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the walking dead greg nicotero interview season 7

Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero: 'It's Unfortunate' Some Will Stop Watching, 'The Show Still Has a Lot to Offer!'

Warning: The following contains massive spoilers for the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

Having directed the polarizing Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero is keenly aware that many viewers wouldn’t mind if his head made a date with Lucille. But during a conference call with reporters Monday, he pointed out that “if we killed someone and [the audience was] just like, ‘OK, well, no big deal, I’m gonna go have a bagel,’ then that means that we haven’t done something to connect our people to the characters.” In other words, as upset as you may be, he done good. Read on to find out how the EP justified the brutality of the episode, why there had to be two deaths, not only one, and what he had to say to those who swear they’ll never watch again.

THE HOUR’S VIOLENCE | Nicotero acknowledged that hour was “intense.” However, he hastened to add that, when he first read the issue of Robert Kirkman’s comic-book series in which Glenn was “struck out” by Negan, he thought “it was horrifically graphic and… wanted to try to capture” that. More than wanted to, even, he had to. “It was important to launch us into this season by showing the extent of what Negan is capable of doing, because that drives so much of where the series is going from here on in.” Besides, to him, seeing Rick, “our hero, completely crushed… is more disturbing than the actual violence.”

the walking dead greg nicotero interviewWHY ABRAHAM AND GLENN BOTH HAD TO DIE | Wouldn’t one casualty have sufficed? Yes… and no, said Nicotero. “We really needed to drive Rick and Negan’s story throughout the season, and we felt that one death would do the trick, but the second death — Glenn’s death — really propels us into a very different direction. [That second murder is] really about Negan laying down the law. So [it] has a lot to do with Rick’s future story, Maggie’s future story and certainly Daryl’s future story. Daryl was the one who launched himself at Negan,” after all, prompting him to turn around and kill Glenn.

WHY KEEP THE VICTIMS A SECRET TILL MIDSHOW | Nicotero insisted that, whether not revealing who died at the start of the hour seemed manipulative, “it certainly wasn’t intended that way. The episode is 100 percent designed for you to go on this journey with Rick and start thinking about what happened. It takes us about 10 or 12 minutes into the episode to get to the point where Rick is starting to feel defeated. He’s on top of the RV, and everything is flashing back to him. When he started reliving it, it’s the start of him being broken. Everything that he does [from that moment on] is based on the fact that someone else could die, and he can’t let that happen.”

SHOOTING THE DEATHS | “For me, the most significant thing was the bat that I’d designed that had a reservoir of blood [so] we were able to get the hits to look explosive as opposed to just blood dribbling,” said Nicotero. “With Steven [Yeun], we built multiple versions of that prosthetic with the eyeball popped out, and then, when he’s on the ground and the head is crushed, we actually dug a hole and put Steven’s face down into the ground and covered the back of his head with this sort of turtleneck crushed head so that you could see his real hand twitching and moving.”

the walking dead greg nicotero interviewABRAHAM’S FAREWELL TO SASHA | It was Michael Cudlitz’s idea to have his character flash his girlfriend a goodbye peace sign — and a throwback to the start of Season 6, Nicotero notes. “There’s a scene where Sasha’s going up the steps to the brownstone, and Abraham walks past, and he’s a little drunk… he gives her a peace sign. When we were on the set [before shooting Abraham’s death], we wanted to find an opportunity to have him speak to her without looking at her, because we were locked into what we had shot in the season finale [which made it clear that he had never turned his head]. So that was something that Michael added, and it was a beautiful little moment.”

THERE WAS NO ‘HAND JIVE’ | As the hour progressed, fans of the source material might have suspected that Negan was going to do to Rick what the Governor did to him in the comics. But “the right hand stuff was written to play into what was going to happen at the end of the episode with Rick and Carl,” Nicotero said. Just, “when we cut it together… it became something that we leaned into. It wasn’t a conscious, ‘Oh, let’s make everybody think we’re going to cut Rick’s hand off!’ There was enough going on in that episode as it was!”

HIS RESPONSE TO THOSE WHO SAY THEY’LL STOP WATCHING | Nicotero didn’t think that they’d necessarily follow through. “I would say that [their threat] means we have done something to affect these people in a way that they don’t necessarily know how to process,” he suggested. “Listen… I’ve been shocked at the turns of events on [Game of Thrones]. But you know what? I still love it. And I’m still committed to seeing where that story goes. So I think it’s a knee-jerk reaction that people have, because they care about these characters. That’s a tribute to every single actor on our show that has perished. It’s unfortunate that people want to take a negative spin on it… [and especially] if that’s really what’s going to happen [and they’ll stop watching], because the show still has a lot to offer!”

How about you? Will you be sticking with the show? Hit the comments.

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  1. Spence says:

    I loved this episode and am pleased with who died. Sasha, Rosita, and Maggie will all be able to grow and develop so much from this point, and I can’t wait to see it.

    • bb says:

      Where this show has stepped over the line, is before it was about monsters getting whacked, or monsters whacking people. This episode showed utter plain violence of people, insanely and violently killing people. Not monsters. Too much. Over the line. IMO

      • Carol killing a little girl.

        Governor dealing with Herschel.

        Your not a true fan. Your a drive by clicker with a half ass idea on what the show is. What about Rick biting out someone’s throat?


        • Iris says:

          I don’t necessarily disagree with you over the main thing but if you’re any day over thirteen stop with the “true fan” thing…and it isn’t limited to this particular show. Scripted TV is entertainment, not civil duty. No one has to swear a knightly, Middle-Ages style allegiance to any showrunner. The deal is “you entertain me, I watch your show”. People are entitled to stop watching something that doesn’t entertain them or disturbs them, and not be judged for it. Of course, this goes both ways.
          The problem for me isn’t violence per se, it’s the way violence is used and I don’t think it was used in a good way here. Personally, I found this episode weak and boring more than anything, because imo the writing was all about shock value instead of trying to be compelling, the pacing was wrong, and Negan/JDM is a fail for me. TWD is really, really lucky it has a stellar regular cast lead by Andrew Lincoln whose raw performance saved the episode in my opinion.

