Dear Oprah: Please Save Us From President Donald Trump By Reviving The Oprah Winfrey Show

TV-MAIn the weeks and months following 9/11, I found tremendous solace in TV. Each night after work, I would burrow into my couch and curl up with new episodes of Friends, Gilmore Girls or Felicity.
 And no matter what, before going to bed, I’d always play back on my VHS recorder the latest installment of The Oprah Winfrey Show. O’s daily dose of uplift and optimism was the perfect tonic to calm my nerves after a long day of terrorism fears and war jitters and anthrax scares.

I was reminded of Winfrey’s uncanny ability to soothe just yesterday when the sad news of Mary Tyler Moore’s passing broke on Twitter. Within minutes, a clip from a 1997 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show went viral; in it, Moore surprised super-fan Winfrey live on the air, causing her to erupt in a fit of gloriously authentic joy. And for that two minutes, I felt better. It took the edge off of my sadness and served as the warm hug that I so badly needed.

And, if the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency is any indication, I’m going to need a lot more of those warm hugs. Each day brings with it an even scarier headline that brings into sharper focus Trump’s plans for this country, and Oprah’s not around to help calm the feelings of uncertainty and fear that are curdling my insides by reminding me of how much good remains in the world.

So, Oprah, if you’re reading this, here’s what I’m proposing: Revive The Oprah Winfrey Show on OWN – the time slot can be of your choosing since I’m going to stick to tradition and replay it before bed, anyway — on a five- or four-day-a-week basis. And it doesn’t have to be year-round. I know you’ve got your acting thing going on, not to mention running an entire network and all, so you can take long stretches off. Maybe give us eight straight weeks of shows in the fall and another eight in the winter/spring, for a grand total of, say, 80 original episodes. That should go a long way toward taking the edge off.

Give it some thought. Take your time. But not too much time. The Mexican president just cancelled his meeting with Trump only hours after a mass resignation took place at the State Department. And the day is still young.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. maregolden says:

    Personally, I’d rather have Jon Stewart back.

  2. larry says:

    America first must be a scary concept to liberals. Having a politician who actually does what he promised to do must be a foreign concept to liberals. I am so sick and tired of people who are suppose to concern themselves with Hollywood and entertainment, feeling so arrogant that they must give their political opinions. Stick to what you know Michael cause you do not know anything about politics………

    • Paisley Park says:

      That politician that you oh so love IS a celebrity!!!! HE should’ve stayed out of politics!

      • Trump is a businessman, who then became a celebrity, yet still ran his multiple businesses all the way up to being President. He is not taking a salary, his son-in-law is not taking a salary, he is donating all proceeds from foreign officials that stay at his hotels to the US Treasury and spent millions of his own dollars running for President.

        Comparably,Obama was a first term Senator (3 years) who then became President and then tried to become a celebrity during his 8 years as President by constantly hanging out with Hollywood on our dime. He spent more time and money on small issues that did not have an effect on the majority of Americans. Trump is working to help all Americans.

        The main difference is that Obama is of better moral character and a much greater persuasive speaker. While those are good attributes, those do impact policy that bring prosperity and safety to Americans.

        Finally, look at the Dow. It’s increased by 1700 points since Trump’s election 2 months ago and crossed the 20,000 mark yesterday for the first time ever. Proof is in the pudding.

        • Mary says:

          I have a bridge I can sell you. He is a tv reality star. Yes he is a businessman, not a good one if you ask me when you have to file chapter 11 5 times. He is also known for screwing over contractors not to mention his ego is out of this world. I hate to break it to all of you but the Government is not just about economy. There are many components to it and this man does not have the intelligence to comprehend that.

          • JScout says:

            I agree with you on all except he not a “star”, he was a game show host. He’s also mentally ill and a Russian sympathizer. Impeach Vladimir Trump now.

          • Mary says:

            I said TV reality which means a bad D actor maybe even lower than that. He still is trying to get those ratings and refuse to understand it will never happen.

        • He is a businessman that managed to destroy all that he touched. As NJ what happens when Trump gets involved. Please spare us the line that his business acumen will save us.

