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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Justin Chambers

Grey's Anatomy: Justin Chambers Talks That Hug, Teases Arrival of Jo's Ex

Ladies and gentleman, we officially have a new Grey’s Anatomy love triangle.

In this week’s episode, Alex pressed Andrew to reveal the real reason he dropped all the charges against him. And the doc eventually confessed that he did it not to relieve Alex of a two-year prison stint, but to spare Jo — the woman he very clearly is crushing on — any further suffering.

“It takes Alex a minute to sort figure things out, but, yeah, it looks like there might be a love triangle here,” attests Alex’s portrayer, Justin Chambers. “As I said before, look at her, she’s hot. Of course there [was] the possibility that he could find her attractive and maybe want to take her out on a date.”

Should Andrew decide to pursue a relationship with Jo — who, for the record, has not expressed reciprocal feelings for her secret admirer — it’s unclear if Alex would even put up much of a (figurative) fight. However, as Chambers notes, the episode-ending hug that Alex and Jo shared proves that “their souls are meant to be” connected.

“They didn’t verbalize anything, they just hugged and separated,” he adds of the extended embrace.  “And I think that’s symbolic of where their relationship is right now. There’s just so much baggage.”

And more conflict looms on the horizon in the form of Jo’s MIA husband. For his part, Chambers will neither confirm nor deny the character’s possibly imminent arrival. “I can only tease that there’s a possibility,” he hedges. “It’ll be interesting to see how Alex will react [if and when he shows up]. Because he’s already in a lot of trouble.”

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  1. Hannah says:

    Blegh, send Jo off with DeLuca and let Alex find a new love interest who isn’t so awful.

  2. MK says:

    They really decimated Jo’s character this and last season. A part of me still hopes she and Alex will wind up together. Are they writing Camilla Luddington’s pregnancy into the show?

  3. Dominique says:

    i saw that hug as their way of saying goodbye. like thank you for everything, i’m glad you’re okay but this is it, no more and we’re done.
    if that was not how they wanted the scene to come across, then they didn’t do a good job imho.
    i hope alex can move on and have a better life.

    • Stacy says:

      I didn’t read it that way at all. Everything about Jo’s expression was pure relief and solace in connecting with him again, but you see her realize the weight of everything that’s still there, and she’s not convinced their issues are solvable.

      • Martina says:

        Yeah, I also saw many feelings on both faces, and none of them meant goodbye. Also it looked like they were about to kiss when Jo went away. I think she realized they have to talk through stuff first.

  4. Ella says:

    Jo is slightly more tolerable with when with DeLuca. I hate her around almost everyone else, especially Alex. She doesn’t deserve him, put a nail in that relationship and bury it.

  5. dave says:

    Well, Alex will end up with Meredith in the end, anyway. Jo may as well have Deluca. Alex & Mer are destined to be even if some fans don’t like it.

    • N says:

      Alex was on…..

    • DarkDefender says:

      Alex and Meredith are like brother no sister.

    • Martina says:

      I don’t think so… Even the portraiers are against that. The way Jo was written in the beginning shows she and Alex are endgame. Meredith and Alex together as a couple is just gross… They are like siblings and it was said numerous times now. I rather think Meredith and Alex shippers should finally accept they are not going to be a couple. “even if some Fans don’t like it”.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Funny that you say that considering the possibility of them being “soulmates” wasn’t an issue at all when Meredith’s original “soulmate” was alive. It’s a convenient stretch for anyone to think that a pair of people whose every move and thought is dictated by writers in a room are “destined” for each other. Instead, it is incredibly easy for the writers to avoid writing Mer and Alex off into the proverbial sunset together, and I certainly hope that they avoid it, for the sake of telling all of us a better story.

    • Parr says:

      Merideth and Alex have no chemistry, Its like watching siblings hang out. That would be mistake- huge cringe effect, eww.

  6. Lauren says:

    Omg the haters. I actually like Jo best wheb she’s with Alex and she’s put so much effort and love into their relationship, if anyone deserves Alex it’s her.
    People are talking without paying attentiln to them. Justin isn’t saying “their souls are meant to be” for no reason, they do belong together, and hopefully they will get back together without a stupid love triangle. She loves Alex, she’s not interested in Deluca.

