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The Flash Recap

The Flash EP Talks Crossover's Future Twist, Wally and H.R.'s Partnership

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Tuesday night’s The Flash

The Flash continued The CW’s #DCWeek crossover event in earnest on Tuesday night with mind-controlled heroes and some big changes for the West kids.

Let’s start with this alarming mystery: Are Barry and Iris no longer destined to get married? The guilt-ridden speedster shared with Oliver his concerns that all his timeline tinkering may have changed the course of his relationship with his longtime love. The two are (finally) a couple in the present, but that newspaper article from 2024 about The Flash’s disappearance, to be written by Iris West-Allen? The byline now carries a different reporter’s name.

That revelation is “going to have further complications,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teases.

The Flash RecapElsewhere in the hour, Joe and Iris tried to keep Wally’s above-average speedster test results under wraps in an effort to keep him from running toward danger. But when Oliver and Barry found themselves under attack from their own friends, courtesy of the alien enemy’s mind-bending powers, Wally sped to the crimefighters’ aid. While Kid Flash got hurt during the rescue mission, his abilities caught the eye of H.R. Wells, who eventually agreed to train the lad.

As you can imagine, that partnership “will not go well,” Kreisberg previews with a laugh. But seemingly superfluous team member H.R. proves his worth in the process.

“He is a genius in his own way,” the EP explains. “He’s not a mathematical genius, and he’s not a physics genius the way the other Wellses were. He has the capacity to see other people’s talent and how to mine it and how to grow it. He sees that in Wally. Like he says in an upcoming episode, there’s nothing in it for him to help Wally, but he sees that Wally is special and that’s where he can shine, in helping other people discover their own value and develop their own gifts.”

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As the two work together to hone the speedster’s skills, H.R. and Wally will develop “an interesting relationship” that parallels the show’s past mentor/mentee duos.

“A version of Wells was so important to Barry in Season 1, and a version of Wells was so important to Cisco in Season 2,” Kreisberg notes. “Then this year, it’s Wally who gets this version of Wells that, on the face of it, may not be the world’s greatest teacher, and yet every episode, we find that moment for him to drop this wisdom bomb on everybody else that shocks them.”

Flash fans, what did you think of the newspaper twist? And did you enjoy the episode’s super team-up?

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  1. Cordell Garrett says:

    You guys really outdid yourselves and I hope Cisco will trust Barry again in time but boy if you did not set up for arrow 100

    • Gift says:

      Just my thoughts exactly, I mean Berry was emotional loosing his Dad nd all he did what he thought he could do to fix his broken heart. I think he deserves a break there nd let all the Judging stop, they all make mistakes at some point. Who is to say Cisco’s brother wouldn’t have died anyway. I’m do crazy about These episode,it waS fun.

  2. GraceM says:

    Nothing on Supergirl?

  3. Jason says:

    Supergirl is so strong on this earth but gets beat up all the time on hers

  4. Robin says:

    Iris and Barry are endgame. Please tell me this :-) #WestAllen always

    • Sarah says:

      All it said was that she didn’t not write the article- not that they were not married.

      • Nathan Everett says:

        That’s what I was thinking. I haven’t really heard anything about Iris being a reporter since Barry changed the timeline again. Maybe she’ll be a cop like on earth 2

      • safistikaytdlayd says:

        EXACTLY!!! Maybe Iris is not a reporter. That doesn’t mean WestAllen doesn’t exist! I just think maybe Iris is in a different line of work, but WestAllen is still going strong!!! Think about it in every other Earth, in every other version(including Flashpoint)there is always something going on between these two. One of the best scenes this whole season was Iris telling Barry “we’re more to each other…this must be what love feels like…”(The wording may be off. but the sentiment is the same!) I love these two and I believe #westallen is definitely endgame!!!

  5. Ryan says:

    I’m curious why Supergirl didn’t recommend bringing Alex and team along since they pretty much fight aliens all the time. I feel like they may have been valuable to have during this battle.

