Supergirl Recap

Did This Is Us Time Travel? Is Supergirl Friend a Fake? Did Gilmore Flub Chilton Grad? Voice Drama Killed? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Gilmore Girls, Shameless, Gotham and Arrow!

Gilmore Girls Revival Tristan1 | The Gilmore Girls revival’s Life & Death Brigade segment: Top notch, or time suck? (Either way, nowhere near as long as the Stars Hollow Musical, right?) Finally, did everyone forget that Tristan got kicked out/didn’t graduate from Chilton? Why was he at an alumni event?

2 | Shameless fans, is Sierra – who doesn’t take any of Lip’s crap and pushes him to be better – the best love interest the eldest Gallagher son has had in years?

3 | Wasn’t it bad enough that The Walking Dead dedicated an entire episode to B-players Tara and Heath. Did it have to be extra-long, too?

4 | The convo between Gotham‘s Barbara, Edward and Tabitha has us wondering: Do those in the criminal underworld actually refer to themselves as working in “the criminal underworld”?

5 | Wouldn’t Supergirl using her heat vision to quickly cook a turkey result in overly dry meat? Also, wouldn’t the Medusa virus have affected humans, who are also “alien” to Krypton? (On that note, TVLine reader Sarah asks: “Why not use Kara’s blood to find a cure, since she was immune?” Finally, do you subscribe to the theory that Mon-El is hiding his true identity?

6 | If Jane the Virgin‘s Rogelio wants a baby so badly, why does he have to go to a matchmaker? Wouldn’t he have thousands of fans lining up to carry the heir to the De La Vega throne?

7 | Can any Timeless viewers confirm whether or not the “Space Race” episode featured a commercial for Hidden Figure, the movie in which Taraji P. Henson plays NASA scientist/mathematician Katherine Johnson? Because if it didn’t, talk about a missed opportunity!

8 | Does The Voice‘s habit of showing live voting percentages for the Instant Save spur you to tweet more aggressively, or merely kill any suspense around who’s going to survive?

This Is Us9 | Did This Is Us engage in “time travel” this week, when Kate’s iPhone clock went from 4:22 pm to 11:01 am over the course of two scenes? Should we be worried about Randall and Beth both failing a drug test, since he accidentally got dosed with mushrooms this week and she recently enjoyed some pot brownies? (And do magic mushrooms really lead to entire conversations with dead parents? And who drinks a total stranger’s strange smoothie, anyway?)

10 | On The Middle, how can Dr. Fulton (played by Dave Foley) still be Brick’s guidance counselor? Did he receive some sort of promotion from middle school to high school guidance counselor that we weren’t made privy to?Chicago Fire

11 | When the Chicago Fire characters glam up, are you wowed to this day by the uniform-to-formal wear transition?

12 | For all the concern that Arrow‘s 100th episode would be overshadowed by the crossover, was it actually the other way around?

13 | Designated Survivor fans, don’t you think the FBI would have a protocol in place in case an agent is compromised by, say, a kidnapped son?

14 | On Criminal Minds: Upon finding Tara’s real brother in that precarious situation, why didn’t an agent promptly drape a Kevlar vest in front of the gun barrel?

Supernatural15 | Can Supernatural find a way to keep Dean and Sam in those black jackets all the time? Please?

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16 | Given all the #DCWeek ratings superlatives, couldn’t you practically hear CW boss Mark Pedowitz cheering at home when Cisco handed Kara that handy, portable “crossover” device?

17 | Big Bang Theory fans, were you underwhelmed by Back to the Future vet Christopher Lloyd’s role as Leonard and Penny’s temporary new roommate? And surprised Bernadette’s already going into labor? Also, why can’t Stuart just move in with Raj again, as he did for a short timetvqs-boardners-delete during Season 6?

18 | If Pitch‘s Ginny and Mike just wrapped a home game in San Diego, why show them coming out of an iconic Hollywood bar such as Boardner’s? Also, could Ginny have any less chemistry with the videogame dude?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!


