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Nashville EP Talks the 'Powerful' Fallout From Rayna's Fate, Custody Chaos and an Upcoming Time Jump

Warning: This post contains major spoilers from Thursday’s Nashville.

Once you’re able to move past the shock of Rayna’s passing in this week’s Nashville, one of the series’ showrunners wants you to really think about the confluence of events that put Connie Britton’s character in a doomed cop car at the exact moment a truck T-boned the car.

“In that episode where the stalker confronts her, and we have that very long scene — very rare in television to have a scene that long — what’s revealed in that scene is that this guy was highly traumatized as a child, was beaten and had a horrible father and a horrible mother,” executive producer Marshall Herskovitz says, noting that the way Rayna was able to break through to the unstable man was by pointing out her own troubled youth. In fact, “This man was drawn to Rayna in some way unconsciously because of her trauma. He felt some connection to her because of what she’d gone through.”

And if you play that line of reasoning out to its end, “If you ask me, it’s not a truck that killed Rayna,” the EP adds. “It’s trauma. She would not have been in that police car, speeding along through a red light, and hit by a truck if she had not been accosted by a man who recognized her [as someone who’d also undergone trauma]. Some way, karmically, the horrible things that were done to her as a child came back and destroyed her.”


In the following interview about this week’s episode, Herskovitz discusses trying to keep Britton around, shooting that devastating final scene and figuring out what the show will look like without its leading lady from now on. (Hint: Looks like a custody fight’s a’brewin’.)

TVLINE | We’ve heard Connie talk about why it was time for her to leave the show. How did you, co-showrunner Ed Zwick and the writers’ room come to the conclusion that Rayna had to die?
Basically, when Connie came to me and said that she really wanted to move on creatively — and this is very important because she loved the show, she loved the people on the show — this was a very hard decision for her… At that time she had a contract obligating her to do this year, and she was torn… And I said, “Look, if you want to move on, we’ll figure out a way for you to move on.” We sat together and talked about it. We spent a week thinking if was there any way that Rayna could leave the show without dying. And the answer was no, because there’s nothing in the world, I said, other than being taking hostage by the Taliban — she would be in contact with her children and her husband. She just would, that’s who she is. You can’t say, ‘Oh, she’s on tour,’ and never hear from her. She’d be in there on their phones every minute. So we realized that, if she was going to leave the show, there was no alternative to having her die and that was painful for all of us — believe me. But, we just realized that was the only way.

So then the question was, if you’re going to do something that overwhelming for the audience, what’s the best way to do it? What’s the most respectful way? What’s the most complete way in terms of allowing an audience to go through a process of the shock, the grief, the processing of it. You know, she’s been like a real character in many people’s lives for years and we knew how it important it was. So we wanted to do it right.

TVLINE | Did you try to change her mind at all?
Oh, I could tell there was no way to change her mind. [Laughs] We talked about it a lot. And by the way, I should say that I think that she would probably admit that she herself sort of wavered at various times. “Should I do it, should I not?” But, I could tell that this was really — from a very deep place as an artist that she felt she needed to do — and I respected that.

TVLINE | Connie said that last scene was very tough to get through. She kept crying when she was supposed to be comatose. Were you on set for that?
I was not on set, but I was in constant contact with everyone that day because it was such an emotional day. Literally on the phone like every 20 minutes. And also we have — modern technology is so remarkable — we found that I can use FaceTime in Los Angeles and see what’s going on in the monitor in Nashville in real time. It works incredibly well, and it’s so simple.

…I think the extraordinary thing to me was the girls. I remember [series creator and episode director] Callie [Khouri] saying to me, toward the end of that day, Maisy [Lennon], who’s the younger of the two sisters, turned to her and said, “How is it I still have tears? How is it I’m still crying?” because they were crying in every take. And Callie said to her, “Because you’re a real actress. You really feel these feelings.” And everyone was so emotional. You know, it’s actually—I was so knocked out by that, the whole episode, especially that last scene. That last shot of [Charles] Esten, when he puts his head down on her and the tear comes down out of his eye… I remember looking at that. I remember I said to the person next to me, “Can you get an Emmy for one shot?” [Laughs] That wasn’t acting, that was something more. That was some state of grace as an actor, in other words, that was a total commitment of his being in that moment. You were watching a man shattered. You can’t pretend that, you know what I mean? That was just an incredible moment. You know they were all just… everyone felt it so intensely. They just felt the loss so intensely.

