The Vampire Diaries Recap

Vampire Diaries Recap: Ancient History — Plus: Tyler's Fate Revealed!

After seven seasons of self-exploration, Stefan Salvatore finally took a long, hard look in the mirror on Friday’s Vampire Diaries and asked himself, “Which girl are you?”

OK, I guess that question requires a little context: It all started with Sybil telling Stefan the story of her “sister,” a fellow psychic she met after being exiled to an island by the people of her home village a long-ass time ago. (Like, 750 B.C.) While Sybil only wanted to use her powers for good, her “sister” preferred using them to lure sailors and plunder their booty. And by that, I mean literally eat them.

This is where the million-dollar question came in: Forcing him to confront his own part in current affairs, Sybil asked Stefan which sibling he really is — the one who’s been forced down a dark path, or the one who was a man-eating monster all along. He eventually told her that he’s “both,” prompting her to reveal another secret: She and her “sister” serve the first-ever psychic, a powerful gentleman named Arcadius (or “Cade”), and that if Stefan wants to save Damon, “All you have to do is kill the devil.” (Gee, thanks!)

Speaking of secret monsters, Sybil’s “sister” was revealed to be none other than Caroline and Alaric’s nanny Seline, and it turns out Georgie was working for her. (I say “was” because, well, we all saw what happened to that poor soul.)

Elsewhere this week…

MATT DONOVAN RETURNS | Speaking of grim outcomes, the final moments of this week’s episode confirmed our worst fears from last week: Tyler Lockwood is dead. And to make matters even worse, it was Matt who came across the body after being tipped off by Damon, who spent most of the episode screwing with — wait for it — Matt’s father, who supposedly possessed an heirloom of interest to Sybil. Can you even process how tragic and complicated that situation is?

AGE OF ARCADIUS | And let’s talk about this “Cade” guy for a minute: Is he shaping up to be this season’s true Big Bad? (No offense to the siren sisters, of course.) This show does have a history of pitting Stefan & Co. against the “firsts” of various kinds, be they vampires (the Mikaelsons) or doppelgangers (Silas and Amara). And the fact that Seline was telling Caroline and Alaric’s twins about him have me even more concerned. What does she want with them?

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Are you bummed about Tyler? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Mary says:

    We love Steroline

    • Helen says:

      We hate Sterocest. Tyler’s death was unnecessary. Only 12 eps left to settle fates of the main characters and I can’t care less about yet another ancient evil & her sis

      • Lisa says:

        I totally agree. We want to know about the main characters, not some ancient siren that no one is invested in, who happens to be a worse actress than someone in a high school play. This season should have brought back Elena by now. No one cares about this crap.

    • Sharon says:

      Yeah…no we don’t.

  2. Gena says:

    I’m going to be really really mad if Caroline doesn’t react to Tyler’s death next week. The fact that Stefan wants to “save” Damon after killing him, Caroline better not put up with it. Please write her in character, pleeeease. It’s her first love.

  3. Philip says:

    Arent you tired to just post about your favourite romances and nothing else? This is why you watch shows? to see who ends with whom?

    After so many seasons they actually did something that I didn’t expect and found very smart!!!

    After all these seasons they explained Kathrine’s death. That is why they showed that last scene. To let us know what happened to Katerina all these seasons ago. And it was very VERY smart. (didn’t think I would say this again for this show).

    • Lisa says:

      I came here to see if anyone else noticed that! Is Katherine still down in hell with Cade?! She was always the most crafty.

    • Jerry says:

      Right!!! I thought that’s what it was from the preview last week but didn’t know for sure.

    • candace says:

      It makes sense since Stefan was almost taken by the ‘force’/Cade in season 5 episode 22, but Lexi saved him temporarily. It is all connecting. There still some holes in the plot though, hopefully they will be filled as we go on.

  4. S says:

    I only cared about Tyler when Tyler and Jeremy used to have scenes together. I haven’t watched TVD in a long time.

