The Vampire Diaries Spoilers

The Vampire Diaries' Latest Death: Find Out When You'll See [Spoiler] Again

We’ve got some good news for fans of The Vampire Diaries, particularly those still reeling from Friday’s major death.

Yes, Enzo St. John is dead. You saw Stefan rip out his heart, you saw his face turn grey, and you heard Bonnie scream in anguish. But that’s not the good news!

The good news is that you’ll be seeing Michael Malarkey again before the series wraps on March 10.

“I’ve gone in and done a couple bits here and there,” Malarkey told TVLine when asked about his involvement in the series finale. “It’s nice to be able to wrap this thing up the way they’ve done it, to know this is the end, and to do it justice.”

When we pressed Malarkey for his reaction to the end of Enzo’s story — at the time of the interview on Feb. 2, we didn’t know that story included death — the actor told us, “I kind of knew it was coming, how it all wraps up. Julie had talked to some of us beforehand, telling us some ideas, so I was prepared for either way it would go.”

He added, “It’s nice to come full circle with Julie [Plec] directing the last one, and bringing back some familiar faces. … I’m sure everyone is saying that it’s bittersweet, but it’s also just kind of sweet.”

It’s anyone’s guess how Enzo re-enters the picture, but he isn’t the only deceased character appearing in the finale; David Anders (John), Kayla Ewell (Vicki) and Michael Trevino (Tyler) have all been seen on set.

Your thoughts on Enzo’s untimely demise? Hopes for the finale? Drop ’em all in a comment below.

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  1. Philip says:

    I have to be only one that wish for some kind time travel thing and stop Stephen from talking to Elena. And have them live their lives normally.

    • Brienna says:

      I do too. They ruined her life.

    • Ray says:

      I thought they could do something like that but then you have The Originals still on TV and that would be hard to do. Hopefully there is some kind of way to bring characters back by defeating the current big bad sending him to hell. When they destroyed the other side all those that suffered supernatural deaths disappeared, I’m just wishing they could exist somewhere. It seemed like when Katherine got sucked into the clouds that there was more story there.

    • Hallie says:

      Elena was still a doppleganger so klaus was still coming wether stefan met elena or not she was never going to have a normal life

    • Kersty says:

      who is Stephen?

    • Anshul Dubey says:

      She was still the doppleganger of Amara….Klaus would still be coming for her….Atleast because of Stefan she is still alive 👍😊

    • JJLantern says:

      Not entirely true that the Salvatore brothers ruined Elena’s life. Just like every character has a good and bad side, the Salvatore’s coming back to town was a mixed bag. If Stefan hadn’t been there the night Elena’s family went off the bridge she would be dead. Even if he had left town and not gotten involved with her she was a doppelganger and would have had to face Klaus without their help and would probably be dead. In fact, without them some people would be alive but many more wouldn’t be. Neither Elena nor Bonnie would have gotten their epic loves and both would still be supernatural creatures with all the drama that entails. So, all in all I say the Salvatore brothers did the best they could, fought against their nature as vampires and if they choose forgiveness and redemption deserve as much happiness as anyone else.

  2. Ian says:

    If this show ends with Delena and Steroline happiness at Bonnie’s expense in any way, I will never watch anything from Plec, Williamsom, or Dries ever again. Ever again.

    • Steef_Pif says:

      I’m sure that will devastate them.

    • Lucy says:

      I’m not defending Dries completely but you do know that she left at the end of S7 and had no involvement in S8?

    • Hallie says:

      If you watch yesterday then you know that steoline and delena will not be getting a happy ending either

    • Michelle Hite says:

      I’m so happy someone said it. Like Bonnie said in You’ve Made A Choice Too Be Good “everything is always taken away from her” I’ve dedicated 8 seasons to this show & I do love it but if Bonnie doesn’t get a happy ending then sorry “The Originals” I won’t dedicate myself to another show to end & make me mad. Her sorry is sad. I don’t see where Julie is going with this ending Stefan is human…. Enzo & Bonnie won’t have a happy ending. They never finished Katherine storyline…. I’m just really curious on how it’ll end. It determines so much

    • Bicki Grissom says:

      So well said!!!