    I guess Cisco couldn’t bring the entire Supergirl cast to The Flash. It’s a bummer because I would have loved some Alex/Sara scenes and some Winn, Cisco and Felicity scenes

  6. Lysh says:

    I feel like I’ve mostly seen crossover stuff for The Flash and Arrow’s 100th, so I’m wondering how much will be on LoT. I haven’t been watching this season at all. Tonight was epic though! I know Barry needs to know how badly he effed up, but I miss Cisco being happy and everyone being friends. I would’ve loved Winn to be there.

  7. Diana says:

    ‘Further complications’? You’ve got to give us more than that! ;) Wouldn’t it just have said Iris West if they didn’t get married/were no longer a couple?

  8. Kevin Fowler says:

    CW should just merge the Supergirl Arrow/Flash earth and be done with it. And I would like to know how the Dominators were able to attack Krypton in Supergirl universe and attack this earth as well.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Twentysomething computer wonk Cisco can bop around the multiverse, but aliens from space can’t…?

      • absherlock says:

        Cisco’s ability to do the Multiverse Bop is predicated upon his powers, not his science. If the aliens don’t have the power, the science won’t help.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Hi. My point is, if a human Jo Blo can stumble upon the means to MV-Bop, I’d reckon that aliens from a futuristic outer space probably can, too.

    • Kara could’ve been referring to the alt-dominators from her universe.

      • Raissa’s right, since there’s an earth in both universes, there could easily be Dominators (or Martians, or Kryptonians, or Daxamites, etc.) in both universes. And a Kara trip to the Gorilla City of Earth-38 could be a lot of fun!

    • Jim says:

      There are probably dominators in her universe, and probably a Krypton in the main universe, too, but just no survivors who made it to earth. Anyway, DC once merged all their comic universes down to a single universe in an epic event called Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Flash keeps dropping a lot of hints about a Crisis coming. It could happen! But probably not this season, yet, it needs more build up. Also, Supergirl and Flash famously didn’t survive the Crisis, nor did they come back for two decades after. Wally was the Flash and a succession of characters were Supergirl rather than Superman’s cousin from Krypton.

    • Luli says:

      I’m sure the DEO can come up with something that lets them travel to other earths…?!

    • Gerald says:

      I figured there would have been Earth 38 Dominators in that universe, not the Earth 1 Dominators jumping through multiverse. Supergirl is just referring to the Dominators she heard about in her universe. Not necessarily the same ones.
      Which if they wanted to merge the universes it would need to be a Kara from Krypton Earth 1 Krypton not Earth 38 Krypton. Presuming there is a Krypton in Earth 1 universe.

  9. Rachel says:

    Well, that was fun! Except for the over abundance of Barry hate. Barry screwed up, we get it.

  10. Sarah says:

    Loved the part where they were all trying to take down Supergirl and she was just floating and laughing. And Ollie was like – give us five minutes

  11. Sarah says:

    What I really really want to see?

    Team Arrow and Team Flash at Kara’s alien bar.

    With Brian.

  12. jrex says:

    So they just casually mention that the “Hall of Justice” warehouse is part of Star Labs property which Barry happens to own. I recall one of the former Wells’ signed it over to him, but I do wish they would mention how they can afford to maintain all of that property and equipment with no apparent Star Labs income.

  13. Rickywayne McCartney says:

    Who was the actor that talked to Leila about how she was running Argus and mentioned Amanda Waller

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    Wow, that was impressive :-)

  15. Jerry says:

    The dramallama from Flash this season really brought this crossover down for me. If I knew this would be the result of Flashpoint I would have said don’t do it. Happy Cisco was the lifeblood of the show for me, this angry/depressed Cisco really kills the mood. If I wanted melodrama I’d watch Arrow (Well, I do anyway, but still).