  5. Anna says:

    Remember 2 ep ago when that forky thingy fell and the twins couldn’t bear the sound of it? They probably want to turn the twins into sirens.

    Nope, Georgie wasn’t working for Seline. Sheo was coerced in THIS episode into doing things for Seline.

    Tyler didn’t deserve to die like this and Damon personally ruined the lives of almost everyone in MF. Poor Matt: Damon killed, then (turned) his sis, now his best friend.

    Seriously, at this point, enough with the Damon’s serial redemption charade! The guy’s weak. He didn’t even try to fight Sibyl’s mind games. At least, Enzo really tried and was even ready to die.

    So far, Tyler’s death seems to have been a gratuitous one.

    • Actually he did. He turned off his emotions to protect Elena and Bonnie so he wouldn’t care and the siren would think he didn’t care a bit about anyone. He only thought about Elena in his dreams where he thought he was safe. Then because the siren found out about Elena thanks to Enzo, he lost his memories of Elena but then later he was still fighting by hiding his most important memories of Bonnie deep down. The writers confirmed he thought he was safe in his own mind and dreams. He simply underestimated the siren. Strongly disagree he wasn’t fighting in his own way and if Enzo had turned off his feelings so he wouldn’t have brought Sarah Salvatore into it to protect Bonnie and Bonnie hadn’t been selfish by having to see Enzo, Sarah might not have died, and Damon might not have lost his memories, and things might have been different after that.

      • Liz says:

        Umm…wasn’t this disputed last episode. Damon turned it off because he saw a few seconds of a hell that’s awaiting him and couldn’t cope.

        • Doesn’t matter, he was still protecting Elena and Bonnie by doing so. Not to mention the writers confirmed and on the official site that he thought he was safe and that the siren couldn’t get to them in their dreams. Enzo tried to kill Bonnie the moment he turned his emotions off.

          • After that though he was destroyed when Sybil removed his memories of Elena and Bonnie ( which she wouldn’t have done if he wasn’t still fighting and they weren’t a threat to her plans) Tyler was the last straw though.

  6. luv2cook says:

    The title of the episode, “An Eternity of Misery” pretty much sums it up for me when it comes to this bloody show. The thing that sucks the most is that I have wasted 7+ years of my life and I am here until the bitter end. At this point I’m beyond caring if most of these people die. In fact, I think it would be hysterical to have Elana wake up and everyone else is dead.

  7. Valerie Mendez says:

    I am not shocked that Tyler is dead frankly I’m just surprised the writers finally killed him off completely. I was tired of Tyler during the early seasons of TVD. He never was right to begin with.

  8. Liza says:

    Great casting with Matt’s father!!! Who is that actor??? So glad Matt is back and involved in the storyline. Very sorry to see that Tyler is dead. They wasted his character over the years for sure!!!

  9. N says:

    So why didn’t the sister heal the first episode when she had her throat cut??

  10. I’m betting we will see Tyler in Hell.

  11. Liz says:

    Am I the only one who felt the sirens back story was blah? Am I to sympathize with why she did all those bad things? And the fact they killed Tyler off so it could be the final nail in the so called coffin on Damon, was lack luster. I did enjoy the fact that Sybil called out Stefan’s own history. But so not feeling the ultimate evil is the Devil storyline. This episode reminds you why the show is in its finale, the writers are either not trying or they are trying to write above there pay grade.

    • bluegossip says:

      the point in this finale season is to create parallels to the previous seasons especially season 1. Sybil’s story is about Stefan forcing Damon to turn. as seline did to Sybil. Sybil trying to be good draws parallels to stefan’s struggle to being good and not feeding.

  12. BookGirl says:

    Tyler can’t be dead-dead because I read an interview where the actor said his characters return also came with a whole lot of information about the Armory and their role in the Siren imprisonment, so maybe he speaks from hell? Or gets resurrected along with Katherine, since that last imagery was clearly a nod to her fate and the return of Nina.

