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Supergirl EP Hints at Mon-El's Secret, Talks [Spoiler]'s Cadmus Connection

Friendly warning: This article contains spoilers from Monday’s Supergirl. If you’re not caught up, make like the Girl of Steel and keep on flying.

Supergirl is officially running out of people she can trust.

As promised, Monday’s episode featured the return of Jeremiah, but the Danvers family’s joy was soon overshadowed by doubt and suspicion — and rightfully so. Not only did Alex and Kara’s father steal the National Alien Registry from the DEO, but he’s also in league with Lillian Luthor! (So, yeah, Alex letting him escape in the woods probably wasn’t the smartest idea.)

Of course, Jeremiah isn’t the only one with a secret: “I know who you are,” he told Mon-El this week, “and I doubt Kara would like the truth.”

Below, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg clears up a few lingering questions from the episode, before previewing the madness still to come:

LILLIAN’S PLOT | Still wondering exactly what Lillian is up to? Kreisberg says her new plan is a “shimmy on [her] desire to rid the earth of aliens, and it [leads to] an interesting debate in the next episode between Jeremiah and Alex, if his plan is any more humane. Some of the talking points in the episode, I think, are reflective of the current debate in our world about dealing with immigrants, which we were very conscious of and wanted to speak to.” (Bonus scoop: You haven’t seen the last of Dean Cain. Kreisberg says he’s back in Episode 15, adding that the team is “still figuring out how we’re going to wrap [Jeremiah’s story] up in a nice little bow at the end of the year.”

LEX GAMES | Remember the mysterious box we saw Lillian holding during that flashback earlier this month? Kreisberg won’t reveal what’s inside, but he says that it comes into play during Supergirl‘s season finale.

MON-EL’S SECRET | Mon-El’s true identity — which, as of now, only Jeremiah knows — “sort of comes to light in Episode 16,” Kreisberg says, confirming that it’s “going to cause problems” between Mon-El and Kara. “He doesn’t quite get that it’s the cover-up, not the crime, which I think is really the issue.”

Season 2, Episode 14 ("Homecoming")SAVING ‘SANVERS’ | Alex and Maggie may have shared a cute moment at the end of this week’s episode, but don’t be fooled, there’s plenty of drama ahead for the couple. Kreisberg teases a “Kara/Alex/Maggie story, that’s sort of a ticking-clock story. … Alex is in serious trouble, and it’s up to Kara and Maggie to save her. It becomes a story about [how] the sister and the girlfriend both love her, and are debating the best way to save her. It’s a really great story. We’re really excited about it.”

WINN’S WOMAN | Kreisberg says that Winn gradually introduces his new lady friend to the group, adding that there’s a “big Winn-Lyra-Jimmy storyline” in Episode 16. But don’t worry, he’s not hinting at a(nother) love triangle. Looking ahead to Episode 18, Kreisberg teases that “the three of them try crimefighting as a trio, which doesn’t necessarily go well. She kind of becomes the Yoko of the team.”

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Any theories brewing about what’s still to come? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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  1. I think the political allegory is a bit too much on the nose for proper Sci-Fi.

    Other than that, this episode was meh. Alex was very stupid a couple of times, fueled by emotion for the most part. She did realize that she could have just shot him in the leg, right?

  2. However, damn David Harewood would have/will make a great 13th Doctor.

  3. Agent 86 says:

    So, Yoko / Lyra will finally derail the stupid Guardian plot? If so, that would be good news! If Jimmy doesn’t enjoy earning millions and exercising insane amounts of power (both of which could be directed towards the greater good) as the CEO of the media empire CatCo, then shouldn’t he simply train as an agent with the DEO? After all, his using DEO resources in the form of his suit, weapons and intelligence (i.e. Winn) to “fight crime”, so he should just work for them.

  4. Jason says:

    As this point i’m really wondering why james is still on the show if they’re not even gonna have him there or even mention him

    • Jeeper says:

      I almost feel as though there’s something specific going on here, whether it be with the actor or CW interference. He’s missed almost as many episodes as he;s been in.

      • drb999 says:

        It could be due to the show moving to Vancouver. he may not have wanted to move there full time

      • Hugh says:

        From what I read Brooks has an ‘out’ in his contract… he’s pretty much free to walk at any time with minimal notice… that’s why they ‘resolved’ the romantic angle with Kara

    • K says:

      This show is racist and the Mon EL storyline is horrible

      • Pedro says:

        There’s nothing racist about the show. It’s just that the character of Jimmy isn’t working.

      • Tai says:

        Racist? Really? This is what we’re going with? A show about aliens and acceptance with a black man as the leader of an alien investigation agency is racist?