    • Jerry says:

      Also. ALSO. The only one who has a right to be mad is Cisco, and maybe Kaitlin (although we don’t know that she wouldn’t have gotten her powers anyway). Diggle being mad – really? Dig man, if Barry didn’t change the timeline you wouldn’t have a son. You don’t get both a son and a daughter, so why be mad that your daughter is missing?

  16. Nothing about the crossover fun? Supergirl’s interactions with Mick Rory? About Team Arrow and the Legends’ reactions to Barry’s altering the timeline? The revelations about Martin Stein’s changed timeline (presumably of his own accidental making)? Or about Flash’s learning what happened to Leonard Snart?

    Maybe somewhere in this crossover, Rory or Supergirl or someone not affiliated with Star Labs will point out to Barry and Iris that their relationship is borderline incestuous, and we’ll get #Snowbarry forever! :)

  17. Karen MT says:

    I loved some of the dialogue in this episodes, namely Diggle’s reaction to the Waverider and the name exchange between Mick and Kara. And the Hall of Justice! Sort of.

  18. Kelly says:

    I am loving the crossovers. Supergirl, Green Arrow and the flash make an awesome trio Hope we get some Felicity/Wells/Stein/Cisco team ups

  19. ndixit says:

    This was a great first part but at this point they are just beating the whole Barry guilt over the head. People should have some empathy for what Barry went through having had to lose his parents twice. While other people have had negative things happen to them, Barry is the only one who has had to go through the nightmare scenario twice. They don’t have to agree with him but some more understanding should be given. Especially by the LoT who change time so carelessly. Sara has tried to change time for similar reasons a couple of times herself.

  20. DAMN says:

    Easter Egg: The reporter who replaces Iris West-Allen on the byline in the future (Julie Greer) is a TV reporter for KN News in the comics.

  21. Drae says:

    Amazing episode…they finally talked about Earth 38 being Supergirl’s home. And it hit me how many things I didn’t realize other characters didn’t know about. Like Barry and Snart and Iris with Oliver being Green Arrow. I liked Cisco letting Ray know they can work on the suit upgrade….and like Barry I’ve been so focused on all the changes from Flashpoint in the present I didn’t even consider that future newspaper article. But it really did irritate me that Cisco once again forced someone to reveal a secret that… That could have waited. And Martin with the big aberration reveal…producers already said that the Dominators will appear on Supergirl again in the future

  22. Butch says:

    I keep noticing the people who are missing. Vixen and Citizen Steel missing from Legends. The newbies were missing from Arrow. Only Supergirl came from her show. I recently read that Rip Hunter was written out of Legends because Arthur Darvill is busy filming a season of Broadchurch in the UK. Once that is or was finished he will return to Legends.

  23. Ryan says:

    I enjoyed this episode a lot and am looking forward to the rest of the crossover. However, they really need to bring back fun Cisco. I just don’t get why he, and the rest of the team, is so upset over something that they never had. Just as Iris said last week and Oliver said this week, Barry is not God. They cannot blame everything on him. He made a mistake and he owns that, but enough with the whining. Barry is the only one that remembers the other timeline. The others have no memory of it and as far as they are concerned it never happened. It’s like being mad that you didn’t pick the winning numbers for the lottery or something. Oliver is the only smart one on this team. He needs to give a repeat performance of his speech in front of everybody else!

  24. ninamags says:

    Ugh, I hate mad, non-fun Cisco as well. The atmosphere and vibe (vibe… hehe) of the show changes completely when he’s not his usual fanboy self.

    Loved the interactions between everybody! This was a fun show.

    I also dislike how everybody is hating on Barry. Especially since they spent waaay to much time on that issue. Move on, people.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  25. Teresa says:

    I would like to know if Stein having a daughter now is a result of flashpoint or because he interacted with himself in the past and changed the present.

    • I’m curious whether Stein’s wife is still the same woman, or if that’s a change underlying the sudden appearance of the daughter.

    • That’s the same thing. He interacted with himself during a mission against Thawn who is a around as a result of Flashpoint and is responsible causing Flashpoint 2.0.