    • Louisa says:

      I am confused about this too. The actor Michael Trevino cancelled a con appearance in Melbourne, Australia a month ago officially to film multiple (3) eps of TVD. You can Google the con coverage!

      • Well just because Tyler has the information doesn’t mean he’d get the chance to deliver it. Could just mean be was meant to deliver it but died before he had the chance. Michael filming could just mean his body again like in this episode. Though I don’t get why they didn’t just use a body double or why he had to cancel con if that’s all they needed him for =/

  13. Jason says:

    I suppose if Tyler had been around more over the last couple years I’d be more broken up. I guess if they had to pick a major character to kill off, I’d go with him to.

  14. bluegossip says:

    how do skip over the fact that gorgie was taken as Katherine was, meaning if they do kill cade Katherine might return

  15. Jerry says:

    So does this mean Cade was the “force” ripping souls from the other side?

  16. K.D.S. says:

    I hope if Nina Dobrev returns that she will return as Katherine first. It would fit perfectly with this whole hell storyline and she is stil the best character of the whole show.

  17. Regina cane says:

    The only reasonable ending for this show is to have Sam and Dean show up and take care of this mystic falls monster problem once and for all…Rowena would teach bonnie a thing or million, Crowley would deal with cade, Matt would get some real Hunter friends and all would be right in MF. Lol

  18. JJLantern says:

    I agree with the article that the most stand out thing in this episode is Stefan having to admit he is “both.” They have been harping on “evil Damon” and “good Stefan” way too much. I am glad they finally admitted Stefan is just as evil. They are both vampires! Kinda the point of the show. As for everything else that is going on I have to say I am not very happy.

    I was really looking forward to this final season. Paul and Ian begged Julie to focus on the relationships between the main characters and not weigh the show down with a bunch of mythology. Clearly nobody is listening to them. There are so many problems with this siren/arcadia story, not the least of which it eats up all the screen time and doesn’t allow our favorite people to interact with each other. None of the fun Defan, Delaric or Bamon moments we love!

    The siren story is complicated, poses more questions than it answers and focuses on people we care nothing about. Flashbacks are great when they are about our main people, but the story of these two sisters isn’t much better than the Qetsiyah, Silas, Amara story. Bleh.

    The story could be redeemed if Stefan and Damon were to pay penance by giving their life to Cade in exchange for everyone else from Mystic Falls being made human again and living happily ever after. But then there would be no June wedding, Steroline or Delena. And, the only way for it to work would be to wipe everyone’s memory and then it would be as if the past 8 years didn’t happen and we wasted our time. Not good. (And it would remind me a lot of Lost – another great show that was ruined by getting too bogged down in mythology at the end.)

    Instead we are left with a heavy mythology full of holes. For example, if Serena was loose all this time and there is a magic connection to Mystic Falls via Matt’s family, why haven’t we heard from her before now? Why did the St. John girl go after the twins as if she wanted to stop the baddies, but then bite off her tongue as if controlled by them? If Stefan can kill Cade and save Damon (and Enzo) then all these events did was drive a wedge between our people. Why do that?

    I really wanted a big bad this season that would allow our scoobie gang to work together to overcome it. I would have loved it if they had forced Damon and Matt to work together and finally become friends like Bonnie and Damon did. The same with Stefan and Enzo. Watching our friends work together to hide among humans and even protect them is the best. Like Damon on the town counsel or our team blowing up the travelers.

    Finally, I am angry about the way Tyler came back just to die. It seems like a last ditch effort to turn the audience against Damon for good. So wrong. We want the character redeemed so we can finally fully love him, not feel like we wasted years investing in a character we ultimately came to hate. As Damon told Stefan when he put a hole in his John Varvatos – “dick move.”

    • Pam says:

      I completely agree with you. You have hit on the points on why the show needs to end. The writers are no longer interested in keeping viewers and are entirely focused on what they perceive is the ideal end.