        • Cobalt says:

          The show/writers may not have racist intentions, but boy does it look bad that they dropped the kind supportive black love interest they spent a season building up one episode into the second season and then immediately brought in a white “bad boy” to replace him. And then severely reduced James’ role overall. Like someone else said, it may be that there’s behind the scenes stuff with Mechad not wanting to be in Vancouver full time, but in terms of optics it still comes off as a hack job to ditch the black LI for white one.

          • Pedro says:

            Story decisions shouldn’t be made on the account of the actor’s race. THAT would have been very racist. James and Kara were not gelling and they had to drop that failing storyline. What do you suggest? Keep a storyline that isn’t working because you can’t touch a Black actor? Hire a new Black actor to play the new romantic lead because Black people are interchangeable? They did add Floriana Lima to the main cast to balance things out without making it swap a Black for another in basically the same part.

          • Pretty sure the love interest plot was dropped because Kara/Jimmy really don’t have that chemistry, but more because of the move of network and location, they were losing Cat Grant, and Jimmy made sense as taking over and could not be Kara’s boss and boyfriend. Sure, they could have put Snapper Carr as new boss, but why when Jimmy was a good choice? People could call that racist, too, “Why relegate the smart accomplished black man to ‘boyfriend’ when he could have been running the magazine.”

            Look, if you look for something you will find it, and God knows there is real racism out there, but sometimes a plot point is just a plot point.

  5. Kate says:

    I just wish they would hurry up with Mon el’ s story because I am pretty sure the people after him are the big bad for the season that ends in this season (I imagine Cadmus will be a reoccurring enemy) and also that I think most of us have guessed it for awhile since he told the true story just changed the parts and maybe had promised a ride that he didn’t follow up on.

    • Agent 86 says:

      I agree. They’ve taken far too long. If they’d actually been examining how well Mon-El adapts to life on Earth and how he deals with the trauma of learning about the destruction of his entire planet, a drawn out storyline would be worthwhile. But, Mon-El immediately knew English and immediately found refuge in an “alien dive bar”. And other than learning some “slang” and that he’s a better bartender than he is personal assistant, there has been no real development for his character. The “storyline” of him learning to be a hero from Kara has been heavy-handed and inconsistent.

  6. jj says:

    If I had telepathy, I would have tried reading Jeremiah’s mind the second he was “rescued”

  7. Jeeper says:

    So Kara calls Mon-el out on all the crap he says and does, including completely disregarding her wishes about coming clean about their relationship. And by the end of the episode she completely forgets all of that to snuggle up to him on the couch? Um, what? It’s like the writers are acknowledging all the faults of the character, they have Kara stand up for herself, only to say that it doesn’t matter that he’s completely self absorbed and sexist, Kara, the SUPERHERO, will love him anyway. It’s an absolutely terrible message to send. I’d be interested to see how the minutes of the ep added up screentime wise, because for a show called Supergirl and an episode about the Danvers family, I’d bet Mon-el had at least a third of the screentime. I might be taking a bit of a hiatus after this, because the treatment of the female lead character has become progressively worse, all to prop a bland white boy.

    • Isabelle says:

      I completely can understand that perspective, but would you mind if I offered another reading? The way I see it, this show has always been about Kara inspiring people, both as herself and as Supergirl. She inspired James to become a hero in his own right, she inspired Cat to seek out new opportunities and to let her heart show a little, and she inspired J’onn to wear his alien identity with pride. Now, she’s inspiring Mon-el to be better than his upbringing and try to help people. People change people.

      That said, I 100% understand if this isn’t how you see the arc and the character. I’m sure there’s as many different opinions as there are people who watch :)

    • Ari says:

      I don’t know…I had a hard time sympathizing with Kara on this one. While Mon-El definitely is having trouble with the dynamic of not being the/an alpha male in the relationship, he’s been pretty open about trying to help and provide an educated (though often self-serving) outsider perspective, like there’s a god damn trojan horse no one wants to examine…

      • Ackeen Henry says:

        Good point but I can tell you this now the writers MUST input problems into the relationship otherwise it would be not story. And that would rely piss everybody off

    • Pedro says:

      That would should not be selfish and a relationship is based on forgiving, give-and-take and conflicts can be solved us a great message.

    • Sonyie says:

      Well said!!

    • Katherine215 says:

      I don’t disagree that the writers completely ignored the points they raised earlier in the episode. However, I do take issue a bit with Kara – everything is always on her terms, done her way, and she sets the rules in all her relationships, except perhaps with Alex. Where’s the flexibility and give and take that comes in ALL relationships (not just romantic ones)? Being strong and independent is awesome but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for anyone else in your life to have any if those qualities. The writers right everyone else subservient to her, and it doesn’t make me see her as stronger, just them as weaker.

