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The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun Weighs In on 'Gnarly' Premiere Twist

Warning: On the off chance that there’s anyone left who hasn’t seen or read all about the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, this article is a veritable spoilerama.

In an interview posted by AMC Monday, Steven Yeun elaborates on his character’s death in Sunday’s The Walking Dead premiere, saying that he played Glenn’s good-bye to pregnant wife Maggie “as sincere as you possibly could in a moment where you are just glitching.”

Even if you didn’t watch, you’re likely aware that Glenn was one of two victims Negan killed during the episode; Abraham also found himself getting the lethal treatment, courtesy of the bad guy’s baseball bat, Lucille.

Yeun continues, “Glenn was fighting to find words and ‘Maggie, I’ll find you’ was a callback to another experience and another time when he really was trying to find her. Maybe it was a subconscious thought or maybe something he held onto for a while that was his driving force, and when he got smashed in the head, it just brought it to the forefront. There are so many ways to look at it.”

The actor describes playing the death — and keeping it a secret for a year — as “gnarly,” then reiterates a point he made on Sunday’s Talking Dead: If anyone was going to go out like Glenn does in the comics on which the TV series is based, it was going to be Glenn.

“For me, personally, I didn’t want anyone else to take that death, and I don’t think anyone intended to give it to anyone else, to be quite honest,” he says. “It’s such an iconic moment, and I knew it was necessary to happen.”

In the Q&A, Yeun also looks back on his fondest memories from the show — one includes being covered in guts and goo — and forecasts how Daryl may handle the emotional fallout from the episode. (After all, his outburst did cause Negan to wind up his batting arm again.)

Fewer than 24 hours after Glenn’s death, how are you feeling about Yeun’s exit from the series? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. CH says:

    FYI, the mobile ads that come up on this site whenever I visit on my phone are too much. They pop up and take over the whole screen, making this site basically unusable on mobile.

    Anyway, I’m glad Steven Yeun is free to do other projects now, I like him a lot.

  2. Teresa Roper says:

    The gore was filmed in such a way that it was too real and sickening. I turned it off and cancelled my PVR settings. won’t watch again. I do not need to see anything that graphic and it felt more like a smut show than a TV show. DONE.

    • Big Mike says:

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

    • What exactly were you expecting? Everybody on the planet knew what was going to happen. He wasn’t slapping people with flowers.

    • Jason says:

      Sometimes people forget that this show is HORROR at it’s core. This was a rude awakening for people who’ve tended to forget that fact. And the zombie sub-genre of horror in particular has always been gruesome.

    • Jeromy Davis says:

      Wow, So it was too real for you? Go back to your safe space.

      • Teresa Roper says:

        No It was not too real. To real was finding my mom after she committed suicide and cutting her down from where she was hanging. This was watching a human being glory in harming another human being – not to real – too cruel. My safe place would give you nightmares.

        • bryndonovan says:

          I am so sorry about your mom, and I’m sorry people are being so rude to you. You have a right to share your opinion about a TV show without being insulted.

        • grenadeh says:

          You’re very edgy. Waah my mother killed myself. No she didn’t. And no one cares either way. You’re crying about gore then pretending you’ve seen stuff and things as if that’s supposed to give us some baseline for what you can deal with, yet you bitch out.

        • Dellina says:

          Your comments were thoughtful and measured. I’m sorry people are being ugly and childish. I’m even more sorry to hear about your mother’s suicide. I don’t know if you’re a spiritual person but I am a follower of Jesus and it will be my honor to pray for you tonight and to ask God to bring peace. Though I, obviously, don’t know what happened with your mother, God does not judge us for cancer, mental illness, or any other sickness. Blessings and love and light!

    • I completely agree. I know as a horror show it is violent and gruesome, but I was taken aback by the deplorable sadism. This is a very well made and exiting show but this episode made me think about my choices for entertainment. Is this sickness really “entertainment”? This world is so violent already, do I really need to bring this kind of horror to my limited spare time? The answer for me is a resounding NO.
      I’m getting off this genre altogether, TV and movies. Thanks AMC and TWD for making me realize (better late than never) all this.

      • DL says:

        I think that’s the point of The Walking Dead. It’s making you think, and reevaluate the popcorn death and destruction we so easily indulge in all the time. Violence in the real world is horrifying, and I think TWD tries to accurately capture that, rather than resorting to the “fun” violence that populates much of the TV landscape. It hurts to watch because it’s supposed to. I can’t help but feel like anyone who doesn’t get that is missing the point.

