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American Horror Story Season 6 Finale Recap: Roanoke's Exchange of Seasons

In Wednesday’s Season 6 finale of American Horror Story, Roanoke served up a welcome blast from the past, allowing Sarah Paulson to exchange the late Audrey’s English accent for the 1970s-era Barbara Walters hairdo favored by Asylum survivor Lana Winters. But did the reporter manage to get the truth out of Lee during their heavily hyped TV interview? Did it help Lana that she was a dead (well, live) ringer for the reenactress that her subject had hacked with a meat cleaver? Did Lee even notice that Lana and Audrey could have been twins? Before you weigh in on the hour in the poll below, let’s answer these questions, shall we?

TRIALS AND ADULATION | As “Chapter 10” began, Sidney and the cast of My Roanoke Nightmare were being celebrated at a Paley Center panel before embarking on production on Season 2, reaction to which wound up being decidedly mixed. In particular, one superfan regretted that Lee had gone back for 3 Days in Hell, since now she would have to stand trial for her castmates’ on-camera murders. Meanwhile, Lot took to YouTube to express his intention to make things right his own way since the “Polk family ain’t never got justice in all our history.” (Maybe eating fewer people would have helped them in that regard… )

american horror story season 6 episode 10 recapFurther clips from a Crack’d installment about Lee revealed that, thanks to the torture that she had suffered at the Polks’ hands — not to mention the freaky pot they gave her — she was acquitted. Not willing to let her off the hook, the prosecution went after her for Mason’s homicide, going so far as to call Flora to the stand to testify that she’d seen her mother kill her father. Luckily for the accused, her lawyer was able to turn Flora’s mention of imaginary friend Priscilla into a “not guilty” verdict. Flora, however, still wanted nothing to do with her mom.

INTERVIEW TO A KILL | Later, introducing the live interview special that brought her out of retirement, Lana suggested that in fighting monsters, Lee became one herself. (Ya think?) The reporter started off with this probing question: How are you? (Oy.) From there, Lee explained that what kept her going was the hope of seeing Flora grow up — and seeing Flora, period, since Mason’s family had decided that she was a bad influence. For what it’s worth, Lee didn’t seem to notice Lana’s resemblance to Audrey. But she was well aware of the Briarcliff survivor’s past with Bloody Face — that was why she’d given her the interview.

Afforded the chance, Lee spoke directly to Flora via the camera, promising never to give up until they were together again. At that, Lana asked where the little girl was — her grandparents had reported her missing an hour before taping began! Just then, an assault weapon sounded — it was, naturally, Lot. “You are on live television,” Lana warned him. “The world is watching you, young man.” So, rather than kill them all, why not tell your truth? Instead, he hit Lana with his gun but was shot himself before he could take out Lee.

ONCE MORE, WITH SQUEALING | During a subsequent episode of Spirit Chasers — with Ashley (who played Cricket) in tow — the ghost hunters broke into the Roanoke house during the blood moon. As the sun set, things started, as they tended to there, to get freaky. First, it was just a sheet fluttering in a breezeless room and some noises. But then Ashley found a bonnet that he could just tell was the real McCoy, not a show prop — not bad for a mere actor — and Lee showed up looking for Flora. She’d seen Priscilla enter the house, and hey, since she’d taken her daughter before…

In no time, the variety pack of ghosts that inhabited the house took out Ashley, then one by one, the Spirit Chasers crew. Finally, as the police and news crews surrounded the house, Lee was reunited with Flora. The desperate mom pled her case, but Flora wasn’t about to cut her any slack for murdering Mason. Furthermore, the youngster wanted to stay there with Priscilla — she could protect her pal from The Butcher if she was like Priscilla. Lee suggested that they trade places — she would stay behind and protect Priscilla, while Flora went to live with her grandparents. “What do you think?” Flora asked Priscilla. Next thing we knew, the police smelled smoke, and the house went up in flames. Inside, Lee had had Priscilla shoot her. (Does this make Flora the final girl?)

So, what did you think of “Chapter 10”? Grade it in the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your assessment.

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  1. R says:

    That was horrible. This season really took a nosedive after the first five episodes. And it kept getting worse, ending with that horrendous finale.

    RM needs a staff shake up.