DSCF6681.RAFTVLINE | You guys have two episodes after this before the midseason finale. What shape will those take for Deacon and the girls?
I’m glad you brought that up, because I’m so proud of both of those episodes and I think that the next one after the death episode — the funeral and the aftermath of the funeral — is, in many ways, the most powerful hour of television I’ve been involved with in 20 years. I’m so proud of it, and I so want people to see it. Powerful as [Rayna’s death] is, to watch these people confront their grief is so extraordinary and so moving. I think it will really help the audience process their feelings about Rayna. I think both of the episodes will. But there’s something about the next one. It’s like a symphony; I can’t put it any other way. It’s just so musical and so lyrical and so full of love. And you just see into each person’s well of grief and love and feeling and connection. There’s a communality of it that is so profound, and I won’t go into the storyline because it’s a very, it’s actually — it feels like Dickens to me. It’s so profound. You know, I can give a hint that it has to do with what’s going to happen with the girls, but I won’t say any more.

TVLINE | Is there any time jump? Have you talked about any time jump? Often shows do that kind of thing after a major event like this.
When we come back, for the 12th episode, there will be a time jump equal to the amount we’re off the air: two-and-a-half to three months.

TVLINE | Deacon and Rayna didn’t actually record any of their duet album, did they?
Yes, they did. In fact, that’s going to play into upcoming stories. It’s not finished and that’s a big — that is, in fact, the dilemma that they face in the eleventh episode, the finale of this first part of the season. The fact that it’s not finished, and what are they going to do?

TVLINE | We saw Juliette walking toward the end of the episode. Maybe that means the worst is behind her? Is that accurate in terms of her recovery after the plane crash?
[Laughs] I’m not allowed to say anything.

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  1. S says:

    Have these people got any idea what they’ve done? This episode has broken us. Ripped our hearts out. This is the show that we fought so hard for and this is the episode that took it all away. This storyline was cruel, brutal and unnecessary and left us utterly heartbroken and devastated. We LOVED Rayna Jaymes and Deacon & Rayna together, and let me make this clear: we’re in NO STATE to continue watching this show, let alone the aftermath of her death. Rayna was the beating heart of this show. Deyna was the most magical love story on TV. Why in the world do these people think they can take all that away from us and we’d still keep watching?

    • Allison says:

      Couldn’t agree more! You just killed your very own show. This is a slap in the face of all the fans. Bye Nashville!

      • plainviewsue says:

        Connie Britton wanted to leave!!!!! They writers wouldn’t of killed her off!! Don’t blame them!!

        • But leaving can be done in other-ways than killing and especially without first torturing and then killing.

          • Bree says:

            Exactly. There’s always means and ways to keep a character off screen for a while. But the cruelty of killing the lead character (who’s also the heart of the story) puts an abrupt end to all the beauty and the magic that we fell in love with. I can’t even listen to the music anymore because it’s too painful. I def won’t be watching the rest of this season. Enough torture for me, thanks.

          • E. D. Boddy says:

            They thought about “other ways,” but didn’t think any of them would work.

        • Erika says:

          Connie explained several times that she wanted out at first but when she realized how her departure was going to impact the whole show, she offered to stay on. Unfortunately, the show runners wouldn’t have her back and killed her off anyway. UGH.

          • A says:

            That’s not true. Once again, you guys are changing her words. She said she would stay on for a few more episodes if they wanted her to (she was still going to leave regardless). She even stated she had no regrets and never wavered her choice to leave. I don’t understand why you guys choose to pick certain things out of interviews and make them into something they’re not. The interview with Connie is literally on TVLine. Go reread it.

