Arrow Recap Season 5 Laurel Earth-Two

Arrow Recap: Double Trouble — Plus, the Hunt for a New Canary Is Underway

This week on The CW’s Arrow, Oliver & Co. reunited with dearly departed Laurel, before getting the full story on her improbable resurrection. Elsewhere, imprisoned Diggle got an unexpected lifeline and a familiar cry was heard at episode’s end.

Picking up where the fall finale left off, Oliver had so many questions for alive-and-well Laurel, and she more or less had answers. A short time after being declared dead, she saw a “white light” — in her time-traveling sister Sara, who teleported her to the Waverider to have her embolism fixed via next-gen tech. Having given Laurel the same “second chance” that was afforded her, Sara then deposited her sis in present-day Star City, to be with her loved ones.

After Laurel is quickly brought up to speed on her father Quentin’s tumble off the wagon and subsequent rehab, Felicity decides to throw a “homecoming” party (even though she technically still is mourning Billy, who hasn’t even been buried yet). At the quiet soiree, Oliver relishes the rare occasion that the team is brought together by non-dark times, by “miracles.” Felicity — having already registered some “weird” observations — privately has her doubts about this Laurel, and a preliminary DNA test allows for the possibility of an “evil twin.” Just then, Laurel herself gladly spills the beans, arriving with a sonic cry and shedding her charade as a “pathetic” “pill”: She is indeed from Earth-Two aka Black Siren. S.T.A.R. Labs security cam footage shows that the all-knowing Prometheus found and sprung her from the Pipeline, then coached her to taunt Oliver.

Later, though, Laurel-Two reaches out to Oliver, claiming that she was threatened into doing Prometheus’ bidding. Meeting up at the Black Canary statue, Oliver is rightly skeptical of the metahuman’s spin — she started going “dark” after Earth-Two’s Oliver, her great love, died 10 years ago — but he sees value in her offer to help them track down Prometheus. When Laurel-Two marvels at Oliver’s capacity for forgiveness, he relates what we soon learn is an adage from his Russia flashbacks, about how we can choose to let circumstance turn us into nectar, or poison.

Back at the lair’s holding cell, Felicity explains to Laurel-Two how Oliver sees in her a chance at redemption, especially in the wake of the devastating mind-fork that Prometheus pulled on him. Felicity then allows Laurel-Two to escape, having slipped nanite trackers into her drinking water — a ploy which, while savvy, spurs words between Oliver and his actual ex. When the nanites “go live” and Team Arrow chase Laurel down, she expectedly leads them to Prometheus. A group fight ensues, and Oliver must ultimately choose between dealing with Prometheus or saving Felicity from Black Siren. He choose the latter, challenging his ex-love’s doppelgänger to salvage any remaining good part of her self, by sparing Felicity.

Black Siren laughs off the sentiment and starts screaming Olicity to death, until Curtis silences her with some new tech. After Black Siren is shipped off to the ARGUS facility in Central City, Oliver resolves to keep his deathbed promise to the real Laurel, to find someone new to carry the Black Canary mantle. Turns out, his search may have started without him, when at a Hub City watering hole, two drunk bros find their obnoxious come-ons rebuffed (and then some!) by an attractive barfly’s… Canary Cry?? (Get scoop!)

Elsewhere in the episode:

* After looping Dig in on the Laurel sitch, Oliver tasked DA Adrian Chase with reversing his former bodyguard’s incarceration. Chase questions his ability to do so (as well as the propriety of it all), but at the very least he gets Dig’s transfer delayed, seeing as General Walker is itching to off the prisoner.

* Curtis was in a deserved funk, given Billy’s death, Evelyn’s betrayal, Prometheus continuing to elude them and husband arrow-talia-al-ghulPaul walking out on him.

* In flashbacks, Oliver got roughed up (and fed psychobabble) by the Pakhan who betrayed his Bratva brothers — until he was rescued, by Talia al Ghul (Andromeda‘s Lexa Doig). “Hello, Mr. Queen. I’ve been looking for you.”

What did you think of the episode “Who Are You?”

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  1. Felicity can now punch out Meta Humans because Felicity

    Thanks Guggenheim. Not watching Felicity and Friends

    • Mark92 says:

      why not? Siren has no super resistance power or something. but why let logic get in the way of some good Felicity hating, right? what a loser you are.