    • kevin says:

      wow ok, i felt the complete opposite, felt eps 2 to 5 were just ok but after the twist in ep 6 things were actually scary. The finale was unexpected – i just didn’t see that this would be how this season would wrap up; but that’s how i felt about the asylum finale and looking back that was a masterpiece. This season probably would benefit from binge watching as a whole rather than watching weekly, but overall a solid and definitely consistent season which is a huge improvement from hotel

      • Cheyenne says:

        What Kevin said. I thought the first five episodes were one long snooze but six through nine were dynamite. The finale seemed somehow anticlimactic compared to episode #9.

    • LM says:

      I agree. It was as if the producers knew they didn’t have enough story with the reenactment, so they added the “reality show’ — and then added yet another story in the finale — throwing every idea they had left into this episode (i.e. a trial, an interview that’s interrupted, and another reality show’s ghost investigators!).

    • Tim says:

      Funny, I thought it improved greatly AFTER the first five episodes

    • I totally agreed. I kept waiting for some twist or some revelation and was super disappointed in this season. I actually said to myself “that’s it, I watched 10 episodes of this for what?” Very disappointing season. Also I totally did not get how all 6 seasons related?

    • vliz says:

      the constant reuse of stock storylines, redundant kill scenes, character types, and the same actors has become ad nauseum…why do shows like american horror story and walking dead insist on being soap operas taken seriously as opposed to just doing service to the genre and viewers actual enjoyment?

  2. Melanie says:

    I thought it was an interesting way to tie up the series. Question though, do we know who shot Lot or is that a mystery left unsolved? I couldn’t see who shot him.

  3. steven says:

    Did they seriously just turn Lee into a female OJ?

  4. Joey says:

    While episode 10 wasn’t as good as the rest of this season, because of the weird way the shows were all cut together, it was still a pretty good episode, overall. Adina Porter has been fantastic for this entire season.

    • The Beach says:

      Can someone explain why Ms. Porter is listed in the credits as a “guest star”? She is the furthest thing from a guest but is actually one of the leads. Is this so she can compete in a different Emmy category when that rolls around?

  5. Joey says:

    Also, am I the only one who, when we saw the paranormal investigators, wished they’d been the Ghostfacers? :P

    • Member Berries says:

      Both my husband and I said it would have been better if the Ghost Facers were in it.

      This episode was a complete dud for us. Did the writers simply give up, because something must have prevented them from staying true to Lee’s character. She was a selfish woman driven by her own selfish wants regarding her daughter, so trying to make her out to be anything other than that was ridiculous.

      I started out very excited about this season because the lost colony is a fascinating topic, but it just became more ridiculous. It will take a very good plot to get us to tune in for another season. Besides that it would take Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Basette, Evan Peters, and Taissa Farmiga in major roles to get us back with a so-so plot.

      • Joey says:

        I disagree about Lee staying true to herself in the finale. I think she always wanted what was best for Flora, and she believed that herself being in Flora’s life was what was best. Which is why after the trial in this episode she was still working towards gaining custody of Flora. When she realized that Flora basically wanted to die and live on forever on the property, she didn’t want that for Flora because that wasn’t, in her mind, what was best for Flora. So she offered herself up live with Priscilla forever.

  6. Lana says:

    To me this entire season is garbage. It really seems like torture and I’m unclear why I watched it. It’s like a friend who used to be nice but hasn’t been nice for a long time and you just keep thinking they’re going to change. To me murder house was the Apex a complex story. Asylum was good but it started slipping into torture porn. Coven was also good buy moving that way. Now all we’re left with is torture porn.

  7. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    I feel sort of mixed about the finale. It wasn’t that great but i didn’t hate it. In my opinion it was the first season i actually overall enjoyed since coven.

  8. Ratul says:

    they screwed up the ending. it was horrible.

  9. Gale Profico says:

    I been watching AHS since it first aired with season 1. I thought season 6 was just OK. I liked the idea of the history of Roanoke. There was some scary moments that I thought were cool. The last episode wasn’t up to par. Kind of disappointing.

    • Olivia says:

      Agreed. They could’ve done really cool things with the history of Roanoke idea, but it was kind of a bust the way they did it. Especially the finale

  10. I loved this entire season as well as tonight’s finale! However, I did feel a bit let down regarding the ghosts that were just left behind to kill everyone. I thought there would be some sort of exorcism or whatever to at least try to get rid of them. Also, seeing how Lee got killed in the end by Priscilla, and her spirit ended up staying there, why couldn’t the ghosts of everyone else be there some how, too…? Like why couldn’t Roy appear to his wife after he died to warn her or something? I don’t know, maybe all I’m trying to say is I hope this place gets talked about again in the future, and it’s not 100% done and over with! Lol

    Regardless, I do get the whole ending and I am satisfied with the entire season. The season was really always about Lee & Flora, a mothers love for her daughter and we did get to see how their story ended.

