Bones Spoilers

Bones Cast, Producers Reflect on Cancellation: 'It Wasn't Our Decision'

Turns out the decision to end Bones was not exactly a mutual one.

During the series’ final Television Critics Association press tour panel on Wednesday, series creator Hart Hanson revealed that the network made the final call to conclude the show after 12 years.

“It wasn’t our decision,” Hanson shared. “We were told it was our last year. It wasn’t that we called the network and said, ‘We’d like to finish it.’ [But] I’m not sure anyone was terribly upset or terribly shocked that it would be our last year.”

Added leading lady Emily Deschanel: “We had a really good run. It would be ungracious of us to be fighting against them cancelling us” after 12 seasons.

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The final season will consist of just 12 episodes, but they are so “packed with moments and bringing characters back” that “we could have done 22 episodes,” star David Boreanaz said. “It’s 12 episodes that feels like a full order. We really jammed in a lot,” including an answer to the 447 mystery and a series finale that will differ from Hanson’s original vision.

“I had another ending to the show in mind,” Hanson admitted. “I love what they’ve done. I give them my full support.”

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As for a possible revival down the line — executive producer Michael Peterson recently told TVLine that he “would not rule [a reunion] out — the show’s two main stars were hesitant to commit.

“Everything is possible in life, but I tend to like to go forward,” Boreanaz replied. “In general, I don’t like reunions, and I don’t like to go backwards. It’s hard for me to answer that question.”

For her part, Deschanel said she would “like some time” to pass before playing Brennan again, noting that it would be weird to come back to the character so soon after the emotional wrap-up.

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  1. Wooster182 says:

    Not a lot of actors can say they love been working on tv nonstop since 1997. David Boreanaz has had a really good run.

  2. Sam says:

    Does this surprise anyone? At season 12 the show costs more than it probably brings in adwise. Ofcourse it was cancelled. But atleast one has to recommend FOX for letting it have some sort of closure.

    Nothing to complain about here…..Hanson. After so many years being on the bubble with tiny ratings and rising costs, you should have had a proper ending in your head atleast 4yrs ago.

    • kmw says:

      There is lots to complain about FOX never promoted it and shuttled to every night of the week to get rid of it. Yes we are lucky but it still doesn’t make FOX look any better with their treatment of them. Good luck to David and Emily and all of the cast, may you get a better network to work on

      • Merla Punk says:

        It’s been on for 12 years. They’ve treated it fine.

        • kmw says:

          No they haven’t. How many shows right now have had 11 different time slots in 12 years? None that I can think of. Moving a show around that much is not a sign of respect at all. If people would go to Deadline and read all of what HH said you will see they had to struggle to stay on the air since the beginning and that is when they had decent ratings then. And not for nothing the producers and David and Emily wouldn’t have filed a lawsuit against them if they didn’t feel like they were being cheated. Yes 12 years is a great run but most of those years they have gotten no promotion or anything like FOX’S other shows have is remarkable that for about 10 of those years they withstood the time slot changes. And FYI when shows that have been on the air as long as Bones has and are about to sign off, they usually promote the show on air and in print. Bones has had no print promos and barely and I mean barely any on air ones. Yes that is real respect to me. I hope all involved again move on to a better network the trainwreck that is FOX

          • Chris says:

            Its not twelve it’s actually 20 slots over 12 years. They did not treat this show fairly at all. This and chuck are probably the greatest examples of fans keeping a show on.

