AHS Crossover: Sarah Paulson's Asylum Character Headed for Roanoke

sarah-paulson-american-horror-story-asylum roanoke crossover

Turns out, English reenactor Audrey and Audrey-as-haunted-homeowner Shelby won’t be the only characters that Sarah Paulson gets to play during Season 6 of American Horror Story: The FX anthology series’ co-creator Ryan Murphy tweeted on Halloween that the Emmy winner would also be reprising her Asylum role of reporter Lana Winters on Roanoke.

Since Murphy specifically referred to the onetime prisoner/patient of Briarcliff Manor as the “ultimate survivor,” this could be seen as a hint that Lana’s lookalike, Audrey, will be the one person to wrap production on Return to Roanoke: 3 Days in Hell with a pulse.

What do you think, AHS fans? Got any theories about how Lana might fit in to Roanoke? Will she show up to investigate Agnes’ — and the ghosts’ — reign of terror? Hit the comments.