Seth Meyers Grills Kellyanne Conway on Donald Trump's Alleged Ties to Russia

Seth Meyers on Tuesday unintentionally scored the first interview with Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway following new reports about the president-elect’s alleged ties to Russia.

The interview, which had already been scheduled, but was filmed just hours after a dossier surfaced with compromising personal and professional information on Trump (which has been made public by BuzzFeed News), found the Late Night host asking Conway about the new, unverified intelligence, and Conway suggesting that Trump hadn’t been briefed despite reports that he had.

“I have to ask — this broke while I was changing for the show — CNN had a report that the intelligence community briefed both the president and the president-elect with allegations that the Russian government has compromising information on President-elect Trump,” Meyers began, before asking Conway if she could “confirm or comment on the fact that the intelligence community has presented this to Donald Trump?”

“Well guess what hasn’t happened, Seth? Nobody has sourced it,” Conway argued. “They’re all unnamed, unspoken sources in the story, and it says it’s based on a Russian investigator to begin with, so we’re all—”

And that’s when Meyers interrupted.

“I think it was based on an MI6 British investigator,” he said. When Conway then suggested that this newfound information was leaked to the press but not presented to either the president-elect or President Barack Obama, Meyers once again jumped in to remind her that reports confirm that both Obama and Trump were in the know, to which she responded that Trump has said that he was “not aware” of that information.

Conway, who then suggested that the new intel didn’t present “compelling information in terms of the nexus many people would like to make between alleged hacking and the election results,” prompted Meyers to fire back with an all-important question.

“Shouldn’t we care if the Russians tried to interfere, whether it affected the outcome of the election or not?” he asked. “I sometimes fear that the president-elect has no curiosity as to the amount they tried.”

“That is completely false. He has enormous curiosity,” Conway replied, which triggered unsettling laughs from the audience. “I’m there everyday with him… He was curious enough to figure out America” during the election, she implied, drawing focus away from the new reports.

Over the course of their 13-minute interview, Conway and Meyers also discussed Trump’s use of Twitter, his choice in potential cabinet appointments, and his decision to wait over two months before scheduling his first press conference as the president-elect. Meyers also wagered a bet regarding Trump’s still unseen tax returns. Press PLAY on the video above to watch the interview in full, then drop a comment with your thoughts/concerns.