      • Teresa Roper says:

        I have seen people dead, and I have seen people dying, but for entertainment I do not need to see this – watching someone taking pleasure in mutilating someone is not entertaining for me.

        • Bobby says:

          It’s not supposed to be entertainment, don’t you get it? That’s the point. That’s the beauty of the show.

        • Kmae23 says:

          Teresa, many other people have experienced those things too. And also in much worse ways than you, the amount of people that have experienced loss, tragedy and gore in real life is an overwhelmingly large number. And no this isn’t me giving you an opening to compare personal stories of death and that level of gore. Because that isn’t the point here. I’m wondering, have you seen all the other seasons? How did you not realize what this show was all about? I don’t understand why you are coming here to essentially shame this show and all of the people involved in it. I will say personally, I started watching this show after losing immediate family members and the level of real to it was comforting for me. Finally their was something I could relate to, and for a short period of time I felt all of my feelings that were too uncomfortable for others, were normal. The last episode although it was rough, and sad and capable of all those other feelings people don’t like to feel, I think that was the point. There are many people living in fairytale land that can’t be bothered to even look at the hard parts of life. And sure plenty of those people have lost loved ones, something makes me think those same people are the types to just block the emotions of trauma and or loss out to though. They’d rather go scream at a waitress for messing up their burger. I ASKED FOR THIS MEDIUM RARE YOU DUMMY>> Translates to.. I am actually sad, mad, even furious about XYZ. But it’s easier for to just take those hard to deal with emotions out on a stranger. Take care.

          • Dawn says:

            Theresa wasn’t shaming anyone. She simply stated that, for her, the show has gotten to be too much and she doesn’t want to watch it anymore. I know several people who all opted to not watch anymore due to the most recent episodes. They don’t have to watch if they don’t want and you can continue to watch if you want but nobody was “shaming” anyone.

          • Karis Huot says:

            Dawn, I’m curious as to why you can’t accept the idea that Theresa was shaming this show? I am referring to shame in a moral light mostly.

            Here is another one of her comments
            “The gore was filmed in such a way that it was too real and sickening. I turned it off and cancelled my PVR settings. won’t watch again. I do not need to see anything that graphic and it felt more like a smut show than a TV show. DONE.”

            Calling a show sickening and smut isn’t shaming it?! “You make me sick” is a pretty common example of a shaming comment towards someone. I wonder what it takes for someone to feel they have shamed someone in your household?

      • I don’t really get how you guys are so surprised by this. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was only playing out how Robert Kirkman wrote his character. Neagan is a really fucked up guy.

        Sure this was graphic, but I doubt that’s what’s upsetting you. It’s the psychopath underneath all the leather.

        If you honestly can’t watch it, then I don’t know what to tell you. The Wolves were just as screwed up as this. Psychological horror is obviously too much for y’all.

    • How did you last 7 seasons? What did you expect?

      • Teresa Roper says:

        Since I have the graphic novels, I know Glenn was going to die, ( Abraham didn’t, I also know Daryl walked in and out of the noel in one page) I know Carl should have a gaping hole where his eye used to be, etc.. I did not need for them to show so much gore, sometimes less is more. You could for instance have shown the swinging bat without impact,, like we often see the knife coming down on the zombie.

        It is my opinion that they went to far. You are entitled to your. Have a good day,

    • grenadeh says:

      Yea you need to leave, the world. If you watched NINETY episodes of Walking Dead, the second goriest show on TV and surely the goriest show on cable, before you had some kind of moral epileptic seizure, then there’s something wrong with you anyway. You’re better off leaving now before the Whisperers come in wearing suits made out of the skin of walkers.

  3. Ben says:

    I think this was too gruesome for television. Disappointed

    • The show is called The Walking Dead.

    • Jeromy Davis says:

      LOL. Wow, my daughter watched it and enjoyed the show; yet, a grown man thought it was “too gruesome”? #GotShowedUpByAChild

      • I’m extremely sorry for your daughter. Far from me to tell you how to raise your kid, but really? Unfortunately most people are more freaked out by sex scenes than by this horrific, gruesome and explicit violence. Aren’t we already bombarded by it on the news?