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  1. In all fairness, the total stranger did say the smoothie was for everyone. . . not that I would have drank it.

    • ZisforZombie says:

      Also, I thought I noticed that Randall was holding (his own) smoothie when they were leaving to go to the cabin. Thus, he likely thought he was drinking his own…?

  2. You will hear at the end of the Timeless episode where they discuss Katherine Johnson’s future, ‘They even made a movie about her’. So yeah, shameless promotion.

  3. Kim R says:

    1. Gilmore Girls – top notch if done in a multi-episode season….time suck because we only had 4 mini-movies. :) I didn’t remember Tristan at all.
    10. The Middle – I thought he and Brick did have a conversation that let Brick know he wouldn’t be without him in high school?
    12. Arrow – loved this weeks episode. Full of heart which sometimes is not in the forefront on Arrow.
    13. Designated Survivor – Yup.
    17. TBBT – yes. :D

    • Ann says:

      #10-Yes. I think he mentioned he was going to high school with Brick, because I thought he was a great character and was happy to hear he’d be seeing Brick in high school as well.

    • Michelle says:

      The Life and Death Brigade segment was ridiculous; the musical was extremely stupid and unnecessary – and an obvious way for ASP to use Sutton Foster in a role that more than a cameo; the wedding sequence was so not the Gilmore girls I know and love and another time suck. Overall, I believe it would have been a better revival if ASP had concentrated more on the story and less on trying to make a place for every other character that had been in the original series as well as Lauren Graham’s co-stars from Parenthood

  4. Brandon says:

    9. Double time-travel. The date says October 24th, but they went to the cabin right after Thanksgiving. Oops!

  5. M says:

    5. Using Supergirl’s blood, in theory, sounds like a great idea, but from what I think I remember, Superman took all of the Kryptonite from the DEO, so how would they make Kara weak enough to take some blood? Unless they had Winn build the same device Cadmus used to weaken Kara.

    • Michael Summerset says:

      They did have the means to recreate the effects of a red sun which would have weaked Kara enough to take blood. It’s likely the virus was modified not to affect humans as well. In that case they could have also used human blood. Of course if they could compare the two it might have made finding the cure faster.

      And it wasn’t the device that weakened Kara as much as the use of her heat vision draining her. So Kara could have weakened herself is she wanted to.

  6. Kathy says:

    1. LDB=Top Notch. One of the (VERY) few things I enjoyed about the revival!

  7. kate says:

    5. Sort of, in relation to Mon-El, like I think that is his name and the actual steps of his escape were the truth. Now, is he a Daxammite? I don’t know, it would seem they leaned that way with his exposure to Medusa. Does he know who is after him now? Probably. Did he realize he likely attracted them to Earth when he sent out the signal? Nope, I’m going to actually guess that he figures the thirty five years that he was out of the loop probably eliminated all of his issues and he’s been feeling it out whether its even necessary to say everything about his history, after all, they haven’t asked him a lot and sort of seem to forget that when Kara came she was fourteen and she had her issues and other than a classmate she may have been mean to, there wasn’t much history there. Mon-El is in his late twenties, he’s had time to make mistakes and make enemies. Also, no one has questioned his name and whether there is an odder issue in the way of a Kara/Mon-El relationship. Her name is Kara Zor-El which means she is from the House of El. Why is his name so similar and why does it almost seem like he is just using his family name? All of that, I’m not particularly worried about him, he’s just going to be the source of problems which people will get irritated with him about and mostly the fairly justified response from him could be, sorry, my bad.

    7. I cannot say that there was a commercial in their for the movie, but Rufus commented there had been a movie about her in the reset present after their adventures.

    16. Honestly, the ratings to me probably caused joy in the offices of Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriend as they are Marc Pedorwicz’s babies and he wants them to continue desperately and he can work a little leverage in there with the four big shows supporting his little rom coms.

