The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Fox's Rocky Horror Picture Show: Grade Laverne Cox & Co.'s Performances

Fox kicked off Halloween early on Thursday with a jump to left, a step to the right, and — oh, you know the rest.

After more than a year of antici…pation, the network finally lifted the curtain on its highly-anticipated live production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a beloved cult musical about a mad scientist, his sexy new creation, and a pair of pitch-perfect WASPs unfortunate enough to stumble into their weird little world.

Teeming with small-screen talent, Fox’s two-hour production took most — if not all — of its cues from the 1975 Tim Curry film version, though it should be noted that Rocky Horror originated as a stage musical two years prior.

Recording artist Ivy Levan got the party started with a sexy, soulful rendition of “Science Fiction/Double Feature,” paving the way for lovebirds Brad (Liv and Maddie‘s Ryan McCartan) and Janet (Eye Candy‘s Victoria Justice) to perform their ironically earnest signature song “Dammit Janet.” And by the time the couple hit those final notes on “There’s a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place),” their living nightmare had officially begun.

That’s when things really got weird. Bald-capped butler Riff Raff (Penny Dreadful‘s Reeve Carney) and housemaid Magenta (Grandfathered‘s Christina Milian) welcomed the unlucky travelers into their mysterious mansion with a high-energy performance of “The Time Warp,” an iconic number which also showcased the killer pipes — and tap-dancing skillz — Annaleigh Ashford (Masters of Sex) as rock ‘n’ roll groupie Columbia.

Then came the main event: the introduction of Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black) as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, the evening’s eccentric benefactor — not to mention self-proclaimed “sweet transvestite” — and Staz Nair (Game of Thrones) as Rocky, the good doc’s pec-tacular newborn specimen.

What followed was a madcap flurry of off-the-wall numbers (“Toucha, Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me!”), exciting guests (Adam Lambert! Ben Vereen!), and insane plot twists (aliens?!), all of which make up the unique experience that is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

You’ve already read TVLine’s review — Dave Nemetz gave the production a favorable “B,” though he insisted Cox’s casting was the production’s Achilles’ heel — so now, we want to hear yours:

Which numbers did you love best, and which left you feeling done in? Who deserves the title of Rocky Horror‘s MVP, and who should never have been invited to the party in the first place? Grade the overall production below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dax says:

    Adam Lambert was hilarious and his singing, as usual, was amazing. I thought Laverne Cox did a great job.

    • CJKatl says:

      Adam Lambert’s performance was the one time during the Fox production that I had to freeze the TV and pull up the original online. Meatloaf was awesome. Adam Lambert was awful. To begin with, they seemed to change the song so that it fit within a half octave. Meatloaf’s version had an energy that was missing in this new five note version. AL might have as well been singing “Danny Boy” instead. I am a Lambert fan, but this was not a good night for him.

      • Collette says:

        My sentiments exactly. I’m a big fan of Adam Lambert but this was really bad. And to make matters worse his choreography was as clumsy as an Elvis fight scene. Meatloaf has an ability to throw out lyrics at hyper speed, Adam clearly does not. Still love Adam, but this was disappointing.

  2. Fran says:

    Very bland & Disney-Fied, but at least the singing was good. It should have been a live production.

    • steven says:

      Disney-fied?! HAH!!! There is nothing Disney about the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

      • dude says:

        Which was the point of the comment. Rocky Horror should be edgy and unpredictable and this was sanitized and bland.

      • Eric says:

        The show was a complete waste of time and and data storage. At least I can delete it. They attempted to recreate the original. Give me a break. Why would you morons try that. Are you so exhausted on Ideas that this is now you only option. Leave the masters alone. Come up with something new or better. Show us you time on Nintendo wasn’t wasted.

    • Chuck says:

      Apparently it was originally pitched as a live production, which explains some of the staging, particularly the dinner scene where everyone sat on one side of the table. But it should have been a live production to avoid any comparison to the movie, like the stage version broadcast on BBC America last year.

