls and clean house.

  24. JJ says:

    I would have loved an ending where no one dies and everyone is happy. I don’t see why anyone has to die. But given we know someone is and it will likely be one of the core 5 (Salvatores, Caroline, Bonnie, Elena), Stefan makes the most sense in terms of impact. I thought Damon would die at the beginning when the focus was on him but now it’s shifted to Stefan and Stefan’s redemption. Plus Stefan’s death would be the saddest. I know it feels predictable but so what. Better a predictable ending that one that doesn’t make sense. A finale should make sense above all so it offers closure.

    I hope Damon and Elena get some kind of happy ending. It would be crappy if they dragged fans along for several seasons for some last minute twist that separates them. Bonnie also really deserves happiness and I hope that she and Enzo get to be together. Enzo is the only person who has truly appreciated and cared for Bonnie selflessly. Glad they didn’t randomly kill off Elena. Hate when writers want us to fill in the blanks. It just makes the storylines feel crazy if you don’t get to see the in between, at least somewhat. All they needed was one episode dedicated to flashbacks to Katherines rise to power.

  25. Stelena says:


  26. Keeley metts says:

    Well I think u shouldnt lol off elena nor Katherine see how it ends and I thunk u guys should do 2 more years of TVD because what would be the Point of bring elena back if your just gonna cancel the show and there should be at leat 23 episode’s not 16.

  27. Catherine says:

    definitely would have been a huge mistake to kill off Elena since everyone has been waiting for her return but to be honest, I lowkey want stelena to be end game but I guess that will never happen, but I don’t like Stefan and Caroline together

  28. Brian Kyle says:

    Okay first of killing off Elena would have been fine with me besides Nina played Katherine so much better than Elena personally seeing Katherine’s rise would have been nice I would rather seen that than Cade story arc, making Stefan human was a mistake bringing Kai into the mix another mistake here is a major mistake killing Enzo

    • Gift says:

      Hahaha Brian kyle everything is a mistake? I can get on board with Elena dying nd also hate that Stefan became human, it made him powerless. But I thought it was fun bringing kai back even though he is the same psychopathic,ruthless never changing necessary Evil. it was fun having him back

  29. Michelle Acevedo says:

    Umm a 9th season is much needed

    And I hope Elena wakes up pregnant and her and Damon get married

  30. Abbra Williams says:

    I hope this final episode brings at least some closure to us fans that have been dying to see Elena again. I am so sad about this being the last episode EVER, but I hope it is a good one. I feel bitter sweet about this Friday and I want you all to know how much I will miss these characters forever…I ❤ you guys!!!

  31. Gift says:

    That is ur opinion! Stefan doesn’t have to die for any sad ending. They should set things right for once. Elena dying would be the best thing for the brothers. sure they will hurt but they will get over it at some point. This will put an end to whatever love triangle Stefan nd Damon got going on or whatever the hell it’s called. They will finally put to rest the bad blood between them. I rather have the two brothers dead than just Stefan. I hope JP don’t mess this up.

  32. Sharon says:

    If it gave us Bamon, kill away

  33. Tammy Hardie says:

    My guess is Stefan is going to sacrafice himself and that will be his redemption by saving everyone.

  34. Jordana says:

    I really have no interest in Katherine’s rise to power in hell, much less a finale centered around her. More important to see Elena than Katherine. The cast is strong enough without Elena so if they had killed her off it wouldn’t have been the end of the world but I’m glad we’ll get to see her.

  35. williami85 says:

    If they killed Bonnie off or gave her some crappy ending in which she is living with Enzo in there own ghost world, then that is just awful. This season Bonnie has once again gone from awesome to sacrificial lamb. Over this show and tired of these last 2 seasons being focused on Elena in a casket.

  36. kim0415 says:

    Yes I’d like to see how she mastered hell that way it makes away for the show to continue and not be the end.

  37. Lori says:

    Talk about missing the boat. The majority of the fandom had put Katherine to rest and are disappointed that we are at the finale with so much minutia being the focus this season and so much heart of the series degraded and ignored. The season has been Matt Donovan heavy for crying out loud! “Please waste the end of this once wonderful series on Matt!” said NO FAN EVER. They’ve destroyed every great relationship. *See Ric and Damon. *See Stefan and everybody. Bonnie has been ripped apart again. (Kat G. has consistently given this character depth.) It is beyond sad this thin meaningless season to wrap up a once intriguing, fun, and initially well-crafted series. Katherine? No. It’s too late anyway. We’ve been denied the core. Namely Damon. Namely Elena. Namely a coherent story line. What a slap in the face to fans.

    • Mary says:

      Thanks for speaking for me, Ms. Wrong Pants. I, a fan, think Matt did deserve a greater storyline. Maybe it’s not a popular opinion, but my existence proves you’re just being mean – especially since this season has not been Matt-heavy, it’s been Matt-normal-sized, and you’re still yelling about it. Wish they could’ve incorporated him better, and really wish they focused more on friendships.

    • This season has been the most boring ever and I thought season 7 lacked substance although it’s bloody Shakespearean after the mess of season 8. I have nothing good to say about it seriously had to drag myself to the screen to watch any of it. J.P. has wrecked every relationship which mattered on the show, given us unworthy villains, a sad Bonnie/Enzo story, no real brother relationship, all the main characters estranged from one another,boring Matt and Dad could go on and on. Instead of a beautiful love letter to fans they have given us one unadulterated mess, very very disappointing. I’m only watching for Ian/Damon and Bonnie even though she’s a shadow of her former self.

  38. The show should have ended with Katherine Pierce coming back and killing everybody. Julie Plec cannot write a logical plot. It’s all mindless love triangle and happy ending bullcrap.

  39. Sosyyling says:

    Well, I am watching it again and I am trying to figure out if they all died. I hope Damon doesn’t die. But it’s to way out there. Any input would be appreciated. I hope if The Originals end that the ending will be alot better.

  40. Gretchen Govan says:

    Hey guys how about bring the Vampire Diries back. One of the few 5star tv shows ended. I just dont get that.

  41. kim0415 says:

    TVD was 1 of my favorite shows I’d love to see it return or mix it with the originals. Yes I’d like to see how Katherine wrapped Kade around her finger anything to keep the show on TV. So get to work, lol.

  42. Yes, you should have shown more Katherine. In fact, you never should have killed her off in Season 5.

    YES You should have killed off Elena Gilbert the Mary Sue. But Julie Plec, you don’t have the guts to make a bold move like that. Your show is no Game of Thrones. I pity your weakness.