HTGAWM Season 3

HTGAWM Finale: Jack Falahee Teases Connor's 'Tragic' Arc and a Killer Reveal

You may want to pour yourself a little more wine and pop some extra popcorn ahead of tonight’s How to Get Away With Murder Season 3 finale.

Over the course of two hours, the ABC drama has a lot of ground to cover, the most pressing issue being the identity of Wes’ killer. And if the final moments of last week’s episode are to be taken at face value, Connor had some role in Wes’ demise — even if he was trying to save the poor kid.

Ahead of the season ender (which kicks off at 9/8c), TVLine spoke with Jack Falahee about Connor’s unfortunate visit to Annalise’s house, his unsteady relationship with Oliver and whether Connor really is as indifferent to Wes’ death as he seems.

TVLINE | We saw last week that Connor was at Annalise’s house on the night of the fire, and he may have been involved with Wes’ death somehow. How soon into the finale will we get context for Connor’s role that night?
About halfway through [the first hour], that will be addressed or potentially resolved. Also, people have really been throwing around “involvement with Wes’ death.” But I would throw it out there that maybe, if we reframe this, he’s involved with Wes’ resurrection. He is doing CPR, you know?

TVLINE | Had you been told, prior to getting the script for last week’s episode, that Connor went to Annalise’s house that night? Did that inform your choices for Connor at all?
No, I pretty much found out at the table read for that episode. It might have been suggested to me a little earlier than that, but [the writers] are constantly toying with different storylines in the room, so they don’t necessarily commit to anything until it comes time for the table read and a production draft to be put out. I was making some educated guesses, as far as choices go, leading up to that episode.

HTGAWM Season 3TVLINE | Connor’s main reaction to Wes’ death has been that he doesn’t care all that much. Does he really not care, or — now that we know he was doing CPR on Wes — is he just masking guilt?
I don’t think either, to be honest. He does care. Connor liked Wes quite a lot, actually. Since the beginning, there was always this friendliness between the two of them that we saw as early as the pilot. Connor has this line to Wes where he tells him to find a seat “before the shooter gets here. You don’t want to be a sitting duck.” I don’t want to say it’s a “bromance,” but it is this amicability between the two of them that we saw play out quite consistently. Connor wouldn’t necessarily want to admit that, but he misses him. Connor being there [on the night of the fire] is tragic.

There was also a flashback [in Episode 10] that shows Connor and Wes on the quad, laying in the grass, and they’re talking about their relationships. To me, that shows the friendship these guys have. They didn’t necessarily talk or hang out all the time, but at the end of the day, Connor really felt a fondness toward Wes. His death is sad, and [Connor]’s emotional response to it has been aligned with that. And grief takes many different forms, so him acting that he doesn’t give a s—t has been a way for him to work through things.

TVLINE | Can you speak to what Connor’s relationship with Oliver is like in this finale? The last few episodes seem to have unearthed more trust issues — Connor discovers that Oliver’s a great liar, Oliver learns that Connor was at Annalise’s house that night….
Those trust issues do continue. This season, [the writers] have done a really good job of showing different conflicts come up between Connor and Oliver, starting with the Stanford acceptance letter. That’s emblematic of how relationships work. You do lie to your partner now and then, and you do do things to protect them because you love them. That, to me, is what’s happening here. They both care about each other quite a lot. For obvious reasons, Connor hasn’t told Oliver that he was there the night of the fire, and for additional reasons, Oliver hadn’t told Connor that he kept a copy of Annalise’s phone. They’re both looking out for the other person. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out when we learn more of Connor’s involvement on the night of Wes’ death. Does Oliver come running to stand up for him, or does it create a greater tear in their already-contentious relationship?

TVLINE | What was your reaction to the identity of Wes’ killer — and how might viewers react?
[After a long pause] The audience will be just as shocked as the cast was.

HTGAWM fans, I ask you one last time: Who do you think murdered Wes? Drop a comment below with your theories and hopes for tonight’s finale.

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  1. Red Apple says:

    My next paycheck says it was Maggie, Wes’ ex

  2. Natalie says:

    I say Bonnie.

  3. TV Gord says:

    I have a wild hunch that it was Bonnie.

  4. Jacqi says:

    The most shocking twist would be laurel.