          • jazzyt2u says:

            I think they are saying that the person isn’t a true fan because there were plenty of other instances where people attached people. And if they watched every episode they would know that hence, true fan.

          • AG says:

            When people feel they have a right to go on message boards to tell the world they are triggered by a a show and won’t watch (and also judge the decisions of the show) then THEY can deal with some snark.
            The commenter was correct in that NOW the show went too far??

          • Totally agree with you. It felt like they were trying to throw in everything including the kitchen sink.

          • bliz says:

            what are you going on about?

          • grandmal006 says:

            His performance was ok! But there was plenty of others who did a great job. I always enjoyed The Walking Dead. Have watched it from the very beginning.

        • Bill says:

          Haha yes exactly you are so right. People are complaining just to complain

        • Chris Norris says:

          Jesus H Christ, it’s NOT. COMPLICATED.
          Did you finish your Grade 10?

        • WWP says:

          Always amused by adolescent thinking and their “true fan” thing. This isn’t a secret squirrel club that you got in to with your special decoder ring and password. It’s a TV show. A TV show that the showrunner is absolutely entitled to run as he chooses. I can choose to stop watching if I’m consistently disappointed with those choices.

          But please spare me the concept that in order to be a “true fan” watch it I must always just squeal my acquiesce, approve of every decision, and stanchly defend every single choice or manipulation dumped on the viewer by said show runner.

          That’s not a “true fan”, that’s a toadying, yes-man, lemming.

        • Eurydice says:

          It’s called “the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Everything piles up until, all of a sudden, you decide it’s not fun anymore. Nicotero is indulging wishful thinking – when people decide to stop watching a show, it’s not because they care about the characters too much, it’s because they stopped caring about the show.

          • Tamara Knepper says:

            Yes. You are exactly right. I did care about the characters. Too much, I guess. Maybe that was wrong of me. I feel that I have invested all this time into getting to know these characters, only to have them snuffed out. I get that there are die hard fans and that there are the books. But, obviously, it is not a show for me anymore because I really wanted to see the characters make it. Is that so wrong? I’m not complaining, I’ll go in peace. That is all i have to say.

          • Mary says:

            Totally agree!

          • joy says:

            Yes, I cared too much, especially about Glen, the sweetest guy ever, I so wanted him to survive, see his be born, survive, somehow and love life as much as you cannon the situation they are in. Is that too much to ask, Greg!? It was too brutal and sadistic, not anything I want to watch again and I hope others agree….

        • grammarmatters says:

          You are or You’re

      • DavidJ says:

        Actually it’s been made clear NUMEROUS times by the writers and producers (not to mention the comic) that the humans are intended to be as much of a threat in this apocalypse as the zombies. Hence the tagline they used a few season back: “Fight the dead, fear the living”. In fact other humans have been the main threat for quite a long while now, so I’m not sure how anyone could have missed it.

        • Lynnee says:

          So easy and well explained… have any of them read the books? Have they watched GOT? Hmmm Red Wedding? The Mountain exploding the man’s head with his bare hands… etc. .. they have the right to say won’t watch I just don’t want to see their names as they troll …

        • Navonna says:

          Yesss! Totally agree! HUMANS have been a threat from the very beginning. (Merle on the rooftop, Shane, Lizzy etc) It’s just that the human threat is getting more intense and desperate. Glenn will be missed as I still miss a few others. BUT its still a great show!

        • Omeddus says:

          Well all I can say is negan didnt get that bat and those following him just one morning sure all those standing and backing him went through same drill as rick and crew did and goes to show the whole human race at a time like that goes from 60 percent self centredto 100 hope to see glen deliver pizza in tmnt 3

      • xyz says:

        seems like an arbitrary line.

      • DL says:

        It was always about people against people, my goodness. Daryl was an enemy originally, before he got separated from Merle! Pretty much every awful situation they’ve been in is because of humans. If not for the Governor, they would all still be at the prison playing farmer.

      • You cannot show a believable tale about a world ending subject like the zombie apocalypse without showing the extremes people go to in an end world situation. Neegan is just an example of one of those extremes. Will you feel the same when Rick and his crew go to greater extremes to get revenge for what was done to them? Or will it be okay then because it is the “good guys” doing it?

        • Oh Come On says:

          Rick hasn’t been a “good guy” for a long time. This show is nihilism for the sake of nihilism. The comparisons to Game of Thrones are ridiculous. Those characters are allowed some victories, and there is an end game. A clear beginning, middle, and end. It’s all leading towards something. The same cannot be said of TWD.

          • Alex says:

            Thank you. I can’t believe Nicotero has the guts to compare this garbage to Game of Thrones. People still watch Game of Thrones because despite having their share of controversial decisions they manage to deliver an hour of good content and interesting plotline that is all connected and leading somewhere. TWD has become 40 minutes of aimless wandering, the same plots over and over again, and second-rate characters spouting nonsense about humanity and morals only to write a 2 minute cliffhanger in to keep you coming back the following week. And throw in some gore for shock value because that’s literally the only way anyone is going to talk about this show anymore.

            Basically what he’s saying is that all the characters on this show are just plot devices to fuel Rick’s pain. There’s nothing here about Glenn or Abraham as characters in their own right, it’s all about how their deaths fuel Rick. This show is basically all about Rick. Rick kills people in their sleep and he’s a good guy. Negan kills people with a bat and he’s a bad guy. Rick can slaughter and overtake communities and have people killed and in the end we are meant to think “poor Rick”. I used to like Rick, and I enjoyed them exploring that phase where he had his “good guy” persona challenged by the circumstances and he had to make some tough decisions. But he has become increasingly one-dimensional and obnoxious and “safe” from any consequence because he’s Rick and everyone else revolves around him. This show isn’t worth my time anymore.

      • It’s not been about just the Walkers since Shanes slow turn to antagonist in the 2nd series! The Governor, The Wolves, Terminus etc. The walkers are, in a sense, set dressing, and have been for a long time!