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            +200 TVLine Power User points (no cash value)

          • JS says:

            From Hollywood Reporter:

            Would you have returned for the second half of the season if that’s what Marshall’s story dictated? Or did you want a reduced number of episodes?

            I would and I told him that. He’s lovely and worked diligently to try to make this feel like a valid departure for this character. I said at one point, “I could stay on!” I left that door open and I don’t know in what capacity, if ever, that could really happen.

            Who’s changing her words?

          • Vi says:

            She also said, I think, on Ellen, she was in for the duration. So that wasn’t true. I don’t believe anything I read anymore.

      • James says:

        It was Connie’s decision to leave and there was no alternative way to let her leave the show without her character dying.

        Putting her in a coma won’t solve matters either.

        • Stacey says:

          Actually a coma would work. Especially if Connie is open to appearing in the series finale, now if the show has years left, that would pose a problem but the show probably has not that much time especially if they piss up fans…

          Keep in a coma, in a rehab center, then have her open her eyes in the series finale. Seems like the show went for the drama potential. Yes Rayna wouldn’t leave her kids or husband, but putting her in a coma or off in rehab recovering could have worked.

          It’s like McDreamy all over again, going for drama potential over what is better for the character. Except Grey’s Anatomy is endless, Nashville doesn’t have that same loyalty or potential for years on the air. If the show ends in a year or so, Rayna could have opened her eyes in the end!

          • James says:

            If the show was under its previous and sudsier showrunners, perhaps. But making Rayna living vegetable seems like a fate worse than death under the new reins.

      • Cathy Smith says:

        I agree it’s the love story between Deacon and Rayna that kept the show alive. I wish I had not watch last night!

        • Lynda says:

          I’m with you a hundred percent. I’m still in disbelief that she died last night. I keep telling myself we’ll see her wake up next week from a horrible dream and life will go on for Deacon & Rayna

    • Stacy says:

      “Us” “We” “Us” “We”…. stop it. Not every single fan is having a histrionic meltdown, or thinks the show has to cease to exist because of the loss of ONE character. There’s a whole world of potential for great writing, acting, new music, and story development, now that everyone’s world has to cease revolving around one person. Kind of like… you know, Real Life? Those of us who are fans of the WHOLE show can still look forward to seeing it unfold, IF the collective Fantrum over this sad twist doesn’t torpedo the whole thing for us.

      • Vi says:

        Totally agree. She wasn’t the whole show, give it a chance people!

      • Brownvirtue says:

        Not really a Rayna fan. She doesn’t make the show to me. Other characters are much more talented and interesting. I love Deacon and liked him with Rayna but didn’t consider them a “supercouple.” but I respect others who feel differently.

    • catherinetodd3 says:

      I agree, and we all worked so hard to bring the show back on TV with petitions, emails and more. Why bother to watch now? But Rayna made the decision to leave (Connie Britton), not the show or the network. Connie, how could you do this to us? At least give us a good reason you have left, not just “for personal reasons.” What a terrible lie.

      I’m not sure I will ever be able to watch anything with Britton in it ever again. “Nashville” was the ONLY show on TV worth watching. Now all we have is mud-wrestling “reality tv.” Ugh and Ouch.

      • catherinetodd3 says:

        I loved all the characters so if the writers can figure out a way to bring someone (or two) to the forefront, more power to them. I don’t want the show to end. “Too many lives at stake” for it to go out like this.

  2. iHeart says:

    Man, I do not want to be the person that has to decide the performer of the week this week

  3. Lora says:

    No one is going to watch now. Don’t want to watch a custody battle. You killed the show. Ratings will drop off by at least 75%. Would have been better to not bring it back on another network.

    • Stacy says:

      Speak for yourself. Many fans love the WHOLE show, and not just one character.