    Who knows, maybe we will see a grown up flora visiting Lee on Season 13 of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: RETURN TO ROANOKE! 😁

  11. Olivia says:

    I was so, so disappointed with season 6. The “Roanoke Lost Colony” theme was such a great idea to work with for a horror plot. This season was so awful. I kept waiting for the “real” season to start and then all of a sudden it was the finale and nothing really interesting/suspenseful/good had happened. It was almost like they tried too hard without trying at all. Overall, super confusing and just not good.

  12. Chris says:

    The season as a whole deserved better from the finale

  13. Thomas says:

    I felt it was completely retarded that the court completely disregarded all the footage of everyone being killed by ghost. It kind of cheapened the entire show for me after that.

  14. abz says:

    So disappointed we never got to see Matt Bomer actually on screen. Only got to hear his voice.
    Finale wasn’t that great to be honest, although it was nice to see Lana Winters again. My thoughts on the season overall is that it was different, but it was interesting season. I did enjoy it for the most part and I really liked the fact that the story felt very tight and well-planned and had direction. It didn’t feel at all like they were making things up as they go along and I think that’s something that has been missing from previous seasons. I hope they actually put this much thought and planning towards the next season..

  15. Artygirl says:

    Interesting premise. Overall enjoyed it. A couple too many spilling of entrails for my taste. The weird little psychic that returned in the finale, was he not gutted in a previous epiaode? The inbred hicks were by far and away the creepiest element to the story. Sarah Paulson is a genius thespian in my opinion.

    • abz says:

      No, he’s an actor. He played Cricket in My Roanoke Nightmare’s first season. The butcher gutted him in the re-enactment.

  16. Nathan Everett says:

    So why is Adina a guest star and not a regular? She’s been in what, every episode?

    • Joey says:

      Probably based on contract negotiations. I do agree with you though, she, along with Sarah Paulson, did all of the heavy lifting this entire season.

  17. W Nala says:

    Have watched AHS from Season 1. This season was just watchable.Poor story fluffed up with over the top violence. Hopefully next season will be better. New shows like The Exorcist are leading the way.

  18. Chuck T says:

    I am an AHS fan, but, hated this 6th season, Yes, I watched the whole season and thanked God when it was over. Total garbage. What happened to the writers, surely they could have come up with a far better season, one that makes sense. All my friends and family agreed with me. This season was a total waste of time for tv viewing.

  19. Quinten says:

    I actually loved the finale and the season as a whole. Much better than the last few seasons, and actually was genuinely scary, while also providing a different format than we’ve seen before. Adina Porter was fantastic, so glad she essentially was the main character. I also loved that she had a clear arc, and following her story helped be an anchor for the format always changing. And I think I would’ve been a little disappointed if the finale didn’t go crazy with the concept a little. Like the ghost hunters show? That was golden. Denis O Hair saying he has the emails to prove he was invited for season 2. So funny. I really loved how it broke away from the format for the last few minutes, which was perfect. Got to see Lee being truly genuine in the end, no cameras. Really satisfied with this season; glad they finally actually changed it up a bit

  20. rod says:

    I enjoyed the season, and i think Adina Porter earned a spot next season as a series regular, she was amazing.

    • LAwoman says:

      I enjoyed this season too and especially Adina Porter. I definitely liked Roanoke better than Hotel. The finale was not what I had expected and it wasn’t really what I had hoped for, but overall, this season kept me interested.

  21. Lelia says:

    What happened to lady Gaga? Why wasn’t she one of the actors who came back for season 2? That was weird. I’m disappointed Evan Peters had such a small mediocre role. Better luck next yr.

    • Lynn says:

      Someone said Peters was filming an X-Men movie so that may be why his role was limited this season. Lady Gaga also just released an album so she may have been working on that.

    • sunny says:

      was lady gaga’s witch an actress or the real thing? wasn’t the real husband doing her in the basement when the real wife hacked him? lol, this one was hard to keep track of

  22. G.Young says:

    This was by far THE WORST season if all. The promo didn’t have anything to do with the season, just horrible. The actors were fine but the story line sucked! This season should not be lined up with the other season nor should it make the line up.