  3. Dominique says:

    i’m still convinced that hell, or at least where cade comes from, is an actual place that our characters could potentially visit. we’ve seen that ringing the bell could open a portal long enough for cade to come through, so my guess is that this could mean the same for others who are there. and although they might not necessarily be deemed totally evil, all deceased characters who are coming back in the series finale could possibly be in hell, since they’ve all done questionable things at one point or another.
    since nina is back, who’s to say katherine won’t be back either. and we know katherine and vicky (and georgie too, for that matter) all went to the same place; hell.
    so my guess (and hope) is that in the end, they’ll be bale to free at least a few of them and bring them back.
    now that bonnie’s got her magic again and kai is coming back, it’s definitely an option.

    • Cydnie Forrest says:

      How do you know Kai is coming back?

      • Dominique says:

        chris wood was confirmed filming at least one episode, about a month ago i think. spoilers indicate his episode will be 8×13.

    • Maddie says:

      If they find a way to kill Cade, which I’m 98% they will, how can hell function without the devil himself? It will either cease to exist or everyone who was sent there will be released

      • AnnieM says:

        Maybe the Salvatore boys will take his place as Co-Kings of Hell? With them in charge and their humanity switched on, they’d make sure that only those who truly belonged in Hell would go there, rather than people who were tricked into doing something bad, as Cade made his servants do.

  4. Hallie says:

    i don’t see everyone just coming back to life and having this happy ending i think either stefan or bonnie create a AU and that is what it is or this is a flashback since the scene looks like a scene from when they were in high school

    • AnnieM says:

      Since we’ve seen how Cade has ‘cheated’ a lot of souls into Hell, maybe when he’s destroyed, all the souls who shouldn’t have gone there will be released?

  5. always i used too read smaller posts that also clear
    their motive, and that is also happening with this post which I am reading at this time.

  6. brownvirtue says:

    Won’t Stephan age and die like Katherine did or the way they expect Cade to?

    It’s like they want to end the show with everyone dead or hating each other. Bonnie kills Stephan because he killed Enzo. Damon kills Bonnie because she killed Stephan. Caroline tries to kill Damon because she blames him for Bonnie and Stephan’s deaths. Damon kills Caroline in self-defense. Elena wakes up and is unable to forgive Damon. Damon turns off his humanity and is killed by Matt. Elena leaves town with Matt.

    • Bex says:

      Good theory

    • Sharon says:

      It’s not actual aging. It’s the weight of the guilt for 4000 years of evil on a man who was once good. It’s why Stefan isn’t aging +100 years. He is used to managing guilt for being the Ripper. Cade, supposedly would not be. Also, Damon will never kill Bonnie. Vice versa, maybe.

    • Gift says:

      Bad, bad bad theory! I don’t see Matt nd Elena together even if she doesn’t end up with Damon. He is self righteous.

  7. Joseph says:

    Something about the “cure”in the last episode bothers me. It was supposed to be a one-off. Only one person can be cured, as it’s only “one dose” But it is in Elena’s bloodstream, and Bonnie takes out a vial’s worth of blood and wonders “is this enough?” How does she know how much “cure” is in the blood? And if that much blood will pull the trick, why not take several, and cure a few people. In fact, Silas had to drink ALL of Katherine’s blood (which surprisingly did not kill her… a side effect?) in order to get the cure. Amara drank HIS blood to get the cure. And presumably no one drank hers. Hopefully she’s on ice somewhere, so that they can thaw her out and get another dose.

    The cure that’s in Elena was from the “1994” universe that Bonnie got trapped in by Kai. Here’s a changed premise. Damon wanted to take the cure when Elena woke up, so that they could grow old together. Bonnie wanted Enzo to take the cure for the same reason. However, as evidenced by Katherine, if either of them took the cure, time would catch up with them, and they would rapidly turn old and grey. It didn’t happen to Elena, because she was still within her normal lifespan. In fact, time should be catching up to Stefan as well. But….. here’s a theory…. He only got a SHOT of the cure, not the entirety of Elena’s blood supply to get the whole dose. My guess is that this will be insufficient for a permanent cure, and only make him human for a time. The plan was to dose Cade and make him human so they could kill him, but Bonnie, faced with the choice of dosing Stefan to prevent him from killing her, or NOT dosing him, and she dies and it’s not used against Cade anyway (probably destroyed, or saved to use as a weapon against one of the “good” vampires), she took the only choice she could. If that worked, it wouldn’t matter if it was only temporary. Go back to Elena for another “shot” and use THAT one against Cade. They would then have the window in which he is mortal to kill him.

