the walking dead season 7 ratings low

The Walking Dead Hits a Four-Year Ratings Low — 6 Possible Reasons Why

Hey, don’t put this on Tara and Heath. Though Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead drew the AMC drama’s lowest numbers (10.4 million viewers and a 4.9 demo rating) since “Hounded,” all the way back in Season 3, the supporting characters on whom the installment was centered aren’t to blame. At least not entirely. Our six theories as to why the series has taken a dip?

1 | Backlash from the Season 7 premiere
More than half of the viewers who voted in our October polls said that the show had gone too far with its violent depiction of Glenn and Abraham’s murders, and almost 40 percent of respondents swore that they were done with the show. Maybe it just took them a while to realize that, when they’d claimed to be through, they’d actually meant it.

the walking dead season 7 ratings low2 | Negan
Perhaps at the moment the audience just isn’t in the mood to watch a totalitarian ruler who thinks he’s hilarious tear apart a nice place like Alexandria while intimidating, demoralizing and/or humiliating every character who challenges him.

3 | Separation anxiety
Our core group of survivors is so scattered at this point that we’ve only seen them together in Episode 1’s bittersweet fantasy sequence. What’s more…

4 | People vanish for what feels like ages
We haven’t seen Carol in a month. Or Morgan. Or, after his eagerly anticipated introduction, King Ezekiel. (And you know there’s a problem when Enid is getting more airtime than Carol.) Meanwhile…

5 | We’re watching strangers
So many new characters have been introduced — and so quickly — that we aren’t getting to know them, much less care about them. And honestly, how many of us could even pick a Richard or a Benjamin out of a lineup?

6 | It’s depressing as hell
We know that we’re headed for an epic showdown. In the meantime, however, it’s a bummer-and-a-half to see Rick so broken and scared, and Daryl, reluctantly playing Negan’s lapdog.

What do you think? Have you stuck with the show? Have you been enjoying it as much as past seasons? What would you do to get it back on track?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Whiners! This si what happens in an apocalypse! The strong survive and the weak shall perish! Now get with the program before i introduce you to Lucille.

    • meeeeme says:

      Yeah, well, those whiners are enough to cause these articles. There are no lies in this article. I’m still watching, but more out of completion and not being a quitter, than enjoyment. If more than half of the people polled don’t like something, well…It’s basic math. They still get respectable ratings, but not for long if they keep losing 500k and up every single week.

      • Max says:

        I blame Fear the Walking Dead personally. Everything was fine until they decided to split their time between a stupid spin off not many care about. And now TWD is starting to stoop to those levels of crappiness. If they had put all their energies into the one show, the main one and left it at that, I think we would be seeing a pretty different outcome. Instead, people have grown sick of it all and it is starting to die. I truly believe that is the only way left to salvage the franchise from this drop.

        • Audrey Davis says:

          I understand that the core group was separated and then seen again periodically after 3 or 4 episodes. That don’t work for me…..but again i understand they separated so i will have to adjust….i guess you can say i was spoiled. Negan is awful but i do like his sense of humor….

        • Debbie says:

          You could be right about Fear. That show is awful and it may have brought attention to the weak spots in WD or brought WD to stoop.

          • Max says:

            Yeah, I’m not joking when I say I have met more people that hate Fear than love it. And a few that actually did like it were only watching it because they were fans of a couple of the actors but had never even seen TWD before. So since Fear has finally started to influence the outcome of TWD as my worst fears predicted (no pun intended), I think it’s time we say bye bye to those weirdos and keep the main show afloat instead.

        • Deborah LaRiccia Brown says:

          Ive been loyal to the Fear only bcz im loyal to Walking, but honestly, it doesnt hold a candle. Not even close. And I wouldnt miss it at all.

      • John says:

        No lies, perhaps, but plenty of speculation. The whole idea is moot, because fair-weather friends always come back, eventually.

    • packman T. Foster says:

      Rick kills Negan just like Negan killed Glen with Rick enjoying it saying the boy is trying to talk and he has his eye hanging out. The core group kills all of Negans crew and they March on to survive looking for a cure. I still think in the end Rick will wake up in the hospital with all his crew around him with everything be okay.

      • KenH says:

        If they pull the Dallas “its all a dream” move, they better have their tickets booked out of the country. And Talking Dead done on tape delay from a bunker. For the fans would very likely, burn down the studio. And the city. …

      • Allie says:

        I actually wouldn’t mind if that somehow happened. I just want them to have some happiness or (don’t laugh) end up all in heaven together enjoying themselves. Yes I said it. All reunited and doing fine.

        • Ah. the elusive Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead Happy Ending. Jesus turns out to actually be Jesus. He walks them into his dad’s throne room and says, “Yeah, I’m really sorry about that. That whole thing about my return, the dead rising and the rapture was a bit messier than people thought it would be. But, hey, you redeemed yourself, survived purgatory and … you know, it’s all boat drinks and barbecue now. Carl … I’ve got you a swimming pool filled with chocolate pudding.”

      • Riri says:

        That would be wonderful.

    • KenH says:

      Even GOT was not this retarded. Tearing our heroes apart, while killing 2 favourites off, while giggling about it, is not a brilliant move. But hey, COMICS UBER ALLES, right?? This is what happens when you fail to comprehend, that while you can do this stuff in comics or books, it’s a whole other deal doing it on a TV show. Which, Herr Kirkman et al, LIVES and DIES on ratings and advertising. You can pleasure yourself all you like. Just don’t express shock when the fans tell you FRAK YOU in loud, blunt, Anglo-Saxonese…. It’s your funeral

      • Dee23 says:

        “Tearing our heroes apart, while killing 2 favourites off, while giggling about it, is not a brilliant move. But hey,COMIC UBERALLES, right?? This is what happens when you fail to comprehend,that while you can do this stuff in comics or books,it’s a while other deal doing it on a tv show.”