  23. What was up with that ending, I mean the last few seconds where it shows the spirits coming to the house before the episode ended?

    • Paul Penna says:

      It was still the Blood Moon. Meaning they were coming to sacrifice everyone left at the house. Which means that a lot of police officer were about to meet a very grisly end.

  24. Tracy says:

    I love American horror stories but this season was all over the place. It started being about a married couple, living in a haunted house, but then it ended about an orphaned child. There were too many things going on. I couldn’t stay up for most of the episodes.

  25. I really enjoyed this season. The finale wasn’t great but as a whole, Roanoake was a return to AHS form. I still believe they owe us an apology for the abysmal seasons 3, 4 and 5 but AHS is starting to earn my forgiveness. I’ll be back next year.

  26. N says:

    Lets talk the big unresolved mystery of the finale, Where was Matt Bomer ? I kept waiting for him to show up, he never did.

  27. N says:

    I did not like this season. I have watched every season, but I quit this one after two episodes. I hope next season is better. The format got on my nerves and took away from the series in my opinion

    • Thomas Akel says:

      Way to judge a series. There are so many twists and original things, I have to say this is one of the most entertaining seasons.

  28. Wonderful says:

    I found the whole season boring and hard to follow. Probably the worse season since Freak Show. Glad there was hardly any Gaga appearances.

  29. Logan says:

    Like the other commenters said, this season would definitely hit harder as a binge watcher. Waiting weekly was a little much for the premiere episodes. i loved the theme and idea that revolved around this season. it was almost as if we were the obsessive bunch of humanity that follows certain events (i.e. the oj trial).
    They wrapped this up nice and tight but what of the Roanoke people at the end , where was that leading?
    I was hoping the butcher would have a connection with the force of Bloody Face.. and this would have led Lee to have killed Lana Banana in the righteousness of his son and him.

    • Sara says:

      There was so much they could have done with this season. I don’t feel it got to its’ full potential…but I didn’t hate it. I think he was trying to show how once a story gets into the media, it gets lost to the crazy 24 hr a day news cycle. Still, STOP GOING BACK TO THAT FLIPPING HOSE!!

  30. I thought that this season was a bit of a let down from how good last season was . The finale was a bit confusing with all the tv shows they had I did not like how we had Lee’s backstory late rather than early in the season.

  31. CountryQueen says:

    No one is talking about the moment when the Spirit Chasers said this was almost as scary as when they were in the ASYLUM! Could this be a clue that all these places have been visited by the Spirit Chasers, and we’ve been getting the back story all along?

  32. Tami says:

    I don’t think it’s over, really. The finale was good and the way they made Lee out to be a victim in the end, as well as a murderer, was a good ending. But, not everyone that was in “My Roanoke Nightmare” was killed or came back in the second season or finale. Scathach/Lady Gaga didn’t come back in the second season; or did she? Was she playing herself in “Nightmare” and then again when we saw her in the basement with Matt in “3 Days in Hell?” What about Priscilla? She was in both seasons and was there with Lee in the end. Same girl. There’s also The Butcher’s family from “Nightmare” where only Kathy Bates/Agnes and Wes Bentley/Dylan came back in the “Hell” season; not to mention the actors that portrayed the Polk family in “Nightmare.” They said that only one survived and that seems to be Flora; but, what about all of the ones that didn’t come back? I think they’ve done all they can with Roanoke in the documentary, social media type filming; but, it seems like there is more. And, it’s not even mid season for most other shows; what is going to happen after the first of the year or do we have to wait until next Fall for more AHS?

    I did like how they made it fit what we see today with t.v. and social media/youtube videos; but, I watch t.v. to get away from all of that and would like more as the previous seasons have been.

  33. SHANNON says:

    The whole season was a predictable mess!! Ryan, you lost your edge!!!

  34. Best season says:

    Really interesting to see the different opinions on this season… I thought it was by far the tightest story they have told so far with no filler. I thought the format was novel and kept things interesting, and I usually hate the whole found footage style. This was the first season that felt like a true horror story to me, too. No campy stuff, no happy ending. The last episode was definitely anticlimactic, especially coming after the action packed penultimate episode, however it served as a satisfying conclusion to the story and I hope future seasons are as well planned and delivered as this one. It is so strange to me that others have such a different opinion of things, and I don’t get how anyone could find it boring. It really had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish for the first time since AHS came on the air.