  8. :-) says:

    Pitch- there was some chemistry before she found out who he was. Also if a guy goes so far as to create a video game for me yes he gets a date. If he could have found privacy w/o renting out the restaurant i think she would’ve been more comfortable.

    TBBT- very underwhelmed by Christopher Lloyd role. Should have been more like James Earle Jones or Billy Bob thortan.

    Designated Survivor – there are procedures but we have to remember in their reality 1. They are not operating a full capacity 2. They don’t know who they can trust 3. Kidnappers probably know the procedure also 4. If the kidnappers can nab his child and the senators’s child they are organized and 5. Procedure be danged when it’s your child.

  9. JC1 says:

    5 | Finally, do you subscribe to the theory that Mon-El is hiding his true identity?
    Yes, I do. I think he’s actually the prince, but whoever he is, he’s not telling the truth about who he is.
    12 | For all the concern that Arrow‘s 100th episode would be overshadowed by the crossover, was it actually the other way around?
    Yes, it definitely was. It wasn’t a bad episode, taken on its own (Laurel as Oliver’s “great love” stuff aside). Stephen Amell acted his heart out, especially in the scene where he said goodbye to his parents. But as part of the crossover, it really brought all the momentum from the Flash episode to a screeching halt. :( As part of the crossover, you could really skip it and not miss anything important.

  10. DW says:

    #1 LDB totally Top Notch. One of the best parts of the show.

  11. Linda says:

    1.) Definitely a time suck along with the musical section. Yeah, Tristian shouldn’t have been at an alumni gathering.
    5.) Maybe Mon-El doesn’t remember his true identity?
    15.) YES PLEASE! Those jackets and ‘form fitting’ jeans looked great on Sam/Jared and Dean/Jensen.
    16.) Yes, he’s probably planning it right now.

    9.), 17.) & 18.) Haven’t watched yet.

  12. Tom says:

    10 | On The Middle, how can Dr. Fulton (played by Dave Foley) still be Brick’s guidance counselor? Did he receive some sort of promotion from middle school to high school guidance counselor that we weren’t made privy to?
    Maybe. You don’t know his life other than what he shares. Could be he works for the entire school system and drives between buildings.
    13 | Designated Survivor fans, don’t you think the FBI would have a protocol in place in case an agent is compromised by, say, a kidnapped son?
    Perhaps, but isn’t that what Hannah’s doing, even if it’s not real?
    17 | Big Bang Theory fans, were you underwhelmed by Back to the Future vet Christopher Lloyd’s role as Leonard and Penny’s temporary new roommate? And surprised Bernadette’s already going into labor? Also, why can’t Stuart just move in with Raj again, as he did for a short time during Season 6?
    I felt he had shades of his other great character, Reverend Jim. Am I not supposed to knwo Reverend Jim? I think they need to have Leonard’s dad come to town and have Theodore think he recognizes him. As for the labor, uncertain, not 100% on the timeline. As for moving in with Raj…….*shrugs*

  13. tallsy says:

    5. On Supergirl, Mon-el is probably the prince. Otherwise, he’d already know how to fight.
    6. Jane the Virgin isn’t the first show to be inconsistent regarding how famous a character is in-verse.
    13. Designated Survivor is less realistic than the DC superhero shows.

    • Jake says:

      The irony is that Marc Guggenheim’s brother is the creator of Designated Survivor

    • ashanean says:

      I think he’s the prince too, because he does not know how todo anything. A bodyguard would send away a prince to be safe not the other way around. That’s why he’s so clueless. Like he doesn’t know what’s work. Work is work on any planet.

  14. Mary says:

    5. Not sure about the turkey or humans and the Medusa virus. But the reason is that they didn’t use Kara’s blood is they had no way to extract it without her burning out her powers since KalClark supposedly took all of the kryptonite that they had on hand.

