Arrow Prometheus Questions

How Does Arrow's Big Bad Know All? Did Riverdale References Run Amok? Teen Wolf Tortures Malia? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Quantico, Teen Wolf, Arrow and Suits!

Inauguration Ball CNN1 | Why did CNN for a good 15 minutes give priority to a static, empty Inauguration Ball stage, all while three correspondents were speaking at length in the itty-bitty upper-right window?

2 | How closely must Grimm‘s Sasha Roiz have watched co-star David Giuntoli in order to nail so many of Nick’s mannerisms during the hat spell?

3 | If Sleepy Hollow‘s Malcolm Dreyfuss needed Ichabod to open the mystical J Street, didn’t it seem weird that the mogul and Jobe were just strolling around in there — especially after Crane closed the portal?

4 | Why did Girl Meets World bring Harley and Minkus back for the series finale if they weren’t getting any lines?

5 | Which will happen first on Homeland this season: the show gives us a full, free-jazz opening credits sequence, or Quinn takes a shower?

6 | Viewers of The Affair: On a scale of 1-10, how ridiculous was Bruce and Margaret’s panic room?

Today7 | On Monday’s Today, how long did it take for you to recognize Matt Lauer in his Elton John-video get-up?

8 | If the Arrested Development cast isn’t available for 17 (!) Season 5 episodes, wouldn’t it make more sense for Mitch Hurwitz & Co. to simply cut the episode count, rather than go the prequel route?

9 | Did The Bachelor move up the girls going to Nick’s hometown/meeting his parents because they were afraid he wouldn’t make it to the end of the season?

10 | What do we think, Quantico fans: Did Ryan really sleep with his mark?

Star Trek11 | Did the Supergirl portal remind you more of Stargate or, especially given Winn’s “red shirt” quip, Star Trek‘s “City on the Edge of Forever”? And for someone who claims to be molding Kara into a proper journalist, shouldn’t Snapper Carr have asked how she managed to obtain so many first-person interviews from people on an alien planet for her latest story?

12 | Did the Oscars’ decision to announce this year’s nominees via dull, pre-taped videos versus its traditional live event suck all of the excitement and suspense out of the whole affair?

13 | Dear This Is Us: Are we supposed to find Duke’s behavior attractive? Because yuck. And why were Kate and all of her friends dressed up like “Like a Virgin”-era Madonna (circa 1984), when her 10th birthday takes place in 1990? Didn’t Madonna reinvent herself, like, three times in those six years?

14 | Does Chicago Fire need to stop giving Severide good love interests who aren’t series regulars, thereby limiting their ability to stick around? (But we can pencil in Anna for a surprise return at the end of the season… just as Severide and Stella are finally getting together, yes?)Agents of SHIELD

15 | If Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s May was unmarked prior to Aida clocking her on the left side of the face, where was all this blood from? Her head slumping down to the floor?

16 | Sure, it was great to see Teen Wolf‘s Stiles saved by Lydia’s love, but did anyone else feel bad for Malia, Stiles’ ex, who had to sit there and watch the whole thing unfold?

17 | TVLine reader Michael speaks for many Arrow fans, asking: “How did Prometheus know about Black Siren and that she was being held in S.T.A.R. Labs?” (And even if we explain that away, how is he aware of the Waverider?) Speaking of the Big Bad and his mysterious identity, has Adrian Chase been ruled out as a suspect, seeing as a costumed Prometheus met with Black Siren during Oliver’s quick jaunt to see the DA?

18 | Wouldn’t Suits‘ Mike need teaching credentials to work as a substitute?

19 | Is the “bright side” of CBS’ Hunted that, if renewed, the next players can only be smarter? Like, act as if they have watched a single CBS procedural where a criminal cleverly evades the law?Salem

20 | On a scale of “Eh” to “Whoa!,” how awesome was Salem’s series-ending depiction of Hell? Did anybody predict that dippy Anne would be the last witch standing? And, considering what a hot devil Jon Fletcher made, how sorry are you that Little John wasn’t transformed sooner?

21 | Why is the town of Riverdale perpetually blanketed with fog, even in summer and early fall? Were you getting twisted, incest vibes during the opening scene with Cheryl and Jason Blossom? And would high school sophomores really be so well-versed in Mad Men and Truman Capote that they’d be casually rattling off Betty Draper and In Cold Blood references? On a related note, Supernatural Mickwhich one of Veronica’s many pop culture references was one too many for you?