      • This isn’t the first time there has been violence between people. Hershel had his head cut off. The governor did some really nasty things. Terminus was equally nasty to the governor. This however was over the top gore and much more violent than it needed to be to get the point across.

        • Brenda says:

          I agree. Glenn’s eye hanging out was a bit much. He was a central character imo and I may or may not continue with the show. So many major players have been killed that it is becoming too depressing to watch.

          • bliz says:

            thats exactly how he dies in the comic book…its like saying lenny crushing a mouse wwent too far in of mice and men when it’s from the book….

          • Lorell says:

            I agree, I know the show is about zombies and choices the human beings make. I also realized some of the key players could be killed. I just didn’t realize how much killing off glenn would affect me watching the show. Someday I will probably go back and watch the repeats but for now I have to say I am done with TWD. Unlike most die hard fans I just cant keep watching my most fav characters die (hell they could have killed carol instead of glenn)

      • LaDonna says:

        This show has never been about the monsters. It’s been about the people, and the things people are capable of in a survival situation. The tagline for, I believe it was, season 4 was “fight the dead, fear the living”. Season 5 was “Hunt or be hunted”…and if you think they were talking about the “monsters” in that, you weren’t paying attention. The “monsters” have always been the setting, not characters. They’ve been an obstacle to overcome, not the story’s antagonists.

        • Rhonda says:

          Completely agree. The Walking Dead is about the survivors of the apocalypse never the zombies.

          • Roberto J says:

            No at all…The zombies is the central part of the serie because without the zombies there was never been such a situation of surviving. Surviving is secondary here for values purposes on making a durable history because that is a serie not a movie. Thats the reason why they introduce the drama of surviving tryin to living normal. Thats simple

        • Deby Clark says:

          Roberto J you’ve missed the entire point. It’s NOT about the zombies. It could have been a nuclear holocaust. It’s ALL about the surviving amid human chaos and how it changes and effects people for good or bad.

      • bliz says:

        u clearly havent watched walking dead since season 1…the whole development of the show and its world and characters is that the humans fending for themselves are more of a threat to survival than the zombies, and that the real walking dead are humans losing their souls and hope—walking dead…duuuhhhhh

      • Martin F Whelan JR says:

        Great Job
        Tuff Episode to watch but as a fan of the comics I am aware of what might come and what might .
        Which is so awesome! !
        Great Stuff Greg !!

      • Kat65 says:

        Is it really? Imagine a world with no law, no rules, no food, no safety. Humans are cruel. We kill for sport, put others down and lord over them for no reason. I could imagine this, what we’ve seen, is such a world. That is what really makes me sad.

        • Oh Come On says:

          I know lots of people who don’t hunt for sport or put people down. Maybe you’re hanging out with the wrong people lol.

      • Totally agree. The show has become an extension of fans who love torture porn. Same old storylines reoeated over and over but stepping up the gore. Cheap. And the fans who always cry “You aren’t a true fan” if you stop finding this show entertaining, get a life. It’s every fan’s right to decide if they want to keep watching any show. And it’s my right to say I liked this show better when it was about humans vs walkers, not humans worse than walkers. I really don’t care about the comics or the dark arc of the tale. I simply don’t find this entertaining anymore. So I quit the show. Glenn was my favorite character, he’s gone, so am I. Please feel free to criticize my opinion and remainimg a “true fan” of the show.

        • Evelyn Fernandez says:

          i am on the side of those who will not watch anymore. glenn has done so much heroic acts from the start yet why he has to die that way, horrifying way. SO GOODBYE TWD. it’s more fun and thrilling at the beginning of the show… not anymore on SEASON 7.

        • Babs says:

          Agreed. Torture porn it is. Not interesting or entertaining to me.

        • WD fan says:

          My god people for the last time his “not a true fan” remark was because the commentator acted like there was no violence on the show before where in fact there has been plenty. He was saying you must not be a true fan if you didn’t know of the violence before. My parting comment is this the show is about survival and what people will do to survive the producers have said before Nobody Is Safe people die that’s what happens the gore of the killings to bring a point of what Negan is capable of so if your little feelings are hurt and can’t watch a big boy show then don’t watch and tune back into the Brady Bunch.

        • Carol Walker says:

          Completely agree with you.

        • Oh Come On says:

          This. A thousand times this. I only watched the premier because I knew Glen was going to die and I wanted to see his character off. It’s all recycled plots and torture porn. Next.

      • I have to agree, now it is people killing people and not the zombies, it would be nice to see them figure out how to make life happen with the zombies, how to rid of them, figure out what happened, how to cure it, etc not killing other people or each other.

      • Deby Clark says:

        That IS the world they are now in. It’s NEVER been about killing the monsters, it’s always been about the monsters inside us!

      • Bobby Marino says:

        Season 5 premiere in Terminus. 503 where Rick hacked Gareth to pieces. 212 where he was forced to kill his best friend. 612 where Rick and co. murdered people in their sleep… This show has never been about man vs. monster.

      • See, I think this show was never really about monsters whacking people or people whacking monsters. I think the point of the show is to make you wonder just who the monsters actually are.

      • Jordan says:

        To all the people who are whinning like little preschool girls they are just completely ignorant to what TWD is really about, Abe was one of my fav characters but I still had a huge smile on my face while lucille was devouring his brains. He had a much more glorious death then in the comics thats for sure and Glens was so iconic it was spectacular. To all the wimps who couldnt handle it, just means they are incapable of dealing with mature subject matter, its no reflection on the writers or the show. The acting was amazing and the death of those characters were extremely necessary for whats yet to come.

      • Ems says:

        The show has always been about how people treat people. The walkers are just the cause of an apocalyptic world. The real story is the effect it has on the living. There had to be this level of violence for us to see just how evil Negan is and to really feel the deaths. I have never cried so much at a tv program (my son came in the room to check i was ok!) but i’m so glad i did! good work walking Dead, you’ve definitely done your job!!

    • Jimmy B. says:

      Bull**** you must work on the show. Read my comment below.

    • Totally agree with your comment Spence. Thought it was bloody fantastic!

