Is New Girl Readying for Reunion? Was This Is Us 'Do a Don't? Time for Grimm Tot to Power Up? And More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including This Is Us, Teen Wolf, New Girl and black-ish!

1 | Didn’t Sleepy Hollow‘s Diana seem to get over the shock of her partner’s death rather quickly?

2 | On Grimm, wouldn’t now — when daddy Nick is cornered by police and mama Adalind is wearing a cursed ring she can’t take off — be a really good time for baby Kelly to develop some powerful abilities?

3 | Anyone Emerald City - Season 1pick up on a likeness between Emerald City‘s Witch of the West and grown-up Fairuza Balk (of Return to Oz infamy)?

4 | Would the Golden Globes have been better off to forgo any In Memoriam segment, as it typically does, rather than serve up a short slideshow, of only Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds? Also, was Tom Hiddleston’s acceptance speech awkward or heart-warming? And was the teleprompter also down for Hugh Grant’s meandering introduction of Florence Foster Jenkins?

5 | Would Sherlock, a famed detective, really not recognize his own sister after spending the evening chatting with her, even if she was in disguise? Or are we to assume he’s never met Eurus before?

6 | What do you make of The Affair‘s Noah sexually assaulting ex-wife Helen just one season after forcing himself on Allison? Do you believe the assault on Helen actually occurred, or is Noah too doped up on Vicodin these days to put your trust in his point of view?

7 | Did any other Bravo fans get sucked into watching the Summer House premiere because it was billed as a two-hour episode of Vanderpump Rules?

8 | Be honest: Did you get a little choked up when Celebrity Apprentice‘s Snooki — yes, Snooki — broke down in tears and volunteered to, ahem, terminate herself?

9 | How long before James Corden calls on Lin-Manuel Miranda for a follow-up to his Broadway Riff-Off with Neil Patrick Harris?

10 | Does This Is UsThis Is UsOlivia not have any friends in her life who could have steered her away from that unfortunate blonde bob? (Really, what was with those random, overly long strands?) And as TVLine reader AJ noted: Should Rebecca have ordered a Tab versus diet Coke, seeing as the latter wasn’t introduced until two years later?

11 | On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., what was your favorite of the Evil Robot Movie references? (Or was the Small Wonder joke impossible to beat?) Also, why did Vijay Nadeer gladly get into a helicopter with the henchman who had just tried to kill him?

12 | New Girl fans, we have to ask: Do Jess and Robby have any chemistry at all? Between that and Reagan’s inability to move past her distaste for literary fiction and read Nick’s novel, are the writers not-so-sneakily planting the pieces for Nick and Jess’ inevitable reunion?

13 | Was it jarring to see Gilmore Girls‘ lovable Keiko Agena on MTV’s Sweet/Vicious as a not-so-supportive counselor?

Teen Wolf14 | Did Teen Wolf‘s big “What’s behind the wallpaper?” mystery feel a little too much like Stranger Things?

15 | Is “Game Night Planner” a legitimate profession, as this week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would have us believe? Or is it one of those fake Bachelor jobs, like “Animal Lover”?

16 | How often did the microphone echo during President Obama’s farewell address distract you from what he was actually saying?

17 | Did Jimmy Fallon watch Seth Meyers’ respectful, entertaining yet tough grilling of Kellyanne Conway and thought, “Oh, so that’s how you do it”?

18 | As a public service, can ABC encore Wednesday’s incredibly therapeutic, election-themed black-ish every week for the next four years?

19 | Girl Meets World hopefuls, can we all agree Netflix would be the best home for any hypothetical revival, seeing how well Fuller House has been handled?

20 | On Chicago Med, was Natalie’s reasoning for breaking up with Clarke a little out of left field?

21 | Should we be worried that Jon Hamm is doing ads for a tax prep service?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amber says:

    Jon Hamm will show up to film the opening of a cereal box. I don’t think he’s ever turned down a role.

  2. Eric says:

    19) Though I agree that Netflix would be a great home for Girl Meets World, have they really handled Fuller House that well? I say this as a big fan of Full House who has seen every episode of Fuller House; it’s just a little cringey, even compared to the original. (I still like it though.)

    • Jason says:

      Netflix is very hands off with their productions, so any perceived faults with the show are to be laid at the creator’s feet. If you love a show and want it to possess it’s own distinct voice, free of network interference, then Netflix is your go to spot. And also, to a lesser degree, most of the other streaming outlets could work. They just tend to have less resources and patience.

    • Cas says:

      I disagree. I have watched reruns of the original and they are just as cheesey.

    • A fan of TV says:

      Their target audience is actually preteens and kids, though. Us adult fans who loved the original should find a lot of it cringey because it’s for children (though the Make Earth Great Again bit was Cringe across the board, I cannot disagree with you at all on that particular bit).

  3. Rachel says:

    12- no chemistry at all. It’s like watching brother and sister l.

    20- I was kind of expecting a break up but not for that reason for sure.

  4. #12 . I was never totally on board with Nick and Jess, but please no more Jess and Robby! They are so awkward. And if they do a reunion then let it be the last. The back and forth gets old.