  35. Jason says:

    The acting: superb
    The plot: not so much.
    I kept thinking there would be a reason for the continuous “live” shows and some connection. It seemed more like a great idea that had too much watering down. Disappointed but hopeful for a comeback for the series.

  36. Jen says:

    Absolutely awful season!!!

  37. Cathy Birdwell says:

    Cathy birdwell. it started out so good .but when they went reality it sucked it was painful to watch.

  38. Paul says:


  39. This season was awful, an utter dissapointment given the media fuss. Like Ryan just wanted to churn out some gut-wrenching, disturbing, poor quality stuff because she was running low on ideas.

  40. Jerry Roller says:

    It was a hot mess. This is what happens when “artists” take a perfectly effective formula and do littleness more than hold the viewer hostage.

  41. Ximena Dongo says:

    It’s funny to see people who liked it or hate it. In my opinion the last 5 episodes where amazing. The plot of reality TV was unique. It wasn’t the best season but by far it was better than coven and hotel.

  42. Sarah says:

    Somewhat of a let down, in my opinion. Then again, I feel seasons 2 and 3-especially 3- are hard acts to follow. I attempted to watch 4 and 5 but lost interest within first few episodes. Had high hopes for roanoke. Just seems like it fizzled out near the end…

  43. Roge Gen says:

    The all Season 6 just made me more confused and stupid than already am lol

  44. I enjoyed the season as a whole, but wasnt happy with Lee being the “survivor,” well who we thought was. I was hoping it would have been someone who was a better actor. It like she just took her role from True Blood and continued it. I was waiting for them to say she had kidnapped Flora and then we seem them in Louisiana and she is calling Flora “Tara” and they live in Bon Tomps by Sookie Stakehouse. Geez. This finale was horrible…ugh.

  45. Nick says:

    I feel like it was good in the start, but it should have ended after episode 9. The 10th episode absolutely killed it for me. So anticlimactic, except the one part with the Spirit Hunters. The first, like, 15 minutes were absolutely unnecessary, and the ending was a tease and cliffhanger. Interesting twist, but not a good enough delivery.

  46. Randy says:

    Feel this season wasn’t completely a waste. There were a lot of moments I enjoyed throughout the season. Did feel like it was lacking though, thought after the butcher’s son betrayed her he would be punished in some crazy manner. When it turned out to be a TV series, and they were at the house for real, anytime a ghost was shown whom seemed crucial previously was just shown quick and disregarded in my opinion. The finale kinda felt all over the place

  47. Mauricio says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m completely lost… So all those people on the second season of Roanoke Nightmare didn’t die? Shelby didn’t kill Matt? It was all fake? Why they used the footage against Lee if it was fake? When I saw Trixie and the other guy interviewing them I was so confused, how are they alive??? What did I lost? Where am I right now????????? If any of you could help me because I am totally lost

    • Raider Girl Hoover says:

      All the deaths DID occur. The scene with them at Paley Fest was a flashback. I think they were counting on it having more punch because of the viewers affection for the characters. Unfortunately, a lot of folks weren’t able to connect to a character because of all the subplots and confusion. I feel your pain!

  48. Steve says:

    Watched it and thought WTF! Yeah I thought ” it’s AHS! what could go wrong?” And BOOM! That’s exactly what happened. As I’ve noticed with all modern horror stories, they ALWAYS seem to get rushed and wrapped up pretty quickly and Roanoke didn’t disappoint. Believe me I wish I was writing the total opposite because since Murder House my wife and I have been addicted but it just seems every series after has been rushed, endings have been fluffy and have left you with a feeling of “oh is that it?”. Take your time guys! We’re fans for Christ sake! We don’t mind waiting a bit longer for something worth while. If there’s another series I will watch it, in the hope that it will be the best one yet. Just hope it will be.

  49. Spodders says:

    What a mess. The whole thing was ridiculous. EVERYONE was a kIller. Ghosts, hillbillies, ex cast members, cast members, actors, pig men, the non actors, the police! What a mess. About 10 story lines in one. Nothing to be scared of when everyone and everything is potentially deadly.

  50. Gregor Pituch says:

    OMG!!!! This was so disappointing.