    • Sherry P Andre says:

      I thought this episode was brutal, heartbreaking, emotional and exhausting, but it was a fantastic episode. Saying you are pleased with who died is an odd way to put it. This last episode has put us all in an unfamiliar place…it will be so interesting to see where it takes us…not as a result of these deaths…but as a result of this new world order. Of course these deaths will sting for a while.

      • Sherry P. Andrew, I totally agree with you. This episode HAD to happen, which characters would die was the only mystery. My husband and son’s who continue to read the comic book kept telling me, “wait till Neegan, the governor is a nice guy next to him. I knew what to expect. This changes everyone in the series but it had to happen, The gore should be expected specially in the context they are dealing with. It was sad and tough to watch but it had to happen this way. Those who don’t want to watch,”don’t”, I’ve invested in this show and characters and find it hard to watch but they are following a comic book and it’s not “Archie”. Grow up!

  2. I don’t even understand what this reaction is. Outside of TVline’s articles about it, I don’t see anybody complaining about any of this. EVERYBODY knew people were going to die. Anybody with an internet connection and passing interest in the show knew Abraham and Glenn were going to die. What exactly about this was polarizing or upsetting? The episode was terrible. I’ll give you that. But if anybody is mad at this show for killing people off, particularly Glenn, how could you be so unaware of what show you are watching?

    • Xim says:

      Then you havent been truly reading with 50% at least upset with this crappy blood porn disgused as an episode of tv.

    • Gina says:

      Go to TWD subreddit. Or my FB feed.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I haven’t seen the rage anywhere other than here either. Pretty much everybody acknowledges that is was brutal and extremely violent but nothing like the complaining here. Not even close.

      • bliz says:

        its because only lame parents abd woen that like the view and lost and watching someting they can relate to their teenager kids can relate to are all butthurt and have lame sensibilities, and are inept morons without a clue about the show…then cry boo when theyre called on their phony and ignorant position and views on the show, and go on and on rambling about squirrel clubs or middle ages or something (*see lame posters: IRIS, and WWP)…its like a retirement home just got the internet and the only site they get is this one

    • Radha says:

      What upsets ME is people like you lambasting others for being upset at the storyline. I don’t give a rats *** if we all knew someone was going to die on a horror show. If those of us who are upset about who died want to express that and vent about it, then just let us. If the deaths didn’t bother you, fine. But telling others how to think, feel or act just pisses me off.

      I’m upset about Glenn and will be for a long time to come. That’s my right. I’ve come too far to stop watching, but I honestly did not enjoy last night’s episode and I will probably not enjoy any future ones. I do not like Negan and after witnessing such brutality, I honestly do not see how anyone was excited about his character showing up. He’s not even a character I love to hate. I just hate him. Some villains I can see why people cheer for them. Like the Joker. But Negan is not one of them. You like him and the current storyline? Great. But just because we knew someone (Glenn) was supposed to die, doesn’t mean we don’t get to be upset. You don’t get to tell people how to feel.

    • AB says:

      The AV club’s review and (particularly) the comment section were very enraged and VERY amusing to read (and I don’t even watch TWD).

    • See I disagree with the people portion, I am on the internet often and was not 100% sure who was going to go. I think people were upset with the level of violence the show had, which I think your sentence at the end still applies to. What show do these people think they’re watching?

    • tv watcher says:

      I didn’t have a problem with the Blood porn, as blood porn, I had a problem because at a certain point, like when they showed Glen’s eye 3 times and then Negan actually pointed it out, it distracted me from the show and felt like a “Hey did you see what a great job the makeup people did???? look, look again, no I said look what a great job the FX people did!!!”

  3. Shd says:

    They did that bs opening where it take 20 minutes to find out who died simply to keep people watching and not just tune in to find out who died and then tirn the channel. Cheap trick. Also this is a tv show not a comic and the sooner they realize the comic isnt supposed to be used as a storyboard for the show the better.

    • Gina says:

      If you’re watching the show ONLY to find out who died, the you’re not a fan of the show to begin with. As a real fan of the show, I really liked the pacing of the episode and I’m not angry at all that they didn’t reveal the victims in the opening sequence.

      • Roberto J says:

        He not said that..just that was a trick to stuck people watching for 20 minutes before to show who was killed. Stop that thing about who is fan or not.

    • The show and episode weren’t meant for people like you. Your remark is childish, borish and juvenile.

      True fans of the show KNOW THE SOURCE MATERIAL. Keeping it as close as possible, is why true fans carry this show.

      Shd, can go back to Project Runway or The Kardashians.

      • LaDonna says:

        Wait, huh? So because I don’t read the comics, I’m not a true fan? I watched 5 seasons before I started looking through the wikis and reading character back stories…following story lines from the comics. Your remark was just as childish as the original comment. I loved the episode, I was shocked by the deaths, and I will continue to be a TRUE fan of the show.

    • M. Alger says:

      Agree with you Shd After watching for 20 minutes I was pis*ed off. Since Glenn was the voice of reason and my favorite character, it is time for me to watch another show.

  4. RichCD says:

    Beyond the deaths and the gore, this whole episode was about as entertaining as having a root canal. So now we have essentially Governor 2.0? There is no point to this show anymore – just relentless cruelty and the producers trolling the audience over and over.

    • Bilk says:

      So stop watching it and quit crying

      • Oh Come On says:

        Oh get a life Bllk. Everyone is entitled to express their opinions. This is a discussion thread. You aren’t the comment police, the “true fan” police, or any other type of authority to tell people what their reactions should and should not be. Pro tip: Their reactions to the show have nothing to do with you, unless you are Scott M Gimple undercover. Tough pill to swallow, I know. It’s not about you. Stop policing comments.

  5. Lala says:

    Last night I had nightmares about this gruesome episode, it really affected me, even today I still not myself….BUT I will not stop watching, way too invested to stop now.

  6. MichelBee says:

    I think there have been some really bad decisions made in the last year that have taken me completely out of it.

    The fake Glenn Death.
    Turning the group into mass murderers for hire.
    The Cliff hanger at the end of last season after the season long build up.

