Vampire Diaries Recap: Spirited Away

Vampire Diaries Katherine DiesLadies and gentlemen, Katherine Pierce has finally left the building. But where, exactly, has she gone?

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“I guess this is how our love story ends,” Katherine cooed to Stefan on this week’s Vampire Diaries, mere seconds before her one true love plunged the dagger into “her” body, releasing Kat’s spirit once and for all. Her final words to Damon, on the other hand, packed a little more bite. She “apologized” (my air quotes, not hers) for giving his life “passion, drive and desire” and for teaching him how to love, to which he thanked her… by promising to see her in hell.

So is that where Katherine was whisked off to after Bonnie failed to pass her through to the other side? Hell? It was an exit unlike any we’ve ever seen on TVD before, as Kat was literally dragged out of the church by an unseen force, then — unless my eyes deceived me — propelled into the air.

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Now, let’s break down the rest of this devastating episode, shall we?

YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG | But Katherine didn’t leave us without a little parting gift. Before returning to Chez Salvatore to say goodbye to Nadia (more on that later), she injected Elena’s body with Dr. Wes’ new-and-improved virus, which is even more powerful thanks to the addition of werewolf venom. So even though Elena is back among the living (so to speak), she’s also a vampire-fiending maniac. That should be fun!

GOODNIGHT, NADIA | You don’t always realize how much you care about a character until they’re suddenly killed off, as was the case with Nadia this week. In a very Rose-esque sendoff, Katherine entered her daughter’s mind and filled it with happy thoughts, as she took her last breath. I’m glad Matty Blue Blue got a chance to forgive her for everything she did to him, too. Nadia wasn’t a bad person; her only real fault was being born Katherine’s daughter.

CAROLINE BITES BACK | Tired of Tyler slut-shaming her every five minutes — and, honestly, who isn’t? — Caroline finally stood up to her ex. “Yes, I slept with Klaus, but after you walked away from me,” she reminded him. “Get over it or get out of my life. I’m done feeling guilty.” Would it be too ’90s of me to say, “You go, girl”? Because this speech was a long time coming.

WITCHY WOMAN | In order to track down Katherine, Bonnie enlisted the help of Liv — that pretty young witch with the golden curls — who could not have been more thirsty for Jeremy. At one point, she literally told him he has pretty eyes, and I got so embarrassed on her behalf. (I’m thinking of throwing a party so I can introduce Liv to my good friend Subtlety.) I foresee more trouble from her in the coming weeks.

THE DOCTOR IS OUT? | We didn’t get official confirmation, but is Dr. Wes dead? I can’t imagine he survived Damon’s little game of Operation (which is so not how Hasbro intended it to be played, by the way.) I know his Travelers are still going to be wreaking havoc on the Mystic Falls gang, but I assume they’ll be doing so without their golden-haired leader.

What do you make of Katherine’s strange goodbye, Vampire Diaries fans? Are you glad Caroline finally stood up to Tyler? And seriously, what is up with Liv? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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