  3. Scott says:

    the acting was so bad and what why was Rocky put in basketball shorts?

    • Christian says:

      Because you can’t see even a hint of an outline of a penis on network tv. The father on The Goldbergs has a hilarious interview where he explains how the network makes him wear like three underwear for his “tighty whitey” scenes in an effort to camouflage any “shadow.”

  4. David says:

    What an absolute trainwreck. Laverne Cox can’t sing for her life. Really awkward and cartoonish acting. An overall fail.

  5. Barbara van duke says:

    Adam Lambert absolutely stole the show !

  6. Tina says:

    Realize they had to keep it more PG rated for network, but that really hurt it. The music was stellar, as usual, but the over showgirlesque look was meh.

  7. The Kaibosh says:

    When I was much younger I remember going to the Roxy on several occasions on a Saturday night and even caught one with Sal Piro himself in New York one year: so I’ve thrown my fair share of toast and squirted water into the air under many a newspaper. This…..sucked. Sorry but it’s true.

    • c-mo says:

      While I’ve never seen it at the Roxy, I saw it at my own local theater shortly after it came out eons ago and remember doing all of those things too so I completely agree with your analysis. Count me as +1!

    • MLO says:

      Are you talking about the Roxy in Toronto? If so, a group of us went almost every Friday night over a period of 2 years. Lots of fun – knew all the AP, etc. Went recently to the HotDocs Cinema on Bloor for an AP/Shadowcast show. Pretty good – but lots of new AP and they’ve thrown out some of the old standbys – like “Who does your hair, DairyQueen’ when RiffRaff comes out at the end in his getup. Nostalgia. This remake – no thanks. And makes me sad to see how old Tim Curry (and I) have gotten lol.

  8. Vickie says:

    I thought it was great! Don’t understand what people were expecting.

  9. Falcon says:

    I didn’t think it was excelelnt by any measures, but I had a fun time watching and singing along (I was a Rocky FAITHFUL as a teenager), I thought that Laverne Cox knocked it out out of the park!!
    She’s not Tim Curry, but no one is, and I thought she did a stellar job of making the role her own.
    And though I didn’t mind the glam rock look, I missed the punk/grunge rock and raw sexuality of the origina.

  10. c-mo says:

    Laverne Cox was horrible and ruined the show for me.

  11. angrypieguy says:

    Just horrible from start to finish. Should never have been made in the first place.

  12. Diane Nelson says:

    It was ok. But, I felt that Laverne Cox was terribly miscast. Just nothing like Tim Curry’s version. I felt that Adam Lambert’s take on Eddie was the best part of the movie. He nailed it. All in all, I felt like they were all uncomfortable in their roles. I enjoyed it for the most part, but, I still like the original better.

    • APFW says:

      While I like Ms. Cox on OITNB, she was miscast here. I could not understand her speaking nor singing voice and the accent was all over the place. I do not know Ms. Justice but she acted and sang admirably. I think Susan Surandon would be proud.

  13. Joanne says:

    Adam Lambert as Eddie was the best part of the show by far. They way they portrayed Rocky was not good. Too bad for the actor, he was just doing what he was directed to do.

  14. laurelnev says:

    It was a strange casting choice, but Laverne did her best to make it her own. And I’m glad Fox did this…it was fun. But the casting was weak, and many performances were just meh. And that Meatloaf joke doesn’t work with Adam in the role. (And if they’re going to do the cutaways, DO THEM. They missed several of my favs. Notably ssssSLUT! And the toast!)

    I liked Magenta and Riff Raff, but Columbia…not so much. This Columbia was too whiny for my taste.

    Laverne did a great job with the role, but it was an interesting casting choice. Frank is a transsexual transvestite from Transylvania. Back in the early 70s on Kings Road, where the show originated, that would imply Frank was born a woman, and transitioned into a man who liked to dress as a woman. Casting a transsexual woman kind of removes the transvestite piece. But Laverne played it fantastically, and I liked the spin she put on the role. But Adam Lambert could have made a more interesting Frank than an Eddie, and Brad and Janet were NO Barry & Susan!

