Gilmore Girls Revival Review

The Gilmore Girls Revival Is Everything I Wanted It to Be (and So Much More)

tvline_gilmorecountdown_09The Stars Hollow musical goes on about 2 minutes too long.

And that’s pretty much my sole criticism of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

I’ve seen all four 90-minute episodes of Netflix’s revival (which begins streaming on Friday, Nov. 25) and I’m here to assure you — one Gilmore acolyte to another — that it delivers. Holy hell, does it ever deliver.

Save for the aforementioned, somewhat bloated Stars Hollow: The Musical interlude in the third chapter, “Summer,” series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Daniel Palladino have given this grateful, longtime fan the satisfying conclusion he’s been waiting nearly a decade for.

I’m sure you’re thinking: “Well, of course you’re going to say that. Not only are you in the thing, but you have the entire cast and crew on speed dial!” And to that I say, “You’re wrong. I do not have Sally Struthers’ telephone number.” (But I have a pending Facebook friend request I feel really good about.)

But I get why one might call my journalistic objectivity into question. It’s one of the reasons I assigned TVLine’s formal revival review to my colleague Dave Nemetz. (You can read that by clicking here.)

Here’s the thing: I went into A Year in the Life with tempered expectations. After being burned by a number of recent revivals that should’ve been slam-dunks (The X-Files, Arrested Development), I was ready to have my heart shattered. And if that happened, I would find a way to break the news to you gently. But it didn’t. My expectations were wildly exceeded. And I believe yours will be, too.

If it’s mildly spoilery, semi-specifics you’re looking for, activate the gallery above — or click here for direct access — to read my breakdown of the 10 ways Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life delivered the proverbial goods.

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  1. Dannie C says:


  2. Todd says:

    @MichaelAusiello Strange that you made no mention Rory in your review, I mean even Kirk got a shoutout. Is her storyline that forgettable?

  3. militantgod says:

    Sorry but you’re still ridiculous bias. You’ve been talking about a revival for this show since it ended. “Those four last words!”. In hindsight, it’s easy for you to bag on the X-Files and Arrested because you’d sound ridiculous if you didn’t.

  4. kjmorse says:

    Wishing I had netflix!!!!
    Have to wait for DVD or an Australian FTA network to buy rights!

    • whatever says:

      Considers 9Gem is currently airing season 7 for the third times of the whole original seven season (twice a day, unless the bleeding cricket is on), there is a good chance it will ends up on FTA in a year or so. But Netflix Australia does have 30 days free trial so if you can’t wait then you can still access, that is unless you already had done the free trial previously…

    • Ryan says:

      I don’t want to burst your bubble but I highly doubt this will make it to FTA with Netflix being readily available in AU!
      Use the 30 day trial or if you’ve done that sign up to the lowest tier package $8.99 and cancel once you’ve signed up that way you will only pay that one month access fee and get to watch the show! :)
      It’s only the cost of 2.5 cups of coffee :)

  5. lauradkimball says:

    Can’t wait! Glad to hear that Lauren Graham turns in a great performance as I have always found her to be an amazing actress.

  6. MMD says:

    Michael you are just so lucky!!!

    It has never occurred to me that it would be anything but perfect because the series is so great and Amy and Daniel (I feel like we’re on a first name basis now :-)) are finishing off what they started.

  7. Nors says:

    So haplpy to hear this!!!! Thank you so much @MichaelAusiello for being a huge part of why this revival happened. My favorite line from the ATX festival was ASP saying that she was expecting you to be leaning over her death bed insisting of hearing the last four words!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for this Michael. As a true fan, your opinion matters greatly to me. I do however think that you may be a little biased. but that’s ok. Can’t wait until the 25th! (And the “official” review later today)

  9. Nicolás says:

    Hi Michael, do you think there’s a chance for Lauren, Alexis, Kelly or the show to get a much deserved Golden Globe or Emmy nomination?

  10. Butch says:

    This review is certainly more positive than other reviews popping up on the internet today. However all say it is much better than other revivals of shows such as the X-files. A treat for fans. Negatives point to subplots going on too long. Stretching things out to get to the last 100 minutes of the series. The 3 Gilmore Girls are all well reviewed.

  11. jj. says:

    so happy to hear this michael! The expectations are so high over the last month or so I’ve half hardheartedly started to prepare myself for disappointment. Can something 10 years in the making ever really live up to the hype? This whole gilmore revival journey has been so great to read through over the past couple of months, I’ve been a gilmore reader of yours since the TV Guide days so in a way it really feels like this has all come full circle

  12. LaDonna says:

    I. AM. DYING. I don’t know if I can wait 9 more days after this!

  13. analythinker says:

    Way to amp up the jealousy in me, Mike!!!

  14. southernsoapopera says:

    This makes me happy. If he liked it, I will too.

  15. Laura Markl says:

    I cannot wait!!! It is the number one reason I even have Netflix right now. I also hope it will be put on video for us to buy it eventually. I have all the series recorded on DVD from TV, but I will not be able to do that with this since it is on Netflix.

  16. Johanna says:

    I love how much you love Gilmore Girls. You are so adorable. Knowing that you liked it makes me even more excited and hopeful.

  17. Amy says:

    Michael, I’ve been following you since your days at TV Guide. I have always agreed with your opinions and reviews of Gilmore Girls and appreciated you keeping hope alive for 10 years. I am now extremely excited, and can’t wait to watch next week with my daughter.

  18. Charmia hunt says:

    I hope that rory gets married to logan or to jess and to loiroryI I hope she get married to
    Luke so they won’t hold each other back of there dreams.and I hope it would be at least nine seasons

  19. Elizabeth Banko says:

    TV guide gave it five stars and said it’s perfect.