  15. Brian says:

    2. Sorry but Sierra doesn’t hold a candle to Mandy Milkovich who would probably, rightfully so, be the most outraged at his relapse last season which led to his getting kicked out of college as she was the person who got him into college in the first place by applying for him and giving him a chance to escape the South Side. We haven’t seen her since Ian helped her out last season where she steered clear of Lip the entire episode.

    • flowerduh says:

      I agree with you….to a point. But I think that Sierra was protecting herself more than looking out for Lip’s best interest. I like the way she didn’t fall for his crap where most girls would have fallen for his crap because he is smart and maybe going places. For once it’s nice to see a woman on tv that doesn’t need to be rescued by some dude that will ultimately complicate her life.

      • Kate says:

        I feel like Sierra’s only immune to Lip’s chaos because of her ex, not because she’s a strong character like Mandy is. And her line that she is “not a function on your personal journey to enlightenment” was really annoying when that’s what the show’s writers have been telling fans on social media that Ian’s boyfriends since Mickey have been for Ian. The writers had layered, interesting characters in the Milkoviches and the characters since are flat and boring.

    • KCC says:

      Mandy also tried to kill Karen. I don’t care what else you do, if you’re capable of murder, you’re not “good” for anyone.

      • Kate says:

        But from a storytelling point of view, at least Mandy was interesting and she’s still missed. If in the next episode Lip mentioned in passing that Sierra dumped him and we never saw her again, would anyone care or wonder whatever became of her? We know nothing about Sierra EXCEPT she has a kid, a brother, and a problematic ex. She doesn’t have a last name, she seems to have no problem paying for her son to be looked after while she’s at work, she keeps insisting she wants a casual relationship with Lip but each week we seem to have to hear them explain over and over that they’re not willing to get serious and why. There’s no depth to her at all.

      • Anna says:

        I agree with Kate. Mandy isn’t perfect, but Sierra is still super forgettable at this point. She hasn’t done anything that makes her stand out from the myriad of recurring characters on this show. And I’m pretty sure that I would completely forget about her by next season if she didn’t stick around. While Mandy might have had some questionable methods (hitting Karen with a car, plagiarizing Lip’s admissions essays), she was 100% looking out for Lip’s best interests. She knew he could do better than their neighborhood and was trying to get him out of there.

  16. Daisy says:

    1. The Life & Death Brigade segment didn’t bother me nearly as much as that overlong and annoying Stars Hollow musical. That was tortuous.

    • rowan77 says:

      Yes, agreed. The musical was far too long, Even with Sutton Foster and Christian Borle – both of whom I adore.

    • Shona says:

      I also agree!! Also didn’t like the scenes with Emily and Lorelai at the psychiatrist appointments.

    • shunda1177 says:

      This, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why there is a fast forward button! I could not stand one second of the musical. The only thing i watched in relation to the musical was that last song that made Lorelei decide to go on the hike.

  17. Spence says:

    This week’s TWD was one of the best of the season. Tara is one of the most underappreciated but interesting characters and her getting an episode was something I greatly enjoyed. Furthermore, anything without the dreadful Negan is a good episode in my opinion.

  18. Wordsmith says:

    Another Q for sharp-eyed This Is Us viewers: Did anyone notice that the framed Magic Eye poster on the wall, which we’re told was a bear, was actually a bunch of dinosaurs? couldn’t they have tweaked the dialogue, or did they figure that nobody would check?

  19. Jenna says:

    This is Us: that is not, in any way whatsoever, a realistic shrooms experience. You see heightened color/sounds, visuals move etc but you are not imagining completely realistic hallucinated scenarios of hanging with dead people. I don’t know what you’d have to take for that to occur, but it sure ain’t shrooms lol.

    Also, agreed on it being super weird to drink a strange smoothie.

  20. Angela says:

    14. Have to say that thought never crossed my mind, but that would’ve been a good idea, yeah. Maybe they were just afraid to touch the contraption in any way, lest they risk something going wrong as a result?

  21. 1. Life and Death Brigade was the best thing about the revival.