        • Kessy says:

          A friend of mine who is big on the horror, allowed her children to watch horror growing up (granted it wasn’t necessarily sadistic stuff like Hostel or Saw) and her three kids turned out just fine. My son, however, wasn’t interested in scary or violent shows until he was much older. Each kid is different. It is just a tv show (zombies are not real…Negan is not real…) and up to parents to determine how to sensor their children and how to educate them about sex and violence. Something we unfortunately are going to see frequently on tv now. All kids should be educated on tough subjects. Keep open minds and learn that this stuff is often over sensationalized and not reality

          • Very smart and totally agree with you. Kids are going to see it whether you want them to or not and it is best to talk with them about it. I am not great on some horror. I havent seen it and am a little hesitant and afraid because I love both characters and dont want to see that much cruelty done to them

          • Bobby says:

            Negan is real. He is real. Wake up.

    • Teresa Roper says:

      I agree with you 100%

  4. Squirrelly says:

    Remember kids: Glenn’s not really gone…He’s just hiding under the big dumpster in the sky!

    As a bit of a segue, who here wants to see the blooper reel of this episode? I know I do!

  5. Mandy says:

    It should have been Eugene

  6. Glen’s death did not hurt me as bad as Abraham’s death did

  7. Tim says:

    I thought it was weird Maggie didn’t say something—anything—didn’t even scream his name. Would have made the scene more powerful.

  8. Ronciia says:

    It broke my heart honestly and I cried I loved Glen

  9. A fan of TV says:

    Like Lori’s death led to visions by Rick, can I be in any way hopeful that Turn filmed a dream sequence or two for Maggie’s sake? I very much want the last image I see of Glenn not to be THAT. Also, I feel for Michael Cudlitz/Abraham, who might as well be chopped liver, the way the news cycle is running today.

    • Josh says:

      If you watched to the end there’s a dream sequence where Glenn is sitting at a big table with everyone holding his son. That’s the last image you’re left with of Glenn, the what could have been or what Rick wanted in the end.

  10. Mary says:

    I’m sick over losing such a beloved character! I literally sobbed, I mean like I lost my own family! Especially when he struggled to speak to Maggie, and her emotions at the end! Very sad day for TWD fans!

    • Michelle L. says:

      I bawled, got up, left the room, went outside, cried more, told my son (he’s 23 before anyone jumps on me for letting a small child watch) I quit, I couldn’t watch thr show anymore, dried my eyes, calmed down, looked at an article here about the episode, told him ok, let’s go watch the rest now, lol! You would have thought Glenn was my own child yhe way I reacted, which folks….is exactly what a good shoe does to you. Don’t stop watching because Glenn died. I do understand about the gore though and I think they could have made the point without taking it so far! We didn’t have to see every single hit of the bat. I physically got sick to my stomach during that and had to look away. I don’t think I would ever want to get used to seeing that much gore!

  11. Em says:

    I am devestated! Glenn was a favorite of mine, and everyone else’s. I don’t understand why it was “necessary” for him to go. I cried when i thought he’d died last season, but this season i was just friggin shocked. I couldn’t move. I’ve always looked forward to Glenn’s love in a show full of death and decay. What now?

  12. Karen Pedersen says:

    Always loved Glenn, but now I am concerned for Daryl and Rick. Maggie will be the one to kill Neegan when the time comes if there is any justice left to be had in their world.

  13. Mary says:

    This show was the end for me. Removed it from my DVR. May it RIP. Interesting to note how many people feel the way I do but also how many people, instead of a rational discussion, merely mock or dismiss those of us who are dismayed at this superfluous violence. Yes, it’s THE WALKING DEAD. What’s happening now on this show has nothing to do with the walking dead. It has to do with human cruelty and violence. Bring on the guts and gore of the zombies, but this is totally different. No, I never read the comics but have enjoyed the show up to this point but no more.

    • Teresa Roper says:

      I agree with you and find that people who do not agree with me like to insult me..shows the mentality of those who like it.

      • froggiealicia says:

        I don’t think people’s comments are necessarily a reflection of them as a person. It’s just more of them expressing genuine shock that seven season fans of the show would publicly declare their canceling the DVR program over an episode that’s quite notably been depicted in the graphic novel.
        Go ahead don’t like the episode, but if the trough scene at Terminus, Hershel’s beheading or Rick’s people shooting Negan’s living followers in the head while they slept didn’t phase you then you have no moral high ground to shout down to other fans from. I think the tone of such posts is what people are reacting to.

      • Bobby says:

        There has been shocking and gory scenes before as mentioned. You are entitled to your opinion, but it does come off as slightly childish because of the nature of the show – but that’s just my opinion. Violence is violence. Gore is gore. This is a show where characters have disemboweled corpses and smeared guts on themselves to pass themselves off as walkers, where people have been beheaded, where the living have attacked other living with their bare teeth. I wonder how these things are okay with you but Glenn’s death not… but it doesn’t really matter. You are more than welcome to your opinion.