    • Ackeen Henry says:

      I mean with that I have to say your wrong because she was not mad about the Mon el exposing the relationship as she was rely mad about the conflict he caused at the happy family dinner. Also kara knows the type of relationship she is in she knows the of person Mon el is yes in the end of the episode everything was fine between them she was not focusing on the mistakes Monel made she was sad about what happened with her father and wanted someone to comfort her because what your saying is you would have preferred if both alax and kara forget about what happened and move on with their lives like a couple of emotion less robots Let’s remember the audience that the show was attended for if they do theses little don’t make sense things look at it from a different perspective

  8. Mon-el is the prince of Daxam and not his servant as was shown his parents the king and Queen are Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher. The producers have no concept of subtlety in their heavy handed attempts to tease that fact.

  9. Mark says:

    Yet another episode of “Super Mon-El.”

  10. Pedro says:

    They are so cute together! I love them!

  11. Kira Rocks says:

    Alex should have been killed. Why doesn’t Cadmus know that Kira is Supergirl since he is working for them now.

    • Andy says:

      I think that’s precisely the key as to how we know he isn’t truly in bed with Cadmus and Lillian. The fact that he hasn’t told them tells me that Jeremiah is pulling a “keep your enemies closer.”

  12. ninergrl6 says:

    Serious feels this week. Loved the family reunion, even though it was short-lived. Still surreal to see Cain & Slater as the parents. Loved the opening and closing scenes with Kara and Mon-El. Benoist and Wood have such a natural chemistry, even when their characters do stupid things. Love the Winn/Mon-El bromance. It’s good to see both characters interact with other people outside of the DEO. Loving Winn’s relationship with Lyra too. (I laughed so hard at his “It’s on the board!” line during the darts scene) It’s a nice side story to all of the DEO violence. The “twist” with Jeremiah was super obvious but I’m okay with that because Kara and Alex’s reactions were really the important part of the story. For the second week in a row I didn’t miss James and CatCo at all. With everyone working for the DEO besides James, the CatCo/reporter stuff doesn’t really fit in the show anymore. They should either incorporate the Guardian into their DEO cases or just drop James from the show all together.

    • Katherine215 says:

      The bromance was the best part of the episode for me.

    • mkelly534 says:

      I agree. They need to give James something to do or kill him off for dramatic purposes. Just letting him twist is not helpful for anybody. Also isn’t he pissed that Kara dumped him and was in the sack with Mon-El in about 2 months? That should be some good drama but they act as if season 1 never happened at all. Also what happened to Maxwell Lord? He would have been a great frenemy for the Luthers.

  13. Katherine215 says:

    This whole episode was one hot, predictable mess. It was painfully obvious Jeremiah was a Trojan horse and they had everyone act completely out of character just to make the story work. J’onn at the very least should have been able to set aside his emotions and scan Jeremiah first thing. And Alex didn’t notice her father’s MECHANICAL ARM when she, a medical professional, examined him?! Come on. That thing wasnt going to fake out an x-ray machine.
    Also, why on earth were only Alex and Kara chasing Jeremiah in the end? The entire fleet of agents at their disposal were all on vacation? Take Mon-el, call Guardian, something. These plot holes could hold a semi.

    • Tara says:

      I’m glad they didn’t add Mon-El to Alex and Kara chasing Jeremiah because that would just add more to the complaints that he gets too much screen time. Regardless, I think it was supposed to be symbolic, even if impractical in reality.

    • Ackeen Henry says:

      The last point you made would not have made any sense they would have just shot him the point was not to capture him that was just leading up to the very last scan so we know what the heck is going on so we learn why he did what he did. On to the first point you made about the episode being predictable OK so what that just means you watch the show and you follow everything that goes on, any show any movie I watch is predictable it’s not rocket science bad reason to dislike a show.

  14. Red Snapper says:

    This was probably one of my least favorite episodes. It was a little too melodramatic for me. I don’t mind when the show gets a little soapy but this was a bit much. Also, just about everyone was being stupid and acting out of character. I get that they were blinded by emotion. However, you would think that a government agency like the DEO would have a little more regulations involving previously kidnapped employees. There were a few things I liked about the episode though. I loved the Kara and Mon-El scene at the beginning, they were so cute. I also liked how he comforted her at the end. He is learning how to be there for her. I hope they reveal Mon-El’s secret soon. It has been dragged out long enough. Again, I completely forgot James existed until I came here. I hope they’ve realized that he is just not working as a character and find way to write him out or just have him in every 2-4 episodes. They should have written him as more of a classic Jimmy Olsen or found an actor that has any charisma or chemistry.