        But that doesn’t happen in the comic books. The show fails most when it deviates from the comic books.


        Daryl isn’t in the comics and Glen died in the show because Darly retaliated by hitting Negan after Negan killed Abraham. In the comics Abraham would have already been killed at that point since he was shot by Dwight in his eye when patrolling outside Alexandria with Eugene. In the comics Abraham and Glen’s deaths happen at 2 different points in time and were caused by 2 different people. In the comics both deaths work because of the pacing and good writing. In the show the 2 deaths are thrown in together for shock value and fail miserably. Abraham’s death is overshadowed by Glen’s. Glen’s death also felt less impactful than it should have been and less impactful than it would have been if he died with Nicholas back at the dumpster since his death being so soon after Abraham’s made many of the viewers feel desensitised.

        The problems with season 7 have nothing to do with fear the walking dead. Those two shows have different show runners the last I checked. The problem is that even in the comics there were pacing issues in the story arcs after the introduction of Alexandria due to the amount of characters that were introduced, the lack of characterisation, lack of character development and the abundance of “red shirts”. The comic and the show worked better when the core group was smaller and more intimate like when they were on the road living in an RV or camping, living day to day.

    • Not whining.. this show SUCKS now… end of story!

      • Laura M says:

        That’s YOUR opinion that it sucks.

        • Joe says:

          And a very good opinion it is!

        • It's A Me says:

          The series hit a four year ratings low…so I don’t think it’s just her opinion. If the writers keep listening to the fans who will watch the show no matter how awful the writing gets and no matter how one dimensional the villains become they may as well cancel it right now. I’m sorry but this show is becoming a chore to watch, and it’s too depressing. I know it’s an apocalypse, but that doesn’t excuse the depressing turn it’s taken, you can still have humor and lighthearted moments. Negan is a joke and his sophomoric speeches are like nails on a chalkboard to me.

          • Ralph says:

            And it seems that the writers are reveling in creating show after long show depicting just how sick they can make his character. It’s almost like they want to test the viewers loyalty. I know they are severely testing mine. Others ought to think a little more about their own issues when they call our opinions “whining”. #1, I am not whining, I am registering a protest, a complaint that I want to be heard. And in short, it is a THREAT to the writers, that I am not a masochist that needs to spend prolonged time in front of the tv getting abused for their folly, and remain loyal to that punishment. I will stop watching the show if this thread that they’re on continues too much longer, or gives us a half baked resolution that allows it to continue. Negans story line needs to come to an end, and a conclusive one. Enough is enough. From our first exposure to Negan, he was far too verbose and time consuming. I think the reason so many left the show after this seasons opening episode was because the writers used a really cheap trick of making the audience wait for the entire off season, just to be rewarded by the brutal killing of TWO characters, and the complete dissection of Rick. Wow, it felt so good to be back! NOT. And now they have dragged us through the episode where they raided Alexandria, humbling Rick yet AGAIN, and this last episode, where they mess with Carl and Ricks little girl. More than half the shows have been about nothing more than humiliation. That ain’t going to work much longer for me. I have been here from the beginning, but it can stop anytime. Contrary to what some think, there is no need to return to a tv show once it’s done for you. There’s a lot more to life than having an addiction to watching unsatisfying tv shows.

        • Desde says:

          It is an opinion. One shared by the majority of fans who have stopped watching. Your opinion is shared by a tiny minority which can’t foot the bill for this show how it is.

        • calstud29 says:

          No, it sucks. No opinion, only fact. If you’re still watching it, it’s because you are pathetic.

      • Riri says:

        Really is a snooze fest and the writing is SO bad.

    • Joe Gullible says:

      Yeah, maybe so. I’m not asking for the Wizard of Oz, mind you, but after a long day of work, do we really need this? Gratuitous violence, a windbag of a villain? And seriously, do you have any real apocalyptic experience? Didn’t think so!!

      • Laura M says:

        It’s real simple…..don’t watch it then!!

        • Desde says:

          Don’t watch it like everyone else? Why the show has started to struggle to get advertisers. That it’s ratings are the lowest it’s ever been and falling?

          People like you, Laura, are the reason this show is dying.

    • Cassie says:

      So why after 7 years would anyone put up with Negan, and not just shot him in the face minute one? ex military, police, hunters, survivors, The show has jumped the shark.

      • Exactly. The Governor, all the others killed so ruthlessly. I am quite certain Rick is one of the worst leaders ever depicted in fiction, especially in the TV version, and his arbitrary behavior is bizarre at the best of times but Negan is all scary n stuff only because the world is written that way. Objectively why would anyone so gently give up their guns in such a world? They never have before.

        The Walking Dead comics were just highly imitative pablum and filled in for a missing niche in the comics market, but the television show is coming up against problems of basic storytelling logic and not allowing its world to develop organically.

    • Desde says:

      Those whiners are also the vast majority of viewers who have turned off that sloppy show.

      Advertisers are following too. Where they have to give two for one deals to advertise.

      Nathan and this whole seasons story has trashed the show. People don’t want a show that focuses every second on being dark, depressing, and morbid.