    I watched it yesterday. I did not feel sad or mad. I felt nothing. When Abraham died I figured I had guessed it right because I thought Glenn was too obvious. Then when Glenn was killed I wasn’t shocked I just remarked that they followed the original story line.

    • @michelbee – imagine if this episode had been the last episode of season six. They had a lot of good episodes in season six, and then they completely squandered any goodwill they had built up again after that whole fake Glenn death BS. They should have just made this the last episode of season six, and people would’ve been freaked out and talking about it throughout the hiatus, and no one would have been accusing them of manipulating the audience or of pulling more cheap stunts. So totally done with their BS.

  7. Truth says:

    Honestly, I’m not going to quit watching cause you killed some people off the show, its because the show is boring and on repeat. So we got governor 2.0 now, same story though basically. Rick and the gang will have to find a way to take down the big bad guy now and there is really not much else to it. The half a season finale last year did not help either. And I got no problem showing graphic violence on TV, but that went a bit too far. Had no idea Glenns eye popped out cause I literally do not need/want to see that, was very gross to watch. At least what I did watch.

    • Back to the Kardashians for you. Thanks for dropping by.

    • wakey says:

      Except Negan isn’t Governor 2.0. The governor was a stereotypical sociopath with major emotional and mental issues. Negan isn’t anything of the sort, He is someone who has put together a society or more accurately a small empire but which is fragile and needs someone who is cold and calculating to keep it functioning and who while may not enjoy killing is willing to do it to keep people in line by showing an example of what happens if they threaten to disrupt it. As we saw he lives by a code, he didn’t just lash out, he didn’t throw his own people into danger in a fit of rage, he even have them ‘free passes’ on some things. And while the murders were brutal they weren’t completely unprovoked. Rick is actually much closer to Negan than many of those complaining are willing to admit, we have seen him doing countless horrible acts which because we are viewing the show through their eyes meaning we see them as the good guys seem acceptable but if we watched it via one of the other groups they have come across, especially Negans group we would see it differently .

      • Deborah Wise says:

        I understand about us taking a journey with the showrunners and actors through this nonbinding horror story but it”s just not for me anymore
        I guess I have to admit I reached my limit. It doesn’t make sense for me to keep watching a no win situation where there is no light left. If humanity is getting that evil for survival, count me out. It’s just not that interesting anymore.

    • Oh Come On says:

      Amen Truth! Recycled plot after recycled plot. Recycled Rick killing people in a blind rage, or recycled Rick having a complete breakdown and/or going catatonic. Escalated level of graphic violence aside, I didn’t see anything in the premier I haven’t already seen at least half a dozen times. Yawn.

  8. Mike says:

    Did he just compare this to GOT? Wow, someone has an inflated sense of self. GOT is seemingly leading somewhere. It is telling a story that is brutal but ultimately has an endpoint. This is just a never ending deluge of murder with no long-term purpose for the characters aside from surviving. And now it is abundantly clear that everyone will die at some point and the show will be able to go on by just replacing them with new characters.

    • Genius. I guess you have taken no time to understand the source material used for the show.

      It’s a zombie apocalypse. Where the walkers are not the true story…the true story is between humans and no civilization. Violence, brutality and horror are the hallmarks of a world with no civil discourse. We need to look no further than the middle East and the mass graves of women and children with heads chopped off.

      • Mike says:

        Genius, I get that. I wanted more. I want to see the characters I care about live in this world and try to make something better of it. Unfortunately, the show runners just want to kill everyone and restock.

        • DavidJ says:

          And that’s what we DO see– these characters constantly struggling to be good people and make their lives better, even against incredible odds. But it’s only natural that the there will be new threats popping up that might drag them back down again. I mean this IS a very harsh and cruel world they’re living in, after all.

          And this time they seem to be up against the biggest threat yet, with a guy even more sadistic than the Governor who commands a much bigger army. I for one am really curious to see how Rick overcomes all of that.

        • Jake says:

          I am sorry you live in the land of make believe. Everyone dies, it’s not all pretty little birds, fawns and roses. GROW UP!

    • MGM says:

      and isn’t that a lot like Life, Mike? …. picture a zombie apocalypse actually happening… ask yourself the important questions, like, how would you survive? how would it change the world and your immediate surroundings? …. in “real life”, anybody could fall victim, and yes, could be replaced… or overpowered… over and over again, repeatedly challenged… and for everybody comparing this to the Gov, it’s FAR WORSE, not only because Negan is more psychotic and brutal, but because he’s got control over countless people… his ‘army’ far outnumbers the ranks of the Governor… we haven’t even seen the full extent of his influence and power yet… stay tuned long enough and it might all make sense

      how can you see no long-term purpose other than surviving? …. it’s clear they’d rather do more than “just survive”, by the way they tried putting life back to the way it was pre-apocalypse in Alexandria… by the wish dream Rick had with everyone around the table… if you think this is all just about gratuitous violence, then you either haven’t been paying attention, or you simply have forgotten lots of things about this story, in general… there are many themes that have been ongoing… don’t miss the forest for the trees…

      • Mike says:

        I don’t have a problem with the violence. I have a problem with killing off characters I like. I don’t want to watch a show that kills characters I am invested in. There is no hope in this world. There is no chance at something beyond survival. That is the show we have been given. That is all we will ever get. This nail will be repeatedly hammered into the ground over and over again.

      • wakey says:

        >Negan is more psychotic and brutal,

        I disagree. He is a calculating dictator rather than psychotic like the governor. The Governor would have sent all his people on a suicide mission to kill everyone in retaliation to the deaths of his people at Ricks groups hands and Ricks refusal to ‘play nice’. He would have let them get away with a single person being killed in exchange if Daryl hadn’t reacted AFTER they had a warning. He certainly isn’t killing for the sake of it, he is killing and doing so brutally when a lesson needs taught to keep his ’empire’ running smoothly

    • french5851 says:

      ^^^^ this is the problem… this is what happens when you cheapen the character’s deaths by just upping the gore and not upping the quality of plot/storyline/etc. As far as I am concerned, Negan’s a loser and boring. He knows who Rick is and let him live? Yeah, he is a pale comparison of the Negan in the comics.

