Donald Trump Ogles Days Star in Lewd, Expletive-Laced Video

Donald Trump Days of Our Lives Video

Donald Trump now has a little daytime drama of his own.

In a 2005 video recently obtained by the Washington Post, the Republican presidential candidate is heard discussing how “you can do anything” to women if you’re a star, including “grab them by the p—y.”

In the video, which you can watch here, Trump is aboard a bus emblazoned with Access Hollywood. He is wearing a microphone, which picks up his conversation with then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush as they arrive at a television studio. The footage appears to have been shot in advance of Trump’s appearance on NBC’s Days of Our Lives that year.

Both men marvel at Days star Arianne Zucker as she meets the bus, with Bush noting that Trump’s “girl” is “hot as s–t;” Zucker and Trump shared scenes during his cameo, in which he met with Mickey, entertained Nicole’s (Zucker’s character’s) offer to be his employee and gave The Apprentice a soapy shout-out.

In addition, Trump talks about hitting on a married woman — whose name is not mentioned in the clip. “She’s now got the big phony t-ts and everything,” he tells Bush, who laughs throughout the video. “She’s totally changed her look.”

UPDATE: Per Friday evening’s Access Hollywood, the woman mentioned on the tape was former Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell.

In a statement to the Post, Trump said: “This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course — not even close,” and added that he apologized “if anyone was offended.”

UPDATE: Late Friday, Trump released a video statement in which he dismissed the controversy as a “distraction” from the real issues.

Watch video of Trump’s Days cameo below,