  22. JlZ says:

    #15. Agreed!

  23. Lauren says:

    I enjoyed the Life and Death Brigade. The musical felt pretty useless.

  24. Super-fan says:

    16. DC Crossover – I hope the showrunners can plan mini Flash/LOT crossovers seeing as they are going to be on the same night. It might get a few TF audience to stick around permanently for LOT.
    SG/TF crossover would be awesome too.
    18. Pitch -I liked Noah the video game dude…I suppose he is going to be Ginny’s beau for now and I cannot wait to see Mike jealous. It’s high time he get over his wife anyway. I thought I wanted Ginny/Mike kiss but that ‘almost kiss’ was even more perfect.

  25. Hollie says:

    5) I thought ALL of the same things, throughout the episode! Also, I hope Mon-El IS who he says he is, I really have enjoyed having him around, and not just because I miss Containment.

  26. Shelley says:

    The Life and Death Brigade scene was probably my favorite sequence in the entire revival. The muscial was a total time suck and could have been cut by 75% (though I love Sutton foster).

    • Annie Sisk says:

      Same! Love her AND Christian Borle but that was just … odd. I loved the LADB scene, all of it, beginning to end. Charmed my fuzzy slipper socks RIGHT off my feet.

    • Sarah says:

      I disagree, I thought the musical was brilliant and hysterical in so many ways– riffed on various Stars Hollow lore, Broadway memes, Taylor’s phobias, Hamilton and more. And Sutton and Christian were great. Granted it could have been edited down a bit, but as others have said, you can always fast forward through the bits you’re not interested in watching.

  27. GraceM says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one 3ho thought it was strange that Randall just decided to drink someone else’s smoothie, stranger or not.

    I was disappointed that Christopher Lloyd’s role was kind if minor last night.

    Why does eveyone say it’s too soon for Bernadette to be in labour? She found out in late April/early May and never said how far along she was through out her pregnancy.

    • NicoleA says:

      It was actually in the Valentine’s Day so that we found out she was pregnant, so really she is past due.

      • Well she might be on time really because remember that the season finale and the season premiere was the same day or at least days after each other. But she would be 9 month’s by now I think.

      • GraceM says:

        Was that far back for her pregnancy announcement? Well then Bernadette is definitely due. I knew it would be November, since producers said they wouldn’t advance her pregnancy. So why would anyone think she’s too early?

        TV babies are usually due in February, May or November. Bernadette announced her pregnancy in February but she’s too early? Should she have it the following February?

  28. Alichat says:

    5) It was impressive. I was expecting that the turkey would explode. I thought Cadmus had adjusted the virus to not affect humans, but then that still opens the question as to why they didn’t alter it to hurt all aliens…..Kryptons as well. I’ve thought Mon-El has been hiding his true identity from the beginning.
    7) No there wasn’t a commercial. I recall thinking that it was really a missed opportunity. There was a moment at the end of the ep when Rufus says ‘and they made a movie about her.’
    16) Nice little nod that there could be more crossovers. And if they do, they need to have more funny little call outs like Tommy being a doctor in Chicago, and Ray saying that Kara reminds him of his cousin. LOL!

  29. Nicole says:

    17. Yes, definitely underwhelmed. And I’m not sure if TBBT is working on the same calendar as the real world, but if they are, we learned of her pregnancy in the Valentine’s Day episode, which was over 9 months ago. So really she is overdue.

  30. lrdslvrhnd says:

    5) Can’t comment on the turkey, but the Medusa virus was obviously changed by Cadmus… the DEO only found “traces” of Kryptonian DNA. I’m just wondering how Cadmus knew about it in the first place.
    MY question about Supergirl (well, the crossover in general, at least as far as the Flash ep is concerned)… when fighting super-strong aliens, why would you leave your super-strong metal man and your (can have the strength of a gorilla… or elephant) animal woman behind to watch the ship? Surely Gideon can lock the door behind them after going into stealth. (I understand the behind-the-scenes reasons, I just think it’s particularly stupid to leave the two who are possibly the physically strongest behind… not to mention all the Arrowettes.)
    7) I dunno about commercials during Timeless, but I was really weirded out when I went to see Fantastic Beasts today and it had a trailer for that.
    13) I’m pretty sure they made it clear that they would be able to detect if such a protocol went into place, which is why he had to make the oblique reference (and hope they didn’t catch it).

