Supergirl Recap: Luthor Family Values

Supergirl Recap

Monday’s Supergirl rehashed the Luthor family’s messy history — not that its present is any less complicated.

Knowing she’d never be able to cut it on her own, Lillian spent much of the hour attempting to woo her daughter over to the dark side — first by revealing the truth about Lena’s parentage (she’s the result of Lionel’s affair!), then by convincing the world that Lena provided Metallo with synthetic Kryptonite, making her part of a larger conspiracy.

Through it all, Kara remained the only person who believed in Lena’s innocence, which paid off when it was discovered that Metallo really got the Kryptonite from Cyborg Superman. (Don’t get me wrong, Kara’s journalistic integrity remains very much in question, but she was right this time.)

But can we talk about that last scene between Kara and Lena? I get that Lena is supposed to come across all cagey and mysterious, but there were major sparks being thrown in Kara’s direction. I’m not saying there’s anything romantic going on between them, but I was definitely expecting Lena to go in for a kiss.

Elsewhere this week…

* Though Mon-El claimed his new relationship was going “great,” Eve sang a slightly different tune, telling Kara, “All he did was talk about you the entire date.” Kara admitted that she was “angry” when she heard they were dating, but when Mon-El pressed for an elaboration, Kara shut down yet again. It wasn’t until the episode’s final scene, in which Mon-El dropped by Kara’s apartment, that she finally (almost) kissed him. (Thanks for nothing, Mr. Mxyzptlk!)

* Alex “introduced” the gang to Maggie, and I’m trying to decide whose reaction I enjoyed more: Hank’s (“Of course I knew — I’m psychic”) or Mon-El’s (“Is that, like, a problem here on Earth?”).

Your thoughts on this week’s Luthor-centric episode? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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