Vampire Diaries Recap: The Kat's Out of the Bag

Vampire Diaries Katherine RecapWith a little help from Dr. Wes, this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries introduced us to a new game called “How Long Can You Go Without Eating Your Best Friend?” As you might expect, there were no winners.

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Enzo barely escaped Damon’s fangs with his accent in tact, just in time to miss Katherine’s even more exciting game, “How Long Can You Go Without Eating Your Brother?” By pitting Salvatore against Salvatore, Katherine hoped to eliminate Damon and keep Stefan all to herself, thus killing two birds with one stone. (Well, technically, she wanted to kill one bird and have sex with the other. But I’ve never been great with ornithology.)

Unfortunately for Katherine, that plan totally blew up in her face, as Stefan not only saved Damon, but also figured out that she’s not Elena. Caroline played a small part in reaching that conclusion, but let’s face it, she was too excited about Stefan and “Elena”‘s hookup to truly grasp what was going on.

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HOTEL PARTY | Speaking of that hookup, Katherine must be pretty pleased with herself right about now. Not only did she coerce Stefan into sharing a hotel room with her, but she even got him to RSVP to a mouth-on-mouth party. His noble instincts put a stop to it before anything else happened, but it’s clear he’s still got major feelings for Elena. “You don’t know what it’s like being in love with you,” Stefan told Katherine, effectively breaking the hearts of all viewers with hearts.

Vampire Diaries Matt NadiaONCE BITTEN | Nadia and Matt spent the hour downing pancakes, playing cards and “canoodling,” and I was starting to get giddy about their romantic potential — especially when they started going at each other like a couple of bunnies on steroids. (What’s their shipper name, Madia? It must be, because I wasn’t mad-ia about seeing them get down to business!) Sadly, it was all for naught, as Matt was merely using his irresistibility to distract Nadia while he texted Caroline for help. Not only did Caroline show up to save the day, but she brought Tyler for backup… and he bit Nadia! (Hmm… will Nadia and Katherine be going to hell the “other side” together?)

MOVING FORWOOD | Prior to saving Matty Blue Eyes, Caroline and Tyler spent some time working on their “post-breakup, pre-friendship relationship,” which started out promising… then quickly went down in flames. Tyler just can’t let go of the fact that Caroline slept with Klaus, which is understandable, to be fair. The end of the episode showed promise, as Tyler apologized for flying off the handle, but he wanted to make it clear he’s not “past it.” He ended the conversation by telling her, “The idea of us being good, it’s not going to happen.” Ouch!

What do you predict will happen now that Katherine’s secret is out? Do you think Nadia’s fate is sealed? And can Tyler ever learn to forgive Caroline? Pack up your thoughts and head straight to the comments section.

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