    • I agree it was one of the most gruesome, violent scenes on TV these days. But, you’re wrong about it having nothing to do with the walking dead. I believe it was Rick (or Andrew) who said in the the show (or on Talking Dead) about how the “walking dead” really isn’t describing the zombies. It’s describing the people, like they are walking around nearly dead inside trying to figure out how to live in the new world. It was such a sad episode, Glenn was my favorite character. But the story must go on…I’ll be keeping tissues close from now on.

      • Teresa Roper says:

        Rick said – when one of the people who was NOT bitten turned and said. “We all have it. its in us, we are the walking dead.” I just don’t think that showing the whole thing was necessary and seeing a swing bat would have been enough. Took it off my PVR settings, and I am done. I hope you enjoy watching it – but having read the graphic novels – Negan will dominate for a while and it will not get better if they stay on course with the books.

      • Dana Lager says:

        Truth! Not only that, but I believe the whole progression of the show HAS to depict what the end of civilized life looks like. At some point there might not be any more “zombies”, but there will still be people out there who have an entirely different reality they are living.

  14. Ariana says:

    Fiquei muito triste do Glenn ter morrido era um dos meus personagem favoritos ele era especial….

  15. Marie says:

    I hated losing Glenn and Abe….People can say that it’s necessary all day long but in the end it’s just sad and depressing that these characters will no longer be around. I think when you’ve experienced enough loss in the real world than it might be more understandable for one to hope the escapism world could be more hopeful.
    I know we need things edgy to elicit our emotions…..But seriously;..there’s been enough death on this show already..

    • Lucas says:

      Its a show that is depicting a zombie apocalypse, i just don’t understand how you can say “there has been enough death on this show” when the show is literally about dead people trying to kill living people. hell there is even a clue in the title of the show! Death is always going to be a major part of the walking dead, in many ways it drives character development

  16. Misty says:

    Not happy. I cried

  17. Kim says:

    I am bothered by both deaths. I liked both characters. Why not Aaron or rosita. Just saying couldn’t sleep and have been haunted by it all day. And yes I know it’s a show. I read somewhere that Maggie and Glen represented hope. And I agree I feel like the hope was lost

  18. cindy says:

    Not watching the show no more. My favorite actor.

  19. NH Native says:

    Losing Glen was not a shock, I thought he died two years ago when he was trapped by walkers and it looked like he was eaten then.

  20. Luann says:

    I hated it.why Glenn and why such a viel and twisted man

  21. B says:

    Comments about the excessive ads are great! Not on topic but I absolutely agree. Personally, I’m done with walking dead. Last night was not necessary and just too much to make the point Negan was trying to make. I’m sorry I watched it and wonder if the TV show will get back to what it was good at on the first two seasons. Human suffering and killing zombies. Trying to survive in that upside down world. Not the focus on the odd human sociopath.

  22. Diane says:

    I honestly thought it was going to be Eugene going out in a blaze of glory, but did have an inkling it was Abrahams time based in all of his new found self aweareness. Glenn was a shocker to me, though it was his fate in the novel, I did think they were going to have a twist of some sort, but nope! Just having the two go out together, in that way, is beyond sad and devestating. Two of the best damn actors in the show. Abe literally became one of my absolute favorite guys on the show. Just loved him he was awesome!! Really going to miss them both😭

  23. Pat Smith says:

    I cried.

  24. Lee says:

    What was the reason why Steven yeun stop acting for the walking dead and why he choose the died?

    • Lucas says:

      I don’t think he had a reason, other than this point was coming up in the storyline, and in the comics that this show is based off, this is where Glenn dies, and in a remarkably similar way

  25. andrew hass says:

    I had a feeling that it would be Glenn who had died because of last season fake-out by the show regarding Glenn dying no one might have expected the show to kill him off for real.Plus now Steven Yeun is free to do other stuff and i’m sure he doesn’t regret been on The Walking Dead because it helped his career.