    • Liz says:

      E2 Laurel doesn’t have super strength or anything. Only her canary cry makes her a meta human. And Curtis knocked her power out so Felicity was able to take her by surprise and punch her. It’s really not that difficult to understand.

  2. Lydia says:

    I came back for this? For more disrespect to the Black Canary mantle. Why. Can’t you just use what The a Flash gave you. Black Siren is perfect! She’s still laurel!!!

    Arrow has used me for the last time. I’m out again.

  3. Casanova34 says:

    Talia Al Ghul is here yay!!!!

  4. Jason says:

    I don’t know how well this new Black Canary is gonna go over. it feels more like a “we didn’t write Laurel very well lets try again as opposed to a new and organic character ready to take the mantle of black canary

    • T.W.S.S. says:

      They’ve already done such a disservice to Black Canary, why create a new version. They can simply bring in another female vigilante and give her a different alter ego.

    • Lex says:

      Exactly. The point of this new Canary baffles me, because she feels so unnecessary to the narrative. Okay, so you want a second go at writing the Black Canary… but why? What does she add to the story besides another character no one cares about?

      • Gale Peacock says:

        I doubt Guggenheim and his writers really want to do another Black Canary but Warner Bros. keeps insisting because they want the name out there just in case they do something with the character (rumors of a Birds of Prey movie). Kind of like what they’re doing with Wild Dog, who is rumored to be the next villain in a DC movie. So Arrow gets stuffed with these comic book names despite the fact they are not needed on the show. But WB has to sell so it’s selling even if the audience is largely not buying.

      • kath says:

        It has the feel of an order from above.

  5. Bob says:

    Talia hype can’t wait for more flashbacks hope she shows up in present time

  6. Liz says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. Black Siren was great. Felicity was amazing. Olicity was great too, loved seeing their chemistry still alive and well! Oliver was dumb, as usual, but eh. It’s expected these days. He’s always dumb for plot reasons. Only thing I’m not sure about is the new BC, Tina at the end. I really don’t think she’s needed.

  7. Josh says:

    Ugh, what a waste

  8. aaron says:

    Screw this show for the millionth time. I only watch it when KC comes on but they always manage to piss me off either way.

  9. Moshi Moshi says:

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’m so done. You don’t even need Oliver to save the day, now Felicity does it all.

  10. Gigi says:

    Anyone else not curious to how Curtis gets his hair done that quick when he suits up & its back to its naturalness after they’ve taken down the villain?

  11. dancmh says:

    Prometheus was sounding his Michael Dorn-iest yet. I swear that was Worf in that suit.

  12. James D says:

    seriously why did I start watching this show again. I knew they’d never give proper respect to BC. Such a waste too Black Siren redemption story would of been great to watch and we could of seen bamf BC and Katie finally being allowed some room to move. writers and runners of this show are hot trash. what a disappointment.

  13. ALM says:

    I agree with so many others. This was beyond ridiculous. As always with Katie Cassidy and Black Canary so much potential being wasted. So how many people are going to actually have a Canary Cry now? The final indignity was the Felicity punch. Really? You may have written her knocking out Black Siren, but the pathetic portrayal is knocking this show down for the final count.

  14. Michael says:

    Am I missing something? How did Prometheus know about Black Siren and that she was being held in Star Labs (as opposed to Harry and Jesse having taken her back to their world)? That doesn’t seem to be something that Artemis knew.

  15. JDH says:

    The promo team for this show needs to be taken out back & put down… Ignoring the EXTENSIVE spoilers in the initial trailer, a sneak peek released in the last day or so has Wild Dog refer to her as Black Siren…

    • Leonie1988 says:

      I think they did it on purpose to not give Laurel fans false hope. And still everyone was surprised that it wasn’t Laurel and they weren’t getting KC back… everybody already knew that.

  16. Elle says:

    I don’t get why the writers seem to love Felicity. She’s the worst part of the show. I’d rather see an entire season of repeat island flashbacks than ever see another Felicity scene again. Black Siren was badass. Bring her back and ditch that dud Felicity!!

    • K1 says:

      yeah, why would TV show writers like a good actress? doesn’t make any sense. the real question is: why do you like laurel, both a bad character and actress?

      • Lisa says:

        I agree the actress who plays Felicity is fairly good, while Katie Cassidy is an awful actress who seems to be able to pull off only one facial expression. Still, I would too prefer if Felicity was confined to being the show’s adorable tech savvy dork, and not someone who makes important decisions or gives orders. Watching the dynamic between Oliver and her now, you really do get that “mom and dad” feeling Wild Dog always mentions… and it’s not good.