    • Jamie says:

      Lmao there is always someone who can’t handle when people disagree with them, so they feel the need to call them “haters.” Jo isn’t a good character anymore. They’ve made her whiny, weak, a backstabber, and a liar. Like this girl straight up sold out her supposed best friend to her boss last season with false information because she was jealous of how well her friend was doing at work. She was a good match for Alex in her first few seasons, but she’s not anymore. It makes plenty of sense why most fans don’t want to see Alex settling for a relationship with her any longer.

  7. kn1231 says:

    Remember those Maggie and Alex vibes a couple of seasons back? I didn’t hate that. Maggie’s character has progressively gotten worse since that point, but I am still in support of them exploring that relationship. I don’t hate Jo, but I think the relationship between her and Alex has been so boring, and with the lack of progression I think it would be best for them both to move on.

    • Lauren says:

      Yes! They were vibing and then it just was dropped. I would love that. Then Meredith and Alex really would be brother and sister!

  8. Julie says:

    In my current rewatch of the entire show for the xth time, I’m trying to find some redeeming moment for Jo and Alex, and it’s just so dang hard. Just because you both come from the same background (troubled childhood) does not make you soulmates. Sure, they understand each other and where they’ve been, but all that does is make them each revert back to the person they no longer want to be – Alex beating up DeLuca, and let’s not forget Jo almost killing Chest Peckwell too, plus now whatever drama her ex-husband will bring on top of it. They really bring out the worst in each other. They really don’t get much screen time together compared to other couples. (dead) Derek and Mer get more screentime than they do.

    Now on Merlex… I wasn’t a huge fan in the beginning, but I get where people are coming from. Doing a whole rewatch and knowing where things end up now, it would make sense if they end up together in some respect. Not that he’s the love of her life or anything, but the older you get the more you can appreciate a what a friendship like theirs means. In the end, I think they’ll always pick each other over any significant other they both have. They’ve been through too much together. They push each other to be their best. I get it. So “end-game” for the two of them could work for me. Even if it’s just them (as friends) against the world or in an old folks home. Just some thoughts!

    • Stacy says:

      I disagree that they bring out the worst in each other. The Jo/Chest Peckwell issue was when she wasn’t in a relationship with Alex. And Alex beating up DeLuca is his own issue. Alex wanting to marry Jo and have children and be a grown up is pretty much the opposite of “bringing out the worst” in each other.

    • Jamie says:

      Completely agree – they do bring out the worst in each other. I have no idea why people want them to be together past the whole shared crappy childhood aspect. I pray they end this hot mess so Alex can actually find a good love interest.

  9. Jenna says:

    Free Alex! Can’t stand Jo. She’s a terrible, self consumed character.

  10. ggny says:

    Come on we know Jo is pregnant and they even teased it. She is gonna be pregnant with Alex baby by the end of the season

  11. BenJ says:

    Maggie was unbearable this episode. It was funny when she was talking to Arizona and Jackson but from that moment on I was just annoyed with her. I like her character and I get that she’s neurotic but by the end of the episode I just wanted to slap her.

    I liked the scene with Alex and Andrew, that was good stuff. And I thought the Jo and Alex scene was well done too. I’m glad Alex will be back in the game. Dunno if Alex and Jo will wind up together. I always rooted for them but now it’s like too much stuff has happened, their relationship has been played to death.

    I like the idea of Alex & Maggie cuz their characters are so different, that could be a good fit. Alex and Mer tho, eww lol. I don’t see that happening. I could be wrong, anything can happen. But I feel like that would betray the spirit of those characters.

  12. Andrew Hass says:

    Even though Jo and Alex love each other right now maybe they shouldn’t be together because each of them have things to deal with.For example Alex still has to fix his career.As for Jo, maybe she knows her past is going to come out eventually and maybe she doesn’t want Alex to get caught up in it.Plus Alex and Jo still have to work together and maybe they didn’t want things to be uncomfortable and that’s why Jo went to see Alex and hugged him to try to make things comfortable between them.Plus i’m sure Jo’s husband will show up eventually to cause problems for JO, Alex and maybe other people on the show.