Grey's Anatomy Spoilers

Grey's Anatomy's Justin Chambers on Mer/Alex Romance: 'Personally, I... '

Alex Karev is a free man, but how exactly did the hot-tempered doc dodge that multi-year stint in the pokey? This Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, 8/7c) wastes no time answering that burning question, according to portrayer Justin Chambers.

“It happens really quickly — within the first 10 minutes,” he tells TVLine, before confirming that the reveal comes courtesy of a flashback that may or may not involve his victim (i.e. Andrew). And even though he may not be headed to prison, Alex is not walking away from the experience unscathed. “He feels really bad about” pummeling Andrew, Chambers says. “He apologizes. We’ll see if he’s receptive to it.” 

What the episode won’t provide, per Chambers, is a resolution to how Alex’s newfound freedom will impact his fractured relationship with Jo. “We’re steering clear of each other,” he shares. “But I think he has a lot of empathy for her, coming from an abusive relationship [with her MIA husband]. We all know that Alex grew up in a home like that. That opens his eyes to the possibility of forgiving her for not telling him the truth about who she is for so many years. She’s not the person he thought she was.”

And just because Alex and Jo are on the outs, don’t look for him to start kicking the tires of a possible romance with BFF Meredith. Although Chambers says “anything is possible,” he prefers to think of them “as siblings that care very much for each other.

“But that happens in life, where people who are friends become lovers,” he continues. “Personally, I don’t see that [happening] right now. I think it would be kind of strange.”

Last April, Ellen Pompeo similarly told TVLine that Alex and Meredith make better siblings than sweethearts. “I think they’re too close… too much like brother and sister,” she said at the time. “I have super-close friends who I’m not romantically attracted to at all. So I think just because you’re so in love with someone in one way doesn’t mean it’s a romantic love. But they certainly do understand each other a lot.”

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  1. A fan of TV says:

    It’d be really, very nice if the show attempts to portray a dynamic in which two opposite sex friends do not become lovers. It really does a disservice to our ability to communicate with the opposite sex if the stereotyped undercurrent of ‘boys and girls can’t be friends, sex is always between them’ crap. Let Alex and Meredith stay friends for the sake of portraying a realistic, non-sexual, opposite sex friendship.

  2. Anon says:

    Anything can happen….Alot of people want Meredith and Alex to end up together. I always thought of those two as friends. Unfortunately I’m a 100% certain that Jolex is endgame.

  3. Lea says:

    I just want more Meredith and Alex. They are my favorite part of the show. Their last scene last episode, saved the episode.

  4. jovana says:

    I don’t want them to become romantic ever.

  5. Martina says:

    I don’t ever want them to become a couple! I agree with “A fan of TV”. I really wish they would let their relationship stay platonic.

  6. PJnGA says:

    Yep…don’t screw up a wonderful friendship. That is a friendship that is rare and true! As for Jo…she needs to go….Remember back when she beat the snots out of her boyfriend…Alex almost took the fall for her….she isn’t worthy of him…

  7. Eran says:

    In the timeless and ever-so relevant words of Princess Elsa, “LET IT GO!!!”

  8. fransar94 says:

    That’s it! Very well said! It would be soooo stupid Alex and Her being a couple! And unfair for Alex. Met already had her soulmate, Derek. Alex from the other hand no. I would love Jo being his soulmate, but we’ll see. I just don’t want Alex being Mer’s second plate.

    • Lance says:

      Well, yes… She loved Derek but, who was always there for her? Even when he almost ruined her about the trial… It’s always been Alex who had her back… And she’s always had his. Not saying they have to be together, I’m saying they are like an old couple who can live together and enjoy each other while growing old.. At some point sex isn’t important… It’s the connection

  9. I like Jo and Alex. I also hate Meredith and I don’t want to see her whine her way through another relationship.

    • Rach says:

      Totally agree

    • Hannah says:

      I know everyone has their opinions about the characters (so I’m not trying to bash yours at all!), but I’m kind of confused about your comment. If what you dislike about Meredith is her whining, why do you like Jo? All we ever see her do is whine, especially when it comes to her relationship. Like 90% of her lines last season were whining about Alex and Meredith – to the point that she was even doing it while she was supposed to be cheering up Steph after her boyfriend died.

      • Lauren says:

        Hmm you know who whines more than Jo but nobody even talks about it? Maggie. Yes Jo was whining, but to be fair, everyone was treating her like crap for no reason, including Alex. He was so lost in helping Meredith all the time that he completely neglected Jo, and she deserved better than that after how she had been there for him all the time. Then for se weird reason the writers it so that no attending was taking her seriously and everyone ignored her at work. But why? If she’s a bad doctor she wouldn’t have come that far, they would’ve long kicked her out. And even unlike Stephanie who is portrayed to be the super resident I saw Jo studying and holding medical textbooks in her hands all the time. She’s a top graduate from Harvard and Princeton. So why do the attendings ignore her instead of teaching her? But except for that, IMO Jo has always been more the type of person who buries her problems instead of talking about them so I really don’t get why when everytime she opens her moutn people immediately say she whines. Meredith whined all season 11 long to Alex about her problens, when Derek wasn’t even dead yet, and nobody called her whiny. Or needy. I’m sorry but in Jo’s case I at least understood why she was upset, Maggie’s rants are always about the dumbest things.

        • Hannah says:

          Ehhh, I’m gonna have to disagree with you there. Yes, Meredith whines, as does Maggie. But Jo’s whining is most definitely not more valid or understandable than either of theirs. For the first half of last season, instead of having a grown up conversation with her boyfriend about how she felt so they could work through it, she just kept whining about it to her friends. And then when she finally starting talking to him about her grievances, it was to tell him to talk to Meredith *for* her. She always talked about herself as a strong, independent woman, yet she needed her boyfriend to fight her battles with her boss for her? What happened to the girl from season 9 who stood up for herself?