  5. dave says:

    Nah Its maggie. For sure. Only twist they can pull (unless you count the dean which i don’t)

    • NightOwl1 says:

      I kinda wonder if Meggie is related to the ADA. I wonder if Meggie was the one that killed Wes.

      • Shergion says:

        In the first half of the season Meggie said her aunt is a lawyer. I bet she killed Wes and her aunt covered it up!
        If that’s not it Oliver did it, and when Connor didn’t manage to save Wes he burned the house down.

  6. Grey'sFan says:

    My hunch is that when Laurel arrived at the house she saw Wes and Frank in the midst of a heated argument and to protect the man she loved she instinctively tried to help him and hit Wes on the head with the justice statue (the Sam murder weapon which we saw again inside the boxes when Annalise was burning the files). This is why Frank confessed: to protect Laurel. He even told the ADA during his confession that “not everything he does is about Annalise”…

  7. Ben says:

    Any chance it was Michaela? Maybe she found out Wes was going to turn on Annalise for immunity and that she and the rest of the K5 would get thrown under the bus as well.

    She’s been the goody two shoes of the group and would be the biggest shocker I think.

  8. Larry says:

    I believe the killer is Laurel -although accidental and just blocked it out. Frank would only confess to protect her.

  9. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I say it’s either Bonnie or Maggie

  10. AJ says:

    Going by his reaction, I think Wes is still alive.

  11. Azerty says:

    My guess (since the mid season premiere): Wes is not dead. And since last week I may add: and Connor helped him fake his death.

    • Angela says:

      That would certainly explain Connor’s attitude about Wes these last few episodes. Hard to properly grieve when you know the person isn’t actually dead, after all, right?
      I’d like it if Wes were found to be alive in the end, ’cause I liked him, but as others noted here, given we’ve seen the body, that’s going to be very hard to explain away in a way that makes sense, and it would feel kind of cheap after all this buildup. But with this show, anything’s possible, and there’s already a lot of shady stuff surrounding Wes’ death and his body being moved, so…who knows :p?

  12. Kamisha Gage says:

    I dont think wes is dead at all

  13. Andrew Hass says:

    I do think Connor does care that Wes is dead but maybe he doesn’t want to show his grief because for him it might be a sign of weakness.Plus if Connor did try to save Wes but couldn’t maybe he feels guilty and thus doesn’t feel like he has the right to show sadness.As for who the killer is, i do wonder if it might be Bonnie but maybe she didn’t mean to kill Wes.It could have been an accident of some sort.Or maybe it was Laurel and she was trying to save Frank if he and Wes were fighting and she killed Wes but maybe that wasn’t her intent.Then maybe Frank set the fire to get rid of Wes’s body and any evidence but maybe he was unaware Laurel went back into the house for some reason.Plus maybe Laurel blocked out killing Wes because of the trauma but now she remembers what she did.Then the question becomes what will she do next?

  14. Chrissi says:

    I think it’s Bonnie-she did it with a plastic bag like she did with Rebecca!

  15. Noah Orent says:

    I think it will be someone who we least suspect.

  16. TV Gord says:

    I hope Wes isn’t dead, because I think he’s missed from the dynamic of this show. He’s the closest thing to a moral compass that they had. However, all of those close-ups of his burned corpse will be a little hard to explain without seeming far-fetched.

  17. uncle love says:

    bring wes back . he’s the best actor in the show..

    he’s not dead.

  18. uncle love says:

    bring wes back

  19. uncle love says:

    the most amazing shock all the fans want


  20. Dot says:

    What if it’s Sam all along. Maybe he wasn’t really dead. That’s twisted, if you want twisted.

  21. Carla Bryant says:

    I think Oliver did it

  22. ToyCannon says:

    I so want to wake up Friday morning knowing that Wes Gibbins and Rayna James are alive.

  23. Ronnie says:

    Connor was one of my favorites but for most of this season he has been absolutely unlikeable! I hope he gets some sort of redemption tonight…,

  24. BKLYN FINESS says:

    I was very disappointed with the season finale.

  25. Faith says:

    Quite an unsuspecting twist! Who suspected that Laurel’s father was behind Wes’ death and the destruction of where she worked. It is all about getting Laurel away from Annalise and Wes. Her father has put the last nail in his coffin; he has just lost all hope of Laurel return to his family when she finds out he order Wes’ death…