'Golden' Donald Trump Allegation Isn't So Far-Fetched, Says Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah isn’t one to spread salacious rumors, but he’s also not one to pass up a golden opportunity for comedy — especially when it involves Donald Trump.

The Daily Show host on Wednesday reported on the unverified intelligence that the Kremlin has footage of the president-elect partaking in an obscene sex act during a 2013 trip to Russia. In doing so, Noah not only revisited clips that cheekily support the lewd allegations, but took a moment to reflect on the transition from Barack Obama to Trump, whose presidency is already shrouded in scandal.

“How is all of this real?” Noah asked, reflecting on the latest reports. “You could not have a bigger juxtaposition between the president America is losing, and the president America is gaining.

“We don’t know if this is true, but if the Donald could shake America to its core with an audio tape,” he said, referring to the Access Hollywood fiasco, “imagine what he could do with video.”

The segment then took a sophomoric turn, with Noah pointing out Trump’s love for all things gold. He also made mention of the billionaire businessman’s former vitamin business, which relied on consumers to submit a urine sample “for analysis.”

“I personally think it’s terrible that people are spreading an unconfirmed rumor… it’s disgusting,” Noah said, sarcastically. “It would be like suggesting that President Obama was a secret Muslim born in Kenya, or suggesting that Hillary Clinton was a murderer, or saying that Ted Cruz’s father killed John F. Kennedy. … How could anyone justify spreading rumors they know are completely false?” And that’s when Noah queued up a montage of Trump clips, where PEOTUS alleged to all of the above.

Watch the Daily Show segment above, then drop a comment below.

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  1. Care says:

    What goes around, comes around. That’s Karma.

    • Mary says:

      Yes 1000% percent. Oh the irony.

    • LizJ says:

      Which is exactly why setting the prescient (no pun intended) of doing an end run around Congress though executive action is going to come back to haunt the left. It’s one of the classic blunders – beware of enacting a governmental rule or action if it would end up hurting your side when the other side comes into power. Because the pendulum always swings back and forth.

      but back to the article…

      “I personally think it’s terrible that people are spreading an unconfirmed rumor… it’s disgusting,” Noah said, sarcastically.

      Oh, Trevor. Two wrongs do not make a right.

      • McSatan says:

        I don’t think Trevor was saying, “two wrongs make a right.” In fact, I think he was implying your exact point: what goes around comes around.”

      • Mary says:

        True but the fact is Obama has had less executive orders than previous Presidents, which is why I find it amusing when that side complains. A little research would save them from the embarrassment of looking ignorant. Correct two wrongs don’t make it right but karma can be sweet.

      • A fan of TV says:

        Do yourself a favour and Google the list of GWB’s executive actions. From there, you’ll ideally realize that the overuse of executive actions in American politics is a problem both sides of the spectrum perpetuate, and the false assumption you are promoting (because someone told you to think it) was fed to you by right-wing partisan hacks.

      • Geno Schmith says:

        The man is his comedian; it’s his job to point out the absurd and he does it brilliantly. Perhaps the light is blinding you?

  2. JJ says:

    Hilarious clip. And I am sure this is just the yellow tip of the iceberg when it comes to horrible, disgusting things we’re going to learn about the Fuhrer over the next 4 years.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Speaking of the Fuhrer, apparently Adolph was also a fan of golden showers. Supposedly he had his niece give them to him until she killed herself.

  3. A fan of TV says:

    Honestly, once you cut through the BS, you remember Trump once told Playboy not getting an STD was his own personal Vietnam, and it’s also a fact that urine is hardly unclean. So if this man is, in fact, as germaphobic as he claims, can he describe his myriad, numerous, documented and admitted sexual encounters so we can verify he has sex with others without swapping any germs at all? Why would a germaphobe kiss women on the mouth without their express consent, anyway?

  4. Angela says:

    I love that last paragraph. Yep. Trump’s getting a taste of his own medicine, and I have zero sympathy for him.

  5. Mark A. Fishman says:

    Dear Trevor you have become my hero. You and your team are doing a fantastic job. The Daily Show is relevant and is Must-See TV. Jon or whoever made the decision, picked the right guy.

  6. HesterP says:

    LizJ thank you. I heartily agree.

  7. Reg Ealey says:

    It is interesting to listen to Trevor Noah, who would struggle for show content were it not for Donald Trump.
    If he dislikes the President of the Country he moved to so intensely why doesn’t he go back to South Africa and TRY to be as critical of the leader of that Country.
    He would probably be charged with something and may even be imprisoned.
    He is the WORST replacement for Jon Stewart