the voice recap aliyah moulden savannah leighton blind auditions

The Voice Recap: Five Alive

We’re only on night two of The Voice’s Blind Auditions, and already, we’ve I’ve learned so much: You guys love Lauren Duski a lot, you love Michael Slezak even more (then again, he is not only a god but an impossible act to follow), and it’s unwise to play any drinking game that involves doing a shot every time Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship is referenced and/or the couple canoodles.

During Tuesday’s episode, we also learned the identities of the five contestants who’ll be advancing to the Battle Rounds. I’ll share my thoughts on them below (as best a poor man’s Slezak can), then it’ll be your turn to offer critiques in the comments section. By the way, the singers are listed in no particular order; your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to rank them in the comments in order from least- to most-promising. First up…

the voice recap aliyah moulden savannah leighton blind auditionsAutumn Turner, “Last Dance” (Team Alicia) | Armed with powerful pipes, enviable style and a radiant smile, this ice-skating coach from Jersey dared to tackle the queen of disco, Donna Summer, and the gamble paid off in spades: Her octave-leaping vocals won over the whole panel and prompted Adam Levine to declare that she “could easily win this show.” (Then again, he seems to say that a lot, doesn’t he?)

Jesse Larson, “Jealous Guy” (Team Adam) | Not sure which the bearded Minnesotan did more expressively — sing the hell out of the John Lennon gem or play the guitar, which he also made himself. His voice is so distinctive, it was a surprise that only Adam turned his chair for the blues man.

Aliyah Moulden, “Hound Dog” (Team Blake) | Holy crap — this kid is amazing! I know you guys say that the youngsters will get weeded out fast, but da-amn, this 15-year-old, who suspects she inherited her musical ability from her late dad, has a voice that’s so big, so strong, so polished… She’s got to be one of the exceptions to that rule. Not only is she the “cutest thing” Gwen Stefani’s ever seen, she’s my favorite in the contest thus far.

Savannah Leighton, “Unconditionally” (Team Gwen) | This small-town 16-year-old covered Katy Perry with a ferocity that belied her years — and prompted Gwen to campaign for her so feverishly that Adam accused her of being intimidating. But you do have to wonder, since Savannah was in tears by the time she finished, if nerves will end up being her undoing. (Hope not. Yet… )

the voice recap aliyah moulden savannah leighton blind auditionsLilli Passero, “A Love of My Own” (Team Alicia) | Going old school with a Carla Thomas cover, this L.A. waitress demonstrated a vocal ability that was timeless — or, as Blake Shelton put it, “so classic.” Alicia Keys was even moved to plead with her in song to let her be her coach! (Couldn’t say I blamed her — Passero was all that and a bag of chips.)

OK — comment time. Which singers would have gotten your chair swiveling tonight? Rank ’em below, from your least favorite to favorite.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Justin Fields says:

    For Me

    5. Savannah Leighton
    4. Aliyah Moulden
    3. Lilli Passero
    2. Jesse Larson
    1. Autumn Turner

  2. Andres says:

    If I were to order them from least to greatest it would go with
    5. Savannah
    4. Jesse
    3. Autum
    2. Aliyah

    • Lizzie says:

      Lilli was my favorite of the night – and what on earth was that absolutely amazing throw down by Alicia to win her over to her team. Alicia singing with or to contestants is the same as the other coaches turning invisible.

  3. Imagecrafters says:

    Thanks for acknowledging Slezak. Now that has been addressed I can let go a little and read your recap which was good.

    1 Aliyah !!
    2 Autumn
    3 Jesse
    4 Savanah
    5 Lilli

  4. Logan Lawrence says:

    Request for Charlie: will you consider maybe giving the performances letter grades (i.e. A+ down to F)? I liked when Michael did that.

    • Charlie Mason says:

      Will give it a whirl with Thursday’s ep. :)

    • Lizzie says:

      I liked when Michael did that because it set off such a great blast of disagreement and reasons why people should have been rated better or worse than the grades he gave.

  5. Kimmie Moores says:

    Any rank where those two teeny boppers aren’t competing for dead last just baffles me.
    They were fundamentally subpar and not ready.
    Hound dog girl has no capability to control her dynamics.
    The other girl just needs all around work outside of the show.
    Lilli was a gem though.

  6. Kimmie Moores says:

    Any rank where those two teeny boppers aren’t competing for dead last just baffles me.
    They were fundamentally subpar and not ready.
    Hound dog girl has no capability to control her dynamics.
    The other girl just needs all around work outside of the show.
    Lilli was a gem though.

  7. MC says:

    I was surprised that Blake (who usually has a great ear for talent) turned for Savannah. There was nothing good about that audition.

  8. Smokey says:

    Despite all the honey and sugar the coaches pour upon these contestant’s pancakes, they will quickly drop them in the battle-rounds , knockouts and coaches elimination rounds if they don’t show an ability to win,,, with fast growing twitter / facebook / other social media followings, with lots of hits on youtube, itunes sales, etc. ——————- the ability to sing technically well, is only a part of the equation. ………also, Lauren Duski / Genre: Country / #143 ——– and Stephanie Rice / Genre: Rock / iTunes Top 200 Chart: #191 —————- are both in the top 200 on itunes right now.

    • Tig says:

      Lauren and Stephanie are going to go far and looking into Stephanie’s background, she’s perfect with Gwen.

      • Lizzie says:

        Stephanie Rice should have chosen Blake as her coach, he has so much more knowledge to offer about her singing than Gwen and her fashion/stage movement stuff.

  9. Russ says:

    Since we do not have Itunes to go by for rankings right now, the best we have is The Voice App. It had the singers ranked in this order.

    1. Lilli 83%
    2. Autumn 80%
    3. Aliyah 68%
    4. Savannah 59%
    5. Jesse 44%

    Personally I thought Autumn won the night, and would flip her with Lilli. The rest of it seems pretty dead on to me though.

    • MC says:

      Those first three were very good to great. Aliyah was the best teeny bopper so far this season (by a country mile). Lilli was great and Autumn was solid. It was an overall enjoyable hour after a disappointing Monday premiere (except for Lauren and Felicia).

  10. OhMy says:

    Jealous Guy was a mess.

  11. I loved Lilli Passero’s voice and vintage sound, even though my husband and I (almost 64 and 58, respectively) cracked up when she identified her ideas of vintage music. We were reassured when Alicia mentioned 50s and 60s music and really happy that Lilli ended up on Team Alicia.

  12. Timmah says:

    What happened to Slezak? Did he get fired for saying something nice about a Republican?

  13. Lyn Jensen says:

    Actually I’m glad to see a different critic. Michael was fun but a different opinion is nice, too.