22 | What is this on Supernatural‘s Mick, a 10 o’clock shadow?

23 | Why did Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jo feel the need to take her frustration/anger about Alex’s situation out on Arizona and Bailey on that car ride back from the prison? And regardless of superlative ratings, does this season — with its many (and more to come) “standalone” episodes — almost refuse to gain momentum?

24 | On Nashville, how did Rayna and Bucky know to immediately look in Randall’s desk for the missing box? And why, exactly, was Will at The Exes’ video shoot?

25 | Would CBS have been more prudent to take another day or so and compile a proper Mary Tyler Moore retrospective, versus the slapdash special that could have just as accurately been titled Oprah Rambles to Gayle About Mary?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam says:

    RE Malia: YES. It was heartbreaking to watch her go through that. Especially since nobody involved in the situation seems to care about her feelings.

  2. Derek S. says:

    Better question, how did Black Siren knew the exact clothes Laurel was wearing in the alien-induced hallucination inside Oliver’s head?

  3. Jenn says:

    #18 Most states just require a college degree plus some paperwork (i.e. criminal background check) to be a sub. Doesn’t really solve Mike’s problem, but not having teaching credentials is the least of it, lol

    • Btm says:

      I used to be a sub in the 1980s. The only requirement was completion of sophomore year in college, not even a degree.

      1. Things change over 30 years.
      2. He doesn’t even have that, does he?

      • Daisy says:

        I’m pretty sure he has an undergrad degree, he just never went to law school. Or wait, he finished undergrad but didn’t graduate??? At any rate, he attended at least 4 years of undergrad.

      • Jenn says:

        I think he does have a college degree. But having a felony conviction would completely disqualify him from teaching. Which was my point -felons don’t get to work in schools. Even if the crime they committed is pretty insignificant in the big scheme of things

    • madhatter says:

      That’s only required if you work in public schools. Private schools/parochial schools aren’t legally required to have certified teachers though schools will choose to only hire those who are certified (or will be certified within a certain time limit).

  4. Steveo says:

    Adrian Chase is definitely not Prometheus because he’s definitely the Vigilante lol

    I thought it would be more appropriate to have Malia save Stiles than Lydia, and the MOST appropriate thing would have been to just have Scott save him.

  5. SharonP says:

    In reference to the Suits question, in some areas of the country you don’t need to have teaching credentials to become a substitute teacher just a high school diploma and no criminal record. And I do agree with your question about Sleepy Hollow. I was kinda dumbfounded to.

  6. btm says:

    17. The voice actor for Prometheus sounds exactly like Michael Dorn. As for who it is under the mask, I thought his age made it seem like it had to be Adrian Chase, not to mention the lack of characters in the season’s cast. I didn’t get the impression that events were happening simultaneously and that it could not have been him as a result.
    I’m skeptical regarding fan theories that it’s a resurrected Tommy Merlyn, but that is one possibility — getting around the limited season cast options by bringing in a guest star who used to be a recurring cast member. I thought that the showrunners indicated previously that they were taking Lazarus Pits off the table, though, and that was why they blatantly destroyed the Lazarus Pit. That’s a MacGuffin they wanted eliminated.

    • Luis Roman says:

      The first time I heard Prometheus speak, I thought immediately of Michael Dorn. I personally think bringing Tommy back and making him Prometheus would be an insult to “Arrow” fans. I’m still convinced he will turn out to be a member of the SCPD.

      • well its what happened to Jason Todd in the comics. Former Robin, killed by the Joker. Wrecked Batman with guilt for years. Then Jason got resurrected and became the anti hero Red Hood who went after Batman to destroy him as he blamed him for what happened. This served also as the basis for the story of Batman: Arkham Knight where the Arkham Knight (Jason) practically was exactly like Prometheus on Arrow.

        The “Under the Hood” storyline is a huge classic and fan favorite so I would not be surprised if Arrow would use it as inspiration.

  7. Luis Roman says:

    I’m betting Talia is backing Prometheus and feeding him all this information. More to the point, if Felicity was suspicious enough of Laurel’s “resurrection” to create a ruse designed to get Laurel’s DNA, why wasn’t her first action to call Cisco and have him check on Black Siren?

    • Ann says:

      Because I don’t think her initial instinct took her to that conclusion that she was Black Siren. I felt that she thought it might be someone pretending or morphing into her.