    Btw, all these “afterlives” bother me. There was “the other side” which supposedly fell, but apparently there is still some form of “other side” for witches, as evidenced in “The Originals”, since the ancestors are still meddling. And now there’s Cade’s hell. And once people “die”, all they have to do is find a doorway from the spirit world back, and they magically get a brand new body, not to mention they come back fully clothed.

    Katherine didn’t get pulled to “the other side” when she died, but got yanked elsewhere, much like in the movie “Ghost”. Perhaps, Katherine, for all her evil deeds, got yanked into Cade’s hell. Maybe the “Elena” we see in the final episode is really Katherine, who has learned her lesson, and also slipped back on the eleventh ring of the bell. After all, according to Kai’s spell, for Elena to wake, Bonnie has to be dead. Did that change too? Or are they going to find yet another loophole.

    Nice to see that Matt Donovan finally gets to be an integral part of the story line instead of perpetual wounded puppy or victim.

    One last thing. I hope they don’t COMPLETELY wind things up, as there is still another show in the Vampire Diaries universe, The Originals, in which some of these characters can, from time to time, resurface.

  8. Angeley says:

    I love TV exspecialy the show vVampire Diaries and the originals can’t wait to see season 8

  9. Angeley says:

    I love Vampire Diaries so much I can’t wait till season 8

  10. Ws says:

    Not sorry to see Enzo go.. never thought it made any sense for him and Bonnie to be together.

    • Amen to that! But knowing TVD they will find a loophole. She should have been with Damon but we know how that works.

      • A says:

        l love Bonnie and Damon but lm glad the show never went there like they did with Caroline and Stefan bestfriends dont have to be lovers at all. Plus Elena was always Damons true love , even now without her she still affects his life l hope their consistant and let them end up together and find a way to let Bonnie live.
        Julie Plec over time ruined this show for me and l doubt l would watch a show she does ever again.

    • Bicki Grissom says:

      I wish you would not have said that… very painful. I love Bonnie and Enzo together. They are the true concept of love, and one must grasp that concept before they can begin to explore and comprehend their love story.

    • Gift says:

      Thank u, want to see Bonnie happy but not a must that it has to be Enzo.

  11. Brandy Johnson says:

    Maybe they all come back after that devil dude gets killed and I know Tyler gets killed by Damon but he wasn’t himself .

  12. Cynthia Kelly says:

    I’m so upset Enzo dies, I’m so upset he n Bonnie can’t b happy I hoped she would turn to Vampire Elana return Damien become human Stephan n Caroline marry n alarek return with girls Matt would find happiness

  13. Gift says:

    I think everyone just wants Bonnie to be happy since she always sacrifice for her friends. she deserves to be happy but not necessarily with Enzo. I bet we will like it more if it was Damon she falls deeply in love with nd he also Loves her.

    • Nemo says:

      I’m happy Enzo was given a chance to shine as a character and to see Bonnie and him together is just perfect for me, I never tought I’d feal about them like once I did for Stelena. They are beautiful together, hvave such beautiful scenes and really have great chemistry. Problem with Damon is I really don’t like him, never understod why the hell writers made Elena fall for him so much. So, for Bonnie (which was from beginning one of three characters I love most) I would never want a boyfriend like him, especially since he is crazy for Elena, who is Bonnie’s best ftiend. I don’t understand why are fans crazy about him just because of his looks but in general he is the worst character.

    • Bicki Grissom says:

      Nope… Only Bonnie and Enzo should be together. Anyone else is simply pointless.

  14. Selena Mcmichen says:

    I’m so addicted to this show..hate to see it go…

    • Bex says:

      I wish there was some way they would change there mind and continue it. Like Nina could get off her high horse and come back for good. Best show that willnevee happen to hee

    • Jay says:

      I totally agree with you. Super sad. I guess the originals will have to do.