          • Google: “Repairs on the Wollman Rink in Central Park, built in 1955, were started in 1980 by a general contractor unconnected to Trump. Despite an expected  2 1⁄2-year construction schedule, the repairs were not completed by 1986. Trump took over the project, completed it in three months for $750,000 less than the initial budget of $1.95 million, and operated the rink for one year with all profits going to charity in exchange for the rink’s concession rights.”

            While the amount that he inherited is disputed ($1 million to $50 million), he still turned it into a $4 + billion dollar empire. I would say that took some solid business skills. Look at all of the child celebrities on E! that inherited millions and have squandered it.
            Also, look at how accomplished and articulate Trump’s oldest children are. Again, they had privilege, but instead of squandering it, they worked hard to become successful people.

          • Mary says:

            Ask the contractors on that project if they were all paid in full, chances are probably not.
            Guess what already a case against him for the hotel in DC for contractors not being paid in full. So even if he finished ahead of schedule doesn’t mean jack if you screw the every day man.

          • ew says:

            Oh yeah he destroyed everything he touched. How stupid are you? He is a billionare who has a hotel empire.

          • Mary says:

            @EW you do understand that many of those hotels carry his name only not that he built them. He sold his name for a buck, profitable but it is not like he built them all.

        • Adam D says:

          Wait, you’re giving Trump credit for continuing Obama’s economic recovery? But I’m sure you first in line to blame him for not fixing Bush’s economic meltdown quickly enough. #hypocrite

        • Really!? says:

          Well, you’re partially right- the only morals Obama has are the ones that benefit him

          • Mary says:

            During office what did Obama do that benefit him please explain. Now the fact that Trump didn’t put his business in a blind trust let’s see who is going to benefit. Ignorance is bliss.

        • ilovefootball25 says:

          You can’t argue with some people. They put their hands over their ears and refuse to listen to facts. I agree with you and love this response.

        • Barbara says:

          Mails24, totally agree with you.

    • Chris says:

      He hasn’t done what he promised he just lies, taxing are going to pay for a wall, that won’t solve anything, which he promised Mexico will reimburse with some form. That’s bs there’s not way it will get reimbursed and is tax payers will have to foot the bill for such a dumb idea. Please try and use your brain and see that all he does is lie.

      • Dianne says:

        Were you aware that illegals send $25BILLION back to Mexico each year? This money should be used to help pay for the fence and close Western Union to money transfers to Mexico.

        • Pedro says:

          Isn’t that money those people earned holding jobs?

          • Working illegally, often not paying taxes on it, while honest American citizens pay taxes that then go to support these same people’s lodging/food/education expenses.

          • Mary says:

            I am sure some of them pay taxes maybe not a lot, but I don’t see you complain about Trump and corporations who don’t pay theirs. I don’t see you complain about churches not paying taxes. Funny I haven’t heard anything about Trump getting rid of the loopholes for the top 1%, only what hurts the middle and poorer class. Seriously people look at history, Reagan is a perfect example trickle down does not work. Not to mention you will be paying for the wall and don’t hold your breath getting reimburse. You all cannot be this blind.

          • Whole Grain Goodness says:

            Yes, and they had 7.65% of the gross withheld for social security that they will never be able to receive any benefit from.

        • Mary says:

          @ Dianne Well your statement proves what I have thought for quite a while. Sad really but we have become a me society. Empathy has been lost on those unfortunate. Do you ever think that they send money back to help support their families who need it. Our Country was based on open borders. These people don’t take jobs away the truth is many of US citizens refuse to do certain jobs that they think is beneath them. Just like Trump making Muslims register is not only wrong but it is obvious that he learned nothing from history. You have more to fear from the unstable man in office then most immigrants.

        • Mario D. Brooks says:

          That would be an overreach by the government, the exact opposite of Republican values, to prohibit a private company from allowing their private customers from sending the money they earned where they choose.

    • maregolden says:

      Knowledge of show business and politics are not mutually exclusive. Michael is as much a citizen as you are, and entitled to his opinion. And Trump does not believe in America first. He believes in Trump and the rest of the millionaires first.

    • Pedro says:

      It should be scary for everyone. It’s based on Nazism. Don’t let the uplifting name fool you.

