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Teen Wolf Boss Talks Stiles and Lydia's Big Premiere Moment, What's Next

Teen Wolf‘s final season may revolve around the concept of memory loss, but Tuesday’s premiere was easily one of its most unforgettable.

TVLine spoke with executive producer Jeff Davis about the episode’s biggest moment (Stiles and Lydia!), but first, a quick recap:

Tuesday’s premiere marked the long-awaited/dreaded arrival of the Riders, a sinister band of horse-mounted goons who specialize in erasing people from existence. After snatching up a young boy named Alex, along with his parents — we still have no idea why they were targeted, mind you — the Riders shifted their attention to Stiles, who became first (and hopefully last!) member of Scott’s pack to get erased.

Although no one in Stiles’ life — seriously, not even his own dad — is currently aware he ever existed, a spark of hope remains within Lydia, who seems to remember… that she’s forgetting… someone? (Honestly, it’s a start, and I’ll take it.) More importantly, in Stiles’ final pre-erased moments, he told Lydia, “Remember I love you.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Beacon Hills High School’s hot new science teacher — who is, in all likelihood, a Nazi werewolf — had the younger set melting like putty in his hands. (Is that a thing? Does putty melt in your hands, or am I thinking of M&Ms?)

OK, let’s get to the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the big Stiles/Lydia L-bomb.

“We had so much debate about this in the writers’ room,” Davis admits. “Should we keep them friends? Should we go for it? Finding out that this is the last season makes you want to go for things that you’ve been holding off on. We’ve seen them as great friends, as antagonists and even as Lydia not knowing who the hell Stiles is. It’s a progression of their relationship that, to us, felt pretty natural. When we saw the scene cut together in the first episode, we thought, ‘OK, this is going to be good.'”

As for why Lydia is sensing Stiles’ absence more than the rest of the pack — besides, you know, the fact that she’s a banshee — Davis acknowledges, “They have a very special relationship. They’ve saved each other’s lives several times. We’ve explored Scott’s great friendship with Stiles, and we wanted to go through a different perspective this time.”

Your thoughts on Stiles’ confession? Hopes for the rest of the show’s final season? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Jason says:

    Basically sounds like him admitting stiles and lydia is nothing but fan service

  2. Stephanie says:

    Happy we finally got to hear Stiles’s speech to Lydia and for him to tell her how he truly feels! I wanted a kiss or something though too or for some admission of Lydia’s feelings. But ti was great to hear that Stiles loves her and its not just a crush. I hope we get to see Lydia’s feelings come about and maybe a reunion kiss?

  3. AMAZING episode!!!

    “Remember how you were the first girl I ever danced with. Remember how I had a crush on you freshman year, sophmore year, junior year. Remember how you saved my life. Remember i love you”. OMG, Stydia! Lydia was still the only one to remember him until the ver end. God, those episodes will be so emotional, we need have Stiles back soon!

  4. MK says:

    Loved this episode!!! Thanks for all of your coverage, Andy! Still very nervous as to how Dylan O’Brien is going to fit into 6B since they’re filming that now and he’s off filming a million movies…hope by Stiles and Lydia loving heart isn’t broken after this season!!

  5. nikkiholly says:

    Loved it, I just wish they hadn’t given the whole premiere away in the trailers.

  6. Sarah says:

    If by progression you mean regression, because lol, 6 seasons later and he’s still obsessed. Expected, but boring and underwhelming. And such a disservice to Stiles as a character. At least Lydia will have something to do, as long as it’s not all wasted crying over a boy we know ain’t coming back for 6B.

  7. Angela says:

    Hi Andy. Where’s ur review for Scream Queens? Waiting for it…

  8. Dominique says:

    this was a really good episode, i was not disappointed! also love the new opening sequence, it was nice to see the three main adults added to it.
    i’m still not buying stydia. for 5 seasons we’ve had to watch stiles woon all over her, even when he was in a serious relationship with malia. and now all of a sudden, because it’s the final season, they’re gonna make lydia realize that ‘hey; guess what, i’m actually also in love with stiles.’ sorry but like someone else already said; this is pure fanservice. i can guarantee you that if tyler hoechlin had still been on the show, stydia wouldn’t be happening the way they are now, and instead, jeff davis would’ve thrown in as many stydia and sterek scenes in there as possible, without ever actually going somewhere with it. just for the sake of fanservice.

  9. Isabella says:

    Love love love having Teen Wolf back and finally Stydia is happening!! I’m going to savor every second of this final season.

  10. jovana says:

    I wish they didn’t go there with Stydia. It was always ridiculously one sided. Sigh.

  11. I absolutely loved the Stiles and Lydia moment! The premiere was suspenseful and action packed. My only complaint is that it continues to be so dark that it can be hard to see certain details.

  12. Pam says:

    I remember people losing it when the trailer came out because it was apparently so obvious a fan service to Stydia fans. I enjoyed it because this will probably be awhile before Stiles has a such an impact on a episode. Because yes he will be name dropped, but how many full episodes are we going to actually see with him in it.

  13. akane171 says:

    His confession was dumb and they should have stayed friends, duh.