    • grazelled says:

      There are many other characters on the show I love and now will get the chance to see more of like Avery and Juliette, Will, Deacon and his story, maybe more singing. The focus has been on Rayna because Connie B. was leaving but this show has a rich cast of characters who can shine if they’re given good material. I’m going to watch and hope that continues to happen. Do I wish Rayna could still be on, of course.

  4. Tri says:

    I don’t understand. If you have a contract, shouldn’t you have to honor it? Seems like the powers that be kept Britton’s departure under wraps so they could drum up tons of fan support and hope CMT or another network would pick it up–then once CMT agreed, she was outta here! As it is, I totally feel manipulated by the producers, Britton AND CMT. Britton kept saying she was on for the season, obviously, that was a lie. If I’D known, not sure I would have even started watching when CMT picked it up.

  5. ToyCannon says:

    I would have rather seen Rayna being taking hostage by the Taliban. Still, at least we saw everyone’s immediate reaction to finding out about the accident and her passing. So often in television this happens off screen.

  6. Rhonda says:

    With all of the real life horror that is happening in the world today, I hesitated to even comment about this darn TV show. But…
    We true fans sat through the awfulness of Season 4 – Emancipated Maddie, her terrible friend Cash and Cash’s backstabbing daddy. We endured the creepiness of Markus Keen, Riff Bell, and Autumn Chase. Layla’s Bangs of Sadness. Worst of all that right wing nutjob Cynthia WhateverHerNameWas.
    I respect the actress’s desire to leave the show, but man oh man. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the show anymore for awhile. And I won’t be able to listen to the 140 songs from NV on my iPod anytime soon either.

    • Sally says:

      They’ve gone and ruined it all for us: the show, the characters, the music! So angry.
      I’m out too. Bye Nashville.

    • iHeart says:

      Davis, yeah I’d rather not remember her name either even though I do. I don’t know how I can continue watching either, but then again my original plan from the beginning was watching it for Chip. However most of the cast are pretty good singers, both of of the Stella sisters had won me over by the end of the first half of the first season. I’m not even sure I can handle next week. it sounds like the drama will roll back with a vengence

    • julia parisi says:

      there’s not this much buzz about fatal car accidents in real life…everyday. wake up

  7. There would have been ways though. You can always show them talking about her or phone conversations of not showing her side, so don´t swallow that one that this was only way! It was just the easiest way out without thinking how to make it work other way.

  8. JoAnn says:

    Feel so manipulated by everyone concerned. Sounds like next weeks show will be even more depressing…guess what Marshall…I don’t have to be torn apart by watching these fictional characters go through the grieving process. I’m sure we’ve all had enough of that in real life. For me, they have ruined the past 4+ years that I loved. Can’t listen to A Life That’s Good again!

  9. Gina says:

    The fans waited with excitement knowing the CMT was bringing back our beloved Nashville after being cancelled by ABC. If Connie Britton wanted to leave, then why did she return when the show was resurrected to basically hurt the millions of fans so invested in the show? Rayna and Deacon were Nashville. I don’t see how the show will continue with the main lead gone. A show I was so excited to return has now met with its own demise. Sad.

  10. I’m a 73-yr. old Grandmother who absolutely LOVES to watch NASHVILLE! BUT, I AM DEVA-
    STATED THAT RAYNA DIED AS A RESULT OF THE CAR WRECK! I haven’t cried for years, but I did last night! I was so looking forward to Rayna & Deacon’s new songs together. I love the music from the stars of Nashville and am so impressed with all of the actors who actually do their own singing.
    Who in the world is Deacon going to turn to now? I think the current audience will WANT TO SEE WHO DEACON WILL FIND IN HIS FUTURE WITHOUT RAYNA. Remember, “curiosity killed the cat”! Those who LOVE the show will want to see what happens next!!!!!
    I still think that there is a LARGE VIEWER BASE who will continue to watch because they love the new country music that the show produces.