      • Bartimeus says:

        yes Fox has been kind to this show. They paired it with House in the beginning, they didn’t start constant shuffling until the ratings took off and they realized it was a rare show that could bring most of its audience anywhere. It’s called being a utility player, it’s been a good tool for them and if Fox had a grudge against it it wouldn’t have 12 seasons. 12!
        It astounds me people are actually complaining lol

        • kmw says:

          They have been cheating the actors and producers for a decade. That isn’t kind. I cannot stand this utility player crap that keeps coming up. in order for most and I mean most shows to succeed they need stability and that is NOT moving them to every night and time for 12 years. Can you imagine most shows keeping their viewers that way? No. Bones has loyal viewers that have mostly moved with them but the show suffered by moving so often. They also started moving Bones after their first season and left it alone oh for what a year or two. And this is Bones last season I have heard nor seen any kind of gratitude from FOX that would indicate respect( once again promos and more than a cursory statement from their exec at the beginning of the fall) Sorry FOX failed this show but are reaping the benefits from it and at the expense of the actors and producers. I would have taken five less years of this show if another network had treated it right. Sorry if its complaining but Bones deserves respect for what they have done. none is forthcoming which is why I am not watching anything at FOX after this

      • S Marion says:

        I agree whole heartely

      • Marg. says:

        I missed start of both season 11 and 12 because of no promo they were starting. I only found out because I was continually “searching” for them. Some shows you hear for weeks / months in advance about the new season premiers.

  3. kmw says:

    There you go. Michael Peterson saying 99 percent of the cast was on board. In his dreams. No point in doing Bones if David and Emily aren’t there. While I am still not really ready to say goodbye on the other hand FOX has treated this show like crap for so many years I want these actors to go to a network that will treat them right. Emily has it right do an emotional goodbye and then come right back, no they shouldn’t do that.But of course very interesting that FOX had the guts( so to speak) to end it without offering them anything more when it seems they might have been interested. in more.Oh well after March something FOX wont ever have to talk about Bones again and act like they care about it or their fans. FOX next fall still wont have The X-Files( they wont be ready to come back till winter no matter what) so all they have then is Empire ( falling slightly) Lethal Weapon( doing ok not great) and The World Series( they probably wont get so lucky to have the Cubs again). Good luck to FOX. Any guesses to how long they will wait to ask their unwanted show back? um probably not too long.

    • kia says:

      Truly the most wonderful group of people. Such a shame to let it fall apart, Fox.

    • Chris says:

      They won’t come knocking on bones door again ever. It would cost way to much to make another season for a show that at this point is almost nonexistent in the ratings. Also I remember reading that both Emily and David were hesitant to sign in for another year last year and the year before. I think all this we didn’t want tit to end is bs.

      • kmw says:

        Have you looked at FOX lately? The only two shows doing marginally well are Empire and Lethal Weapon and while Star is doing ok it isn’t doing what FOX wanted it to do. With The X -Files not coming back before 2018 FOX is going to have a hard Fall season. While it seems abundantly clear NOW they don’t want to come back for awhile, that doesn’t mean they didn’t after they went back to work And cry me a river about how expensive Bones is. David Boreanaz didn’t even make the top 25 male tv earners last year and Emily barely made it on the womens list. FOX has been ripping them off for years and they have loads of cash in their vault so they could have afforded another 10 episode season IF they had chosen so. Their hesitation in re signing all these years( and yes it has been several for both stars) has had nothing to do with the work or work load it clearly has been about being rip offed in their contracts by FOX for the last decade.And as far as their ” non existent ratings” it hasn’t been about the ratings since they went into syndication. Bones could fall below a million viewers and still get renewed if FOX wanted to. And really if you look at the article closely you will notice that they said they weren’t invited back. That doesn’t mean they are trying a new negotiating ploy, it just means they weren’t invited back. Nowhere did it say David and Emily wanted it to continue and now are being cry babies about it.Now if Bones comes back in the next six months to a year we will all know it was a negotiating tool but I doubt it. I can see something in two or three years but nothing more.

  4. Teri says:

    At least Bones got a final season, unlike Castle.

  5. J says:

    Was really nice family show that my entire family could watch. Now to find out that fox has jerked them around is just dumb. First it was abc with castle now this makes you wonder what people are running these networks. Well after bones goes off I’m down to ncis that’ll be the only show I watch on regular tv.