    • mamamitzvah says:

      Don’t waste your breath on deaf ears. We will spend the next 8 years listening to whining & crying. Not one of these people knows anything about Mr Trump’s plans. Nor do they understand the havoc of the last eight years. Just let it roll off of you like a bad wave.

      • You make a lot of assumptions. And you are dismissing the majority of America’s will. Enjoy your bubble before it bursts. It will!

      • teeveenerd says:

        We know all about Trump’s plans. Why would we NOT believe everything he’s already said? This first week of his administration has been nothing but chaos. When Obama became president, he inherited a financial crisis thanks to the lack of regulation in banking. Eight years later, Trump has inherited a much more stable economy and government, and yet he is upending it and making the American government a farce, using the same reality show tactics he used in television. So unless you are part of the oligarchy that is currently running this show, you will not benefit from this government. No one will except Trump, his family, his rich cronies, and Putin. It’s not a wave, but an oppressive tsunami of hate to anyone not rich and white. Good luck to us all for surviving it.

  3. webly3 says:

    We need Oprah.

  4. Pamela says:

    I really used to like Oprah but the last couple of years I think she got a bit full of herself. Or maybe it was just all the media hype around her. If she revived the show with the pre “Oprah is God” persona, cool. But I think she has become so hyped that we are beyond that.

  5. SJ says:

    Comparing President Trump to 9/11? Wow. Just wow. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Liberalism really is a mental disorder, it would seem.

    • Chris says:

      Fitting he’s gonna end up killing more people than 9/11 did

      • Trump’s going to end up killing people, really? Explain.

        Honest to God, people acting like Trump being elected is the apocalypse is getting old. He’s focusing on bringing back/creating jobs, securing our borders, fixing our broken immigration system, fixing Obamacare, etc. What is so horrible about that?

        People need to get a grip and calm down. Get with it or get out.

        • Chris says:

          Buy repealing the Aca without a replacement will kill people.

          • David H says:

            He didn’t do that. He has no plans to do that. Are you just making stuff up?

          • loveNY says:

            How about the ACA bankrupting people? Our insurance rate doubled and the deductible went to $5000. Can’t afford the premium, let alone the deductible. Now, tell me if ACA is so wonderful why didn’t Congress and President who passed it sign up for it? Do you know what kind of medical care and benefits they get while the rest of us struggle to pay for even the bare minimum coverage?

        • Mary says:

          No he is focusing on shooting his mouth off not only domestically but with other Countries. This man lacks basic diplomacy skills and his big mouth will be the downfall of us. When that happens the US will have no allies to stand with us. You need to get your head out of the sand.

          • Mary, weren’t the democrats the ones throughout the campaign season the ones that told others not to give into fear? Yet, here you are now prophesizing doom for America and Chris above is saying that he is going to repeal the ACA without a replacement, instantly killing millions.
            1) Yes, Trump has a big mouth and I wish he would stop tweeting and get his ego in check. I do share your concern regarding his diplomatic skills, however, I don’t think that they will lead to a war with Canada or Mexico any time soon. The main threats that existed during Obama’s presidency: N. Korea, Radical Islam, Russia, China still exist during Trump’s presidency.
            2) The ACA took years to implement (both on a government and on the private insurer level) and the changes that Republicans make will similarly go into effect in 2018 at the earliest. No one is just going to be stripped of their insurance immediately.

            Time to stop listening to the liberal media as all they are spreading is fear and propaganda. BTW, I don’t watch Fox News, I actually watch all of NBC’s news programs and then supplement them with a variety of online news outlets (NY Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Forbes, Fox News, AP, etc.).

          • Mary says:

            If you actually listen to his words then sorry their is quite a lot to be fearful about. It is great if you fall into the “safe” group but many do not. You can be naive all you want and hope for the best. I refuse to remain silent when I see our Country going backwards. The fear wouldn’t be so great if we thought for one moment that we had a sane rational President. He is mentally unstable but you can put blinders on and hope for the best. Sorry no more benefit of the doubt for me. If he proves me wrong so be it but I don’t think that will happen especially after his first week in office. Boy funny how Republicans and Trump were complaining about Obama executive orders, and not going through Congress and yet crickets from all of you.

  6. Sarah says:

    Thanks, Michael. I need an escape from our Orwellian alt reality, too.