    • Sam says:

      This 1000x

    • Mya says:

      I can totally see this as the ‘endgame’ and you know what? I would be ok with that. JP/CD really destroyed so much that I used to love about tvd so if the past gets ‘wiped away’ and the brothers give up their lives and meet Katherine there…it seems like the perfect ending to me.

  19. Ben says:

    Tyler was one of my favourites :( I haven’t watched an episode this season yet and this really makes me not want to watch any

  20. Dominique says:

    i am really, truly disappointed in this show. they killed off a character who they’ve already treated like crap for the past few years, wrote completely ooc in order to make room for another pairing, and now this?!! tyler deserved so much better and i can’t believe this is how it ends. i mean i really can’t believe it cause he’s a werewolf. he easily could’ve fought off damon, bit him and healed faster. according to damon he was still alive when damon put tyler in the trunk. so why didn’t he heal?
    i can only hope that this hell version on the show is somehow going tobe fixed and everyone in it can have a chance to come back to life or something. cause i’ll also be very disappointed if this was the end of georgie.
    Julie Plec really needs to understand how to keep her audience. Final season doesn’t mean death to everyone.

  21. Michael says:

    I don’t care about the story if Tayler is dead. I hope that he still could be alive and if he isn’t, there is no hope for the show, because the story is about the main characters and the strong bond between them, not about stupid sirens.

  22. Sharon says:

    What a horrible way for Tyler to die! I mean seriously what a waste! The fact that his last words were think of Elena, yuck. Well at least Matt seemed to care, I just hope he’s not the only one. Knowing this show it will be all about Stefan and Caroline won’t even care. I hope Caroline thinks this is unforgivable and thinks Damon needs to go, causing tension between them, which leads to bye-bye Steroline.

    Great casting for Matt’s dad though. Not sure why he would have any old useful artifacts though.

    • Helen says:

      It reminded me of Camille – human made relevant to the story by making her/him a keeper of some important artefacts. Poor Matt, though, he’s been suffering non-stop

  23. bluesman3535 says:

    So why did the sisters in 750 BC keep mentioning God, as in singular? Back then didn’t they worship the Greek godS?

    • Sam says:

      I want to thank you for this. It drove me bananas. The entire plot is terrible and no good, but every time she said God, I thought do you mean Gods.

  24. Reana says:

    Of course bummed that Damon killed Tyler I literally started to cry I mean Damon Tyler Elena Stephen Caroline Matt Bonnie Enzo Alaric etc… Have been friends or partners since the staring of this show and Damon killed him and a lot of people wanted to kill Tyler but Damon gees Lois it’s a bummer he was good in the shoe si all good things and people must come to an end unfortunately that’s how the world work (sight

  25. cej says:

    I can’t believe they had Tyler in this episode just to show his dead body. Why bring him back for one scene just to kill him? I think it’s a good thing this series is ending.

  26. Sarah says:

    Okay, let’s face it. One of them is going to die and go to hell and we are going to meet a bunch of familar faces down there. It’s going to be fun.

  27. Tamzin Hey says:

    How is it possible for Damon to have sucked Tylers blood and kill him? Its understandable that Tyler couldnt fight back because hes not a vampire anymore but Tylers still a werewolf meaning his blood should still be poisonous to Damon. I thought thats why Damon chose to try to kill Tyler cos he knew he wouldnt be able to. Also pretty obvious that the Twins are going to be able to access Hell/kill Cade and that they can get Katherine, Tyler and Georgie back at the same time…

  28. Sadra says:

    Remember what happened when “otherside” was collapsing? (people getin grabbed away into the darkness) same thing happens when people go to hell. LEXI IS IN HELL :”(

    • JJLantern says:

      I don’t think Lexi is in this mythological “hell.” Remember that baddies like Silas and Katherine were sucked into darkness while screaming but “good” creatures like Lexi and Grams were sucked into the light and were “at peace.” Different places.

      I do hope some of you are right and killing Cade results in getting some people back. Maybe it has changed them and even the baddies will be reformed. Not sure why we care about anyone but Katherine and Georgie. (Although I really enjoyed Paul Wesley playing Silas.) I like Georgie as Alaric’s end game too!

