NCIS Season 14 Ratings Low

Ratings: NCIS, Bones Hit Series Lows

CBS’ NCIS this Tuesday drew 14.9 million total viewers and a 1.6 rating (per finals), slipping two tenths in the demo to mark a series low.

Leading out of that, Bull (10.7 mil/1.3) was steady, while New Orleans (9.6 mil/1.1) dipped a tenth.


FOX | New Girl (2.3 mil/1.0) ticked up, the newly renewed The Mick (2.4 mil/0.9) dipped and Bones (2.89 mil/0.7) ticked down to match its all-time demo low.

THE CW | The Flash (2.78 mil/1.0) and Legends (1.64 mil/0.6) both dipped.

NBC | The Wall (5.9 mil/1.4) was steady with its winter finale, while This Is Us (9.4 mil/2.5) and Chicago Fire (7.2 mil/1.6) each ticked up.

ABC | The Middle (6.3 mil/1.5) and that outstanding Agents of SHIELD (2.01 mil/0.6, average TVLine reader grade “A”) were steady, American Housewife (5.2 mil/1.4) dipped and the others ticked up.

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  1. Goldenvibefan says:

    Flash, Aos, and Legends gave some of their best episodes, and they all dropped. Wowza that sucks.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Agents of SHIELD was off the wall fantastic last night!!!

  3. Kevin says:

    This Is Us continues to have one of its best episodes in recent memory since the pilot and always binge worthy.

  4. A says:

    Are they going to release soundtrack for This Is Us? If yes, then when will it be available?

  5. T.W.S.S. says:

    Bones with those CW numbers. The show lasted too long, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the actors’ next projects will be.

  6. Csr says:

    Bishop, on NCIS, is my least favorite character. Bland, unsympathetic. Would be fine if she left.

    • opus says:

      Bishop has never been my favorite character but she knocked it out of the park last night. Best episode for her character ever. With this and Jimmy’s amazing episode, NCIS is showing real strength again, even if there are too many agents now.

  7. hipper says:

    If this IS the last season of AGENTS OF SHIELD, it’d be a shame. The quality of the show is undoubtedly top-notch right now. Here’s to at least ending on a strong/fan serving note.

  8. Donna says:

    NCIS has not been the same with the replacements for Ziva and Tony. Why does it take three people to replace one Tony. Too many unnecessary characters!!!

    • mary says:

      It would be brilliant if Gibbs is promoted to director; and Tony returns to take over Gibbs job!

    • Bonnie W says:

      Agree….I can’t adjust to the new people. We still watch but agree that it’s not as enjoyable as it once was. And last night’s episode was groan worthy….awful!!

      • Eyerollcommencing says:

        That’s your opinion–as others (and myself included) have stated, Emily knocked it out of the park last night. How sad you can’t see that, your loss…

      • Chloe says:

        I agree with Bonnie. Nothing against Emily – she was very good. But I didn’t care about Qasim [sp?] or her relationship with him, most of which we didn’t even know about until after he was dead. I found him boring & a little goofy [and not in an endearing way].

        As for the new people, they’re growing on me.

  9. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    The thinking on Fox is that, if we keep putting Bones up against two powerhouse shows on the other networks, we’ll win. This Is Us and Bull are destroying Bones.

    • kmw says:

      Not really Bones ended last season below a 1 in the demo and has been hovering either at 0.7 0.8 all season and their HH numbers are hovering at 2.9 to a little over 3. They are actually staying better with these shows than I thought but yes FOX has finally managed to kill this show they simultaneously love( their money) and hate(don’t know why they hate them so). last night episode is lucky it didn’t go down further the way it was promoted

    • Angela says:

      Fox needs to leave the show in one time slot and quit moving it around almost every season. It’s ridiculous. It was fine on Monday’s.

  10. Collette says:

    It’s February and a balmy 63 degrees. You don’t waste that by staying home and watching crime shows. You bike, walk the dog, grill out, have an impromptu block party/dance, shoot hoops, rollerblade etc. We saddled up and went for a trail ride to the local watering hole and sang songs on the ride home.

  11. MiaB says:

    I’ve been having a hard time getting into The Flash since the crossover episode. I know it was popular, but I couldn’t get into it and I haven’t watched the show since. The writing hasn’t been good this season at all.

  12. Marc says:

    As show after show has series lows in the 18 to 49 demo, someone should create a virtual counter of the number of households who now timeshift on DVRs rather than watch live. There could even be a contest as to the exact date that the ad-supported business model collapses completely.

    On the other hand, perhaps broadcast television can be saved if the fee that cable and satellite providers paid to rebroadcast local stations were somehow tied directly to DVR usage, thus allowing broadcast stations to monetize the viewership that is devalued in advertisers’ eyes because of fastforwarding through commercials.

  13. kmw says:

    I wonder why Bones ticked down? Um could it be that this incendiary episode was promoted badly from the star and was so far of from what was being written about it I am shocked that Bones didn’t go lower actually. maybe people would have watched if Sully wasn’t the overarching promo for it. There was much more to it than him. but like I said it could have been worse

  14. Maybe if the channel that NCIS is on would not have left DirecTV……I would still be able to watch my favorite show….but……NOOOOOOOO…I can’t!!!!

    • Leia says:

      They want you to stream it on CBS all access, and thanks for reminding me why direct TV sucks.

    • KL says:

      NCIS can be seen on it’s app for free (5 latest episodes are free). You don’t need to pay for All Access to get it. Not sure why you can’t get it (CBS) via DirecTV unless you can’t get (or won’t pay for) local channels. I couldn’t get NBC and ABC for years, but I got a new dish which pointed to new satelite and now I get the locals and anything else I want to pay for.

  15. Kim R says:

    I think NCIS has too many agents now. I find myself feeling almost nostalgic when Tim and Abby have a scene or any of the originals. I think Wilmer was a great choice and the occasional drop in from MI6. But Alex is a throw away character and in order for every one to have screen time it just chops it up too much. My 2 cents. 😊

  16. Ogre Miller says:

    I watched that show like religion from Jag to this year when they started to pump political correct crap now I do not watch it and I know a lot of people who quit watching for the same reason

  17. jj says:

    Bishop = low ratings

  18. Kathleen Karsko says:

    NCIS used to be something I looked forward to every Tuesday. But now you never know if there will be a new episode or if you have to wait 3 weeks.

    Bishop became a good fit and this weeks episode was exceptional. But the 3 newest cast members just don’t fit. Quinn and Torres are the most annoying. Every time Jennifer Esposito speaks it makes me cringe because she isn’t credible as an NCIS agent. She was much better on Blue Bloods.

    Maybe Reeves will eventually fit in but the other two should be cut.

  19. Jack says:

    NCIS has lost a lot this season. It’s more than the departure of Michael Weatherly. The replacement characters are just not cutting the mustard. Elily Wickerson, beautiful as she is, is just not a good replacement for the previous two female leads. She too quirky!

  20. Janice barnes says:

    Ncis# lose Bishop. …PLEASE