  26. Karlien says:

    I was kinda traumatized by that scene. I never read the comics so It came as a huge shock. He and maggie was always my favoutite characters. It wont be the same without him. It was sad when abe was killed but is was thinking well at least its not maggie or glenn…and then i gota hell of a surprise

  27. Willie Myers says:

    My wife and myself my never watch thus show again. The first episode of this season was too depressing

  28. This season premiere was a case in which the intentions of the writers and producers failed! They tried to increase the suspense and emotional impact of the premiere by refusing to show us who died until the premiere episode. This was faulty on their part because as many have expressed, all those months of speculation only helped us to brace ourselves for all potential outcomes and when it finally did occur, the impact although gruesome and very sad, was unfortunately lessened.

    The premiere episode would have made for an EXCELLENT season finale and left us viewers EXACTLY where Rick and company were: Contemplating what comes next and mourning the death of lost loved ones. Now this would have had resonated more with viewers and create the true impact that the writers and producers wanted.

  29. Tigerlily says:

    Not happy. I cried. I didn’t even finish watching the episode. Glen and Abraham, the fans will miss you both, dearly. Been watching TWD since it started, and I’m so glad I got to see their panel at SDCC this year because, i had no idea that it would be their last time with the group. I’m just so sad. I don’t know how the group will be like without Glen and Abraham. I just don’t think it was time for them to leave the show. It’s like, there are more we didn’t know about their story. I just can’t believe it.

    Wishing Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz the best, and good luck on your career. Hope to see you in other movie and tv genres.

  30. carlt talbot says:

    i’m not sure who the tiger man’s is but He will be the downfall of negan. I’m going to give it 4 episodes and if negan is not dead by then I walk like I did after the fall of the prison. I stopped . watching until that character infected those idiots from terminus were infectected by eating his leg. I think after AMC seen the backlash of killing off Glenn ( I’ve seen no percentiles as high as 50% will no longer watch TWD or in a short view like myself AMC would never had killed Glenn off. I believe the only bigger FLuckup AMC could have done is killed off Rick or his son carl.
    Just to be a buzz KILL, I think that glenn and maggie’s child will be immune to the virus if it survives. I know one thing of fair justice is when they kill off negan is to sirridge him in the butt with walker blood watch him burn up inside die and turn set his walker body twenty miles from were they are at and set his diseased body and ( I Was going to say mind but negan was a psychopath with a diseased mind anyways so he can wander thru the never lands until his body wroughts to HELL. AMC better come up with some great stuff or i think by the end of this two part season it will be the end of the walking dead.

  31. Jackie Collins says:

    Poor Glen! I can handle Abraham’s death, but not Glen’s He was one of my favorites. As violent as this episode was, it was pivotal. Negan had to break Rick down, and that is what he did.

  32. Michael Cain says:

    I’m done with WD.

  33. Yolanda says:

    Glenn in the walking death was one of my favorites and I was so disappointed that he was one of the two that Negan killed. So sad

  34. Nancy Hill says:

    Devastated for Maggie & her unborn baby. His heart & heroism was always appreciated in this dark world. His sensitivity and spirit WILL be missed. I will miss Abraham as well. His guts & mission-oriented life affected me very much. Do it with gusto or don’t do it at all! If they hurt Daryl, I will hunt the producers down.

  35. Nancy Hill says:

    After reading some of the comments, I understand the emotion behind the graphic death scenes. It was brutal. To be fair however, we have viewed equally disturbing scenes. This episode was simply a pivot from what has been Rick’s existence as leader & provider for 6 seasons to Negan’s slave. I have not read the comics so I do not know the future of TWD. But, they will still be surviving & their main threat is still the thousands of walkers beyond the walls. Negan is the bad guy like other bad guys before him. I am sure he will be defeated. It took awhile to kill the Govenor. What I like most about this show includes the survival ideas and watching the systematic meltdown of humanity. Afterall, what do you expect to see in an apocalypse?! It stresses all the more what we need to be prepared to do when something catastrophic does happen to the world. Some of us will be Maggie, and Carol, and Rick, and Glenn, and Carl, and Daryl, and yes, Negan. (Hopefully, none of you resort to the Terminus ways!)

  36. R M B says:

    I am so pissed. He was 1 of my favorite characters. I am not watching it anymore. I am done.

  37. Linda Water says:

    Both my husband and I were bummed because 2 main characters that added to the story line were killed. We also felt the producers were trying to get as brutally violent as possible without even a basic storyline. Not our show anymore.

  38. Ryan says:

    Totally stupid. The crap should’ve ended a long time ago. What’s the point of another Governor? It’s time to end it.

  39. louididdybx says:

    It was necessary for that episode to happen due to everyone watching was laid back in thinking Alexandria was the answer to it all. The gnarly way Glenn was killed was more of a point then anything else…….. Nobody is safe in the Walking Dead!!