  15. Joanne says:

    Very sad ….didn’t want Enzo to be killed off the show poor bonnie .

  16. Aviral says:

    The only thing that matters
    Originals is coming

  17. Caitlin says:

    Just please, no Bamon. Let characters of the opposite sex just be friends. Look at how Dair ended up in Gossip Girl, yuck.

  18. Maurice says:

    Now that Stefan is human I don’t see him and Caroline ending up together anymore. Back in season 4 Klaus asked Caroline if she would take the cure if she could but Klaus knew she wouldn’t because she prefers being a vampire and I think she even said she doesn’t regret turning. Only 5 episodes left and I can’t wait to see how the show ends I hope its good because most of my favorite shows in the past have had really disappointing series finales like how I met your mother. As for Enzo’s death I saw it coming when Julie said that Tyler wouldn’t be the only major character to be killed off I knew it would be either Matt or Enzo. Anyway even if Stefan and Caroline don’t end up together I don’t think she will join the originals maybe show up in an episode in the future but not permanently. I like Steroline but I still hope for a Stelena endgame I know it probably won’t happen but it doesn’t hurt to hope.

  19. Nemo says:

    I know one thing about Bonnie Bennett : she never gives up! She will fight till the end to bring her love back! This is why she is such an amazing character : she is consistent, smart, kind, a real fighter, she can take more than Caroline and Elena together. I hope that wave around her created some place and Enzo’s soul is there.

  20. Alex says:

    Poor bon bon she was finally happy I can’t believe Enzo is gone he was finally in a good place n to see it all come to an end is so sad I will miss all of u :'(

  21. Kar says:

    ; David Anders (John), Kayla Ewell (Vicki) and Michael Trevino (Tyler)

    More people killed by the Salvatores?

  22. Zazy says:

    I just feel bad for Bonnie. She has been through so much for them and still had to loose the person she loves.

  23. Zazy says:

    I wonder if she will ever forgive the two brothers. She lost the important person in her life.

  24. Anshul Dubey says:

    In the recent episode did anyone notice some kind of supersonic boom at the end when Bonnie screamed while holding Enzo??
    Did she just get her powers back?? 🤔🤔

    • Mandy says:

      If not for the Salvatore brothers there wud not be “tvd”. I absolutely love this show!!! My all time favorite. I want Bonnie to be happy too but I’m for delena all the way!! Stefan & Elena seem more like brother & sister, no heat at all. I love Stefan too just not with Elena. And no no no to Katherine!! I want Nina back to be Elena only. Katherine only got old after sylus sucked the cure out of her so I think Stefan will be fine. I just love the show & am very sad to see it end :( Damon is my absolute favorite character LOVE HIM!!!

    • AnnieM says:

      That seems to be what most viewers think, yes. If so, I hope they explain *how*.

      • Anshul Dubey says:

        When Bonnie was the anchor to the two sides….her granny told her something about grief and all that….i don’t remember exactly….may it has something to do with that….🤔🤔
        God knows what Julie Plec has in mind 😛😛

    • Nadine says:

      Good question i was thinking the same thing .i also seen that .I hope she got her magic back and brings back her 💘

  25. Flavia says:

    Not happy with Enzo’s death. Bonnie deserves a break. She is a martyr. Bonnie and Enzo make sense and was believable. I particularly don’t like or find authentic Stephan and Caroline’s relationship. I enjoy the caracthers separately I just don’t think they are a good match at all. It feels forced. Bonnie deserves a happy ending. Let see what happens next. Since the TVD is coming to an end CW should move the Salvatore brothers to The Originals😉. We can’t get enough of Ian and Paul

  26. says:

    I hate the one who wrote this, how cruel to let Enzo die and take Bonnie’s happiness like this. She didn’t deserve this, neither did Enzo.