  5. Jason says:

    2) If baby Kelly were to manifest Hexenbeist abilities, it would likely have shown up already. And if Grimm powers were in the cards, it wouldn’t show up until Kelly was older. We could also be dealing with a “Squib”, as a magical toddler was never a guarantee.
    4) The memorium was definitely out of place. The awkwardly edited montage seemed to highlight how much this was out of the Golden Globes wheel house.

  6. Kevin says:

    The one question that wasn’t on the list – why The Price Is Right air a repeat on Wednesday because of President-elect Donald Trump news conference?

  7. Audrey WB says:

    #12 I love Nick and Reagan, I can do without Jess and Robby, but Robby is too good and Jess basically sucks. Nick and Reagan are great to watch, they solve things better than Nick and Jess. Nick and Jess are better of as friends, their talk showed that once again. I don’t want a reunion before the series end.

    • Ananyaa says:

      I feel like a lot of the chemistry that Nick and Jess had when they were dating has fizzled out but specially after the lastest episode, it’s obvious that there’s going to be a reunion. I feel like this time around their relationship is going to be less physical and more mature and complex. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be boring honestly I loved them when they were together before.

  8. Can we all agree that even Sherlock is fallible? His sister is a freaking master of disguise! The bigger question is why she hates her brothers so much!

  9. kirads09 says:

    #5 – I wondered about that too. The only conclusion I could come up with is that they never really knew each other OR were separated (has she been institutionalized all this time?) at such a young age he would have no idea what she looked like as an adult.

    #21 – Maybe. But the donut one is pretty cute have to admit. And have you seen the competitor’s one with Kathy Bates. It is wonderful.

  10. richard says:

    #10 – The blonde bob was much too obviously a wig. I thought she was going to take it off as part of a reveal.

    #19 – Not everyone has Netflix. Parents shouldn’t have to incur an additional expense so that their kids can watch GMW.

    • Margie says:

      I instantly could tell that was a wig. My innervoice said, what a horrible wig!

    • wgsecretary says:

      Disney isn’t generally part of a basic cable subscription either. I wouldn’t say kids are entitled to watch GMW for free. If Netflix does pick it up, they would likely release a 10-15 episode season all at once. Parents could pay $7 for a one month subscription and the kids could watch those few episodes all in one month. I think they would manage. If they can’t, they probably don’t pay for premium cable channels anyway.

    • Meg says:

      I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a Netflix account. In any case, if GMW was to continue, whatever production company picks it up or whatever network chooses to broadcast it is under no obligation to make it free for people to view.

    • jj. says:

      yes I was just waiting for her to take off the wig, I was half expecting olivia to rip it off when kevin broke the news that he wasn’t taking her back

  11. ijahru says:

    Zero chemistry between Robbie and Jess, Also zero chemistry between Reagan and Nick so yeah I can see a reunion. THe series is closer to the end of it’s run so I can see Nick and Jess ending up together with Winston still living with them.

    • Ananyaa says:

      I really really like Regan but it’s obvious there’s going to be a Nick and Jess reunion (which I’m happy about) but since Winston is getting married and with CeCe and Schmidt moved out, I think they’ll end up living with winston AND ally and their relationship is going to be a lot more mature than last time.

  12. K says:

    I was hoping there would be a mention of the fact that a character on Superstore referenced the Vampire Diaries, but said Damien instead of Damon. That was kind of a weird mistake.

  13. Gern Blanston says:

    13) When I saw that it was her I said to my wife “Aww, nooo. Don’t make Lane a dirt bag.”. I was surprisingly very upset by it.

  14. Pia says:

    10. Olivia probably chopped it off personally to get more in touch with her inner self.

  15. Alichat says:

    1) For someone who is supposed to be skeptical, she accepted everything presented to her pretty quickly too.
    I-‘That was a demon’
    D-‘No it wasn’t’
    Arrive at X-File-ian agency for cataloging fringe occurrences. I-‘George Washington created this’
    D-‘I don’t believe you’
    I-‘Look at this large library of books with these two casually dressed 20 something agent/librarians.’
    D-‘This is weird’
    I-‘The demon is John Wilkes Booth. We need copper bullets to kill him’
    D-‘I’ll get the pennies.’

    2) Yes but I was more focused on what an incredibly bad idea it was for Nick, pursued and hiding from police, to wander over to Renard’s big mansion to see Adalind, her cursed ring, AND HER MURDERING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL AGED DAUGHTER WHO HAS A JONES FOR A REUNITED FAMILY!
    4) I thought Hiddleston’s speech was heartwarming but very awkwardly delivered. It struck me as a spur of the moment mention, and not a planned comment which is why he was so clunky in conveying it.
    5) He was tweaked off his brains! Also, she was in disguise, and I think his primary focus was on John. Making sure John was pulled in at the point he anticipated. I am also wondering if he’s never seen her before except for perhaps in childhood photos.
    11) Vijay is seriously gullible. He got into a helicopter with two people that tried to kill him plus the crazy pants sister that planned his murder. And if he could truly hear everything that was being said to him (as he proclaimed) while he was Rock Vijay, surely he’d have heard his anti-inhuman sister and all of her plotting.