    • canadian ninja says:

      I agree with you about the crossover’s cast restrictions being poorly explained but …\
      a) very happy the Arrowettes were left behind, only the ragman would have been really useful and the hockey mask guy is tedious
      b) even more eggregious was Oliver deciding Supergirl should be left behind because he has character issues – wtf?

  31. Phun says:

    5. Kara’s probably practiced on so many turkeys over time to know how much and the strength of her heat vision would be needed to not dry out the turkey.
    In order to get Kara’s blood, she would probably have to solar flare again to become human. If she did that, then it would take a while for her to get her powers back. How could she fight the real Hank and help people if she had no powers.
    I think the Mon-El is the real prince of Daxum. Maybe he made up the story of being a guard because he really is a coward and decided to flee the planet for his own selfish reasons…..

  32. Annie Sisk says:

    1. One of my favorite scenes of all four movies. So, no. Not a timesuck at all. (Musical, as much as I love Sutton AND Christian, definitely qualified.)
    14. That’s not quite how Kevlar works. At least not at close range.

  33. Jec says:

    Life and Death brigade was the worst thing about the revival, along with that long musical. It was repulsive to watch men in their 30s blowing away money and living an entitles, spoilt life to an epitome. Even more repulsive: the show NOT mocking it, but embracing it. Ew.

    • Lucy Garrison says:

      I DETESTED the Life and Death Brigade scene. Well filmed but seemed like a time filler and so shallow, at that.. So no one in the group has matured in all this time? Getting drunk and buying things with daddy’s money has to be boring at some point. And Rory just being an indecisive simp was awful. Her entire character changed for the worst. I guess the Palladino duo just wanted us to see no one but Jess and Luke have changed. I’ve always been Team Jess but realize that it cannot be since he and Dean have hit shows…so if there is a spin off we’re stuck with Jerk, Privileged Logan, because his show was canceled. Wasn’t the pregnancy an obvious ending? I love Sutton Foster (and liked Bunheads) but the LDB and musical seemed as forced as Lorelai’s tears. And the Wild escapade? Time waster! This could have been 3 episodes with good editing. And I’m nearly offended for all my Hispanic friends by the ever – growing, miscommunicative staff Emily inherits. For the record, I am an avid fan of the series (except the season where Rory and Lorelai do not speak. ..stinking Logan). #letggdie

  34. Oliver Covington says:

    in the comics Mon-El wasn’t even his real name he first appeared in the adventures of superboy and landed in smallville clark thought he was Kryptonian because he had similar powers (the only difference being that mon-el can only use one at a time) so clark gave him the name Mon-El because he crashed on a Monday and El for the house of EL making his sort of an adopted brother. Mon-El as all Daxamites had a fatal allergy to lead and once exposed he was dying so Superboy placed him in the Phantom Zone until they could find a cure which is why Mon-El was alive and the same age in the 30th century and a member of the Legion of Superheros.

  35. Rowan77 says:

    1. A former student is stil an alum even if he/she didn’t graduate. All you have to do is attend to be an alumus – and I loved the Death Brigade segment. Yes it was long, but it was a blast.

    9. The insert shots were sloppy.

    15. Yes, please

    17. No, I was fine. Not every guest star has to be splashy or arrive to massive applause to take you out of the moment. I liked his character and thought his appearance was really fun.

  36. Luli says:

    Re Gilmore… Hated that they brought back the life and death brigade… And we had to have Tristan back so we could see the awesome, hilarious Paris meltdown in the bathroom.

