Flash Season 3 Spoilers

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on The Flash, Once, Supernatural, Five-0, Lucifer, S.H.I.E.L.D., Chicago Fire and More!

Is Flashpoint the least of The Flash‘s woes? What’s the real question Once Upon a Time fans should be asking? Will Lucifer revisit his past? Did a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent tragically lose Hope? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Will The Flash be dealing with Flashpoint repercussions for the entire season? —Mark
Actually, the Flashpoint backlash (backFlash?) Barry has been fielding will soon be eclipsed by more pressing issues. “The midseason finale (airing Dec. 6) kind of creates a new problem for our heroes that they weren’t anticipating, something that they’ve never faced before,” says showrunner Andrew Kreisberg. “It’s so big, we’re actually considering changing the saga sell from talking about Flashpoint to talking about that, because that’s really what’s driving the episodes for the rest of the season.”

Will we ever see flashbacks to when Lucifer first arrived in L.A.? —Adder
“That is a plan!” showrunner Ildy Modrovich declared when I hand-delivered your Q (as the Inside Line famously does). “We have four episodes at the very end [of Season 2] that are going to be completely standalone, and we plan to make one of them a flashback to Lucifer first arriving.” Speaking of the Devil….

Any Supernatural scoop? —Wendy
As seen in these photos, a banished and decaying Lucifer “does come back into play pretty significantly” in this Thursday’s episode, says Misha Collins, who is “excited to see how that big twist” with the fallen angel’s storyline plays out. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam will finally encounter Rick Springfield’s incarnation of Lucifer — but sadly, not for very long. “Most of [our] time was spent tracking him down,” Jensen Ackles explains. “So unfortunately, we didn’t really get the pleasure of working with [Rick] that much.”

NEW: I’m bummed Once Upon a Timeabout the Once Upon a Time winter finale (airing this Sunday), because it looks like Emma and Hook won’t be together in the fairytale world. Got any good CaptainSwan scoop? —Alison
“Whether Emma and Hook are together in the winter finale isn’t the question to be asking,” responds co-creator Adam Horowitz. “The real question to ask is: Will the two of them be embarking on an epic adventure filled with romance, danger and passion in the second half of the season? And the answer is… yes.”

Will we see Emily Fornell at Christmas visiting my favorite NCIS “Odd Couple” (Gibbs/Fornell)? —Serena
As a matter of fact, yes, Juliette Angelo will reprise her role as Emily in “The Tie That Binds,” airing Dec. 13.

Any clues about the “Hope” photo that S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Mack was staring at? —Trace
It sounds like after the winter break, we will get some insight into Mack’s past — including why it left him slow to pull the trigger on romance with Elena aka Yo-Yo. “The reason why he’s tentative [with Yo-Yo] will be explored and revealed later on,” Henry Simmons shared during a recent set visit, “and it’s a pretty big revelation, it really is. It’s a shock.”

Sarah Carter tweeted that she will be in Hawaii Five-0 Episode 7.16. Any scoop? —Belle
Well, this sounds fun: Lili Simmons will be back as Melissa in the same episode, as the ladies take their boyfriends on a joint “staycation.”

Any interesting news about Hawaii Five-0‘s Danny? —Lisa
Interesting, for sure: I am hearing that in an upcoming storyline, Detective Williams will — for whatever reasons — start to question his legacy….

When will the final episodes of Hell on Wheels be on Netflix? —Sue Ellen
I can confirm that those still awaiting HoW closure via Netflix can find any remaining episodes there on Dec. 31.

The CW’s #DCWeek got me wondering: With Chicago Justice coming up, is there any talk yet of NBC trying a 4-way crossover with the other shows? —Dee
There are no plans for a #OneChicago mega-crossover — yet — but Fire and P.D. will return in January with a two-night event involving “a big Severide story,” executive producer Derek Haas previews. In Tuesday’s fall finale, a burned-out Severide has “a little chat with Casey,” who suggests some bro time, Taylor Kinney describes. “He says, ‘Let’s get away, let’s go fishing,’ and something kind of happens [which] throws a wrench in that idea, but for a better purpose, I think. So we have some crossovers that have to do with my character, which lead into a crossover that we do on P.D. with Mouch and Severide.”

Is it too soon for a Suits spoiler? —Anna
I can assure you that Jessica’s departure — which will raise questions about who will now lead the firm, Harvey or Louis, how, and whether that person can handle all of the pressure — will not be an easy transition, at all, for the former.