    • anne says:

      I think Laverne was very appropriate casting. Frank is a character who plays with the very concept of gender. In the 1970s we didn’t have the language to verbalize and understand the complexity of that sort of gender play. Terms like transvestite and transexual were the terms of the time but today those terms are considered extremely offensive and aren’t used as identifiers by people.
      Today we use different words and have a more nuanced understanding of gender. We have a ways to go obviously, but Laverne is a member of that community and is thereby best to decide if the role is appropriate for her to play. She decided it was.
      Besides, she’s more appropriate to play the role than Tim Curry – a straight cis-gendered man.

      • frank says:

        Im all for an actual trans in the Dr.s roll….. But her acting, and especially singing, were not up to par for such an important character.

      • teeveenerd says:

        Not true – to any of that. Transvestite and transexual are terms still used within the trans community, even though Laverne does not identify as either. There is not a single trans identity under the trans umbrella.

        And no gender is more appropriate to play ANY character. The play/film is all about gender bending and playing with gender expectations, so I don’t see how you can say that a straight cisgender person shouldn’t be able to play it

      • laurelnev says:

        Like I said, I very much enjoyed Laverne’s take on the role…but having lived on Kings Road during the original production, all I can say is Tim Curry was MUCH more appropriate, and by casting Laverne, they did away with the transvestite part of the character. But despite the “interesting choice,” Laverne was probably the best of the cast. But again, Frank is a sweet transvestite…something that ONLY referred to men dressing as women (but not necessarily living as women) in the early 70s, when the show was written and meant to reflect THAT culture, not this 2016 culture. And it was camp from day 1, another piece this production did away with.

      • dean says:

        Actually, transsexual is the preferred word among actual transsexuals, because you SJW’s have taken the word transgendered and stretched it until it became bereft of all meaning.

    • Jim says:

      No. Frank N Furter is a transvestite male. The only mention of the term “Transsexual” in the original is as the name of the planet they came from. Transylvania is the galaxy the planet is in.
      The casting and performance couldn’t be worse.

      • laurelnev says:

        With all due respect, you are mistaken, not I. I saw the original, early 70s production on Kings Road in Chelsea. The original character was a transsexual transvestite. And yes, the performances and casting COULD have been a lot worse. But if you are NOT a fan, why bother watching and comenting? You know where the off button is on a TV…

  15. anne says:

    Laverne was AMAZING. She stole every scene and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

  16. Camp is not easy to pull off, but Annaleigh Ashford, Reeve Carney, Ryan McCarten and Adam Lambert nailed it. Hope to see them in more TV musicals.

  17. Ronnie says:

    The original material is not for Prime Time. I wish they produced it for FX so they could have pushed the envelope more. This felt a bit sanitized. LaVerne Cox did well with the impossible task of taking on Curry’s iconic lead. And Adam Lambert was amazing. The two leads and the rest of the cast could not rise above the lackluster direction.

  18. Angel says:

    Magenta was not dark enough, Riff Raff s speaking voice was great, singing voice not so much, Adam killed it as Eddie, Columbia seemed to bitchy, Brad and Janet were almost karaoke versions of the original, and Cox did her best but it just didn’t work. I wish they would stop redoing perfectly great original movies and musicals. Leave what is good alone!

  19. C Wayne Baker says:

    There seems to be some haters on here as there always are. I really enjoyed the show and thought it was well cast and well done. In fact I watched it twice tonight. I’ve seen the original Rocky over a hundred times. I have the soundtrack to the movie, the British play, and the Broadway play. I also have a copy of the Sequel (that would be Shock Treatment for those of you who didn’t even know there was a sequel – now that was a real Dud). So I’m no virgin. My brother-in-law was even commissioned to write the official book on it, but never did it. All I can say is anytime there’s a remake, you can’t compare it to the original, especially something like this that’s had a cult following for over 4 decades. All in all, I commend all the cast and staff on a job well done and especially for Fox for having the courage to put it on TV.