    • I could not for the life of me see how he could compare this schlock-fest to Game of Thrones, and I’ve been watching BOTH since their first episodes. Since Gimple came on board, I can just see Gimple, Nicotero and Kirkman all sitting around high-fiving each other on how they’re going to fake out the audience and do this clever thing and that clever thing, and meanwhile none of them have the talent to pull it off. Gimple has some great writers on his staff, that much is clear from some of the episodes last season (which I THOUGHT was regaining its trust with the audience until that ridiculous cliffhanger). Unfortunately, he can’t tell when he’s in over his head. Whether you like the gore or not, or are just OK with it, it’s clear he needs to leave these key episodes to the better writers on his staff.

  9. I was more upset with the fake Glenn death than the real Glenn death. I’ve never been one to quit a show because a certain character died and I won’t start now. Also, I wouldn’t be watching this show if I was going to be upset with violent scenes. I think a lot of people missed the idea that this show is more about the humans and how they can become monsters than the actual monsters.

    • Mike says:

      I don’t think anyone missed that idea. I think they’re tired of it repeating itself over and over again.

      • Kermit says:

        I’d say you’re both talking about two separate groups of watchers.

      • Brigid says:

        You’re right! Let them all live happily ever after and end the show right now. *sarcasm* What direction should this show go which would make you continue watching it? The way you and others are acting, they need to be sitting around a large campfire singing kumbaya. That sounds stupid and boring to the rest of us. I could watch that on every other TV show on any given network. That’s not what I want to see.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Thank u! Someone who knows what the show is actually is about as it gets deeper within the storylines.

  10. Lauren says:

    I’m not exactly planning to not watch again, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to bring myself to, just because I can’t imagine the show without Glenn. He was my favourite. I think I’ll have to so I know what happens to Maggie and their baby.

  11. Carol_R says:

    I dropped The Walking Dead before this episode aired. I didn’t like last season and didn’t both to watch a couple of the last episodes from last season. I have no interest in the Negan character at all.

  12. Lauren says:

    I stopped watching two years ago. I got bored and binged watched the show a month ago. I can quit watching again.

  13. AngelWasHere says:

    I hope they don’t tone the show down for the whiners and babies. Like a bat with barbed wire was suppose to bopped on them on the head and give them boo boos. Be glad it didn’t happen off screen.

  14. Elaine says:

    I won’t stop watching, but I will skip the next episode. I need time to get over the awful death of Glenn. .

  15. Dominique says:

    the problem, for me, isn’t about who died. do i hate that abe and glenn died? absolutely. but i saw that kind of coming. it’s the way they showed it. the violence, the shot of abraham’s head completely bashed into a bloody pulp, glenn’s eye ball practically hanging out of its socket, getting a good close up while he was still trying to speak to maggie. then the shot of his head beaten to a bloody pulp, all the while his eye balls were visible, laying on the ground.
    no. too much. i can take horror and i can take gore. but this was unnecessary.

    • Jordan says:

      @ dominique: Its funny you say that because if it didn’t show that I would have stopped watching, the violence was extremely necessary, different strokes for different folks I guess.

  16. french5851 says:

    No, he didn’t do good… that is the point. He let many fans down by replacing well thought out directing and/or writing with B-movie gore. If he thinks he did good, well respectfully, that’s the problem.

  17. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    To all those who say they will stop watching y’all BUNCH OF WHIMPS. The showing stepping out of line is stupid as hell. Its a Zombie show and there’s going to be a lot of violence and people’s favorite characters are going to die. I’m still trying to get over the beatings of Glenn and Abraham, but I’m still watching the show I LOVE it and can’t wait to see how S7 will unfold.

  18. I mean the show opened with a warning of “graphic violence”, the show has shown very violent scenes in the past…I mean we saw Hershel beheaded, countless children die, people eaten. I’m not saying this most recent episode wasn’t graphic or troubling in any way, but I scoff at the idea that anyone claims this is A.) out of character for the show, B.) weren’t warned that it would be violent or C.) claim that the creators went too far because this was people killing people.

    Clearly we aren’t all watching the same show. I, for one, am excited for what Abraham’s death means for Sasha, Rosita and Eugene and what Glenn’s means for our “core” group from the beginning.

  19. julie says:

    We aren’t watching anymore. Last episode was just too sickening with torture. I think they went way too far. No more Walking Dead for us.

  20. Chuka says:

    I am not going to watch Walking Dead anymore unless they change their writers and director.

  21. R.O.B. says:

    Nicotero, I don’t think it is that people cared about these characters that was so upsetting, it is that I think a lot of people finally discovered where their line was. And that is no easy feat given what they have been watching on your show up until this point. I feel like my soul has suffered damage.

  22. mooshki says:

    All you “true fans” wouldn’t be so upset about the complaints if you didn’t realize deep down that the show is mostly garbage. If you have to defend it this hard, maybe you should stop and think about whether it’s worth defending. Maybe just admit you love carnage and that’s why you watch. There is no deeper meaning here; there is just destruction.

    • Jimmy B. says:

      I’m done too. I agree with you. Read my note below. Thanks.

    • Um, no, sorry. I would consider myself a “true fan,” and I saw a lot more than just blood and guts. I saw phenomenal acting, riveting suspense, and was truly moved. I watched the deaths thinking how this must be affecting the characters. Abraham just told Sasha he wanted to start a family with her. She was so hardened after Bob’s death, and she let him in. What will this do to her? I care, so, yes they did a great job. FTWD has blood and guts, too, but I struggle to sit through it because I just don’t care.

    • Um, no, sorry. I would consider myself a “true fan,” and I saw a lot more than just blood and guts. I saw phenomenal acting, riveting suspense, and was truly moved. I watched the deaths thinking how this must be affecting the characters. Abraham just told Sasha he wanted to start a family with her. She was so hardened after Bob’s death, and she let him in. What will this do to her? I care, so, yes they did a great job. I struggle to sit through FTWD because I don’t care about the characters and it has blood and guts, so it takes more than that to love a show.