  16. lordofluck says:

    5) I just assumed it was because he wasn’t in his top condition as he was hopped up on drugs at that stage and she is skilled at disguise and would know what would work against your brother.

  17. Team_e says:

    17: Meyers is doing the politics better (but he clearly prefers the democratic politicians, and I think this angers some people). Fallon is more focused on games and gimmicks. But for me Fallon’s show is too fake

    19: I think it would be a fit for Freeform, the childern are getting older and I think the storielines would fit

  18. Znachki says:

    #5 Given the bits of clues that have been dropped alng the way over the last couple of seasons, I’m of the opinion that he hasn’t seen her since they were children, and that whatever happened was so traumatic that he’s repressed the memory. I have a feeling that the dog, Red Beard, figures into the equation. (As in she killed the dog because Sherlock cared for it.)

  19. herman1959 says:

    5) This bothered me too, but I’ve decided that he’d never met her – at least as an adult – and that he may not even know about her. Obviously, Mycroft knows and checks up on her periodically, so there must be a juicy story there. I’m looking forward to finding out what it is.

  20. skrable2 says:

    On Bones, how did Angela (or anyone else at the Jeffersonian) not realize that it had to be Temperance who nominated her for the McArthur grant? Also, shouldn’t Max have been wearing a red shirt, since he’s so clearly about to die?

    • kmw says:

      That’s a good question about Angela but Brennan was clearly playing to how they think she behaves and they proved her right. You are right about the red shirt but so sad just to think about it. And as for The New Girl question, they SHOULD be trying to get Nick and Jess back together but I don’t think its going to happen now and maybe not at all

  21. A fan of TV says:

    I still for the life of me cannot understand why Nick and Jess broke up over an unbuilt children’s toy to begin with. I recognize that I was among the only fans of the show who enjoyed season 3, but it was actually that convoluted, forced plot-driven break-up that drove me away, personally.

    • Ananyaa says:

      I GET YOU. I loved season 3 too and I LOVE Nick and Jess together but I didn’t think the break up plot was forced at all. I think they both needed space to explore their stuff and kinda grow up a little before they could settle down. But I feel like they’re pretty much ready now, so the reunion’s coming I just hope it’s not boring now that a lot of their chemistry has fizzled out

  22. Mommaknowsbest77 says:

    9. No disrespect to Lin-Manuel Miranda, but he doesn’t have nearly the same rep that NPH has’ give him a few more decades.

  23. Sheldon W. says:

    #5 – Bigger question: if the third Holmes sibling, Eurus, is a woman, does that mean that Holmes has three siblings? Or is the Sherrinford in Mycroft’s Daytimer a code name for Eurus or someone else entirely? Hmmmmmmm…?

    • Ron says:

      Many people have speculated that Sherrinford isn’t actually a person, but rather a place. For example, perhaps the name of the institution that housed Eurus. The way in which he phrases his sentences when he mentions Sherrinford could easily be interpreted as something rather someone.

    • RyanC says:

      I’m wondering about two lines in the recent episode, both unconnected but interesting:
      “It’s never twins” and “People always stop looking after 3”

      • herman1959 says:

        The first line is part of the montage of cases that Sherlock runs through when looking for an interesting one. As he rejects the case presented to him, he explains that “it’s never twins.” That was was supposed to be a funny, throw-away line. The second line refers to the fact that he had something important hidden (if you saw the show you know what) in each of 4 places. The person looking for it found “the thing” in the first 3 places and removed it, but failed to find the last one which Sherlock used. He was explaining this to Watson.

  24. Siu18 says:

    #12, yes. We are obviously being set up for a Nick and Jess reunion.

  25. Jec says:

    Olivia’s bob is so awful. The only redeeming thing abut her was her hair and now that’s also gone. Also better question to ask is that why is Olivia such an awful person? What her freaking deal?

  26. Tom says:

    21 | Should we be worried that Jon Hamm is doing ads for a tax prep service?
    Nah, dude’s gotta eat too

  27. lrdslvrhnd says:

    11) I would assume Vijay got in the helicopter ’cause he expected his sister to keep her Dog on the leash… even though she was all set to have him killed before he convinced her he was powerless.
    19) I actually would prefer that GMW go to Freeform (or even ABC itself!)… largely because I don’t like to binge-watch shows, and this one I’d *have* to binge because a very good friend of mine would and she’d keep bugging me until I did!

  28. PatriciaLee says:

    21. Only if we’re worried Payton Manning is doing ads for an insurance financial service. Some just like to keep busy. And on the other hand, make hay while the sun shines because one never knows when the phone will stop ringing must be an actor’s lot.

  29. Oliver Covington says:

    does anyone else think Mr. kaplan is behind the Isabella Lucas thing on Blacklist?

  30. Ananyaa says:

    A Nick and Jess reunion on New Girl seem inevitable, especially after the latest episode but I feel like this time around their relationship is going to be a bit more complex (maybe more mature, too?) and DEFINITELY less physical. Last time, they were younger and kinda not that serious but I feel like this time the writers are going to put an interesting spin on it. I can’t wait.