        • Kay says:

          I love Felicity, but I have to agree with you. I’d rather she be the cute though overly-talkative techie. There’s really no reason to have her out in the field.

          • kath says:

            She’s only in the field if there is some tech that needs doing, like this episode, or if she’s a decoy like in the Dollmaker episode.
            Except for the crossover episodes and t he fake wedding, this is the first time she’s been in the field since season 3.

    • Liz says:

      I love Felicity! This was her best episode too.

    • Gale Peacock says:

      Well, she’s smart, empathetic, witty, funny, beautiful, kind, generous, patient, loyal, trustworthy, respectful, loving, sexy … should I go on? So why not write for such a fun and layered character played by a very charming young actress?

  17. Jim says:

    A long time ago, the Black Canary was originally from Earth-2. She crossed over to Earth-1 to be with Green Arrow. Now that was several reboots ago, but still, it’s at the root of the character. There’s no reason the show couldn’t have used this opportunity to fix the life-sucking black hole that Laurel’s character was, and there’s even precedent in the source material so no one could complain. Because Katie was never the problem, her character was. But, no. Yet another opportunity to fix the whole Black Canary debacle wasted.

  18. Lex says:

    I oddly enjoyed this episode, which I didn’t expect to happen. That being said, it feels like the writers are playing roulette with the audience this season, taking a stab at some part of the fandom, spinning the wheel, and then pissing off whoever the ball lands on. “Today let’s piss off the Olicity fans! Next week we’ll piss off the comic fans! After Christmas we’ll piss off the Laurel fans!” They’ve been spending far too long trying to please everybody but in the end pleasing nobody. Even though I like where the narrative’s going (because it feeds into the things I watch for), I can’t help but think Guggenheim is completely out of touch with his audience and incapable of telling a strong, coherent story.

    • Rob Watkins says:

      The audience is made up of a bunch of people with different opinions. You can’t please “the fans” because we all don’t like the same stuff. What was incoherent in this episode?

  19. Ella says:

    Ugh. I can’t tell if I’m more irritated by the writing or the ridiculous hope I had that they would actually do KC and the Black Canary justice. A redemption arc would have been amazing. Too bad they’re too far up Felicity’s ass to see anyone or anything else. I watched the KC episodes this season. Now I’m done.

  20. Butch says:

    The show has left open the possibility that Black Siren could reform because Ollie has the hope that it could happen. Therefore one day she may become the Black Canary. She is just not the next one.

    • T.W.S.S. says:

      True, the door is open. But Huntress has been in Iron Heights since season two and the show doesn’t seem invested in any of Katie Cassidy’s Laurels. So that “one day” might be a ways away.

  21. Brandon says:

    So disappointed in tonight’s episode. I had hope that the writers would finally do Katie Cassidy and the Black Canary storyline justice…but for what feels like the millionth time, it seems like they’ve dropped the ball when it comes to anything involving Laurel. A redemption storyline that slowly incorporates Laurel back into the team would have been fascinating to watch, but the way she was written made this episode a chore to watch. At this point, I’d rather they completely write Laurel out of “Arrow” and move her permanently to “The Flash,” which, while not perfect, does a much better job than “Arrow” at writing complex female characters. As far as some random girl in Hub City also having the Canary cry, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. It seems like the writers just want a do-over at getting the Black Canary story right, since they dropped the ball so many times with Laurel over the first several seasons. It’s frustrating to watch, to say the least.

  22. K1 says:

    look at all these butthurt Laurel fans. when will you realize that Laurel and Cassidy will always suck? and it’s no one’s fault but hers.

    • Sara says:

      Hmm considering Wendy came out and said “it’s obviously been proven she’s a big fan favorite” plenty love her. The only butthurt person seems to be you.

  23. K.D.S. says:

    I’m disappointed. I don’t want this new girl as black canary. I want Black Siren as Black Canary.

  24. Barry says:

    I think we had enough canaries. Sara, Laurel, Laurel 2, Evelyn (Sara obviously being the best). Time to let that gimmick die.