  15. Lilach says:

    Does anyone maybe think that Mon-El and the prince of Daxam were a couple?
    Maybe he mated with the prince (the true heir of the crown), which makes Mon-El the prince consort?
    I mean, he did have people bowing to him and he was surprised that on Earth being gay is considered out of norm, maybe he swings both ways?
    That would explain why he would protect the prince (it’s his spouse!), why the prince would rather send him away (again, spouse) and why does anyone actually bows to him when we know he called the other guy “prince”.
    The other idea I’ve got is that maybe he is related to the prince, which makes him royalty (he is wearing similar clothing to the prince, I would assume it’s not for nothing) too.
    I really doubt he is a simple guard, especially if the prince says “for once in your life, obey me” (I mean, Mon-El can’t fight well on Earth and what the prince says implies that he doesn’t take orders well usually, it doesn’t paint a pretty picture for a guard).

  16. tribulationschimeriques says:

    Hmmm not the episode I was hoping for. Sure it was better than I feared but there are a few things bugging me … With all this technology, the DEO medical center couldn’t see a robotic arm on Jeremiah?
    And there is still this different treatment that bugs me : both Maggie and Mon-El are series regular (thank you for pointing that one on my previous comment) but we see Mon-El so much more it’s laughable really. And in this particular moment, it is Alex that needed more screentime with Maggie, it is her who suffered the most. But nope we start and end with ME. In between he does exactly the opposite as asked but he still goes away with it every single time.

    But I’m glad that it’s the real Jeremiah and he is still ‘him’ so it gives me hope for the end of the season and some more Danvers family reunion.

    • jj says:

      The lead character is Kara so yes her love interest will have more screen time than the love interest of Alex who is a supporting character.

    • Olivia says:

      What you said. I’m not even in the mood to detail and trash the idiotic OOC plots, double standards and Mon-El fest, I’m just… tired.
      Going to watch until the end of S2 then if it does not change back to the show I invested in, I’m out. If this was a new show, I would not be watching it. I didn’t sign up for this plot-butchering, teen-pandering frat boy mess. If this is their new target demo, fine, but it’s obviously not for me (and many people that first got on board) anymore.

  17. Cato says:

    Alex is the only character I have any interest left in this season. Even Kara is boring now. Want to know what happens to Kara next episode? She starts off happy with Mon El then he does something gross, she gets mad, they argue, he apologies, and they’re back to square one. That’s been their plot for roughly 10 episodes now. Congrats show, somehow you ruined Melissa Benoist’s charm.

  18. Cordell says:

    I can’t blame Alex for making the decisions she made. It’s your parents and if you love your parents you would not want to believe they could be a danger either

  19. Mark says:

    One question where has Superman gone — who promised his help in the first two episodes to find Supergirls father and now with the all aliens on earth at risk nothing — if your going to introduce a character and plot point use it — dont tease. Yes this is Supergirls show but go and rewatch the first two episodes of this season then come back and comment — a plane almost crashes and Superman teams up all Aliens are at risk and nothing and her father and friend and the Luthors and still no Superman please — just not buying it —- needs to be explained better

  20. Dominique says:

    i was completely baffled watching this episode. to accept your missing father back in the fold, being excited to work with him side by side is one thing. to completely ignore the fact that he’s been in captivity for 15 years and they could’ve done god-knows-what to him is another. alex and j’onn bothered me. they know what cadmus is capable off and neither of them thought it’d be wise to have jeremiah under 24/7 surveillance, to give him the bare mininum access to DEO files, for j’onn, like someone elkse pointed out here, to read his mind?
    absolutely ridiculous. these are supposed to be the top of the DEO and they couldn’t even do this.

    • Katherine215 says:

      The timeline is confusing the heck out of me. Kara came here when she was 12 and is supposed to be around 25-26 now with Alex 27-29ish, right? If Jeremiah was kidnapped 15 years ago, how does she even know him that well to love him so much? He would have basically been kidnapped right after she arrived. What am I missing?

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I was thinking the same thing all throughout the episode. If they hadn’t clearly established that Jeremiah was gone for 15 years, it wouldn’t have bothered me so much. However, for the timing/ages to work out, he disappeared *right* after Kara arrived.

