Arrow EP Teases the Arrival of Vigilante Tina Boland — AKA New Black Canary?

Arrow New Black Canary

The hunt for a new Black Canary is officially on — though Arrow‘s titular hero might not have to look for long.

As revealed at the close of the CW series midseason premiere, there’s a gal in Hub City who is a real scream , having blown back a pair of bullies with her own sonic cry. In next Wednesday’s episode, viewers — as well as Team Arrow — will learn more about detective-turned-vigilante Tina Boland, played by Juliana Harkavy.

“We are so excited about Juliana. She is amazing,” Arrow co-showrunner Wendy Mericle tells TVLine of the hire, whose previous TV credits include episodes of Constantine, The Walking Dead and Graceland.

As glimpsed in the promos for next week, where Tina wields a tart tongue as well as badass moves, Harkavy “brings a very different energy, a different vibe to the show,” Mericle notes. What’s more, Tina “has a lot of emotional connection with Oliver, in that she’s been through her own sort of hell, her own sort of ‘island.’ She’s got a very tragic backstory.”

As such, and coupled with her hand-to-hand combat skills, Mericle touts the new arrival as “a peer of Oliver’s,” in that “we’ve never really had anybody on the team who is as formidable as he is and really views herself as an equal.” Because of that — and again, as glimpsed in promos — the EP teases, “there are going to be some new interest dynamics!”

As for Tina eventually, formally assuming the mantle of Black Canary — “costume warehouse fire sale” attire be damned — Mericle previously told TVLine it’s “definitely a possibility” that Laurel Lance’s successor will be in place by season’s end, adding: “Look, it’s hard to do a show about Green Arrow without having a Black Canary.”

Watch the latest promo for the Feb. 1 episode, titled “Second Chances,” in which Tina Boland puts Oliver, Curtis and Rene’s male bits on notice:

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