    • Nina Dawn Jackson says:

      Well I have to say ~ it is a great show,with real people That has not changed, story lines take a different path but the ” music ” and the people of this show are a l l – great. Don’t be so small minded and petty . . . Rayna would be
      pissed at the whole lot of you.
      It’s no way to honor her ♡

  11. What I do not understand is that after all of this, we have to go back to the sister and dad1. I swear, I have no interest in another court case. And I find it hard to believe that Rayna would not have had a will… and what happens to Hwy 65 that just bought Wheelin and Dealin with that IT power broker? Does he now own Hwy 65 out right?

    They really could have left Rayna in a coma…

  12. JS says:

    Interview with Connie Britton on Hollywood Reporter where she basically said she was open to a reduced role during the 2nd half of the season but this was the way they wanted to go.
    The car crash was SO unnecessary: her mother died in a crash, Deacon’s best friend died in a crash and Deacon and Rayna were both in a crash themselves a few seasons ago!! Way to be original. And Beverley was awake and talking in hospital after nearly dying, and then ‘shockingly’ just died anyway. They can fk off with faux-deep ‘karma’ and pretending it’s something it wasn’t. It was just cheap TV. NONE OF IT WAS PROFOUND.
    And a time jump? Custody battle? More focus on Maddie? Wish this had ended after season 4.

  13. izzie b says:

    “Some way, karmically, the horrible things that were done to her as a child came back and destroyed her”…….Really. That’s stretching it a bit, don’t you think?

  14. chuquestaquenumber1 says:

    1st Michael Cordero on Jane the Virgin. Now Rayna James of Nashville.

  15. steven says:

    Besides Rayna dying, let’s all focus on how Teddy is out of Jail next week.

  16. Barbara says:


  17. Bill says:

    They should have just let the show end when ABC cancelled it. I have no interest in watching a Rayna-less Nashville with custody battles and the newly-hateful Scarlett sleeping with that asshat Brit director.

  18. Marilyn says:

    I had heard rumors Connie Britton was leaving the show but believed her when she recently told Ellen that wasn’t true and she was in it for the long haul. Why the lies? Her death was completely devastating and the psychological babble about it written in this article is BS. I feel betrayed. Where can the story go now? All I can see is endless grief from the other characters and negativity as it appears a custody battle is coming. What on earth makes the shows producers think i would subject myself to weekly heartbreak? It’s not going to happen. The deceit that was presented to the many fans of Nashville is unforgivable and i am completely done with this show. I will NEVER watch it again.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Hate see rayna go good luck.deacon awsome a lònģ time fan

  20. A says:

    Connie Britton wanted out. That was for certain. Some of you are saying she had changed her mind, but she didn’t. Don’t know what interviews you guys are reading but TVLine just released an interview last night. In it, she stated she had no regrets and that she never wavered in her choice to leave. Sure, she said she’d stay for a few more episodes if they needed her (not the entire season like some of you are saying). She was never going to stay. That being said, I understand she is one of the leads of the show but what could they have done? Sent her on tour? Put her in a coma? The latter wouldn’t even work and those justifying it are in denial. You’re telling me we would see literally all of the other characters and never see them go visit Rayna on screen? No way. As depressing as it is, killing of the character was definitely the only way going off of her character traits. No way we’d never hear or see from her again with her family still being around. Don’t live in a fairytale world where everything is sunshine and happy. The other stars can carry the show and those not having faith in them can’t really say they were ever fans of the show. And those trying to send blame to the producers for this decision and basically making it seem like they just wanted Rayna gone can stop. There’s no need to blame Connie either, but it was her choice to leave and that’s a known fact. She has a right to leave.
    Anyways, best of luck to the show! I’m sure they will all do a tremendous job.

    • gigi says:

      I agree with you I love Nashville and i would not stop watching a show because of one character. I will miss Rayna with Deacon they were great together. It was her choice to leave not the producers so to stop watching a show that we all fought hard for is silly.

    • Stacy says:

      Finally, a voice of reason. *Two Thumbs Up*

    • Sara says:

      Thank you, A, for your common sense post, which hit all the right notes.