  25. Gada says:

    I don’t get why people are so pissed. we knew it wasn’t real Laurel, we knew she wouldn’t stay (thank god, Katie Cassidy is terrible) – what did you expect? if you for some reason a fan of KC, enjoy having her in this episode and in future Arrow/Flash/LoT episodes. and if you supposedly hate Arrow (and especially Felicity for some nonsensical reason) so much, just stop watching, reading and commenting. life is so much easier when you let things go. all this hate reminds me of Trumpists b*tching on YT videos of know liberal comedians. stupid people are so annoying.

  26. Dominique says:

    i thought this was a really great episode, and it seemed like katie was having fun playing black siren. i’m just very confused how no one at star labs noticed that one of their meta’s got out.
    i actually really liked felicity this episode, and that has been a long while for me, so i hope they keep it up.
    also, am i the only one who noticed a vibe between curtis and rene?

  27. Christian iChandia says:

    I can not believe what I watched last night on Arrow. Such a disservice to fans of the character Black Canary.

    I thought season 5 of Arrow was better than previous seasons and more interesting than The Flash season 3.

    If the writers needed a character to die in in season 4 they could have killed Felicity. Black Canary as a comic book character is more important to the Arrow’s mythos than Felicity. And the lack of costumed female Superheroes on TV and in media is very sad. So why did the writers kill Black Canary not once but twice? First Sarah then Laurel.

    The disgusting way that the writers are trying to say that Black Canary is a Legacy character is a slap to the audience’s face. Not good. If they are in desperate need of a Black Canary try to redeem the Black Siren. Although this is the second time the writers are using the plot Device if “we need this person in our world so let’s search the multiverse for it’s doppelganger. Death has no more meaning on these shows Especially when it’s easy for them to reverse time or grab a doppleganger

  28. AdFry says:

    what’s with the complaining in the comments? the promo spoiled that it wasn’t earth 1 Laurel, everyone always said she would stay dead and Katie Cassidy wouldn’t return full time. how could you expect anything different? good episode.

  29. Partisan says:

    I’ve loved Lexa Doig since Andromeda. I’m hoping her character plays a big part int the back half of the season, past and present. Wish she’d turn out to be a good guy or at least a good bad guy (like Merlyn looked like he was going for a while) but since apparently she trained both GA and Prometheus probably not. What are the chances it’s actually Talia under the Prometheus getup?

  30. John says:

    Why are the Arrow writers doing this? they have Katie as Black Siren, she could be the new black canary. She was written so much better on The Flash. What a huge disappointment Arrow has been.

    • nonono says:

      metahumans are Flash. I don’t want one as a permanent team member on Arrow. and we don’t need any more people anyway, the original trio was just fine (before they gave Diggle that stupid helmet). unless they bring Sara back, she’s awesome.

  31. Brigid says:

    Terrible episode! They ruined a great opportunity for a redemption story. Felicity whine crying every time she talks to Oliver is really starting to grate my cheese. There is just nothing good about this show any more. I’ll stick with The Flash and LOT. The best way to quit things that aren’t good for you is cold turkey. By Felicity!

  32. JC1 says:

    Huh. I actually thought it was a really good episode, if you can get past how exactly Prometheus knew all those details, particularly about Sara and the Legends. It just proved to me that Katie Cassidy is far better suited to playing the villain than she was to playing Laurel/Black Canary. She was terribly miscast in that role from day one in my opinion, and I will always wonder why they didn’t recast or write her out far far earlier than they did.
    I thought Felicity was awesome, and if this is “dark” Felicity, than give me more! :)
    As far as new Black Canary goes, I’m so far withholding judgment. Sara is and always will be my Black Canary. We shall see whether Tina, aka BC 3.0, can live up to that legacy.
    But there’s no denying that this is all terribly awkward. Bringing on a new actress to play Black Canary just proves that they do indeed want A Black Canary. They just didn’t want Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary. Which is interesting, and makes one wonder why they didn’t just stick with Sara in the first place. We’ll probably never know (all rumor and speculation aside).

    • Partisan says:

      Isn’t this technically BC4.0? The girl that betrayed the team was supposed to be the new BC until she went dark side wasn’t she?
      And I share your opinion that Sara Lance payed by Caity Lotz was a far better BC. The actor was way more comfortable in the suit and had way better chemistry with the other characters and the writers did a much better job with the character (backstory, how she worked with the team, even her romance with Nyssa). No diss on Katie but she just never gelled as the character.