  23. Clau says:

    It seems like this guy has some really strong sadistic hate for Rick. Of course everyone’s been through bad stuff, but it’s like ultimately it’s always about what more can they do to really REALLY destroy Rick.

  24. MelodyAZ says:

    This is a a show about a post apocalyptic world. Theres GOING TO BE BRUTALITY. Steven knew his character was going to die. He knew years ago. I honestly have no sympathy for the ones complaining. I also heard that “NEVER GOING TO WATCH AGAIN” crap for years and its Never come to fruition. People protested that controversial X-Files episode and vowed never to watch again.
    What I am hearing is a bunch of whiny entitled babies with an overblown sense of entitlement.

  25. Kris Green says:

    Sorry, Mr. Nicotero. I’m done. The “not really a cliff hanger” and this episode did me in.
    You folks set up an impossible to reach bar after the “non-cliffhanger”. And to kill Glenn after all that is he dead psych out crap last season was just a cheap cop out.
    So on to Westworld!

  26. MelodyAZ says:

    By the way, if you swear you are not going to watch but continue to troll the boards afterwards, you will lose all credibility. So put your money where your mouth is. Don’t watch and don’t post on any TWD thread.

  27. Katie says:

    I’m a part of some pretty intense fandoms but I’ve never seen so many people be so rude to people that say they aren’t going to watch the show anymore. Like, calm down. Why do you care if they stop watching? It doesn’t make them bad people or not “true fans” (which, like someone above me said, if you are over the age of 12, you shouldn’t use that. Time to grow up). I won’t be watching because Glenn was my favorite character. Why watch a show where my favorite character got killed (in the most gruesome way imaginable). Everyone keeps throwing around the argument “blah blah blah source material” but anyone who has ever seen a show based on something else knows that half the time they won’t follow the source material. They don’t have to. It’s not a contingency to using the material. So what ACTUALLY happened is that the writers read about a character death in a comic and thought “ooooo, let’s use that for our show!”
    I’m not watching anymore. Not interested in this masochistic sobfest.

    • wakey says:

      Or perhaps its because they have read the comic and realise the death of Glenn is important for taking a number of characters in new directions which wouldn’t be the case for most of the rest. The writers have switched characters around when the impact would be the same or even better with someone else but sometimes there is an event that only makes sense with the charachter

      • Jordan says:

        Well said wakey , all the people who are whinning like little pre school girls are completely ignorant to what TWD is about, abe was one of my favorite characters but I still had a huge smile on my face Lucille was devouring his brains, he had a much more glorious death then in the comics thats for sure, and glenns was so iconic it was spectacular.To all the wimps who couldnt handle it, it just means they’re not mentally capable of handling mature subject matter, its no reflection on the writers or the show.

    • MelodyAZ says:

      I dont care but I think its funny as hell because this same song has been sung before. It never comes to fruition. I have no sympathy for you. Steven knew that Glen would eventually die. Yes its sad but it changes the show and moves it forward. Thats how things work. This is not the Apocalypse brady Bunch

  28. xomylifexo says:

    Look, it’s a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. If it hadn’t been gory fans would be saying that they bitched out on the scene.

    I have some issue with the writing, but the gore is pretty on point.

  29. Jennifer says:

    I was sadden by what happened on S7-E1, however, I have watced the show from day one, and is hooked. I will continue to watch it.

  30. frankie says:

    A long meaningless monologue, a stupid look on Rick’s face for an hour, and the main characters sitting and just sobbing. Unlike Breaking Bad, this show heading downhill fast. We fans deserved better than this. Its not about the characters anymore. Its about the writing and the acting that has faltered.

  31. Jimmy B says:

    I’m Done. I will still watch “Fear The Walking Dead “, because I still love the story line. But there was another way to accomplish the goal that Greg want too without killing Glenn and still get his point across. People are tired of the way producers and directors turn the story line JUST for shock effect and “we the people” are tired of it. We rather leave a story happy NOT angry. What “THEY” don’t get it’s like your favorite team loses in the playoffs. The difference here is, it is a PERMANENT loss. Your team will NOT come back next season and play again. So there is no reason to watch because your team is OUT and you don’t care,…because…”THEY” didn’t. I will watch things now that make me feel good or something that makes me think or explore the real universe I live in. Thanks for the past memories because as I said “I’m Done”.

    • Koen Lenaers says:

      I sugest you go watch reruns of The A-team. This team makes it to the playoffs every season and guess what, always winning it all. Nobody dies,not even the bad guys.Enjoy !!

    • Twisty twist twist says:

      Bye! Good riddance! Wah wah wah, poor baby… Everyone knew Glenn was going to die and his death actually propels the story forward as opposed to being a non factor like many other character deaths. This had nothing to do with shock value. This had to do with developing Negan as a brutal leader, taking leadership away from Rick for the first time in the entire series, and changing the dynamics of the group. These deaths are going to have major effects on Maggie, Rick, Daryl, Carl, Sasha, Eugene, and Rosita. It pushes the show into fresh and unknown territory. Sorry you don’t see it that way, but stop trying to talk for anyone but yourself. You say you want to watch things that make you feel good yet you still watch Fear The Walking Dead??? How is that ANY different from this? You are a pathetic, whiny hypocrite who is just upset that your favorite character died. He was on an expiration date since the show was cast, and Stephen Yeun WANTED his character to die this death. Get over yourself.

      PS – I’m only responding because you posted “See my comment below” on just about every thread. You are garbage.

  32. Wendy Burnham says:

    Episode I thought the episode was great I thought that the two deaths were done well it gave Abraham a better death than he had in the comics in my opinion and Glen’s was straight out of a comic and heart-wrenching it was not more graphic for me I find that Noah’s death was way more graphic. But the reason why I think it felt more graphic is that it was people we cared about for so long and it wasn’t a character that was new and we didn’t grow to love yet and it wasn’t a zombie but I think if people look back and look at how Noah was squashed against that door and ripped apart they showed every bit of it it was way worse than what happened here.
    I love both characters Glenn was sweet and kind and Abraham was strong and funny they will both be missed of how backup and get revenge on Negan and I’m looking very forward to seeing Shiva in action.