      I’ll just add that actors aren’t required to make choices just to keep fans happy. I read in one interview that CB felt she’d done all she could with Rayna’s character and wanted to explore other creative avenues. Good for her! She’s leaving on good terms for her her own creative reasons, and she’s leaving us with a show that is fertile, filled with good actors and musicians, and in much better hands than it was in season 4’s disaster.

      I’m grateful Rayna and Deacon had reconciled and married, and that Deacon found and continues to work on his sobriety. Rayna’s death would have been far more difficult had it come before they found the happiness that had eluded them so many years.

  21. Kahti says:

    bye Nashville! im not going to be watching any more.. it will never be the same without her on the show love everyone on it but cant watch without Rayna..

  22. kaycee says:

    Come on everybody, Connie said she wanted to leave. You knew this was coming. It will make for much more drama if she is dead than in a coma. How is everyone going to handle it? I can’t wait to see how Teddy got out of jail. I think its wrong that Daphne is calling Deacon Dad. How long has Teddy been in jail anyway? He raised those girls while Rayna was touring. Its like they have completely forgotten him, and Daphne is his daughter. Does Teddy still own half the house and all that? He should at least get custody of Daphne. I thought Maddie was emancipated so she shouldn’t even come into it.

  23. Chris says:

    I think I would have been better off if Rayna had been killed by the stalker rather than ANOTHER car crash. Thanks for playing, see ya later Nashville!

  24. Jen says:

    They absolutely could have kept her alive but off-screen. Being off-screen wouldn’t mean she wasn’t interacting with her family, just that we weren’t seeing it. She also might have been willing to come back for occasional cameos. Connie Britton should have honored her contract and just told them up front she wouldn’t sign on for another year. They could have used this as a final year to wrap things up nicely and ended on a good note. This way, it seems unlikely that it survives to another season anyway AND they’ve ruined the entire series for many. Plus, people who didn’t watch but were considering going back and watching it from the start are unlikely to do so now. I had considered going back to watch greys anatomy but didn’t after I heard they killed Derek off.

  25. A fan of TV says:

    What if this is all a trick a la Victoria on Revenge? I’m sure it’s not, but yeah, this kills this show even though there was plenty of warning it would come. RIP Raynaud’s, RIP Nashville.

  26. Cate says:

    William on This is Us and now Rayna, and I’m still,reeling from losing Michael on Jane the Virgin! I know this loss is different – Rayna is THE LEAD and it was Connie Britton’s choice as opposed to the other 2 but I wish my favourite tv shows would find other ways of injecting drama.

    Loved seeing Carla Gugino – one of Connie’s best pals – as Rayna ‘s mother. If all the ‘heart breaking Nashville exit’ headlines hadn’t indicated Rayna was about to shuffle off, that was a big honking clue!

    The show has definitely been better this season, but I do think losing their star could have a big impact on ratings. Fans of the show are generally going to be pretty bummed by this blow.

  27. Tracey says:

    Here’s to hoping Rayna’s death was faked after its revealed her stalker has escaped…

  28. Boiler says:

    Not sure I will watch last night’s episode for a while. I am so sick of people dying on TV. However I do believe there is more than enough talent to carry the show if people would give them a chance so I am going back. Whether Rayna died or not Connie was gone. I do hope that we won’t need to put up with Tandy and Teddy for long. That would be a shame.

  29. Madie says:

    I think maybe this is all a bad nightmare. Someone will wake up. And then Rayna is fine. I don’t know.

  30. Amy says:

    Im so mad I love this show but im done watching if rayna is really gone im gone totally feel cheated

  31. Leigh Knutson says:

    Hey….they could always pull the old “it was all a dream” sequence if she wants to come back! It worked for other shows! I too feel very devastated, betrayed and angry. I started watching this show because of Connie but it is all the characters that have kept me coming back and I think we should support the cast and stick with the show. I feel for the actors, the fans who fought to keep this show alive, and CMT who saved it because I feel its fate is not good but I will continue to watch. I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back!!! It’s only a tv show but this is sad so many ways.