    • Alichat says:

      I had this same question. Now that Barry has created an alternate timeline and we know of alternate realities/worlds, the first thing I would do when someone appears to be ‘resurrected’ would be to call The Flash team.

  8. GraceM says:

    Question #2 doesn’t make any sense. Why would anyone be copying Nick’s mannerisms when Nick was supposed to be doing that with the Captain?

    • CourtTV says:

      They are asking about the actor who plays the Captain and how he copied spot-on the mannerisms of the actor who plays Nick.

      • GraceM says:

        I still don’t get it. The actor who plays Nick was copying the mannerisms of the actor who plays Renard.

        Why would it be the other way around?

        • PatriciaLee says:

          Wasn’t there a time when Renard was Nick pretending to be Renard, i.e. giving the TV interview resigning as mayor-elect, when Renard was with Adelide after Nick told her to make sure Renard would be watching at a certain time? Remember when Renard was going to leave, and Adelide said their daughter needed him there for relationship (dad-kid) building?

        • Alichat says:

          The actor who portrays Renard, Sasha Roiz, was portraying Renard and Nick-as-Renard in that episode. That means shortly after Nick morphed into Renard, when he’s getting used to the Renard body, he will still have Nick’s mannerisms. He is still Nick… a Renard ‘suit’ for lack of a better term. And when Nick-as-Renard was with Hank, Wu, Rosalee, Eve, etc, he would be Nick…..not Nick acting as Renard. So in those scenes, Sasha Roiz needed to have Nick’s mannerisms, vocal inflections (way of speaking), and walk down so he could be that character.

  9. DAG says:

    Yes, yes, yes to #25! Yes, Oprah – let’s make MTM’s death all about you.

  10. Mary says:

    25. Yes, it would. I was a bit annoyed with so much time given to Oprah about Mary Tyler Moore. They didn’t need to give her about a half hour of the show.

    • Mary says:

      I was expecting comments from people who worked with Mary like Dick Van Dyke and Betty White.

    • Butch says:

      I am guessing that those who actually knew Mary and worked with her on the MTM show were too upset to appear on camera. Hopefully 20/20 will do a better job tonight. Or just make it a show using lots of clips of her. What is there to say other than they loved her, she was a generous boss , a joy to work with, and they will miss her the rest of their lives.And, of course, they were a family. All of which I am sure is true.

  11. Rachel says:

    17 – I don’t know. I hope it’s not him cause that would be a let down. But I do keep going back and forth with liking/not liking him.

  12. Dr.Bombay says:

    PBS has a much better MTM tribute that you can stream on or on Roku. A little bit of Oprah but lots of Mary and her co-stars.

  13. Alyse says:

    Anna will be back in Chicago Fire. Not in the next episode, but in the one after that.

    • Jamie says:

      Ah good to hear it. Charlotte Sullivan would be a great addition to the cast, so I was hoping we were just getting a taste now so their relationship doesn’t seem rushed when they finally get together. They would be a fool to not snatch her up.

  14. funnibone31 says:

    I hope Quinn takes a shower this week….

    • RichieS says:

      Carrie: ” Quinn, did you take a shower? ”
      Quinn: ” Why, is one missing? ”
      Nyuk Nyuk

    • Elissa says:

      On the Showtime App you get the full opening jazz.

    • Elissa says:

      #24 – Randall has not been shy about how much he likes Rayna. He has actually said he was her biggest fan. He also made a comment about that box that was taken in the last ep. Also, Will was probably at The Exes video shoot b/c I don’t believe he has ever done one and he isn’t doing anything else so why not.

  15. fiberlicious says:

    18: In most states, substitute teachers are not required to be certified.

  16. JC1 says:

    11) Well, I was thinking Stargate, but now that you mention it……lol. As for Kara’s journalism storylines, I’ve given up trying to make any sense of them. I wish the show would give up on that angle.