  20. frank says:

    Lambert should have been cast as the Dr.

    • Garvle53 says:

      Oh that would have been good!

    • Chuck says:

      He turned it down because he said he didn’t want to offend the trans community … which perfectly demonstrated no one working on this movie had a clue about the difference between transvestite and transgender, which is why we ended up with a woman in women’s clothing saying she was a transvestite. Which she clearly was not. Laverne Cox is fabulous, but the stunt casting was an epic fail.

      • dman6015 says:

        Stunt casting at its worst. “Let’s get Laverne Cox! Do you get it? We’ll have a transsexual playing a transvestite. Isn’t that hilarious? No, it won’t offend anyone. We got a tranny.”

      • It seems to me that many people who discussed this role doesn’t remember the original song in the movie where Frank sings he’s a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania. When I first heard the song way back then, I took it to mean he was once a woman, changed to a man (transsexual), and then dressed as a woman (transvestite). The show last night didn’t really follow the transvestite part, and also skipped the change to a man. Thus, the only real advantage for casting Laverne was her outrageous look. Nothing else really fit, and I can’t really think of another male actor to take on that role.

  21. Lucy says:

    Overall, this was a bit of a disappointment for me. Laverne Cox is a good actress, but she was miscast here. Also, she is a mediocre singer. There were some good performances, though, especially Annaleigh Ashford, Reeve Carney, and Adam Lambert.
    This might be a controversial POV, but I think having a woman play Frank as a woman doesn’t work — after all the character is supposed to be a transvestite (a cross-dresser). Frank’s androgyny is what makes the character a little mysterious and sexually appealing to both men and women. The depiction of Frank in this movie doesn’t fit the intent of the character to me.

  22. Xenonlit says:

    I suspect an organized game going on here. The performances by each and every actor/musician was spot on. This from someone who was there the FIRST time.

  23. I thought it was pretty good. For an originally edgy movie redone for network TV starting at 8PM Family Hour. Laverne was OK, the look was there, but her singing wasn’t in line with the rest of the cast. Seemed to me that they went for the visual over a good singing voice.
    The parts I liked best (other than the first 20min) was the short bit of “Super Heroes” (which wasn’t in the movie), and the red lips for the “Science Fiction/Double Feature” reprise.

  24. Dave says:

    So… they put Rocky in basketball shorts because this is Fox, yet when Glee did it, Chord Overstreet had on a much skimpier outfit. Odd.

    • teeveenerd says:

      I was watching the clock, and I noticed that things became a bit more loose after 9pm. They were all wearing skimpier outfits during Rose Tint My World. I wonder if they wanted to get better advertisers during the 8pm hour and made him wear the basketball shorts (it was dumb, regardless of the reason.)

  25. teeveenerd says:

    I’m the biggest Tim Curry fan and so I was very nervous about seeing Laverne. However, I do think she made it her own. Her accents between songs was confusing, and she came off a little under-confident during Sweet Transvestite, but I thought she was really cute. She made it old-school glamorous, and a hammed it up a bit, and I had to remember that it was for network tv.

    That said, the overall production left much to be desired. I hated the pop punk costumes everyone else wore (they all looked like they were in an Avril Lavigne/My Chemical Romance music video from the mid 2000s). Extremely disappointed in Adam Lambert’s performance. Riff-Raff had a great speaking voice, but I thought The Time Warp was the worst number of the night. As others have said, it was too bright and shiny. However, I still enjoyed it and gave it B. I wish they had cast more Broadway actors like Annaleigh Ashford (she knew what she was doing, but I hated how they dressed her). I’m seeing the original tomorrow night at my local theatre so I will probably have forgotten this by then, anyways!

  26. Robert Ruiz says:

    This was not Rocky Horror… this was Blackie Horrible! I even said so on my Facebook page.