  32. Monty and Jo Modrell says:

    The story is ruined for us. Will watch to see what next happens. This story is full of sorrow. At times it is quite a downer.

  33. Kathy Willis says:

    I watch these shows for an escape from reality. I’ve lost my son, father, sister, brother. I really don’t need tear jerker moves like this. Enough in real life. I expect some drama, but seriously?!

  34. Hanna says:

    I read yesterday Britton was willing to stay until the end of the season. Also , they could have let her go to CA to care for her sick sister and filmed enough phone calls and face time to get them through the end of the season and just end the show because it’s done! I love the other characters and hope they can carry on but Rayna’s death is too devastating. Deacon, Juliette, Scarlett and Maddie are all so troubled to begin with and we saw hints that Daphne will now feel alone. We look for TV to lift us up and killing off a beloved main character of a show that fans fought for after it was canceled is just cruel. I think they should have just done a 2 hour final to close out the story lines. Maybe Juliette will rise to the challenge and buy the record label and become everyone’s savior. I’m just tired of all the twisted story lines.

  35. Hanna says:

    How will there be a custody battle with Teddy in jail? Plus he is an ex-con if he is out of jail . Maddie is Deacon’s daughter and Daphne needs to be with her older sister now that her mother is gone. That’s not a believable storyline at all!

  36. m says:

    Boy who’s in charge?? Somebody really ruined this show…

  37. Callista says:

    When a character stays too long it is very hard for them to go on to another show. Look at Andy Griffith? Mary Tyler Moore? As quickly as she was killed off i knew she had other acting plans. It happens. Enjoy the other characters. Bring back Layla. More music. Love Nashville. Period.

  38. Sharon says:

    Ok. I can barely tolerate Tandy, but Teddy should never return.

  39. Freyalinn says:

    That was a very sad episode. So cruel to us Denya fans to renew Nashville for another season, give us all these wonderful Denya moments then kill Rayna off in the middle of the season. I know Connie Britton wanted to leave and she has the right to do that, but Rayna´s death from the show could be handle so much better. Wrap everything up nice and lovely, then make a spinoff, call it Nashville 2.0, New Nashville or Claybournes or anything. Then annonced before the show aires that Connie Britton is not in it and the first scene is Deacon, Maddie and Daphne standing at her gravesite with flowers and the first line is “I can´t believe it has been one year since she left us.” Then us fans would have our happy ending in Nashville and get the choice to see a show without Rayna or not.