    • btm says:

      I suspect that it will become apparent that Stein’s impassioned plea to his younger self, circa 1984, to get out of the lab a bit more and appreciate all he has at home really made an impact. A rare tryst between the happy couple led to his daughter’s conception. She’s the right age to be in her early 30s. You have to figure it happened shortly after that conversation. So he changed his own personal history in a big way.

    • clintbrew says:

      stein’s daughter was born in 1987 flashpoint happened in 2000 so it steins fault that he got a kid but flashpoint might had repercussions on steins wife though

  26. Luli says:

    I loved Supergirl’s interactions with all the other characters, her scenes with Mick were hilarious, and talk about that scene with Flash and Kara!!!! I can’t wait for their musical crossover, and hopefully have team super and team flash interact.

    Glad that Ollie and Kara are on Barry’s side. The others need to cut him some slack, especially Cisco.

    I’d forgotten about the Caitlin and Stein friendship! I enjoyed their scenes.

  27. abz says:

    Really fun crossover. However, the Legends are the absolute last people to scold and attack Barry for altering time. It really annoyed me how Sara was acting so innocent. Did she not just tell Dahrk a few weeks ago about his future and that he will die and his plans will fail? Did Stein not just alter his own future by revealing hismself to his younger self and now he has a daughter?
    I loved seeing Oliver and Kara stand by Barry. And while I can understand why Cisco is upset, I’m definitely over his brooding and sulking. Barry made a mistake, albeit one with some far-reaching consequences, but Cisco is acting like Barry did it intentionally. He’s behaving as if Barry’s goal was to have his brother die. Barry’s actions with Flashpoint, while definitely reckless, were understandable and human. This Cisco stuff is becoming lame melodrama that I’d wish they’d left out of the crossover.
    I really hope Caitlin embraces her powers and becomes Frost (minus the Killer). I don’t want them to find a way to eliminate her powers.

    • Well, Stein didn’t chastise Barry like some of the others, I don’t think … just kept quiet. Probably because he was figuring out that he’d possibly made the same mistake as Barry.

      • abz says:

        Yeah, I was just using Stein as another example besides Sara of how the Legends have altered the timeline through their actions.

    • Gift says:

      I want Caitlin to also keep her powers, I’m also over Cisco nd his drama like he won’t do the same thing. That’s why I like green arrow’s attitude, he doesn’t really care what anyone thinks about him. I hope Barry is like that sometimes.

    • Isabella says:

      I have to defend Cisco though. Dante hasn’t been dead that long. It’s only been a few months so it’s normal for Cisco to grieve and find someone to blame. And Barry is responsible. If he really cares for his best friend he will just have to suck it up and take whatever Cisco, Caitlin or anyone else that got screwed by Barry’s stupidity throws his way. Seeing Cisco like this only makes me like him more.

  28. Luli says:

    I loveddddd the crossover intro/logo.

  29. Superfan says:

    Very enjoyable episode, can’t wait for the remaining crossover episodes. Oliver really shines, loved his heart to heart with Barry.
    Besides Felicity’s cringy “best team ever” line…everything else was on point!

    • Gift says:

      I remember that, like I said before I don’t think it’s all Barry’s fault. All of this things were meant to happen at some point maybe Barry just brought it to speed.

  30. Larry Brown says:

    What I find interesting…not sure if anyone has mentioned it but let’s go.back to last season’s Legends of Tomorrow…there we had Diggles son as the new Green Arrow…this was way before the Flash changed everything

    • JC1 says:

      That episode was set in 2046. No way was “Connor” 32 (Baby Sara was born in 2014). I’m guessing he was in his early to mid 20s, which means he would have been born somewhere around 2020. So there were several more years in which Dig and Lyla could have had a second child that grew up to become Connor – no Flashpoint required. They didn’t have to erase baby Sara to make Connor happen.

  31. cool says:

    supergirl really kicked everyone’s butt in that training session, at least its not like that movie batman vs superman where they made superman a joke.