  29. Jay Thomas says:

    I’m not even remotely bummed about Tyler’s death. He was the WORST! Good riddance!

  30. Jason hall says:

    After what happened to the intern.. she was sucked into an Oblivion.

    It answered the burning question.

    It first happened to Katherine.

    Then it happened in the other world before it imploded.

    and all the other otherworld spirits who were sucked away before that realm imploded.

    So Katherine, Vicki, Silas, and all the others. Are in hell.

  31. K says:

    So I guess we’re all forgetting that Stefan forced Damon to turn. He is obviously the island girl. Maybe they have since reversed roles, but Stefan still started it all.

  32. NS says:

    If the lame idea that this show is proposing is that there’s no redemption for anyone ever, then that means literally every character is going to hell. Even precious Caroline and Elena. Guess they’re not superior to Damon now.

    • Ben says:

      Well… yeah… they are ALL vicious serial murderers after all xD. I see redemption for Matt and Bonnie as the only fair options (’cause they never killed innocent people).

  33. Bob says:

    Since there is not an Other Side anymore I imagine that the spirits that inhabited it were all sucked into Cade’s world when it was torn apart in season 5. I’m sure Tyler and most of the characters from the past are there waiting to be saved by Stefan and Damon. I can also imagine that Katherine is there as well sucking up to Cade.

    • Ben says:

      Don’t forget about Kai!…. ’cause Steroline need a wedding planner. :P

      • JJLantern says:

        Oh! I did forget about Kai! While I would love to see Chris Wood again thinking about bringing back Silas, Kai, etc. makes the whole idea of bringing people back seem a bit ridiculous. If all the guilty go to “hell” then like Ben said, everyone but Mat and Bonnie are done for – INCLUDING ELENA! And not to offer any means of redemption to someone like Georgie who only accidentally killed someone seems wrong in any mythology.

        This is definitely the worst mythology ever. There are a million holes in their reasoning so far and I can’t see how any of this could be worth our time. Even if it might mean a way to bring back Katherine it isn’t worth it. Plus it feels like such a sloppy rehashing of “the other side” which Julie and Caroline Dries said they got rid of so people wouldn’t keep coming back from the dead and death would mean something. The only reason for any of this mess to be worth anything is if the end result is a way to bring back Elena while Bonnie is still alive. But if they completely ruin Damon first then who even cares about that.

        I get that they think they are being clever by drawing parallels with the first season but they are doing a horrible job. And it isn’t the “lessons” of season one we wanted to see – it was the smart dialogue, the plot twists, the quick pace, the humor, and the dynamic between our core people that we cared about! Death to sirens! Redemption for all the people we love! Then and only then – after everyone has found happiness – can we bring in Sam and Dean to kill ’em all! (lol)

  34. chantall says:

    so here’s my theorie what is kade< is only using the sisters celine and sybil to collect souls, what if kade's plans is to come back to earth and when he eventually has enough souls he is then able to come to earth, but in a twist kade needs a human form and he has a choice between kai, katherine, tyler and gerogie so he comes back in one of these forms, and the only way to banish/destroy his spirit is to burn his bones which was buried hundrend's of years ago, and in another twist the gang discover that his bones aren't exactly where they thought it would be.

  35. Lisa says:

    I care about the main characters, the writers suck. I want the last season to concentrate on them and will become of them. The season should be about a spell to bring back Elena while keeping Bonnie alive, not some ancient sister (who is a TERRIBLE, HORRENDOUS actress, the worst).

  36. chantall says:

    i feel that the main characters storyline should be wrapping up, like killing sara salvatore and tyle it seems like rushing to the end a bit too quick for me, stefan spent years looking out for sara only for her to die seems cruel also tyler has been with us since the very first episode he deserved better- they couldve given sara and tyler their happy ending by letting them end up together that way the Lockwood/salvatore bloodline continues.