      You have to need serious psychological help and should take meds if you enjoy this season. I would guess personality disorders and just being a sociopath.

  2. Spence says:

    The show is definitely just not up to the same caliber it once was. I always reference season 4 as the last great season and I stick by that. Narratively, it’s run out of steam, and Negan is easily one of the worst characters on the show and TV period. Hearing that he will be in Season 8 as a major part still is seriously making me consider tuning out after this season. It’s sad to know when a show has peaked, and watching it slowly sink lower and lower, and that’s what’s happening with TWD.

    • french5851 says:

      #8 Fans were tired of stupid cliffhanger tricks that NEVER pan out. There was nothing gratifying about the premiere – only the worst B-movie crap that any teen boy could have written.

      Time to get some real writers back in the mix, make some complicated plots, real character development, oh wait… it’s past time for that.

      I keep checking the reviews because I haven’t watch yet this season after faithfully following all of the last 6 seasons. I haven’t regretted it, but I do think you need to add that reason to your list.

      • The cliffhanger at the end of S6, along w/the mid-season finale cliffhanger, the S5 season finale cliffhanger… yep, that did it for me. If you need a cliffhanger gimmick every single mid-season & full season finale to drag fans back, you’re doing something terribly wrong.

        • ihatefanboys says:

          Cliffhangers are not gimmicks. Nearly every TV has a season ending cliffhanger. The Season 6 cliffhanger was perfect. It made the wait all the more anticipated.

          • David Throgmorton says:

            Yes TV shows rely on introducing something new at the end of a season upon completion of the seasons story line to bring you back to see how that is going to go, not to finish what they should have the previous season. There is a big difference.

          • Darren Hood says:

            Cliffhangers are designed to keep interest in a show with a shocking twist or revelation to or by a character that ends the show and leaves a plot unresolved. It is the very definition of a gimmick. Just because every TV show uses them doesn’t make them any less so.

          • Dee23 says:

            “Cliff hangers are not gimmicks. Nearly every tv has a season ending cliffhanger”.

            The walking dead did not start using cliffhanger endings until the season 4 finale. Season 1-3 resolved the story arcs the way story arcs are and have always been resolved in the comics and I think it’s fair to say that the walking dead tv series peaked at season 4. I say this to say that the show was doing pretty good without the need for cliffhanger endings. With all the stick season 2 got I’m sure people will go back and appreciate it all the more after watching the debacle that was season 7. Seasons 1-4 had the best pacing, characterisation, character development and best writing and was the walking dead at its best.

        • Hpg says:

          The best show ever was Carol at Terminus when she rescued the group. The began to go down hill with the death of Beth. Glenn and Abraham was the lowest yet. If you plan to stay on top of ratings rewrite you story line. I watch the past episodes up until 6. The rest is just TRASH! !!!

    • A fan of TV says:

      This, too. You rewatch the Darabont episodes and then watch it now, and the quality of the series is practically like night and day. I have no idea what drama forced Darabont from the project exactly, but I find myself wishing he’d won whatever drama that was. ALL the time.

      • Jouze says:

        After a successful first season AMC ordered twice as much episodes with 20% less of a budget, then fired Darabont because he “had a strained relationship with the AMC executives”. Even though the farm arc in season 2 dragged, I thought he made the best out of an impossible situation.

        After Darabont the show has changed showrunners several times, with his follower Glenn Mazzara stepping down after one season (#3), the press release stating “both parties acknowledge that there is a difference of opinion about where the show should go moving forward, and conclude that it is best to part ways”.

        The show has been a directionless mess after Darabont.

      • Ghost says:

        I agree I watch the first 2 seasons and after that the feel is different. It changes in season 2 but is totally different by 3. The earlier visions for the show weren’t to follow the comics but to go on a journey with these characters and intersect at times with the comics.If you watch the early interviews with Darabont and Kirkman that is what they said. It’s unfortunate AMC got greedy and we got Gimple. Hope Darabont gets every penny!

      • mvio says:

        This!!! It’s not the FTWD, and not the character separation. Gimple just does not have the vision and the cretive genius of Darabont. Everything, from characterisation to camera work is much worse now, and many scenes, like someone else had mentioned here, could have been written better by a random teenager.

    • Amber jones says:

      I agree completely. It got so cheesy after season 4. Negans character over acts and hes hard to watch.

  3. Gerald says:

    Ratings are still pretty great by most standards, but I agree with all of the points above.. But mostly agree with too many characters you don’t have time to get to know and they show up once every couple of weeks/months sometimes.

    • meeeeme says:

      Exactly. Every episode feels like a TWD spinoff at this point. Too many people to not bother learning about.

    • The Beach says:

      I don’t think spinning off Fear the Walking Dead (terrible name btw) did the franchise any favors. It was a badly written attempt full of unlikable characters, no matter how hard Chris Hardwick tried to convince us otherwise.

      • Max says:

        I one hundred per cent agree with you. Kill the Fear the Walking Dead, it is an embarassment to the franchise. And the writers need to stop their arrogance declaring crossovers and movies and saying it will be like Star Trek. Just leave it alone will you Kirkman!! We just want a good main show and clearly your crappy spin offs have ruined it, leave it alone. Authenticity and originality are the keys to success here.

      • Simon Jester says:

        I disagree — I’m actually finding Fear the Walking Dead superior to this hot mess. Count me as one of those who has episodes of WD backlogged on DVR… but no pressing incentive to watch them. Not when I can watch Westworld’s superior acting and dialogue on Sunday nights instead.