Real questions, real answers! If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email InsideLine@tvline.com!  (With reporting by Vlada Gelman and Scott Huver)

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  1. Superfan says:

    Thank you for the Lucifer scoop.

    • Q says:

      I just wonder, if we get some episode about Lucifer step brother.
      That will blow up some (many) human heads.
      You know who I am talking about …. Jesus. ;-)

  2. sarah t says:

    Thanks for the Suits scoop! I actually think Suits will do fine without Jessica. I’ll miss her but I think they can weather this nicely.

    • Wordsmith says:

      I do wonder how they’d cope without Rachel though, given the rampant speculation about her stepping away to become a real-life princess. She may be less essential to the firm, but I can’t think of a graceful way to write her out while staying true to the characters and the emotional core of the show.

  3. Butch says:

    Excited to hear that Flash is moving away from Flashpoint. Hope that means there will a resolution to Cisco blaming Barry for Dante’s death.

    • retsim says:

      Totally agree .The flashpoint thing is getting a bit tedious and although Cisco has a point it is getting a bit boring . For me anyway .

  4. dasein314 says:

    I just want to know when we’re going to see Vibe and Killer Frost officially “suit up”.

  5. Interesting Lucifer tidbit. One, it seems like the show suddenly changed Showrunners and two, the comment about the last four episodes of Season 2 makes me wonder if 2.14 – 2.22 will have any sort of arc to them at all? I know the season was originally conceived as 13 episodes, but this show has been really good thus far with balancing its procedural and serialized elements.

  6. Eric Wilson says:

    So the final four episodes of Lucifer is going to be filler? :( Way to end the season on a whimper.

    • Roger says:

      Filler? That’s not what I interpreted from what she said. What I got from it was that there may some interesting revelations and insights from those last four episodes, for example Lucifer’s arrival to LA.

      • BM says:

        They said the last four are stand-alones, so they’re not connected to any arc, so I think filler would be an accurate way to put it. It really is an odd choice. Why would you finish your arc four episodes before the season ends. I’m not a fan of dragging stories out, so I’m glad they’re not doing that, just wondering why they couldn’t have planned that slightly differenty. Unless, they mean that an arc is still going on but not dealt with in those four episodes (until the very end of the last episode of the season).

    • Wordsmith says:

      Yeah, there’s a big difference between “standalone” and “filler.” Apart from finales, standalone episodes are often the best episodes of a series. Think about your favorite episodes of Buffy. Great shows like Firefly and Doctor Who are made up mostly of standalone episodes.
      If anything, it’s the “repeat the familiar formula and trudge forward marginally with the seasonal arc” episodes that could be considered filler.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Way to jump to the worst interpretation of the quote.

  7. clintbrew says:

    i have a bad vibe/feeling for the flash and it doesnt help with the news article from the future in the crossover

  8. annieo53 says:

    Thanks for the NCIS scoop! Excited to have young powerhouse Emily back, I hope with more more more of the “Odd Couple” (great description, Serena!)

  9. Lisa says:

    Yaayyy! Thank you for the Supernatural scoop!!!

  10. Val says:

    Thanks for the OUAT.
    Looking forward to some Emma and Hook adventure and so on.

  11. Rose says:

    about CS scoop–I absolutely DON”T TRUST the writers anymore! I’ll pass on winter finale episode–they stole Princess Emma and her Pirate Killian story from us,well at least this is how I feel about it anyway.I am sick of regina’s face!And there are going to be 3 of them in a fairytale world!!!!!!!! I can’t watch that! Enough is enough.

    • Katie says:

      Omfg CSers complain so much. Like, your darling duo IS THE ONLY SHIP ON THE SHOW THAT IS HAPPY RIGHT NOW! Rumbelle, Snowing, Robin x Regina, none of them have had happiness this season while Hook gets to COME BACK FROM THE DEAD. Seriously, this is part of the reason people hate yalls ship.

      • Nicky Aiuto says:

        It probably won’t be true and it might not last either. Like how Robin is coming back when in reality, that is not our Robin Hood and he won’t be around much longer. Also, if Hook was Charming’s father’s murderer (Emma’s grandfather), then this won’t work between them cause in reality, nobody would marry or fall for a murderer of a member of their family. That’s the truth.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      Yeah thet said something like that about revealing a dark past about Robin Hood, but it never came true. They said it, but it does not mean it will come true. Just like how they said Snow will be a part of her husband’s journey of searching the mystery his father. But turned out not seem true after all, because they are both under the twisted sleeping curse and the BTS of ep 12 showed no signs of Snow with David.

      For those two things, this might not be true after all.

