The Vampire Diaries Recap: (Yet) Another One Bites the Dust

The Vampire Diaries Recap

The Vampire Diaries has a dicey history when it comes to road trips, and Bonnie and Enzo’s “bucket list” excursion on Friday was no exception.

Sure, there were a few happy moments — Michael Malarkey looked like he had a blast filming that racetrack scene, and that moment where Enzo carried Bonnie over the threshold was cute as hell — but it wasn’t long before everything fell to crap, thanks to Stefan’s arrival at Bonnie’s secret property in Upstate New York. (You know, where she’s been hiding Elena’s casket.)

After ripping out Enzo’s heart (!!!) and entering the house — thanks to a real estate agent he tracked down earlier in the episode — Stefan headed straight for Bonnie. But just when he thought he had the upper hand, our girl pulled out a syringe full of Elena’s blood (aka the Cure) and stuck it into Stefan’s tum tum. BoomHuman.

As heartbreaking as Enzo’s death was, can you honestly say you didn’t see it coming? If it took you by surprise, you’re clearly forgetting about The Vampire Diaries‘ two primary rules: (1) Bonnie isn’t allowed to be happy for too long, and (2) When you start making plans for the future, it means you’re about to be six feet under. (Oh, Enzo, why did you have to talk about growing old and gray with the woman you love?!)

Plus, it looks like Bonnie’s grief triggered the reawakening of her magic, so… call it even?

Earlier that day, back in Mystic Falls…

Cade’s tour of terror continued with a trip to Chez Salvatore, where he released Stefan from captivity and presented Damon with an ultimatum: Get me 100 souls — or just the love of his brother’s life, aka Caroline — by sundown, or face the fires of hell. (In other news, no one claimed the pancakes that Damon made for his brother. Do you think they’re still there?)

What he didn’t tell Damon is that he gave Stefan the same ultimatum, and he chose to hunt down his brother’s girl (aka Elena), rather than murk 100 strangers. (While I can’t say that Stefan made the right choice, I totally respect his work-smart-not-hard attitude. Heck, I’d hire him, though I feel like human resources would have a few questions.)

Your thoughts on this week’s tragic twist? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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