        • Max says:

          Well I disagree with you because Fear is the REAL hot mess hete, crappy acting, crappy story crappy characters. And now it is infringing on TWD. They need to kill Fear now, it’s already dying anyway. Sorry but it needs to go ASAP, awful tv if I ever saw it.

          • Simon Jester says:

            Fine, they BOTH suck. Happy now?

          • Alison says:

            I don’t think TWD always sucked. But Fear, yeah that was always a lame ass excuse of a show. The reason why TWD sucks right now is because it is stooping to the same levels as Fear with the crappy story development, characters that we can’t care for, etc. But it isn’t as bad as Fear just yet. I agree, they need to get rid of Fear the Walking Dead. It is the only way we can make TWD great again.

        • I agree with you. FTWD has a brooding intensity and slower pace that I think give it its own character and make it work well as a separate sister show to TWD – which I also loved btw. Its not FTWD that’s spoiling TWD but fragmenting TWD’s storyline and devoting whole episodes to one story strand rather than intercutting between several to keep the pace up. I haven’t watched an episode since S7, eps 1, not because I thought that the violence was gratuitous and unnecessary, (which it was), but because, ultimately that episode killed, alongside two of its key characters, the spark of enjoyment that made me watch TWD in the first place. Now TWDs characters are so broken we don’t care.

          • Lizzie B says:

            Nope, I agree with what the majority are saying about Fear the Walking Lamebrains. You can try in vain but you’re not going to convince any of us. Fear is one of the worst and critically viewed and reviewed spin offs of a popular tv show ever.It doesn’t work well at all. If there are characters the majority don’t love, acting the majority doesn’t appreciate and a nonsensical, poorly developed storyline, how can any of that work well in a rational fan’s mind? And sister show is a very generous term for Fear in itself considering the role it is truly fulfilling is to be a pathetic little filler to help keep the main show in mind and a dead weight on the franchise altogether. Nobody wants TWD to stoop to Fear’s level of tv atrocities. And the majority of us don’t want Fear at all. You see how it goes in everything the majority rules. And if the majority rules, then Fear the Walking Dead will end soon enough. I’m sorry if you are upset at the thought of this but it is the harsh truth, not many like or want it and most want it for the wrong reasons. But don’t worry, you will still have TWD and netflix, kay?

        • Jennifer Rambo says:

          Finally! I love FTWD. This of TWD is bringing back my interest for this group.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      They need to introduce characters so they have someone to kill off in the winter and spring finales!

  4. Superfan says:

    OR the reason could be as simple as…Tara & Heath
    I know I checked out 10 min into the epi…and read the recap instead

    • cej says:

      I’m not a huge Tara fan, but I thought she carried the episode well. I’m just sick of the group being separated, again.

    • KLS says:

      In all honesty, I totally forgot that Tara & Heath left the group after the attack on the satellite station until a couple of episodes later. Tara has always been a supporting character, like Rosita. Heath, I dismissed at once because I knew the actor got the lead in 24: Legacy and didn’t think he’ld last too long on TWD. So unless Oceanside plays a significant role in Negan’s take down, Tara’s episode was a waste because we learned nothing more about her.

  5. caffeinatedjoe says:

    I have always been on board with the show and the drama/violence mix. But, yeah… paired with the real world monster Trump and the general despair felt by so many, it is hard to willingly sit down and go through even more. Lighter fare helps ease the brain, like a warm blanket on a cold night.

  6. JoeyQ says:

    I think it’s all six reasons, though the biggest issue I have is just how depressing it’s been. Negan is a huge weakness, but there’s absolutely no levity to the show anymore. Game of Thrones is a perfect example of a show that has such depressing material at times, but they also have a balance. They have momenta that will crack you up or give hope. And the character development of existing characters has been rather non existent besides this past episode with Tara.

    • Ann Laabs says:

      Even an ZA/end of the world story has to have some optimism at its’ core, or what’s the point? ZA stories like the FEED Trilogy show society coping, and striving, to deal with the situation. In TWD, it’s just all small scale, all depressing, all the time. We don’t know what’s going on elsewhere, and what we do see is bleak and hopeless.

  7. I liked the show for a long time. But there has to be some hope, even in a show as bleak as this. The comic does a better job of showing societal progress, as well as character progress, than the show is doing. They are reveling too much in the pain and despair on the show, for too long. Dragging the major deaths out for two shows, that alone shows how slow they are going.

    I’m just not interested in being anxious and depressed for a whole season. I could take an episode or two of that, but I’ve got to have something to strive for other than, maybe Neagan won’t kill them this episode.

  8. Jason says:

    I still love the show and care deeply about the core characters so to all those who left I sat BYE. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

  9. Ed says:

    I stopped watching after the season opener not because of the violence (and it was pretty bad), but I found myself just not caring that Abe and Glenn died. I discovered that I stopped caring about any of these characters. The show feels like it has no end game…it’s just them meandering and I no longer felt invested in their (lack of) journey. A few seasons ago, when there was the quest to D.C. for a cure, there was forward momentum and it felt like the show was moving in a direction. Now it’s just going deeper and deeper into the same hole: wander until we find a safe place, then someone threatens that space, then repeat again. With no end in sight for the show, I no longer wanted to be on this journey with these characters anymore.

    • Pat says:

      You have voiced everything that I think about the show. At this point I can learn about each episode by reading about it online.