  6. Sanja K Geise says:

    David and Emily are right. You have to let it go. It’s not unlike a divorce or even loss of a loved one. You have a certain amount of time to mourn and then you go forward. It is what it is.

  7. Sharon Cooke says:

    That killer Boreanaz! I bet he has already been offered a new show. And boy will I watch it!

  8. kirads09 says:

    While I always liked Bones, I am not mourning. It is having a chance to go out after a good long (perhaps too long) run. I feel it has lost its edge. The writing and acting and stories not what they once were. Good cast members long gone. The procedural elements worn a bit thin and repetitious. It was better when Brennan was much more socially and emotionally awkward but always brilliant. Before they were a couple the flirtation and tension between Booth and Brennan. It was good while it lasted but feel it has well run the course and then some.

  9. Cynthia Bush MD says:

    A great show filled with romance, mystery, fantastic educational aspects & a message to perform at your highest ethical and professional standards.
    I’ll miss it ♡♡♡

  10. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m sure no one who works on a series ids happy when s series ends no matter how long that series has been on the air.Maybe the actors want to do other stuff now and not just be known for been on Bones.Plus 12 seasons is a great run.

  11. Bigref says:

    I saw the first episode of “Bones” because David Boreanaz was on it and I liked him from Angel and Buffy. As I watched the first few episodes aired, I binge read Kathy Reich’s novels. Every one of them. I came to appreciate Emily Deschanel as the show progressed. In the last few seasons, I have been disappointed increasingly with the distance between the TV show and the books. While I am sure that Ms. Reichs was flattered by being played by a woman as attractive as Emily Deschanel, I feel that the character of Brennan became a caricature of the fictional one. This season is a little better, but I cannot help but feel that an entire new series could be developed which more closely resemble’s the stories and characters in the books.

    • kmw says:

      Um the Brennan on the show is not patterned off of the Brennan in the books. She is patterned after the authors life. it says so in the credits at the beginning of each episode

  12. Linda stith says:

    I love the show and could watch it for another 12 years I will really miss it😢😢

  13. It’s time. Bones and Booth are married with a couple of kids; Hogdins and Angela are married and have a kid; Cam is getting married to Arastoo (I think). It was a clever and excellent show in the beginning. Not so much anymore.

  14. FR McKinney-Rickey says:

    Will truly miss the show Bones. There are still episodes I missed, guess I’ll just have to wait for reruns.
    Thanks for all your years of good entertainment.

  15. Marcia Pearson says:

    I will miss show tremendously. Loved the chemistry between all characters, those current and pass. Show enspired gdaughter to look at forensics as career.
    Sorry that decision was made to cancel.
    I wish a good future for allof show. Thank you for 12 yrs.

  16. lee says:

    Bones started out with a fresh concept and a lot of 90’s charm (engaging chemistry between quirky characters, intriguing cases inspired by shows like the X-Files). Over the years it just settled into being a boilerplate procedural with recycled TV tropes. Brennan was originally a rain woman anthropologist trying to find her place in Booth’s FBI world. Now she’s a Sheldon Cooper clone.

    In 2005 it was fun watching Hodgins and the squints clean bones with maggots. But they did something similar every other episode for over 10 years. The mystery got taken out of the show and crime solving came down Angela’s facial reconstruction and Hodgins conducting Deus ex Machina experiments.

    The show’s still has its moments. It just couldn’t drag on more years with Aubrey and other boring characters. I’ll miss it, since I grew up with the show.

  17. S Marion says:

    I am extremely unhappy with the ending of bones….I thoroughly enjoy this show instead of all of the reality shows.. A lot of us agree we have enough reality daily….I watch TV to escape

  18. titnaskers says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been at this site for my weekly favorite television updates. So I decided to binge read about Bones and came across this article about the cancellation of this great show. I can not believe the way the FOX suits are treating this show on it’s final season. They have had no publications about the final year of this show, and especially for how it long it ran. So this is what I say about it, first of all the complete BONES team I want to say thank you to you guys for producing such a great television series that had me coming back week after week. I hope that all of the cast after the finale of this show. Find other projects that love as much as this one through the years. I know that the main focus of this show was about Booth and Bones, but I also have loved taking the growth and journey of all of the supporting characters on this show. So once again when this show comes to that final conculsion. I’ll say thanks again BONES team for the great ride you’ve given your fans through the years.