        • Hugh says:

          didn’t one of the Flashbacks to Henshaw essentially say that Jeremiah was recruited less than a Year after Kara arrived… Real Henshaw essentially used Kara’s existence as leverage to recruit him…
          – would also explain why he’s still “Jeremiah” to Kara

  21. LKE says:

    Kara and Mon-El are beyond adorable in this episode. But I love that she’s this kick-a$$ superhero and he just trying to learn how to be there for her and let her do her thing.

  22. Gift says:

    I love this episode especially Kara nd Mon El, but don’t like the way she complains about his flaws nd threatens him with their relationship (it’s not going to work) she might be the woman of steel but everyone should have a say nd act according to their wish. I like Winn’s scenes mad e me laugh. I’m happy to see him closer to Mon El. This episode shows Mon El is really trying to be a better boyfriend nd person for Kara. still want to knw his secret though.

  23. mari says:

    I kept thinking that if ever the DEO needed the Guardian, it’s in this episode. I wish they’d make more use of James/Guardian.
    Otherwise, yawn. It was obvious that there was a problem with Jeremiah but only Mon El (!!!!) is smart enough to figure it out. They’re doing everything they can to make Mon El/Kara happen but I still don’t care about him at all. Winn and his new girlfriend is more fun.
    At least Eliza was smart enough to realize they can’t just step back to the old days.

    • Theo Johnson says:

      In the episode “Homecoming,” I thought Hank Henshaw delivered an out-of-character performance. Why would the DEO’s chief executive be made to appear gullible, in that he was too quick to jump on the Jeremiah band wagon?

  24. Rjf78 says:

    My 7 year old daughter loves female superheroes especially super girl but the show has gotten too serious and is including topics I don’t want her to see. Want the family friendly version back

  25. Eric says:

    This episode was awful….. and I.m actually a big fan of the show.

  26. SunnyStar says:

    Give us something about Lena Luthor, come on! She’s such an interesting character and she’s way underused. Hope she returns soon, with Lillian Luthor around we might be getting her back, soon… but, WHEN?!

  27. Crystal says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that Kara and James had more chemistry than Kara and Mon-El? I really hate the fact that they have downplayed the romance of these two extraordinary actors.

    • Pedro says:

      Yes, you are.

    • Mike says:

      No you’re not. Mon-El alone has started killing this show with this whole stealing the spotlight from James, Winn, and all others who deserve more screentime. People complain that James has no chemistry with Kara or is bland, but that’s the same excuse they used against Iris in S1 and now many of them are now all “We love Iris and Westallen.” People can say Mon-El isn’t killing the show, but Supergirl’s ratings have taken a nosedive since they pushed the Kara x Mon-El agenda a lot harder.

  28. It ain’t canon, but not a lot is on the TV shows! It is pretty clear, and I think was from the get, that Mon-El is a/the prince of Daxam, probably the “frat boy” Kara scoffed at. The flashback, which I agree might lead one to wonder if he and the prince were a thing, never made sense–why would a prince save a guard? That leaves two likely situations (well, a million, but these are most likely), 1. he inverted the roles and he was the prince and the prince was the guard and the bit about “my people” was guilt–he thinks he should have stayed and that is why; 2, he IS frat-boy prince, and noble prince who stayed with the people was his older brother, who was heir or already king, saving his brother. The Dominator recognizing him serves 2 purposes: they’d only hold off if he was significant and refers back to the late 80s Invasion! event, which saw Daxam ally with other world’s under the Dominators command to attack Earth. The latter could be an Easter egg for the comic nerds (like me) but it was sinister enough to open the door to more Dominator fun of some sort.

    Now, to my knowledge Lar Gand is not a prince in any of the variants or reboots, but could be in this universe. Obviously his name is not Mon-El, anymore than in the comic multiverse, and I am sure before it is done and revealed “Gand” will be name dropped as the ruling house of Daxam.

    Still weird he said “Mon-El”–sure he saw house of El, but unless El is like Jones someone should have commented on the weirdness–not weird he’d give a fake name to the aggressive Kryptonian, but . . .

  29. Luli says:

    I’m all for the karamel and sanvers moments, but for the love of god I need more sister moments!!!!! There wasnt any conlusion to their fight! I need more scenes between them, that is the one thing i havent liked about this season, the lack of Kara and Alex scenes.

  30. Brian says:

    I am liking Lyra if only because of the fact that it took me two weeks to realize that Lyra was being played by Tamzin Merchant (Most recently Ann Hale on the dearly departed ‘Salem’). The alien makeup and the fact that she is using her real accent kept me out of the loop. Nice addition to the cast ‘Supergirl’. Waiting patiently for the rest of the fantastic ‘Salem’ cast to find new gigs.