  33. John Greaves says:

    The show had been winding down for me for a while now. Last night’s episode finished me off. Wasn’t about the violence or who died, just seems like how depraved can we get. Boring and predictable. I wish it success and many more seasons to come.

  34. KMuck says:

    Have a little faith, people. Negan will die a horrible, walker neck-stretching death, probably at the hands of Maggie. So buck up, Little Survivors, all is well in the zombie apocalypse. Well, this one, anyway.

  35. Unfortunately I don’t think I will watch going forward. It wasn’t who was killed or even how they were killed as much as it was the extreme gore and over the top sensationalism that killed it for me. I expect stress and I expect violence but to have his head bashed multiple times, have him still trying to speak then showing him on the ground twitching that just turned me off. Then have the Rick flashbacks showing all of their heads being bashed in – just seemed so unnecessary and made me feel like it was all a ratings play (like what else can we throw in there). I get why that is important and I get this is just a show but it is going in a direction I am not interested in going.

  36. larry Meitzler says:

    The most brutal epsoide ever on TV but I thought it was brillant writing

  37. Pat Sheeran says:

    screw the knee jerk dismissal of people’s digust with the escalation of violence from the living characters…and the calculated demise of major characters. Its no idle claim…the way you made sadistic violence the lead character of what was a great show is a shame. Love to the actors…not so much for you producers and writers.

  38. terry37128 says:

    I thought the show pretty much lived up to the hype, even though I will really miss Michael Cudlitz and the depth he brings to every role I have seen him in. Don’t you think it is so crazy that you can show two guys getting their head beaten in on prime time tv, but if someone showed a bare breast the whole country would fall to pieces?

  39. Will says:

    Yep, had that same knee-jerk reaction when Glenn was killed. I yelled, “I’m so done with this show!” Haha…a day later after processing, I’ve accepted it. Time to move on.

  40. Craig Sheets says:

    I think I might wait until this Rick as a meek slave for Negan stuff is over. Regular TV news is already depressing enough. I’ll wait till all the episodes are out and then watch. I will suffer through it, but all at once in the shortest possible time I can. DVR until this season is over. I have read the comics, so I have some idea of what is coming, I have a horrible suspicion the first half at least of this season is just going to be horribly depressing to watch. I can wait.

  41. Wayne Martin says:

    More of the same , get caught , get some killed , repeat . Should of built the show around shane and killed rick .

  42. N says:

    Somewhere along the line as we got to know and love all of these deeply developed characters, the Walking Dead became less and less about survival after a zombie apocalypse and more about living in a world surrounded by merciless and evil survivors. After the last episode, I’m done.

  43. This season is just another cycle of misery. Build up something good, take it away in the most horrific fashion possible, repeat. What’s the point. I’m done.

  44. Michael says:

    Some people are optimistic others are Nihilistic. For some the show crossed the line. To me it seems like being subjected to a mass psychological experiment. Watch the movie Experimenter. This show has always been about hope in humanity for me. I realize there are people who watch the show for the Zombies and the gore, that is not why I watched it. In fact I noticed a desensitizing effect happening the longer I watched. There is a limit to how much mental and emotional manipulation a person will allow. That is what why people are dumping the show. I know I’m done.

  45. peanutlee33 says:

    Um……NO we are not going to stop watching. Ever. We’ve stayed glued to our sets, since the S1 premiere, and we’re not leaving anytime soon. How’s THAT for loyal fandom. TWD is our top series, their work is absolutely brilliant. Greg & Co. threw themselves into this premiere, and delivered precisely what was expected and required. Some fans disgusted or grossed out over the frontface blows to our beloved victims? Well then, you get it. But don’t forget about Hershel getting beheaded by the Governor, or Rick biting Joe’s throat out, or the gruesome cannibalistic bathtub slaughter at Terminus. Diehard and loyal longtime fans know to expect the unexpected, and the intense gore and graphic violence….hence the show’s opening warning disclaimer. Otherwise it would not be the award-winning, top-rated series that it is (I’m hearing mutual ‘duh’s from many readers now :)

  46. peterwdawson says:

    Any credibility pretty much goes out the window by insisting they weren’t trying to be manipulative. Not only is that their freaking job, but it’s pretty much how any drama in the awkward years ends up. Weird plane crashes, gratuitously gorier deaths, basically only giving arcs to people they’re planning to kill… The big plus is they tend to introduce new villains that are usually pretty solid (not always, looking at you Blue Bloods).

  47. I kind of spoiled myself by reading Negan’s story from comic sights. All I can say is I can’t wait for Rick to turn the tide on my baby.

  48. Peggy Haman says:

    Absolutely agree With BB,I was definitely amped up for the premiere,but After 6 years of watching and getting close to the characters, I am not watching anymore, that episode was way over the line, and the gruesome way in which Glenn and Abraham were killed turned me totally off, did not expect that degree of brutality, and seeing your heroes, Rick and the group totally helpless sucked.

    • Jordan says:

      Then you were never a true fan to begin with, They both died in the comic abe would have been the one to get the arrow in the eye. If you think about it they both got glorious deaths ands glenn was iconic and has been foreshadowd for awhile now.You really should just give Negan a chance, he’s the best villain ever created in my opinion.

  49. Cas says:

    I am tired of people complaining about the violence. I thought it was less violent than expected. I also watched SOA and that was people on people violent so maybe it doesn’t bother me. But I think the point is it is the end of the world basically and people are trying to protect themselves. It does not surprise me that with no authority people would be so violent.

  50. clark says:

    What Nicotero and Gimple don’t understand is that you can make a character death just as impactful with great storytelling and directing as you can with gratuitous violence. It’s like someone ripping apart a pack of gum instead of pulling on that little red tab that will open it neatly down the side. They both may get the gum out, but ripping it apart could spill the gum everywhere. It’s messy and unnecessary.