  27. dellface says:

    Correction to point out-Riff Raff was not bald-capped in this production. In the picture above he has quite a bit of hair.

  28. kirads09 says:

    I tuned in for about 5 minutes (if that). I could tell Laverne was so playing it so over the top campy I wouldn’t be able to continue watching. Granted, FrankNFurter is an over the top character. But Curry did it with a certain finesse I don’t think ANYONE will ever be able to match. I didn’t see Adam as Eddie. But I assume they couldn’t do the joke “Meatloaf – again” at the dinner scene? I just will stick with the classic version when I want to see Rocky Horror thank you very much.

  29. Michael Bailey says:

    I agree with a lot of the criticisms here. I thought the changing of Frank n furter to a female didn’t bother me too much until later in the show when the characters began referring to her and she frequently. I also thought her performance was somewhat lacking. I was really hoping to have “once on a while” restored, and I thought some of the songs arrangements didn’t work very well.
    Also , seeing Tim Curry as a shadow of himself was kind of sad. He tried, and I commend him for it, but I think it would have been better without
    Finally, I thought Ben Vereen was terrible.

  30. CMazz says:

    As with anything the original is better. Majority of the casting was spot on, Victoria, Ben, Annaleigh and Reeve were spot on as Janet, Dr. Scott, Columbia, and Riff Raff. Laverne was okay, she was missing the camp factor Tim Curry gave the role and was meant to be a part of Frank N Furter. Christina, Ryan and Staz were forgettable, something just annoyed me about their performances. Unfortunately, Eddie is a blink and you miss it part and Adam Lambert is TOO talented for it. I read somewhere he turned down the Frank role, which I think was a mistake and he would have been perfect for. Most of the music scores were well done nothing too glaring other than it was not an exact copy of the original, some things were tweaked. LOVED having Tim Curry as the narrator.

    Quick question, does anyone know if the woman with Tim is Nell Campbell aka Little Nell the original Columbia?

    • MB says:

      I looked it up and no, it was not.

    • Morgaine says:

      She’s a Canadian comedic actress, Jayne Eastwood. Many of us up here in the north recognized her as she’s been in countless comedies over the years. Until last night I hadn’t even realized she participated in this remake. As for the remake itself – it was only bearable because we were all watching while commenting and analyzing via social media. It was colorful and ambitious – and perhaps those who had never seen the original would have enjoyed it more; in fairness to all who were in it, nothing can compare to the classic version. It was a fun couple of hours – I doubt that I’d ever watch it again. It was nice to see Tim Curry. One question we all had though – in the very beginning, when it showed the projectionist setting up the film, was that Meatloaf? It was just a quick shot but it sure looked like him. I didn’t see his name in the closing credits, but I could have missed it.

    • No. According to the credits, it’s Jayne Eastwood (the Butler). What I’d like to know was who was the band.

  31. Rich says:

    Mostly good jobs all around. Laverne Cox’s performance was sub-par. Doesn’t it go against current gender politics to have a transsexual woman playing a male transvestite? Couldn’t they find an actual transvestite to play the part?

  32. Mr. Smith says:

    First, stop the remakes! How about some fresh, new ideas?

    Second, Laverne Cox and Adam Lambert were simply atrocious.Forget casting just to make a statement and cast talent.

    I guess I’m just tired of all the retreads. Time for TV execs to do something new.

  33. JR says:

    I really wanted to like it and in overall I did. I thought most of the cast did a reasonably good job. I was really glad they included Tim Curry, even though the stroke made it obvious he was struggling…I did like his little old lady assistant addition. I appreciated the fact that, as far as I could tell, not one line of the script was changed.

    Now for the bad, which I saw coming and I really really didn’t want to dislike. Transsexual is different than transvestite and they should know that. Frank simply does not work if he is not obviously male. Having large breasts takes away takes too much away from the character which is central to the whole story. For me, that one change, even though I thought her acting was fine, simply destroyed the movie. The beauty of the original was that Tim Curry was obviously male and played it straight (not for laughs)…that’s how it works…if the role is a woman, it doesn’t. Otherwise, everyone else was ok except for Magenta, who I really couldn’t warm up to. I could also have done without the audience cuts, I see what they were trying to do there, but it didn’t work.