    • Roy says:


      It’s the same ole thing over and over again, I don’t care about these characters anymore and the writing is just inexcusably POOR.

      This show is no long about anything. It’s just all posturing. It’s a Creed album cover of a show.

      • It was a good run says:

        In my case, I never stopped caring about the characters. It’s the lack of good writing, plot twisting and creative solutions that lose my interest. At one time TWD had remnants of the original McGuyver… So I don’t blame the characters. I think they’re doing the best they can with the crappy script they’ve been given.

    • ihatefanboys says:

      Kirkman said the comic , and show definitively has an ending but it’s way off. But we haven’t missed you. And you care enough apparently to comment.

    • O. Ner-Ous says:

      Negan didn’t really kill Abe and Glenn…he killed the show. I felt Lucille upon my head and asked “why am I watching this one-note theme every week?” (Down-beat…down-beat…down-beat.) The smarter writers are probably leaving as fast as the viewership. I believe the show-runners have secretly given-up and are trying to force an ending soon. The actors are terrific…don’t sink with the ship – hit yourself with the baseball bat if you have to!!!

      • Weirwolfe says:

        Yeah it was the beginning of the end with Negan. He’s gonna be around for a while and I don’t think I have the strength of mind to tolerate that. An awful character.

      • Cj32 says:

        We used to sit glued to the TV. After this season premiere we DVR and watch later. Why be depressed through the commercials too? I like JDM but watching Negan is depressing. And Daryl in a cell practically in a diaper eating dog food? They build up these bad ass characters to beat them down in one week? Its too ridiculous to suffer through willingly.

        • Renato says:


          well spoken.
          The story of these people’s characters is not consistent. How can these hardened fighters act suddenly so weak.
          Also, too many deaths of many good people who played a major role in the series doesn’t make a person watching this show too happy either (unless the person has psychological disorders ).
          In one way, this show has a lot of potency, but it tends to the, too depressing side, to really like it. Too many losses on a row.
          The death of Andrea and Merle were already (too) depressing enough for me. But it seems that there’s not stop to it. It’s the ‘watch all your favorite characters dying show’, it seems..

    • Valerie Tower says:

      Well said Ed. Totally agree.

    • Allie says:

      I agree. I also thought the show was at it’s best when Merle, Herschel, Beth and Glen were alive. That was when it was at it’s best. I wanted to see Daryl and Merle work through their drama. I wanted Herschel to live on and I hoped Beth would be with Daryl. Maggie and Glen didn’t have enough time together. I realize the show is about a ZA, but it was so good up through S5 and then it got sort of boring. The current season is a snooze-fest. I don’t care about Negan, Dwight and his wife (whatever her name is) or any of that stuff.

      I also like Rick with Michonne. Let’s get back to the core family and forget about the women at the beach and the savior people.

      • KLS says:

        I hated Merle, but I miss him dearly. Michael Rooker was the best supporting actor in the series IMHO.

        • Renato says:


          Exactly that.
          He behaved like an ass too often. But started to change a bit. Letting Michonne go was a clear sign of that.
          Strong character is missing with him leaving.

          Personally I had a hard time seeing Andrea go as well.

  10. Et al. says:

    2 episodes ago I had personally reached the conclusion #2 was my reason.

  11. SG says:

    Or, you know, that Thanksgiving hit most shows take.

  12. TvLover says:

    I don’t think that it was because the episode focused on Tara. I thought she was great. I think that introducing another group, or as I like to call them, the Extreme Girl Scouts, I forgot their name are overtaken by Negan and the Saviors is getting old.
    Why is it that The Hilltop, The Kingdom, Alexandria, Camp Extreme Girl Scouts, and whichever group is possibly still out there can’t all just band together and take out the Saviors?
    And the A team are all broken and broken up.
    I forget which season it was but I liked the idea of the gang going out and looking for a cure, actually trying to get rid of the Walkers once and for all, instead of this almost formulaic find a place, it gets overrun by walkers. Kill one big bad, then an even bigger big bad shows up.
    So far out of the new characters I like Jesus, King Ezekiel, and that girl that helped Tara.
    The core characters need to get their bad–seness back and fast.
    I know I’m griping but I still like this show, just not as much right now. I hope it gets better.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      “Why is it that The Hilltop, The Kingdom, Alexandria, Camp Extreme Girl Scouts, and whichever group is possibly still out there can’t all just band together and take out the Saviors?”

      Perhaps it’s because they don’t know they all exist yet, and it’s only been a week to 10 days since the attack. People need time to regroup. They’ll get their groove back, we just have to be patient. And yeah, I know, that sucks :-)

      • Hpg says:

        FTWD is refreshing compared to TWD. There are too many new characters, too many new little communities popping up. Go back and get your old writer Darabont eat crow or one of your zombies if necessary. KILL NEGAN. Where’s Daryl, Carol, and Morgan??????. You have emasculated Rick. I understand Carl is next to die!!!!
        Do better or you will lose more fans.

        • Alice says:

          No it’s not FTWD is crap, such bad tv. Don’t you watch any netflix stuff, they are all a bizzillion times better, I wouldn’t waste my time with it. It might very well get cancelled anyway at this rate. I have no idea why people still watch this thing, well actually I do have some idea, Alycia, she has a huge lesbian fandom I heard that try and knock the ratings in competitor shows so they can support her in that and keep it going. But honestly is it good tv? No, I agree with those that say it is killing TWD, not that it would matter though, if TWD dies, Fear will sink automatically, since most TWD fans detest it and since it is tied to it’s lifeline thanks to these genius writers.

