Gilmore Girls: Vanessa Marano Touts 'Redemption' for April in Revival

gg4Come hell, high water or Freeform, Vanessa Marano was returning to Stars Hollow.

According to the actress, she was knee-deep into production on Switched at Birth when she was invited to reprise her polarizing role as Luke’s daughter April in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. But she was determined not to let one thing interfere with the other. “I was like, ‘Listen everybody, I have to do Gilmore Girls,'” she recalled to me Friday at the revival’s premiere, which she attended with sister Laura. “Our [Switched at Birth] line producer made it happen.”

Marano then presented to me the three reasons she simply had to check a Gilmore revival off her bucket list. “A, Redemption,” she said. “And, B, It was my favorite show. And, C, I’m just so excited it’s coming back!”

And the icing on the cake for Marano? April’s a bit of a basket case when we meet up with her in A Year in the Life (which bows this Friday). “It’s great because she doesn’t have her stuff together at all,” she enthuses. “And I’m so excited about that.”

Watch my Marano Q&A above and then check back in the coming hours and days for more from Stars Hollow’s elite as TVLine’s “18 Days of Gilmore” scoop countdown continues.

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  1. Kay says:

    Enough time has passed now, I’m willing to give her another chance. I think as an adult she might be less grating, and if she is indeed a “basket-case” it’ll be fun to watch.

  2. mooshki says:

    Too bad SaB let her do it. The only redemption for April would be if she blessed us by staying far away.

  3. Leona says:

    Aww. She’s adorable.

  4. Ann says:

    Sad how a young girl who only wanted to meet her father apparently needs redemption.

    • B says:

      I don’t think April needs redemption, but Luke needs redemption. We need to see him handle fatherhood and a romantic relationship well. And the writers need redemption for using her character solely as a plot device.

    • dude says:

      I think people took out their frustrations on how poorly-written that plot line was on the young girl instead of the writers who created her character which is a shame.

  5. Sal says:

    I thought she was fine in Gilmore Girls. Her character was never the issue, it was the unnecessary way in which Luke/Lorelei complicated things in their relationship due to her existence. I really enjoy Vanessa and her character on Switched at Birth, so I hope she brings some of that charm to April this time around.

    • ravynrobyn says:


    • canadian ninja says:

      I agree. The problem with April was the writers decision to a) make her mother be too controlling and b) make Luke shut Lorelai out because he was so busy dealing with April, except not really.

      I get that drama needs conflict but that whole storyline was like watching someone try to walk with their shoelaces tied together.

  6. MMD says:

    I’m just so thrilled that all of the actors from the original who returned for the revival, are all so excited. It sounds like it was such a fun show to work on and the way they speak about the show, it was the best thing they ever did. I think most of them would follow the Paladinos to the ends of the earth if asked. I’m only bummed that Marty is not returning but if it didn’t work out story line wise then I’m still thrilled for all the rest of the returning cast.

    What the hell am I going to do after this comes out and I’ve watched it a few hundred times? I won’t have anything to get all excited about unless they end it with “to be continued………” on the screen.

  7. c-mo says:

    Vanessa’s was a bit of a basket case in the video (😉) but her cute personality let me like her a little bit more. Yes, I’m one of those who couldn’t stand her existence on the show.

  8. Walkie says:

    Is tvline getting paid by the producer’s of Gilmore Girls? It’s every other article.

    • Scream Queen says:

      It’s a countdown to the event. An article per day. Go watch some Supernatural and chill.

    • DMK says:

      The producers don’t have to pay the site. Ausiello, who founded this site, is widely regarded as the most vocal Gilmore Girls fan on the planet. All indications are that he’s the one driving the level of coverage.

  9. cuius says:

    Is somebody a bit worried about this revival? Twenty-five articles in the last two weeks raises concerns

  10. MLO says:

    I liked April – she totally embraced Lorelei and did nothing to keep L&L apart. It was her stupid mother and Luke that were the problem.

    • Her mother was the worst–she gets all high and mighty with Lorelei when she kept the very existence of April from Luke for years? Not to mention April wasn’t a toddler who couldn’t understand if L&L broke up. But the worst was how Luke handled it all. He showed he didn’t trust or respect Lorelei at all.

  11. Ben says:

    I’m sick of the hate April gets. SHE WAS A CHILD who wanted to know who her father was. Nothing that Luke did to Lorelai was her fault at all! Do you blame the children for every break up and divorce? It’s not her fault at all and I do not understand why anybody would hate on her. Other than people wanting to blame someone other than Luke.

  12. Guess says:

    I don’t understand why she needs redemption, or why people disliked her so much, from what i understood, April herself wasn’t the problem between Luke and Lorelai, it was Luke choosing to keep her a secret from Lorelai that was the problem, she was just a girl wanting to to get to know her father better, the amount of dislike for her was ridicules.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I haven’t watched her on it in a long time, but I never minded April herself. The plot device (using her to keep Luke and Lorelai apart) was a problem – and I’m not even really a Luke/Lorelai shipper – but I don’t think the character herself was a problem.

    • It was also that Luke let April’s mother dictate the level of interaction that Lorelai could have with her. Rewatch the episode where she tries to help with April’s birthday and the amount of grief she gets given over it.

    • tsevca says:

      I think people simply don´t like the storyline and don´t seperate it. You must admit it was such a telenovela from the start. It didn´t fit into this show. I hate it as well, but I don´t blame Vanessa. She just took a job. And getting a chance to be on GG was something a girl of her age would be stupid to refuse no matter how bad it was. It opened all the doors that came after.

      But who is the girl next to her? She acts like a celebrity there as well, but I don´t think I´ve ever seen her anywhere.

  13. Jason says:

    I always felt bad for April. It always seemed like people’s resentment of her stemmed more from how she impacted Luke and Lorelai’s relationship and less from who she was as a character.

  14. missy says:

    I think Vanessa is a great actress, I do, but I’m conflicted about April being in the revival. She was my least favourite part of the last 2 seasons. Mostly, because April brought out a horrible side of Luke. He just never felt like the Luke of Season 1 – 5 after her arrival

    Maybe things will be different? :D

  15. daveedtjr says:

    Redemption, for what? It wasn’t her fault , for the poor writing. All of a sudden, Luke completely shuts down ‘fiance’, to get to know new daughter? Did not like the direction show went, after that, then to have Lorelei go to Sleep with Christopher at end of season?
    6 was a bad season.