    • Michelle says:

      Paris’ meltdown was the best part of the whole revival for me. Despite all her success she is still just as insecure as she was in high school and I think so many of us can relate to that. Second best was Emily’s DAR meltdown – it showed us that all these years she had been living her life to promote/protect Richard’s image and can now be herself.

  37. 1. LDB=glorified booty call
    3. Randall was being a little passive/aggressive petty
    15. Yes, please.

  38. Carol says:

    #1 Alumni events can be open to all graduates and former students.

  39. #9 Randall and his wife are probably not drug tested at work, this country mostly reserves that for blue collar jobs.

  40. The entire revival should have just been Life and Death Brigade hi jinks guest starring Kelly Bishop

    • Allegra says:

      Yes! That would have been so entertaining. I loved the revival but the stuff with Lorelai, and Rory’s work were rather boring.

  41. Larc says:

    13- The real FBI likely does have a protocol for such an event, but the Hollywood version in Designated Survivor is structured so writers can squeeze any story from it they choose. Realism has no bearing beyond what fits their vision at the moment.

  42. N says:

    5-Yeah, Supergirl would’ve scorched that turkey (LOL)…and yes, I think Mon-El is hiding something, like an important lineage. Love the chemistry between him and Kara.
    10-I just took it as the high school called Fulton in because he has a history with Brick and they needed some help.
    15-Yes, the Supernatural brothers looked pretty hot in those jackets!
    16-I’m hoping for more crossovers in the DC verse. The bits of conversation between amusingly sarcastic Mick Rory and sweet and effervescent Kara Danvers cracked me up, for example. More.
    17-Christopher Lloyd is funny no matter what but why Penny and Leonard just stood there and looked bemused instead of finding another way to deal with their new guest was kind of a letdown. I would’ve liked a few more instances of the back-and-forth revenge between Leonard and Sheldon than just the little bit we got. Ah, well…..

  43. frokentv says:

    1. Naaah. It was ok but not good.
    2. Yes!!!! Not better than Mandy but close.
    17. When did he live with Raj? Dont remeber that :o

  44. Maxsmom says:

    17. Big Bang Theory began to work for me with the addition of Mayim Bialik and the growth Amy made for Penny therefore Leonard and of course Sheldon. Amy also made Bernadette better but Howard has remained mostly annoying and it’s left to poor Raj to carry him. Perhaps that is why the producers can’t determine a course for Raj. I think it’s ridiculous to have Stuart move in with the Wolowitz’ but it would have been worse with Raj. The Stuart character is a recurring gem but he does not work as a regular.

    My question: if Stuart needs to move in with the Wolowitz, is the store losing money? What happened to the guys investment?

  45. jj. says:

    1. I loved the life and death brigade scene! It was so beautifully shot and felt like a nice scene when paired with the wedding scene

  46. 1. Loved the Life and Death Brigade scenes but I could have done completely without the Stars Hollow Musical.

  47. Matt says:

    The Arrow ep (to me) was by far the weakest part of the crossover event. It failed at the crossover & the 100th “tribute”. Does anyone actually enjoy fake reality storylines?

  48. dlraetz says:

    #17. Reverend Jim is now a homeless Californian. Not a big surprise

  49. Lisa Echerd says:

    It’s about time Bernadette went into labor. It seems like she has been pregnant forever though they didn’t have her showing all that long. Are we getting a new BBT before the holidays?

  50. maregolden says:

    Regarding #12 and #16, yes. The Arrow crossover show seemed to be just an homage to all the characters that are no longer with us. Supergirl was horribly underused in the crossover event, and if she comes back again, I hope she gets more to do. BTW, loved the Superman easter egg moment with Brandon Routh. (She (Kara) reminds me of my cousin.) Ha.

    • K says:

      I enjoyed the Superman Easter egg as well as the Chicago Med one. The actor who played Tommy Merlyn is now playing a doctor on the NBC show Chicago Med.