  14. Radha says:

    Haters gonna hate as usual. *Yawn* You don’t like Stydia, yet you’ll click on an article about them and b**ch. How utterly surprising. Ugh. SMH

    • akane171 says:

      Right, because only Stydia fangirls are allowed to comment on Teen Wolf related articles, the rest should stay silent. I love this new kind of modern censorship some fandoms like to promote. Feels like communistic country :,)

      • diana says:

        Ah yes akane. Really reminds me of how Stydia shippers were silenced for three years because Sterek shippers would eat their heads off if someone spoke about any ship involving Stiles that wasn’t Sterek.
        And I’m pretty sure you’ll be shocked that Stydia stans are composed of girls, boys and those with no gender.
        What she was saying is that you guys despise Stydia yet spend ALL your time voting against Stydia on polls and shoving the whole “STYDIA IS FAN SERVICE!11!!!” as if it’s going to make a difference? Stydia is still popular online, even if the ratings don’t agree.
        Have a taste of what it’s like to be told to shup up because you don’t ship a certain ship.

        • akane171 says:

          Oh please, I’m going to cry from laughter. Do you want to talk about how STYDIA shippers have been treating Marrish shippers since the beginning? And what kind of things your fandom throws at us? Hmm? Just because you were treated poorly, you now treat the other fandom the same way? Wow, so mature.
          Why I should care of who your fandom is made? Because I’m not and it’s irrelevant to this discussion.
          Sweetheart, I don’t vote in polls, I have life. If you want waste your time, suit yourself. And please, who adds everywhere “Stydia is end game”? Huh? Even when Stydia is not involved? Go to yt, find a scene with Lydia and Malia in the basement from the next ep and scroll down the comments. Have fun. Right, TW ratings are the worst in history, but fangirls make sure Stydia is trending on tumblr. LOL
          I read all TW articles and they asked me what I thought and said what I thought. Because, oh boy!, I can post my opinions. And don’t tell me about how it tastes when others don’t like my ship, because your fandom disgustingly ruined Marrish shippers joy, just because we were obstacle for your fanservice ship.

  15. Ella says:

    What a slap in the face to Stiles/Malia fans. This is basically like that relationship never existed (despite the fact that it was Stiles’ first and most important romantic relationship to date) and Stiles felt this way all along and nothing there. Total fan service, which doesn’t even make sense, since Lydia has never shown an inkling of romantic feeling towards Stiles. Disappointed for both Stalia and Stiles. The world does not revolve around Lydia.

    • diana says:

      I really want to understand how it’s a slap in the face, when you guys should have realised that Stalia was never going to be deeper than Malia thinking he’s her mate? The first sign that Stalia would never last was when Stiles replied with “I can work with that” rather than an at least “I like you too” when Malia told him she liked him.
      Another is when we were told 5×05 that stiles still liked lydia, even though he was with malia.
      Stalia started off in eichen house, after malia punched him in the same episode.
      stalia was big for malia, but not for stiles.

  16. diana says:

    Boy am I happy that Stydia is happening! This episode was pretty good, the beginning had S2 Sciles vibes, as well as S3 playful Stydia vibes. I’m pretty impressed with how it all worked out, even though I did feel like the end was a little rushed. I love love LOVE how Stydia had scenes where they were figuring things out, where they were bantering and where there was a LOVE confession! It’s phenomenal how well fed Stydia shippers were in the premiere. People complaining that it’s fan service forgot where Jeff said “it felt natural”. Fan service is where something doesn’t feel natural, but you put it for the sake of the fans. Also Sterek fans complaining about it is RICH since your scenes in S2, S3, S4 were fan serviced too. Don’t act like fan service is a bad thing at all.
    Anyways, it’s the final season, and as a Stydia fan, I am satisfied with it all. Can’t wait to see how Lydia remembers Stiles. I’ve seen a major Stydia spoiler for 6×02 and I am LIVING! Long live the development of Stydia.
    I also forgot to mention how much I screamed hearing Stiles’ speech to Lydia in the car. Lydia’s desperate “I wonts” showing how much she truly cares for Stiles, and Stiles finally realising that she does have feelings for him
    How in his last moments, the moment that was directly present in his mind was how she was the first girl he ever danced with! How she saved his life, and how he had a crush on her for years although he was with another girl. His brief pause after saying Junior year. Then him telling her he loved her.
    This just proved the “he still likes her, doesn’t he” “Yeah but it’s different now”
    I just adore how Stydia is so beautifully written. Thank you Jeff! Really hope to see Dylan back for 6B, but who knows. 5 years of beautiful scenes won’t be forgotten. Stydia being canon is a bonus.

  17. dave says:

    “We had so much debate about this in the writers’ room,” Davis admits. “Should we keep them friends? Should we go for it?”
    And then you decided ” Hmmm, what ship haven’t we baited so far ?” and went for the most unpopular ship this fandom has ever had.
    But then again, this is the same writing team that had a whole meeting to discuss wether Kira should wear a jacket in one scene.
    And it’s not like the show can get axed twice, right ?