  12. dasein314 says:

    Matt, any word on if the Arrowverse Invasion! crossover will be available as say a Netflix 3 hour movie? It would be nice to not have to jump to three different shows to watch them all in one sitting.

  13. Mary says:

    The Once writers have realized how bad 6A has been and they’re trying to distract us with promises that probably won’t come true to keep us watching

  14. Mary says:

    I see the decline in rating of Once make a impact.
    They now realize they have been a overboard of Regina.
    So, they promise keep watching and you’ll get your CS adventure.
    Well, I will watch the bit of the final I care about and wait for the CS adventure to watch the show.
    Thanks for the warning

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      On the contrary Mary, the only rating decline that went lower was Dark Waters (Hook Story). Remember? The others were not very low. And so far only Heartless (Snowing Story) gave a bigger rating raise. Which proved to be a better success than the Hook story. Which clues that the GA want more Snowing and more Charming Family Focus.

      Besides, they are probably and obviosly lying about the CS adventure. Just like they did about it being the year of Snowing. And after all, they lied about something good will happen between RumpBelle in Changelings. And what good came between them? Nothing. It was all phony.

  15. Amy says:

    Omg thanks for the Emma scoop that isn’t all doom and gloom with the looming death sentence Matt! Its been tough being an Emma fan she never catches a moment of peace hardly. I feel like we haven’t had a really good meaty Hook and Emma adventure since the season 3 finale which remains two of my favorites. Hope we find out soon when ouat is back off the hiatus

    • ninergrl6 says:

      The season 3 finale is my all time favorite OUAT episode. More like that, please!
      More than any one storyline or arc being the problem with this season so far, IMO the problem is that no one is happy. I understand the necessity of angst to keep things interesting, but there’s literally no joy in Storybrooke for anyone. Not even the baddies are having fun, and all of the “heroes” have lives filled with doom and gloom. Give us a *glimmer* of something positive, OUAT writers.

  16. Mary says:

    Hmm. The rating is extremely low all season long and the 6 episode was against the world series when everything went down. But, why episode 8 Emma and Regina was o.9,?
    The truth is this arc is a mess. And, they want to change the focus in promising CS adventure.
    Yea. I totally believe a CS adventure will happen maybe just not like the CS movie.
    Snowing have the sleeping curse and captain Charming will happen too. The key is keeping expectation low with this show.
    I am going to enjoy Emma as princess in the final.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      And one of the reasons why people watched the world series Mary is because they don’t care for the Hook centric and were not happy with it.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      What you are saying about them change the focus in promising CS adventure might turn into a lie again. You know that what they teased about a netflix thing or a time at home never happened. So don’t get your hopes up. And the last adventure from season 5 was a complete drop off. And there is no way they may go through that mistake again. The only thing that would obviosly boost ratings is Snowingm as revealed in ep 7.

      And for the record, ep 8 wasn’t a complete drop of as ep 6.

  17. ninergrl6 says:

    Love the OUAT scoop! I’ve been missing the romance and passion this season, particularly for CaptainSwan.

  18. Grace says:

    Thank you for the H50 scoop! Very curious about what this spoiler means for Danny. Also the staycation episode sounds like fun, though I wonder if the boys will flirt more with their girlfriends… or each other, haha!

  19. Dianne Turner says:

    Will Australa get a return of THE WALKING DEAD?

  20. Rid says:


    • Olivia says:

      OUAT’s been dead for a long time and hook never stopped beating its corpse ever since. Not sure about the “in peace” part.

  21. Maggie says:

    Thank you for that question about captain swan! Can’t wait for more adventures

  22. Kenbud says:

    Why do I like the Emily Fornell character so much? I do, though. Would love to see her go through NCIS training.

  23. sam McConnell says:

    Any scoop on anyone else leaving criminal mind season 12 . Morgan is gone now Hotchner fired.. are we losing spencer Reid also ? Is scratch going to kidnap his mom ?

  24. Nicky says:

    I am not sure about the adventure for CS sillyness. Because you might be taking t literally. An Adventure does not always mean you are going somewhere. It is more like some story. And it might be for ep 11. But for the record I wouldn’t trust the writes cause they already said that Snow would be part of David’s journey about his father. And apparently it doesn’t like it will happen. That sounded like a lie and a cover story. And most likely this is some cover story as well for what might really happen.

  25. Jennifer Reeder says:

    Love once upon a time I rate it a 10 of 10! IV watched it since episode 1

  26. Ella says:

    What happened to Claire Forlani as Steve’s love interest?