  7. Gary says:

    You really ought to stick to reporting on developments on TV because when it comes to politics, you clearly don’t know what you are talking about. The people at the Stats Department who resigned are political appointees, and who traditionally are asked to leave State when a new administration takes over. They even submit their letters of resignation when Trump was elected because they are essentially political appointees. Your biased liberal Hollywood leanings are showing.

    • kayw4 says:

      Nope they’re longtime civil servants who have served under two administrations, and in one case, three administrations. What else have you got?

      • Gary says:

        You are wrong — read this straight from the State Dept. itself as reported in the liberal rag I’m sure you love — CNN:

        ‘Mark Toner, the State Department’s acting spokesman, said in a statement that “These positions are political appointments, and require the President to nominate and the Senate to confirm them in these roles. They are not career appointments but of limited term.”
        He continued, “Of the officers whose resignations were accepted, some will continue in the Foreign Service in other positions, and others will retire by choice or because they have exceeded the time limits of their grade in service.” ‘

  8. KB says:

    No Thanks….She’s got that I’m better then everyone attitude!

  9. Ruth says:

    You are one of my favorite sights and I am so disappointed in you. Please don’t make this a political sight. Lets just give him a chance like we do with ALL presidents. I’m so sad you felt the need to rant.

    • Chris says:

      Why does Michael not have the right to voice his opinion ? Unless something changed I’m pretty sure freedom of speech is guaranteed in the constitution.You chose to read the story you didn’t have to. He should be using his site to try and enact change. Good job Michael.

    • Mary says:

      No you don’t give someone with a mental disorder a chance, at least a sane rational human being would see that. That is like saying if you see a car wreck about to happen you just wait and see. Not my style. This man has not exhibit any self restraint or diplomacy whatsoever.

    • The chance was thrown out with cabinet picks, erasing science, censoring data, blatantly LYING to the public about something so obvious a 2 year old could comprehend it, throwing out a draft budget that touts impossible to reach goals, starting a fight with Mexico over a $15B wall… want me to go on?

  10. Tired of this crap already says:

    oh come ON! Love you Ausiello, but this is rididulous. I’m not a big Trump fan, but gee whiz get over it!

  11. Gretchen says:

    This needs to happen! Great idea Michael!

  12. L says:

    I guess you missed all the hate-mongering and divisiveness being shouted by the “peace-loving” liberals

  13. Robin Cabana says:

    Yes!!!! I watched her episode with Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds recently. Also good therapy!

  14. Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait until the stupid Trump supporters realize that he isn’t going to help them. He is going to continue to lie and make up “alternative facts.”

    Trump supporters need to wake up if they think his billionaire cabinet appointees are going to help them. They won’t. They will make more money and screw the workers! Trump is going to ruin our environment and our reputation in the world. Putin is just going to love that!

    Sorry Michael I’m not an Oprah fan anymore. She is like Trump thinking that they are above everyone else!

    • Keith says:

      Hillary wasn’t going to help you either

      • YTKylie says:

        At least she wasn’t going to undo the progress the economy had seen the the past 8 years. The Trump administration cannot even bring themselves to utter what the unemployment rate is right now because they know in 6 months time it will have gone up and it’s not a good look for them.

        • Take a look at the Dow. it’s up 1700 points since his election and just crossed 2,000, but you’re right, he’s not going to help the economy.

          Oh and in regards to unemployment, yes the rate is at 4.7%, however, that number does not take into account 90 million Americans that are not working (or about 30% of the country). Also, more people are receiving entitlements now than in 2009. So while the % looks good, it doesn’t take into account many factors that show that the economy is not as great as Dems and the media make it out to be.

    • Mary says:

      No his supporters will get 5.00 a more in their paycheck and think they hit the jackpot. They won’t comprehend that the top 1% will make millions of of them. Sad people don’t look at the whole picture and history so we are doom to repeat it. The only bad part it will destroy much of what was accomplish.

  15. Bill Johnson says:

    Just put on your big boy panties, and give President Trump a chance. You might be surprised!