  17. clintbrew says:

    17, i would like to know about how prometheus knew about the waverider and black siren it cant be artemis cus she wasnt round during the legends crossover the only villian that know about the legends would be merlyn but he in the past also going by the comics adrian chase is the vigilante not the main villian

  18. Tom says:

    4 | Why did Girl Meets World bring Harley and Minkus back for the series finale if they weren’t getting any lines?
    Because not everybody needs lines?
    8 | If the Arrested Development cast isn’t available for 17 (!) Season 5 episodes, wouldn’t it make more sense for Mitch Hurwitz & Co. to simply cut the episode count, rather than go the prequel route?
    But the prequel is intriguing though
    11 | Did the Supergirl portal remind you more of Stargate or, especially given Winn’s “red shirt” quip, Star Trek‘s “City on the Edge of Forever”? And for someone who claims to be molding Kara into a proper journalist, shouldn’t Snapper Carr have asked how she managed to obtain so many first-person interviews from people on an alien planet for her latest story?
    A Stargate mention here? Awesome. Don’t watch so can’t comment on what it looks like, just kudos on Stargate love
    12 | Did the Oscars’ decision to announce this year’s nominees via dull, pre-taped videos versus its traditional live event suck all of the excitement and suspense out of the whole affair?
    Does it need excitement?
    25 | Would CBS have been more prudent to take another day or so and compile a proper Mary Tyler Moore retrospective, versus the slapdash special that could have just as accurately been titled Oprah Rambles to Gayle About Mary?
    Yes. It just felt….*shrugs*. Like, they should have taken time to get more than Oprah. They should have gone for two hours. I mean yeah they got Carl Reiner and Dick Van Dyke, but they could have gotten more, like Ed Asner maybe. And maybe some other people she inspired.

  19. JC1 says:

    17) Yeah Prometheus knowing about Black Siren and the Waverider was a stretch. But I’m completely certain that Adrian Chase is Vigilante, so it never even occurred to me to think about him being ruled out as a suspect for Prometheus.

  20. Stephanie says:

    13) And its being teased as a possible love triangle!? WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HELL. He needs to get punched.

  21. Kevin says:

    #5 – opening credits sequence on Homeland. BTW, did they forgot to mention the incident involving Drew Carey’s son that started the fire during the protest in the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration and is Mr. Carey’s hosting job on The Price is Right in jeopardy depending on his contract?

  22. Jerry G says:

    25. When CBS announced that they were airing a Mary tribute so quickly, I assumed that the network had gotten advance notice of Mary’s failing health and had been working on an impressive obit/tribute/documentary. Instead, it looks like CBS was winging this on the fly, deciding that all they had to do was find a few people around the office, throw in a few old clips, and then just let Oprah ramble for 25 minutes. Ouch.

  23. RichieS says:

    I felt bad for Malia but I will feel even worse when the next episodes come out and she’s with Scott until the finale when Kira the Windwalker blows back into town (see what I did there?) and reclaims her wolf.

  24. Jeff hunter says:

    17.)Chase is that Other character Viligante in the Comics so that leaves him out!jeff

  25. skrable2a says:

    25 — What … you weren’t thrilled by the “bonus” clip of Oprah stuffing tissues under her armpits to soak up sweat?

    Meanwhile, on NCIS, wasn’t the revelation that “Mr Palmer” is now actually a doctor yet another signal that this will be David McCallum’s final season?

    • ragnar51 says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing about NCIS. I notice that David McCallum is seated in a lot more scenes than he used to, maybe he’s just getting tired?

    • grazelled says:

      David McCallum is in his 80’s so maybe he wants to work less. I’d still like to see him on the show though, I’ve really enjoyed “young Ducky” flashbacks too. Maybe after this episode they’ll let Palmer act like the grown up doctor he is.

  26. Andrew says:

    (21 – Not sure if it was Veronica or not, but “Justin Gingerlake” was about all I could take. I did get an incest vibe from those twins, though…lol.

  27. Mallory says:

    I was under the impression that Kara got the interviews AFTER the people were rescued, not while they were stranded on the alien planet…

  28. Carlos says:

    #5 I live in Chicago and they did had the jazzy montage on the second episode. It’s not the first time they don’t do it on the first episode and it may be not to spoil who’s back for the new season.

  29. Stacy says:

    23. It’s SO SLOW. And tedious, don’t forget tedious. I skipped Grey’s first episode back, and I’m not sure if I’ll check out net week’s or not. :/

  30. KLS says:

    12. I don’t even know why award nomination announcements are “events” to begin with.

  31. David Sukenick says:

    The Supergirl portal reminds me more of the recent Agents of Shield Portal that Simmons went through or even the one on Haven. It was called a Thinny.

  32. Karen MT says:

    #4: Apparently Harley (and possibly Minkus) did have lines, but they were left on the cutting room floor. The actor who portrayed Harley put a read-through of his lines on Instagram.

  33. 2) Thank you! Sasha nailed David’s mannerisms. There wasn’t a moment during “Sean” and “Nick-as-Sean”s scenes when I didn’t know who was talking. Kudos!