  33. sarah t says:

    Wow, maybe I’m the only one who actually liked last night’s episode but I thought it was pretty good. I actually liked “evil” Laurel as Black Siren (I’ve always thought Katie Cassidy plays snarky with a little bit of heart well since I saw her on the Melrose Place reboot). I thought she kind of owned this part and I wouldn’t mind it at all if she got out again and kind of turned into a “in it for herself “villain” that helps Team Arrow from time to time”. I liked that Oliver and Felicity went a couple of rounds about Laurel and how she wasn’t their Laurel. I liked that Curtis figured out he wasn’t as much of a fighter (because he isn’t and we have too many fighters on the team as it is). I prefer him more behind the scenes with Felicity, at least for now. Overall, I would rate this one a solid “B”. Yes, it was spoiled somewhat by the promos but really, my first thought when I saw Laurel alive was that she was from a different earth so it wasn’t like it was going to be a huge shock (imo). I also didn’t think that Felicity got to “take out” Laurel. The only way she was able to punch her was because Curtis subdued her with his siren cry diffuser thingamajig so it wasn’t like she’s suddenly turned into a major fighter.

  34. Charley says:

    I enjoyed this episode more than most this season. I think KC’s acting style is SO MUCH BETTER suited to playing the ‘evil vamp’…I enjoyed her acting in this episode. I don’t understand ‘replacing’ Black Canary, so hopefully they will take that somewhere good. I also hope they bring Diggle forward again…the Arrowverse doesn’t play as well without him! And I am thrilled to have seen some of the ‘adorkable Curtis’ that stole our hearts last year. Most of all I am pleased that they ‘gifted’ us with some of the Amell/Rickards chemistry, without the ridiculous soap opera storyline! Thank you!!!

  35. Gabe says:

    1 canary 2 canary 3 canary 4
    5 canary 6 canary 7 canary NO MORE
    stop this frakking madness!

  36. Luis Roman says:

    I could use more Oliver/Felicity conflict in the future. Watching Stephen and Emily go at it like that is almost more fun than Ollicity being a couple. Anything that gets Curtis closer to being a true superhero is fine by me. I loved how it was ultimately Curtis’s mind, rather than his mediocre fighting skills that put Black Siren down. Forget how Promethus knows about parallel earths and Earth 2 Laurel. How did he get her out of STAR Labs without setting off an alarm – or are we just going to gloss over that one. I don’t get why Oliver should be obsessed with replacing Laurel as Black Canary. I understand a deathbed promise, but how do you find a person you can trust to fulfill that role, given the betrayal TA just suffered at Evelyn’s hands? Oh wait, that’s it – you show up next week and watch as she falls into your lap.

    • Lex says:

      As usual, we’re on the same page. It felt *good* to see Oliver and Felicity get nasty at each other, because it wasn’t a clean break up and they’ve needed to clear the air together.

      As for the new Black Canary, I really don’t know why we got that deathbed line in the first place. Why does the show want another Black Canary? It’s keeping alive a comic book mythos that is dead in the TV show adaptation. Why add a new cast member when we already have so many more? Why?

      If they so desperately want a Black Canary, have Sara go into mourning, hence why the White Canary would become the Black Canary. At least that way we’d finally have the right person behind the mask.

    • kath says:

      After watching the Oliver/Felicity disagreements, I am so stoked for the Dark Felicity arc.

  37. Just saying, Earth 2 Laurel can still become the Black Canary. It happened in the Comics. Laurel is supposed to stick around too, so this isn’t the last we’ll see of her. No sense in all this hate people.

  38. kath says:

    Arrow is back!!!!!!!
    This is the first episode I’ve whole heartedly enjoyed all season. The focus is back on Oliver, Felcity and Diggle (although to a lesser extent) than the noobs, the story was interesting, Diggle/Chase is a great combination, and I’ve never liked Katie Cassidy so much. The producers done her wrong when they refused to have Laurel go grey rather than goody two-shoes.
    All that was missing was Thea and Quentin.
    I’m back to being excited about this show again.

  39. Leonie1988 says:

    Fantastic episode all around. One thing though… they have avoided pitting Felicity against Laurel for 4.5 years… couldn’t they have stuck by that? It wasn’t our Laurel, but still. It only makes the atmosphere in the fandom even worse (if that is even possible).

  40. Lacey Harris says:

    Bring Katie Cassidy Back. I have no idea what is happening to this show.