  19. titnaskers says:

    While my last comment was basically a long thank you the crew of Bones, this onw will be an irriatied to the suits of FOX. These power to be jerked this great series around through their entire run. From changing which day it was on to what time the series started. No matter the attempts of damanging this tv franchise, the fans wouldn’t let it happen. Also have to wonder that the lawsuit from the BONES crew also fastened their cancellation from the management of FOX. Still either way they have been playing dirty pool with them. The only one good thing that I’ll leave this comment with. Is that they allow this series give there fans a least semi-proper sendoff to the series. Also to give to closure to the long running questions that the BONES fans had.

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  21. i’ve been a fan since the start now i don’t know what to look forward to watching anymore very sad it’s ending there’s so much more that could be done

  22. Tami Schultz says:

    I’ve been with Bones from the beginning to unfortunately …the end. I love all the characters as if they were a part of my family. When they mourned, I mourned, when they cried ,I cried, and when they were excited, I was excited. It’s very hard for me to say goodbye to family. It’s like even though my own family is shattered, I could always count on the Bones family and the advice it gives me. I probably would regret it if I didn’t say that I wish you didn’t have to leave, but what do I know ( I’m just a fan). I love the Bones TV shows and hope that one day I can be as successful as the cast and crew. Thank you for giving me something amazing to look forward to every week and year.

  23. Ashley Price says:

    Im so po that they ended Bones im so telling everyone one on social media that watches Bones we learn so much and our kids learn so much i cant believe this

  24. Kimber lee says:

    Could have had a better finale like bones not getting her smarts back, the way they left off zacks getting out of mental institution cam & arystew adopting kids and so much more and all said the building will be fixed in a couple of months and all were coming back.

  25. tonythetank says:

    Hey Fox what is happening to you?! I understand great shows must come to an end like House, X Files, Fringe, 24 and the old Prison Break. But your now embarrassing development of shows like Empire, Rosewood, Scream Queens, Pitch, Star and now Shots Fired are way too frequent. If it is not this it is find a movie and develop a series like The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon and Minority Report. What is happening to this network?! You remade 24 without Jack Bauer which is garbage and yes you bring back the X files and now Prison Break to please your customers. But far too little good shows like Gotham, Sleepy Hollow, Wayward Pines, and Lucifer. Funny how all these shows were comic book or science fiction. You take off the Following, Backstrom, Gracepoint and the really good Almost Human for this weak schedule. At least these shows were worth watching. Good bye Bones you will be much missed.

  26. CpHT says:

    Man I can’t believe it ended like that! Now I want to know more. I want to see how Cam settles in with her family, how Hodgens and Angela’s baby comes out. How Hodgens runs the lab. Maybe even Bones and Booth have a another kid or Parker comes home? What the new lab looks like?

    • Niyeshaj says:

      I know right im really gonna miss this show they need to gone head and make a season 13 i want to kbow do aubury start to date that shrink lady or not

    • You said it, they could have given us more closure since they planned to rip my heart out. I guess the actors were tired after 12 years but I could have watched them 12 more years. I didn’t get bored at all I am going to miss them all!!

  27. Leslie C. says:

    I will truly miss this show. The dynamics between the charactersAnd chemistry was wonderful. Thank you for such a great show.

  28. Henry says:

    Never watching fox again bones was one of my favorite shows good luck fox…..

  29. Autumn Micelotta says:

    Bones was me and my mom’s favorite show, it’s so sad how they had to cancel it. I wish they could bring it back.