    • Christopher says:

      “Why is it that The Hilltop, The Kingdom, Alexandria, Camp Extreme Girl Scouts, and whichever group is possibly still out there can’t all just band together and take out the Saviors?”

      Lord only knows how long it will take the show to get there, but it’s definitely what the show is building toward. My guess is that there is an initial confrontation at the end of this season, or that the groups all decide to band together at the end of this season and that the first major battle happens in either the season finale, or, more likely, this season ends on a cliff hanger on the eve of the battle and it kicks off next season as the premier.

      If I was betting money, I would say that it takes until the end of next season for Rick’s group, and whatever groups he is able to convince to work with the core group, to finally defeat the Saviors.

      • Hpg says:

        Don’t forget there’s a new group the whispers yet to be introduced. They skin zombies and wear their skins for what reason WHO knows

  13. GuessWhat says:

    Bottom line: it’s season 7. already renewed for more. but c’mon, these types of shows get dragged on way too long. time to wrap it up with dignity. no reason for a show like this to run 10 years.

    • Jane says:

      That is exactly what I think too. The storyline is strained and repetitive now and I resent the fact it has put me off my former favorite show. They should do what GOT does and start planning for the beginning of the end now. Even GOT despite how successful that still is, knows when enough is enough and that it’s time to give the audience and writer a break. When it starts feeling like something mass produced on a production line, that’s when we start to see problems.

  14. Robert D says:

    I think it would help not to have each show focus just on one part of the storyline. Give multiple threads time each week , and tell the specific stories over a few episodes rather than one at a time.

    • Laura says:

      I totally agree.

    • chiguy79 says:

      I think that sums it up exactly. There’s no reason to dedicate full episodes to such a small part of the overall story. The only character-centric episodes I can think that have worked real well and enjoyably were the the Morgan one with the cheese maker and the one where Rick found Morgan after a long time. Spending a whole episode watching Rick walk around Alexandria with Negan for an hour didn’t really accomplish much more than what could’ve been accomplished in 15 minutes, even with the whole missing guns drama. Same with the whole Hilltop episode with Maggie. I think writers think they’re doing the fans a favor when the focus a whole episode to a few characters at a time instead of mixing a few storylines into one episode. I think most fans are more than capable of following a few threads in each episode.

    • cej says:

      Yes, I agree. With so many separate stories going on, it takes forever to get back around to them again if they only have one story a week. Surely they could give us a bit of a few stories than just one at a time.

    • Stan says:

      Call me cynical, but I believe this practice of focusing on certain characters in each episode and not showing the group, as has become the practice over the last three or so seasons, is being done to produce the series more cheaply. I suspect when the contracted stars do not appear in an episode, they don’t get paid.

    • hfdmama says:

      Absolutely! The writers had no difficulty in past seasons to tell multiple stories inside one episode. Keeps the storyline moving forward on a faster pace while keeping the audience’s interest.

    • Laura M says:

      I agree. I think the main reason people are being turned off is because there are too many plots going on. There’s the Kingdom, the Saviors, Tara and Heath, and our usual group. Too many stories to keep track of. Carol and Morgan don’t even know what happened yet! In the past everyone would find out that someone from the group died fairly soon after it happened. Believe me, I still absolutely love the show, but it is being dragged out a little too much. And the Hilltop is just boring. And I know this sounds weird, but does anyone feel a little put off by Maggie and Sasha’s reactions and grief to the loss of people they loved? If I saw someone I loved die like that I think I would be grieving MUCH more than it seems they are. I feel like it’s “ok so they’re dead. Now that’s over and done with, we carry on and find a way to get back at Negan”. To me the grief isn’t genuine. Even Maggie’s reaction to Glenn being beat to death was very uneventful. That did bother me. Make it more realistic.

  15. wrstlgirl says:

    The show does seem to be stumbling along right now but I have complete faith in what’s coming. I hate seeing Rick so defeated and the group split apart but I’m not going anywhere. For me personally I enjoyed the Tara episode way more than I did the previous one with Maggie & Sasha. That was probably one of the worst episodes of the series IMHO.

  16. mgs2277 says:

    I agree with point 6. get me to the major throwdown, and let Rick regrow a pair

  17. TvLover says:

    also, #2.

    As much as I like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the only thing Neegan has going for him is Lucile and his cronies. Take those away and he’s not much of a character. Just really annoying.

  18. Sassie says:

    It could be that there were others like me that didn’t even realize that it was an episode of TWD until about 10 minutes into the episode? Both a friend and I thought it was FTWD or something because nobody was recognizable!

  19. KMG says:

    I stopped watching a couple of seasons ago. The show just got to be too depressing. I liked the characters, and watching them try to survive together against impossible odds. But it just got to the point where I dreaded watching the next episode… so I didn’t. I think I probably would have stopped after this season’s premiere if I was still watching… especially with all that I read is going on now.

  20. Andrew says:

    For me, it’s a combination of 3 and 4.

    I’m just tired of seeing the group separated. The way they jump from one plot to the next isn’t doing it any favors, either.

  21. cleverity says:

    Or because there is an amazing resonance with U.S. politics, ‘I voted for Trump’ corresponding to a palpable degree with ‘I am Negan’. Which is uncomfortable enough to turn people away.

  22. dman6015 says:

    I stopped watching because I got sick of looking at Norman Reedus’ hair.