  40. Gwynevere says:

    I, along with so many other fans who support and love this show signed the petition to save the show after hearing if its cancellation and I too, am extemely saddened to see Connie Britton go. Rayna has been such a pivotal character to the show and by gaining new writers and by being picked up by a new Network I thought there were many places that they could have taken her character.
    However, I agree with the creative team, the writers and anyone who decided that Rayna dying, was the best decision they could have made. I have read many posts commenting that Connie Britton had supposedly had a change of heart about leaving and thus changed her mind stating that she would have remained the duration. I did not read that anywhere. I read from reputable places that had live video and other interviews with Connie Britton saying that she would only be in about 8-10 episodes and that she was leaving several times before the new season started and during the new season. She also said that she was certain and had no regrets just as the recap above stated. So the way I am seeing it is as they really had no choice but to kill her off. Like many have said there is no way she would leave her kids for ever if the show lasted a few more years (which is what we were hoping for when we signed the petition… Right? I know people wanted Rayna too but I know the new team really faught for and wanted her to stay. That is her choice though.. Unfortunately for us)let alone her ever leaving Deacon for that long after the roller coaster it took getting them where they are now. They were such a beautiful couple. Their relationship faced many real obstacles that many of us face and they came out on top because The they faught for one another. The “Coma” idea feels too soapy to me. I feel that is what the old writers would have done had they been renewed and Rayna had decided to leave because I felt they had been spiraling out of control creatively for a while. I still watched though beacause I love so many of these characters. I also feel that if last minute Connie had decided to stay that if I were the show that I would have been pretty peeved had I just rearranged and spent extensive time into creating an entirely new story line catering to her and her character and then her come back saying that she will finish the it now. ( I am sure they had already put not only an extreme amount of energy, time and money into filming the “Without Rayna Story” let alone already had the actors process, film up to whatever point etc…. That would have been an awful position to be in because you want her to stay but they could have probably lost so much because of her indecisiveness.. Imo) She stated how sure she was with the decision and she made that final choice to leave. I am sure the new team wanted her to stay because of her large fanbase and to help boost the shows viewership ratings on the new network.
    Anyway, Whow! This is getting long:/….
    I enjoyed reading the comments here because it shows how much people loved not only Rayna but the show as well. There is a lot of anger out there as well as a ton of sadness but I also feel that this may bring more dimension to the show and that it is going to allow every character to grow immensely because Rayna had an impact on all of their lives. I also have been very impressed with how the show has changed in so many ways since season 3. The writing is so much better, the dialog feels raw and natural and I feel it is a lot more mature and serious than the “Soapfest” I had been watching for a while now. I just want to see how this all plays out even though it sucks that this is how it is. If after this big loss the show stays the way it has creatively so far this season and does this story line justice I will be very happy to continue watching. If not I would understand people wanting to move on to other things.
    I guess coping with this new storyline may be may be a little bit easier for me than some as I have always enjoyed watching Juliette\Avery, Scarlet/Gunnar, Deacon, Will and even Daphne/Maddie more than I did watching Rayna. I was much more invested in the other characters stories than hers and I personally was never super excited over Connies’ vocals compared to the entire rest of the cast. I am not saying she was awful but maybe my tastes were just more into the other characters musical, styles. I however have always been so impressed with her acting abilities and I am going to follow and support her talent in the next project she pursues, the next one, the next one and so on. I wish her luck and will miss her!

    Wow! I am so sorry for this being this long!

  41. Eileen says:

    I was so happy Nashville came back and sad about RAYNA but I hope shemade the right decison love her which I had a mother like her I hope more series are coming

  42. Betty phillips says:

    just canceled my Nashville, wil never watch again. can’t believe how cruel they were.

  43. Kate says:

    Rayna was the heart of this show and killing her off was an epic mistake! Fans would have preferred any other solution to CB wanting out early, but not death. I’m done with this show.

  44. Cathy says:

    I m so disappointed & shocked but can get passed it, I just hope you don’t let Deacon fall off the wagon again, he S been thru enough, l am sadden for everyone. I dont want it to turn into a “soap opera”.

  45. I cried because of her death, and I know it is silly because it isn’t real, but I really loved this show.

  46. Linda Williams says:

    I won’t watch Nashville since Rayna died. Her &?Deacon made the show. I don’t like Teddy or her sister & I don’t want to watch them bring all that junk to Deacon& the girls. I’m disappointed.

  47. Sue Olvey says:

    Please don’t put the viewers through Deacon drinking again. Make his character stronger than that.

  48. Diana says:

    She did this season because she was under contract but she wanted to move on….she stated this in many interviews. It was her decision and they all agree killing her off was best. I agree it’s a huge disappointment and sad. However she wanted to move on to other creative things in life. As much as I like the show we have to respect her and her decisions and that they didn’t just kill her off for no reason. Next weeks episode will suck just as much but I’m trying to remain optimistic that the show will pull through and give us a reason to watch going forward.

  49. LA says:

    I am devastated she is gone. We did not even get a full season of happiness for her family. Now her girls have to grow up with their mother killed in a wreck like she did. I just wish you did not have to brring Teddy and her sister..the 2 crooks back. Let Deacon win for once and Maddie stop being a brat for a change. And No drinking for Deacon…enough of that. Give us something NEW

  50. joan watson says:

    if Connie no longer wanted to play the role you should of just replaced her. What you have done now is changed the age group of who will be watching this series. its now mostly younger people. Maybe that is your goal. I no longer have any interest in this series.