    22) I have less questions about the comic-book stubble and more about that accent.

  34. Tyler says:

    #21 If you liked Dawson’s Creek then you can’t really complain about the dialogue. It’s a style!

  35. c-mo says:

    4. Probably because they would have had to pay them more and the budget was already tight with all of the extra guest stars.
    22. I don’t watch the show but it looks like someone used bald spot paint on him. Hope it was cold on set because if they ever had to blot him, it would have bled down his face. OR was it added via CGI?
    25. I expected better from CBS, they failed almost as badly as the graphic designer who came up with the awful LA Chargers logo.

  36. drhenning says:

    I thought that the last episode of Homeland had the opening credit music.. Different words by Carrie than earlier seasons..

  37. Mark says:

    11. It’s very easy. Kara interviewed all the people after they came back from the alien planet. It helps to be friends with Supergirl to get that kind of access, doesn’t it?

    25. YES! I was looking forward to the Mary Tyler Moore tribute, but I fast forwarded through much of it because it was unfocused ramblings.

  38. Kellie Morse says:

    Re Arrow- How did Curtis go from the back of the truck with Felicity sans face paint to inside factory still with Felicity with face paint?
    Did Felicity do it for him??

  39. RayjinCajun says:

    I’m pretty sure Adrian Chase is The Vigilante

  40. akane171 says:

    16. Too bad that Teen Wolf ended on s5.

  41. specls says:

    When does Mr fantastic gets time to do his hair? Has curtis he’s got an afro then bang!! Mr fantastic & its all plaited. Fantastic indeed

  42. Deegan12 says:

    Adrian Chase is not Prometheus. Adrian Chase is the vigilante. Only people that don’t read comics still think Adrian is Prometheus.

  43. bj says:

    19) It doesn’t matter how smart the players in Hunted are, the deck is stacked against them. They can only get money from their bank accounts and every time they use their access cards their position is flagged. I gave up watching when I realized that.

  44. Amy says:

    #22- Mick’s facial hair was so weird and distracting. I couldn’t even pay attention to his scenes. I kept trying to figure out what cartoon character he reminded me of.

  45. Susie says:

    Sure, it was great to see Teen Wolf‘s Stiles saved by Lydia’s love, – Speak for yourself. I’d rather see Stiles find a way to save himself then have some contrived stydia plot that make zero sense.

  46. Ash says:

    Stydia is so forced.

  47. tovahatha says:

    18. I don’t know about other places, but I am a substitute teacher in West Virginia and here all that is required is a bachelor’s degree. Licensed teachers get priority as far as placement goes. Also, Mike was subbing in a Catholic school, so even if licensure was required for public schools, private schools don’t have to abide by the same standards as public.

  48. Regina Velazquez says:

    seeing Malia have to presence that scene made me feel so bad for her. I love her so much

  49. @Arrow

    You really need to do your research. Adrian Chase was never a suspect since he is the anti-hero “Vigilante” who was introduced earlier this season.

    As for Prometheus – he obviously (unlike you people) did his very extensive research. He might have been doing it for years. And since the Green Arrow is a known associate of Team Flash, he might have expanded his research to Central City as well. The key to victory is knowledge. Knowledge is power. The more Prometheus knows, the more powerful he becomes.

    Slade did the exact same thing. He spent years uncovering virtually EVERYTHING about Olivers life, friends, family and city there was to uncover. Slade even knew all the details about what went down in Hong Kong and Russia (See “Arrow Season 2.5” comic series) and obviously knew pretty much everything about the Queens (including Theas true father). I would not be surprised if he also knew about HIVE, Andy, the Calculator, Felicitys past as goth hacker, Diggles past in the army, the Undertaking, Wallers involvement in Fyers operation on Lian Yu etc.

    Slade planned his crusade against Oliver for years and he knew that knowledge was the key. He was a soldier. The more intel you have, the better your chances to control every possible outcome.

    Obviously Prometheus knows this too. Hell maybe he even knows it FROM SLADE. He certainly has many similarities to Deathstroke. The sword skills, the martial arts proficiency, the using of mind games, the intricate knowledge of Olivers life, the obsession with destroying Oliver – these are all traits that Prometheus and Deathstroke have in common.

    Either thats just lazy writing (and just repeating what was done before) or this is not coincidence at all.

  50. Taylor says:

    WAIT – is that Adam from Being Erica?!