    • hfdmama says:

      I’ve found it extremely irritating that Daryl is still alive this season. If anything, he should’ve been capped for slugging Negan. He should’ve died when he tried to escape. And he should’ve died again when he said “Daryl”. Three strikes, you’re out. There’s been zero character growth since season 4. All he does is swear, blow stuff up, and swear some more. BORING. Abraham had so much more growth, if the writers went that way, but instead we’re stuck with a character who’s a caricature.

      • Quenten10 says:

        Yeah I completely agree about Daryl – he hasn’t been interesting or necessary since season 3, IMO. It should have been Daryl who was killed instead of Glenn. That would have been a better twist and made more sense.

      • Neil Harvey says:

        Thats spot on. You wrote the comment I wanted to make.

    • Tracy says:

      I would agree about his hair cmon even some of the walkers hair isn’t as dirty looking and I know that he can wash it in a lake get it out of his eyes and use a little shampoo please. As much as I like Norman and his character Daryl I get grossed out looking at his hair and that is all I focus on when he’s in the story.

      • Audrey says:

        Tracy, i feel you and would agree with you about Daryl but i really think he’s playing the role. …he is rough around the edges and he has this tough guy exterior but i saw his soft side when he cried after seeing Glens picture……ijs

    • Allie says:

      Gasp….bite your tongue! Speak no evil of NR or Daryl LOL! I love Daryl and can’t wait for him to get out of Negan’s clutches and team up with the family and kick some ass. As for his hair, he’s kind of busy to worry about it. Maybe Carol or Maggie will cut it if/when he is free.

  23. Whatevah says:

    I’m still watching but Negan is on my last nerve. I think Kirkman loves the character more than viewers do.

  24. Scott H says:

    They killed Glen

  25. A fan of TV says:

    I think the show honestly needs to depart from the comics and kill Negan quickly. Love JDM, but after the WAY they killed Glenn, let the camera linger on it, I want Negan dead and have not watched the show since. Will possibly catch up in the summer, but no longer is it an appointment for me. So for me it’s totally reasons 1 and 2.

  26. Real real me says:

    I’m disappointed and I think the reasons listed are correct.
    I’ll still keep watching, been a fan from the beginning and this used to be the my favorite show, but this season so far is clearly the worst one. I won’t be surprised if more viewers quit watching. There are many more quality shows.

  27. don says:

    i agree with all the fore mentioned reasons. additionally, folks are now more into human robots rather than zombies

    • AngelWasHere says:

      I secretly hate all the human robot shows popping up. I can’t get into any of them. I’m hoping the vampire trend comes back around. lol

      • Alice says:

        You might be in luck there. A new show about vampires is coming out soon and the story is by Anne Rice who also wrote Interview with the Vampire. I agree though, zombies are becoming so last season. I personally love that dystopian sci-fi stuff like Black Mirror with the exception being Stranger Things because that is just awesome.

  28. AngelWasHere says:

    It’s 3, 4, and 5 for me. Not a fan of filler episodes. I’m all for character building and all that jazz, but it feels like nothing significant has happen since the season opener. Sure some new groups have been introduced and Negan still has Rick’s balls, but nothing has changed. *sigh* I’m invested too many years to give up now tho. I still love the show.

    • Sur says:

      Agreed. I think that too many filler episodes should be added to the list. If they actually contained compelling drama and moved the overall story line along, TWD wouldn’t be losing so much of its audience.

  29. jg says:

    This is on point. I unseason passed the show after the last episode when i spent 40 minutes watching a character i knew nothing about.
    also, all women camp with guns

  30. DeadHead says:

    Valid reasons but I think there is also a major factor and that is lower ratings across the board for all shows due to people cutting the cord. All of my friends watch the Walking Dead but only a few watch it on cable when it airs. Most of us use a service to stream it the next day or later in the week. Ratings calculations aren’t as valid as they used to be.

  31. Steven says:

    No totally disappointed with show Glenn’s death how Ricka character is everything is sad and not worth watching

  32. ScottJ says:

    The show is too dark and too bleak. I stopped watching well before Negan, and although I always intended to catch up again there’s too much competing product out there now. By all accounts WD is even bleaker now, and there’s no incentive to pick it up again.

  33. Rob TO says:

    I have no problem with the violence. What I have a problem with is the frustratingly SLOW pace since the premiere. We’ve had almost 6 hours (5 episodes) of television since the premiere and it feels like all these stories could have been told in 3 or 4 hours by intercutting between the stories to keep the viewer engaged. Watching an episode of just Tara and Heath for 1 hour and 10 minutes just seems like a waste of time.

    • Rob Scott says:

      I hear you, I fast forwarded most of the episode as soon as I figured out what they were doing. They’re building the Saviors up needlessly. We’ve established who they are and what they can do and THEY JUST TOOK ALL THE GUNS. So why do they have to build them up anymore from there?

      The guns thing was angering – didn’t happen in the comics and it makes no sense. This isn’t building all hope might be lost, this is saying all hope is lost, period. Who wants to watch that?

  34. In a sense, we -the audience – are just as LOST as our surrogate family. From the beginning, even in the bad times (a dictating Governor; cannibalistic Termites; lost and seperated; etc) the Grimes Family has been / is strong….. but now, we are devastated, out numbered and Not in control. Even Pappa Rick isn’t in his normal “we can handle this” mode.