  30. I was so upset to find my favorite show was cancelled by the network. It was one of very few shows that was worth watching. I think the network made a huge mistake & will regret it.

  31. Patricia D Ramsey says:

    I’m sorry that the is coming to an end. I loved it.

  32. Mark Oldach says:

    Left us hanging best show ever can I buy season 13 somewhere

  33. I hope they decide to change there mind on cancelling the show they ended it in a way if they where to continue the show they can i really hope they do bones is the best show iv ever seen i love all the characters

  34. trista plotke says:

    i love this show so much but to see it end is a tragidy i fell inlove from the beginging my sister finished them all before i did i wanted her to tell me how it all ended and she said watch it and find out…… she didn’t like the ending but i for sure loved it it was sad to find out that there will not be another but the way it ended made it seem like there will be more but that’s ok right

  35. Cecy says:

    I love that show its a good show it was very interesting and learned a lot going to miss it in going to miss all the characters

  36. Alisa Lighthart says:

    I love Bones. Im so upset that their canceling it. Im learing a lot from this and im just dying for them to make more seasons, or at least a few more ep. I really do love it. I wake up run to the tv, put Bones on all the way till i sleep, and then i do it all over the next day. Their cancling it bc not many people watch it, i just love these type of shows. I need more like this. I need more of Bones!

  37. Juliana says:


  38. DP says:

    Why does it have to end I know a lot of people watch this show. My granddaughters want to be like Brennan .. Plrease dont end this show

  39. Pam says:

    I HATE that it ended. I lived to watch this show was mad with some ppl leaving the show but NOTHING WILL EVER TAKE IT’S PLACE. SHAME ON WHO PULLED THE PLUG. God Bless ALL OF YOU💔💔😢😢😭😭😭😭😘😘

  40. kmw says:

    Well it seems I wasn’t far off when I stated that FOX would come calling on Bones again. If not for David Boreanaz having a new show I bet they would be talking right now. As it is I see it coming back in a couple of years whether or not Seal Team is over. FOX telling everyone at the TCA’S that they believe it will be back at some point, at least to me, reeks of their desperation and that they are very worried about their fall line up and even winter one as well. I know the actors have moved on but like Dana said they most likely would be willing to come back. I just find it amusing that FOX felt Bones was done but all of a sudden six months later they feel like inviting them back. As much as part of me would love them to come back at some point( again DB’S show most likely will succeed and be on for awhile) there is another part of me that wants David and Emily and the others to tell FOX to go fly a kite. Bones was never treated well by the network and I would understand if the actors wouldn’t come back

  41. Miranda Johnson says:

    Please consider continuing the show. I Bawled my eyes out and been watching reruns. Please at least consider it.if one person feels this way, there are surely others. Thanks for your time and sorry if it was a waste

  42. Brittany says:

    I was upset to find out that they will no longer make any more seasons. I love watching this show and wanted to know more on what will happen next after the destruction of the lab and Angela having her second baby and the regain of bones memory. I hope they change there minds and bring the show back because some of these new shows are not so great and I can’t see myself getting in to them.

  43. Taz says:

    Bones have been by far the best “show” I have ever enjoyed in my 25 years of watching tv, so interesting, engaging, intellectually captivating, audience grasping, exciting , mysterious and so fulfilling, beyond expression.
    I simply love its characters, intelligent bones with darling,handsome,adorably steady as rock , so successful booth; so cavalier, charming and intriguing dr. haggens; very committed, very enthusiastic, king of the lab!!!!
    Angie; very beautiful , very tech savvy genius, Dr. sweets ; I cried a lot when he died, so kind, so sweet so intense so wonderful. I was devastated when he died.
    Aurbey too filled some gap of sweets.
    I truly wish we get more seasons of them. Bones is not just a series , it has connected to people in so many different ways beyond imagination.
    Please a re consideration is due!
    Such an amazing show!!!
    Well done super caters, script writer, director and producer.
    We want more………..