  40. Breezy Medina says:

    First, it is incredibly sad that Glenn and Abe are no longer on the cast. I mean, it doesn’t seem real; maybe they’re not dead, right?
    Second, I think it’s important to remember that the underdog always winning is almost entirely an American film/tv trait. What we saw Sunday (for me it was Tuesday) was reality. In a post apocalyptic world, psychopathy will rule the earth. It’s currently running everything, but with a smile, suit and tie so it’s easier to overlook. In post apocalyptic U.S. this is what you can expect:
    A bunch of horrible people taking whatever they want and goring up anyone they come across who might stand in their way. I feel like the show has been slowly building up our tolerance to the terrible people running things concept. With Woodbury, there were really only a handful of monsters among the sheep; Terminus was full of people were made monsters by other monsters, and finally here we stand, right in front of a crew of the worst people who YOU KNOW. That blend into society, waiting for a golden opportunity wherein they no longer have to blend.

    All that being said, yeah, the premiere was rough. I don’t care so much for gore core (saw, hostel for example), so I’m hoping every episode isn’t so brutal. Glenn’s last words.. holy beans. What a horrible moment.
    For those of you who are wondering why Maggie isn’t reacting as much as you would like, there are two things that immediately came to mind:

    Maybe it’s because she’s been dying of a high fever for the last day and a half.

    Maybe she fears that to much reaction will lead to another of her friends dying (which is exactly what Neagan wants them to think. It’s called conditioning).

  41. Jimi says:

    I am speechless over all of the people complaining about the gore that was shown during both deaths. First, read the comics. The scene was spot on and they did a superb job! Second, where have you been throughout the entire show? Zombies eating people, people eating people, a face getting torn off, chopping up zombies to smear their guts on themselves for camouflage….etc. Now that we have lost two more main characters, people are starting to complain about the gore??? This is a horror show and the main plot that continues to pull us in is the fact that anyone could die at any time in this world we call The Walking Dead. The episode just kicked off a great direction that was way past due. How long can a show last watching the same exact people each year. This show is about a zombie apocalypse which no one can survive. For those who stop watching….don’t let the door hit you on the way out (as mentioned earlier).

  42. Davi says:

    I thought Glenn was trying to say “I love u” but couldn’t get it out correctly because he just got his brain bashed in. In any event, that episode was by far the most gruesome. It’s one thing to see zombies that we don’t know per se being killed or tortured, but when cast members that we have grown attached to get tortured…and that fucker wouldn’t kill Glenn quickly…it’s totally different. #JustSayin

  43. Vanita says:

    Glen and Maggie represented hope in a world gone mad. The fact that they were a couple, brought a glimmer of love and normalization to the show that is much needed. The producers were way off mark killing Glen, regardless of the comic book series. There was a stable cast that could have carried the show till its final airing. Big fan gone!! No further interest in the show. What season do you chop Ricks head off in, with the terrible loss of Glen, anything is possible.

  44. Coolvibes says:

    Works fine on the iPhone no redirects or adds just one video box that stays at bottom of screen unless closed by user

  45. Jim campbell says:

    Sad we here in scotland love the walking dead but we didnt want glen to leave great acting and great graphics bring glen back lol

  46. Shakerha Smith says:

    I hate they killed Glenn off, I’m definitely not happy with the director or whoever was in charge of doing so.

  47. Fran says:

    I’ve watched every episode (more than once) since the program began 7 years ago. It has long been one of my favorites. As a not-so-young woman who didn’t read comic books even when I was – I had no idea who would get the “bat” during this season’s premier. Glenn’s brutal murder reduced me to sobs. I immediately turned off the TV and will never watch another episode of Walking Dead again. Four days later – the image still haunts me.

  48. Cheryl says:

    I was very saddened by the loss of such a “great original” character. As much as my husband and I love TWD we will no longer be watching the show. Killing zombies was great but the violence and brutality in the show now is just too much for us.

  49. Ive been looking forward to Glenns death for years.

  50. Debra Howard says:

    I’m really going to miss Glenn on The Walking Dead……he’s such a sweet guy. Too bad he couldn’t stay around for Maggie’s baby to be born!! Then again she might have lost it because of the way she was hurting so badly/ I binged watched the show in less than 1 week..glad I have Netflix! My son and I are going through the whole series 2 times and him 5.
    We love the show! I hope something is done to Negan! I can’t stand him lol