  32. absherlock says:

    I’d like to know if the producers are ever planning on showing us the ORIGINAL original timeline. Remember, everything we know is the result of an altered timeline – one created when Thawne travels back in time to initially kill Barry’s mom and ends up causing the particle accelerator accident to “jump start” Barry’s Flash career so he can return home.

  33. Sonycru says:

    Dying here… Been rooting for Iris and Barry. Now a possible complication. In the comic they always end up together I hope they stay true.

  34. Phun says:

    Great episode! Loved seeing all of the superheroes working together. Was in total nerd heaven last night. Looking forward to tonight’s 100th Arrow episode and Oliver’s ‘dream’ sequence including all of the characters from his past.

  35. friv says:

    Is not it a flashpoint that created 1st Season Reverse Flash?
    Is not it your mother’s life already? Barry’s noble life is back to life. I think the first two seasons we see are reverse flash in the universe for us.
    It sounds weird, but that’s not what it should be. So the life that should be vital in this section

  36. Luis Roman says:

    Exactly as I feared – Iris is directly in the sights of Eobard Thawne. “The Flash” has been the comic book adaptation that has most faithfully mined it’s rich comic history for plot lines, and now they are teeing it up to rip poor Barry’s heart out ONE MORE TIME.

  37. Joey Padron says:

    First part of crossover episode was really good. Glad Wally helped Barry and Oliver and will be trained by H.R. Surprised Stein have a grown up daughter now! Can’t wait to watch part 2 tonight!

  38. brenna says:

    Very fun episode with some good humor. I especially love the great chemistry between the cast of Arrow and Flash, especially Oliver and Barry. They really are great on screen together. Kara’s interactions with all of them were fun also. I hope tonight’s episode is just as good. Really looking forward to Moira being back, even if only for one episode.

  39. Gerald says:

    Loved this episode, but was not a fan all the screen time the Legends people got. AND For Sarah to be Judgy of Barry. He saved his mom and then corrected it. One Person. Her and Her Team have killed DOZEN’s of people and saved others and no doubt have messed with Timelines beyond belief. Sarah saying they try and stop time apparitions is the most laughable thing I have heard on any of these shows. And not laughable in a a good way.

  40. Sheena says:

    In a show about superheroes, Cisco and his grief over the death of his brother feels real. I don’t like that he revealed Barry’s secret, but I understand Cisco and the others’ reactions. They may all mess with the timeline in some way, but it’s not a secret and it’s largely not done for personal reasons (few exceptions). It must be very unsettling to know that someone can change the course of your life at any time and for any reason.

    Also, how is it that no one has mentioned what future Barry said on the tape?! This tape was one of the most exciting parts of the episode. What the heck happens for future Barry to send this message warning others not to trust him?

  41. Vron says:

    so, any guesses about why Barry sent the message from 2056? I have the crazy idea about him changing the past again with this message. Perhaps back in his timeline he and Oliver were also walking into the fight and were influenced by the Dominators with far more bad outcomes than it did here? Perhaps that was Future-Barrys way to keep him from going and not being influenced? Oh,I Love all those what ifs of time travel ❤️

  42. Unknown says:

    Did anyone find it funny that Sara wanted to give Barry advice about changing the pass when it the first couple of episodes she wanted to kill Dark and change history

  43. Celina says:

    I hate HR.
    I hate Angry Cisco.
    I wish they didn’t have wasted lines and scenes with Cisco and his endless “he changed the timeline and now my brother is dead”.
    They should put Winn in Ciscos place for next episode, because I just cant stand Cisco anymore. Thanks flashpoint, you screwed my life too. Before flashpoint, Tuesdays were just great. Now, they have Cisco ruining the joy of Flash and HR being HR.

  44. Espoire says:

    No I want barry and Iris to get married

  45. Espoire Kouekabakilaho says:

    Everyone want barry and Iris to get married soon or later

  46. Espoire Kouekabakilaho says:

    Don’t you guys want the same thing