  27. Maddie says:

    Here’s what I’m thinking: we know that the bell has to be rung 12 times to completely create an opening of hell into earth, or to “unleash” it. It was rung 11 times, and the characters seem to keep making references to ringing it the final time. Once it is rung and the barrier between hell and earth is broken, would Bonnie and Damon and them be able to go into hell themselves and save their friends? It seems like it would just be the same concept as the other side, but this time they are dealing with actual hell. We all know that that’s where Enzo and the rest of the dead vampires are. Another thought is that since Cade was able to find a tear in the barrier and come to their dimension with only 11 rings of the bell, why can’t Bonnie and Damon do the same and save Enzo?

  28. Bicki Grissom says:

    Enzo and Bonnie from my perspective are the very heartbeat, the pulse, the lifeline of Vampire Diaries. He and Bonnie are brilliant together. Together, they are the epitome of an authentic love story. They are passionate, endearing, romantic, and poetic. They are so intoxicating that you are compelled to surrender your love to them. Bonnie and Enzo should be the unexpected endgame… They are a portrait of a desired love designed to embrace the whole heart of its lovers. I feel confident and content that by this regard, the Vampire Diaries would be worthy of the name masterpiece.

  29. Bicki Grissom says:

    Bonnie and Enzo are brilliant together. The are passionate, loving, endearing, and poetic together. They deserve to be happy together. They certainly have earned this passage. They are a portrait of an intoxicating masterpiece and you love them so deeply as if you have been compelled to do so. They possess a desired love that we mere mortals can only dream of. Enzo and Bonnie are the unique masterpiece of the Vampire Diaries.

  30. Vanessa says:

    I didn’t get too watch last wks show ,I missed it an so bummed as well that the show is ending ,it’s taking a toll on the emotions an can’t beleave this is about to be over ,I couldn’t Waite for Friday to be here an now Friday gets here too fast an it’s one Friday closer to the last show an that makes about 5 of my shows going off,I just don’t like it ,cause there’s nothing else on on that I really love to watch,I hope some time down the road that vampire diaries come back ,an a good movie to boot ,hope you all chew an think about it ,an the same ppl playing this show an the crew should get the biggest award ever ,Vampire Daries maybe almost gone will never leave my heart ,an I also hope you let the show do a rerun ,I’d be right there front row watching an times I wish I was a vampire not sure what it is about them just love them,love always a true fan love you guys ,it just breaks my heart an not cry while writing foreverlovemy vampireDaires

  31. Honey Jackson says:

    I’m still hoping that Enzo IS NOT REALLY “DEAD”!It’s not fair to us fans that have been loyal and wanted a “happy ending”,at least,for him&Bonnie! Maybe Kai’s coming back will bring Enzo back,restore powerful magic to Bonnie,etc.,and she will have Enzo back,if not,I will be extremely disappointed,as I’ve been this whole season! What a shame it’s ending like this!

  32. For the love of God. Julie Plec u could have made Bonnie happy for once. The poor girl has alwayssss and always been unlucky in love and she is the one who always has to make sacrifice. Not fair.

  33. Ann Teruya says:

    I wish Bonnie & Enzo has a happier ending they deserve that they all do. The only ones has to die is Cade & Kai sorry. I will miss The Vampire Diaries! Thank you to all the Cast & Crew for making this one of my all-time Favorite TV show. Greatest bunch of Directors I will miss all of you!

  34. Daleen says:

    Its stupid that Enzo died!!!!!

  35. Kimberly R Titter says:

    I think once they kill Katherine again Bonnie should be queen of hell

  36. Nina says:

    Sooooooo they should thy all shld get their happiness especially bonnie she brings enzo back..thy find an.uncure to reverse the cure then everyone.can live happily ever after…then they can all can.go meet up with the cullens and become mates….elena and bella can uppercut themselves for.causing all this drama..and I can.stop burning dinner because of shows like this the end.
    (I will miss u vamp diaries I enjoyed itx)

  37. Brooklynn says:

    why do the writers hate Bonnie so much?!?! like, she WAS SO HAPPY. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS SHOW.

  38. Vanessa says:

    Don’t really like the way the show ended,I hope that the way it did,would leave the door open for later on down the road for a chance to come back,an Hope for the same cast,they all worked together as 1,you really don’t see that in shows anymore,forever1vampirediries❤️❤️

  39. I wish Bonnie could’ve had a good life instead of always looking out me forgiving others she’s went through the most. And still doesn’t get her happily ever after