          And she didn’t have a mentor that she was bonding with at the moment – unfortunately, that happens sometimes no matter what profession you are in. You know what you do? You work twice as hard to make someone take notice (sorry, but the viewers definitely did not see Jo working harder than Steph). You know what you don’t do? Tattle fake information to your friend’s boss to get them in trouble because they are doing better than you are.

          I really didn’t want to talk down about Jo in this post because I actually used to really like the character – I was just genuinely just wondering how you can hate one character based on a characteristic, but love other characters who display that characteristic on a regular basis. Just seemed weird to me.

        • Kim says:

          Maggie tries to help and support other people. She’s not a narcissist. I actually love the character a lot. If she goes off on a tangent now and then it’s either totally justified or totally endearing.

  10. Larc says:

    Shows such as Grey’s Anatomy far overdo working partners pairing up sexually anyway. It happens in real life, just not anywhere nearly as extensively as TV does it. Let Mer and Alex remain close friends and leave it at that.

  11. Yoko says:

    No on Mer & Alex…No on Mer & Riggs….bring in someone new please!!!

  12. I think Meredith deserves someone in her life maybe Alex or Owens friend .I get tired of her getting others involved in relationships .she needs happiness .

  13. N says:

    No on Alex and Jo

  14. Dominique says:

    thanks for this, i’m glad justin’s getting some much deserved love and attention for his work on GA.
    i get it might be weird for him and ellen to ever consider meredith and alex anything other than friends. i haven worshipped the meredith/alex friendship for years and have always vehemently been against any romantic spark between them.
    that changed last season though, and i know it has changed for a lot of people. i suppose i have to accept they may never happen, and i’m okay with that, as long as alex doesn’t end up with jo. he’s been through too much to spend his life with someone who’s still so immature and never takes responsibilities for anything.

  15. Queenmother says:

    Been watching Grey’s since the days of George when they all started out together as interns. A relationship between Meredith and Alex would be too weird. They have come a long way supporting each other like sister and brother.

  16. Queenmother says:

    I’ve never cared for Jo since day one. Alex deserves better. He should lay low for now. Just be a good doctor.

  17. Katie says:

    It’s been like that for years and the Greys fandom always knew that Meredith and Alex were like siblings. Now thanks to the media people have to turn it into something it’s not and that annoys me so much, especially because I root for Jo and Alex. But of course the writers keep giving them no scenes together, at least I knew that beforehand now and won’t be annoyed on Thursday. I just wonder how they think they will get people to keep rooting for them if they give us are scenes of them with other people. We Jolex fans waited 3 years for a storyline, and this is what we get?

  18. Sara says:

    I have to say I get very sad when people say Alex deserves better than Jo. Ever since s11 probably 90% of Alex’s scenes were him hanginf out with friends. When in seasons 9 ans 10 he used to share his time with Jo. And she did feel left out at first but then she accepted it, or else you wouldn’t have seen so much of Alex with those said friends. I personally have found it horrible since I don’t like any of his friendships anymore except for Alex/Arizona. And if you look back over the years, Jo has been there for Alex whenever he needed her. She was the most supportive and loving girlfriend he ever had. She loved him so much, she would’ve done anything for him. She was the only one there when his dad showed up, she was the only one there who gave Alex advice when he didn’t know if to go into Private Practice, she held his hand when his dad died, she stuck with him when the board probade their relationship, she was the only one he had when everyone voted for Bailey and not him to get Cristina’s seat. Yes Alex helped her out with Jason but now she had to watch Alex beat up someone right before her eyes whereas Alex never saw what happened with Jason, there’s a difference. Then he said horrible things to her in 13×01 and she was so hurt she wanted to leave town. I do get that Alex is a fan favorite but I don’t get how one sided people see everything just because they love him and not Jo. I’m sorry but he was a bad boyfriend when he spent all his energy on being there for Meredith, sometimes Jo needed him too and after all the support she gave him, he should’ve been there for her.

  19. Chris says:

    I’m not necessarily rooting for an Alex/Meredith pairing, but when I think of how I’d want this show to end, I see them together in some sense. Maybe not romantically, but honestly if it was, I wouldn’t be that pissed. I just think it would be too weird to see Meredith move on with anyone else, especially a relative newbie. And none of Alex’s relationships have ever really captured my attention. So…if it happens (and is done right), I think it would be okay. Also this show has shown plenty of male-female friendships that stayed platonic, I don’t think it’s the end of the world if this particular one turns to romance.

  20. Karen says:

    The only way I’d like to see Meredith and Alex get together would be in the last 3 minutes of the series finale when it wouldn’t be something I’d have to watch. Alex has been my favorite character since the very first season. I’ve loved watching his journey. He has really grown up.

  21. Missy says:

    I’ve been wondering about these two, for the last, I guess 3 or 4 Seasons.
    I get the whole best friends for life thing but there have been some questionable moments.
    I don’t want it to happen but it’s felt like it might for awhile now

    And it sounds like it’s not entirely OFF the table :/

  22. Rika says:

    So thankful Jolex is over. That was the worst relationship ever on greys i feel

  23. Andrew Hass says:

    My guess is Andrew will drop the charges against Alex but he’ll probably do it for Jo’s sake.Also even though Alex may understand why Jo hid her past from him other things might not be resolved between them.As for Alex and Meredith, i like them as friends and that is not to say they couldn’t share a moment where they are tempted to kiss but they pull back in time because they wouldn’t want to ruin their friendship.