Gilmore Girls: Vanessa Marano Touts 'Redemption' for April in Revival

Come hell, high water or Freeform, Vanessa Marano was returning to Stars Hollow.

According to the actress, she was knee-deep into production on Switched at Birth when she was invited to reprise her polarizing role as Luke’s daughter April in Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Switched at Birth Stars Preview 'Beautiful,' It's a Wonderful Life-Esque Episode

When we last left Switched at Birth, John Kennish was lying on the floor unconscious — and the drama’s just beginning.

That unexpected turn will lend itself to an unusual and incredibly moving episode, airing next Monday (ABC Family, 8/7c), which explores what might have happened if Regina had told everyone about the switch when she first learned about it. READ MORE

Switched at Birth's Vanessa Marano on Bay's Boy Drama (Ty's Back!), Trading Places With Daphne

And you thought Bay’s romantic life on Switched at Birth was complicated before

When the ABC Family series returns for Season 2B on Monday (at 8/7c), the brunette will run into an unexpected, but familiar, face: her ex-boyfriend Ty (The Lying Game‘s Blair Redford)!

But that’s not all Bay’s got shakin’. READ MORE

Switched at Birth: Will Bay's New School (and Guys) Bust Up 'Bemmet'? Plus, Exclusive Video

ABC Family’s Switched at Birth is, well, switching things up. Now that Bay is joining her ex-boyfriend Emmett at Carlton, she’ll be making lots of new friends — and some enemies — which will complicate their relationship.

Below, Vanessa Marano talks about the challenges ahead for Bay …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Switched at Birth Boss Previews New Loves for Bay, Emmett and Daphne, Plus Family Troubles

ABC Family’s Switched at Birth returns for the last leg of its freshman season on Monday at 8/7c, and there’s drama brewing. After cheating on Bay, Emmett has a lot of groveling ahead of him. Will he be able to earn her forgiveness? Meanwhile, Bay’s got a dangerous passion, and single Daphne has entered a new, high-pressure environment.

Below, executive producer Lizzy Weiss and …READ MORE