    • Mary says:

      Nope when he refuse to even try to unite the Country after the election and continues to lie because of his bruised ego he doesn’t get or deserve the benefit of the doubt. His ignorance alone about science is proof enough that he will do more harm to this Country.
      No matter how much you beg or plead the majority already see what his intentions are.

  16. Ralph May says:

    I prefer entertainment news, not political commentary disguised as an editorial/opinion piece…

  17. Good piece. It would be great to have her back!

  18. Raul J says:

    If Oprah doesn’t want to return maybe they could CGI her. In fact, maybe they can CGI Johnny Carson, Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and Dinah Shore to also “return” to their talk shows.

  19. Evelyn Houston says:

    What a great idea!

  20. JScout says:

    Trump is mentally ill. He suffers from a severe form of narcissistic personality disorder. Read about it. If he doesn’t resign soon, we need to impeach him.

  21. This x 1000! Please, in this crappy social and political landscape, The Oprah Show will be such a wonderful escape! Make it happen – Ausiello and the all powerful and lovely Oprah. And while you’re at it, bring back Veronica Mars, Everwood and give us a West Wing reunion – not a political commercial, but the real thing. Thanks!

  22. Really!? says:

    Sounds good Mike, hope she reads this and gets right on it, I miss her too.

  23. Cheryl says:

    Wow oh wow!!! The fact that these comments quickly became another political argument proves the point of this article.

    I use the Ellen show for the much needed uplift at the end of a day. Though, a few doses of Oprah would always be welcome. Live and let live. Love and let love.

  24. Jerry says:

    Considering she was quiet during the election… almost forced to endorse Hillary… and was no where for the Women’s March, I’m not so sure she’s a willing participant to help a movement anymore…. That, or Weight Watchers wouldn’t allow it.

  25. Walkie says:

    You meant to write this article about Jon Stewart.

  26. Collette says:

    Two things we DON”T need now is more Oprah and more Obama. Get over it.

  27. Jshun says:

    Not just no. Hell no!!!!

  28. DF says:

    Anyone old enough to remember Oprah is too old to behave like a safe-space snowflake.

  29. pickles says:

    Take a break from the news and social networks and you will feel better. The internet can be a seedy place.

  30. Linda Davis says:

    Come Back!

  31. Brad says:

    This site has gone to hell.

  32. David Graf says:

    I’m sorry but Oprah has always been about herself and no one else.

  33. Annie says:

    Trump is a narcissist with obsessive compulsive and paranoia tendencies. Case in point: crowd size and popular vote are Moore important to him than trying to help the country come together.

    My only hope is that the one guy who predicted a Trump victory will also be correct about him being impeached. But then we will have Pence. Not fond of him, but at least he seems sane.

  34. Penny says:

    SERIOUSLY?! Comparing Trump taking office to the THOUSANDS of lives taken on 9/11 and the impact of a terrorist act done inside our borders? Go to your “safe room” and cry. You’ve lost an avid follower….

  35. Rita Avalo says:

    Would be so very happy to have Oprah back only wish❤❤❤❤👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  36. I doubt she has the time or energy for another talk show. I’m surprised the Democrats aren’t going out of their way to court her for the next election. She’s exactly the person they need.

  37. MTB says:

    Are you people kidding me? What a bunch of SNOWFLAKES. I’m done with tvline.

    • Jake says:

      You clowns are always calling your opponents snowflakes. The reason for that is you all prefer showers – golden ones.

  38. Soraya E. says:

    I can’t give you a personal hug, but I’ll give you a virtual one, Mr Ausiello!

  39. Taylor says:

    This article is trash. Get your priorities straight.

  40. Leanne says:

    no she is only open to one race, hers

    • Mario D. Brooks says:

      Because white people have historically been so embracing of non-whites? Get out. Oprah’s audience was largely white women anyway.

  41. Duke charles says:

    Oprah can save situation in USA but Donarld is good president if he uses the law as stated.

  42. Huge Oprah fan here and I couldn’t agree more. I watch OWN and I love the scripted shows and the OWN variations of the Oprah Show: Next Chapter, Super Soul Sunday, etc. but the Oprah Show was one of a kind. I would love for it to come back. I need it more than ever!

  43. Barbara says:

    I think they were asked to go. I like Oprah but I, for one, don’t need her. Hillary lost.😊😊