    It’s hard watching these beloved characters be so broken, and torn down….. even if the Big Bad is the yummy Pappa Winchester😍 – oops – I mean Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  35. Brock Hard says:

    7) It’s just gotten repetitive and tiresome.

  36. robeamer says:

    TWD used to be my favourite show hands down… now I find myself watching just to keep up instead of watching out of excitement. This season has been way too depressing with the extended cruel treatment of the main characters and I hate when they focus an entire episode on a secondary character. I’m all for character development but a whole episode for one character that is not a main one!?!?

  37. Geo says:

    6 Reasons the Show’s Ratings Are Hitting an All-Time Low:

    1) Negan
    2) Negan
    3) Negan
    4) Negan
    5) Negan
    6) Negan

  38. Jonathan says:

    This season has been a mess, and I stopped watching after episode 4. There’s nothing about Negan that interesting. There’s too little of the characters we care about. The plot line is completely negative, there are no splashes of light that the earlier seasons intermittently shone to give you cause to continue watching. It’s no longer essential viewing, and that’s a real shame.

  39. Bobby Bobby says:

    Wow, agree with all of this. I don’t understand how Negan is such a beloved villain. I am tired of him and I hope he gets killed off sooner rather than later.

  40. beradore says:

    Bleak, hopeless and demoralizing. More of same year after year, and count me among those who are dunzo . I can almost predict the build up to yet another “ultimate showdown” that will bleed over into next season…yadda, yadda, yadda. Predictable pap.

  41. For many in my circle (myself included), its #1, and we stopped at the premiere, some didn’t watch at all and some watched and checked out. We saw where this was going and said no thank you.

  42. Nick says:

    They need to get more spontaneous with some of the deaths and surprises that they have coming. At this point the fans have come to expect that if a major character is going to die, its going to be in the mid-season finale or the season finale. In the beginning few seasons the fans watched because “anyone could be killed off at any point”, it had suspense and a sense of shock, when something unexpected happened. Now it feels like they drag the seasons out in order to have those “signature events” happen right before they break for a season. I love the show and watch every week but I would like to see things sped up a little bit to avoid having so many filler episodes. You can achieve the same level of character development and action without dragging on and on. I also don’t like the splitting of the story episode to episode as was stated by others. You can give bits and pieces from episode to episode in order for the audience to follow all of the stories going on but it also creates interest from the fans and causes them to tune in every week to see where it was going.

  43. AlSw says:

    7). It’s a crap show. It pretty much always been a crap show. It took 7 years but people are starting to wise up. I mean when you have Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton delivering spectacular performances in Westworld (just one example) why would anyone watch a Tara-centric episode in The LowestCommonDenominator Dead?

  44. Cena Gomez says:

    Slow news day Tvline? Bottle episodes aren’t new to the walking dead. Season 4 had 3 or 4 episodes in between showing the main characters, so fans are used to that. I think people are impatient. Those who follow the comics appreciate Season 7. We know the writer are building up communities to join together to defeat Negan. I’m enjoying the season and a lot of people, like me don’t watch the show Live, but will DVR it. The media like the election always try to poison people’s mind with lies and speculations. The Walking Dead will be okay.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Actually, TV’s highest rated show hitting a 4-year ratings low amid a creatively wobbly season is very much “news,” but thanks for checking, “Cena.”

  45. #4 ! the way they go at it we might see Michonne in the next 3 week rotation. They messed it up a bit. to many people and Negan just disappoints. Not looking foward his next speach *Yawwnn !

  46. Azerty says:

    3-4-5 for me. I couldn’t care less about Abraham. Glenn yeah it was painful and sad but if a show can’t kill a main character and still be great that means there is a problem (Game of Throne for example never had the issue). Negan doesn’t “bother” me, he is the kind of villain you need to hate. And he is way more charismatic than the governor (I am not even remembering the cannibal, can’t even remember the name of the guy that ate Bob’s leg). For me the real problem is the separation, yeah I didn’t liked it in season 4, I still don’t like it this season. The show works when everyone is interacting with everyone…Some characters are not interesting enough to carry through the whole episode (sorry but the latest episode with Tara is the perfect illustration). And I don’t mind it being depressing actually I know someday they will have their revenge. If everything was always ok, that wouldn’t be the apocalypse.

  47. Techgirl67 says:

    I personally do not care to watch 90 minutes of Negan monologues, it’s boring. I get it, your a sick twisted bastard. No pun, but you don’t need to beat us over the head with it all the time. Emasculated Rick is also boring. I also wish they would have integrated the story lines of each group instead of making them into standalone episodes. Boring. Boring. Boring. Oh yeah, and more Carol and more Ezekiel would be less boring.

  48. J says:

    I totally agree with 2-5.
    2. I don’t like the character, the acting or sorry to say I’m not a fan of JDM
    3/5 Same as what happened with the Governor & Woodbury, I wouldn’t watch the woodbury episodes.
    4. I don’t like the stand alone episodes where all we get is 1 storyline. Why can’t we get a bit of all the locations in 1 episode or even 2 places.

    I don’t mind the character of Tara but did we really need an entire stand alone episode to find out what happened to her? She could have turned up at the gate and told the story in a few flashback scenes.

    And MY big reason for disliking this season is less Daryl, Carol, Maggie etc.

  49. Andrea says:

    I agree with their being too many characters. There’s just all these new people that I can’t seem to invest in. Maybe if they were featured in episodes along with the core group it would be easier to relate and be engaged in the show. I also prefer when they were fighting more against the dead than against other humans.