  34. Kate Shoop says:

    What a sh**-show. I wish Laverne did her OWN version of Frank, not a cheap knock-off of Tim Curry. Who looked mortified to be there. What a waste of Annaleigh Ashford, Reeve Carney and Ben Vereen.

  35. Jeanna says:

    Laverne Cox did a wonderful job. It was clearly a different take on the character but still enjoyable. She couldn’t be Tim Curry she had to make it her own and she did. Great feature performances by Adam Lambert, Ben Vereen and Tim Curry, of course. The supporting cast was fine. Special shout out to Reeve Carney as Riff Raff. Wow! When he answered the door and looked at Janet – it was just the right amount of sexiness and creepiness! He is so good!

  36. Writerpatrick says:

    I’ve only watched the first half hour so far.

    The use of the fake audience only served to pull the viewer from the story. I know there’s a lot of audience stuff that has developed over the years, but it doesn’t have to be included.

    I thought the Time Warp segment came across as weak. The music seemed to overpower the solo singing.

  37. J.Norman says:

    It was not great by a long shot, but passable.

    In my view, the best characters were (in order)

    Riff Raff
    Frank n furter

    The worst and weakest link was Brad.

    Overall, the songs totally lacked the energy of the original movie and even seemed forced at times.
    Laverne Cox did a credible job, but it is pretty hard to equal Tim Curry’s original Frank Frank N Furter.

  38. HtotheB says:

    I think Laverne is a good actress but Laverne and Christina Milan were the low notes to the show – they completely overacted their roles. You could see every calculation on their faces. They need to learn that overacting does not make campy.

  39. Diane w says:

    The original was freaky sexy raw and edgy perfection the cast in last night’s version did there best to make it there own most did well my opinion Laverne Cox fell short the acting was fine the singing was off way off for my taste adam Lambert ‘s singing was on point but his acting was off and the meatloaf joke fell short and they were eating a roast anyway. With all that said the original is and will always be the best and you can’t mess with perfection

  40. Susan says:

    Did they actually dub in some of Tim Curry’s singing into Laverne Cox’s lip syncing? She wasn’t the best singer, but there were moments that sounded so much like Tim that I thought they dubbed it. Glad to see Tim appeared in this one!

  41. Diane w says:

    Before I forget seeing Tim Curry last night was wonderful I have loved him forever glad he was apart of last night’s movie the other thing I wanted to mention was the sex appeal of Tim currys portrial of Dr Frank back in the day everyone wanted him I didn’t get the same feeling from Laverne Cox

    • kirads09 says:

      Yes! I will never forget my high school memory of seeing him for the first time. When that elevator came down, that boot stomping and out he stepped. *Sigh* I have loved everything I have seen Curry in. So sad re his health problems but I did catch a glimpse of him last night – I think that devilish twinkle in his eye was still coming through a bit. He actually made a few albums back in the day I want to get. I love his singing voice.

  42. What’s the point in remaking a movie centered on sex without the sex? It had “terrified executives” written all over it.

  43. David Hambly says:

    Ivy Levan started things off with a great rendition of “Science Fiction/Double Feature” and from then on it was a train wreck. Laverne Cox was woefully miscast and was horrible as frank. just go watch the tim curry version again.

  44. Jared says:

    Rocky Horror was ok. Not horrible but not great either. Loved the cast though especially Reeve Carney and Ryan McCartan.

  45. Rich H. says:

    I am at an age where I can say that I went to see the original more than once at midnight showings. Comparing them is hard because the times have changed in most parts of the country towards Gay, Lesbian and Trans people. Having written that, I thoroughly enjoyed the production last night. Great updates to the music (which was good in the original), the sets and costumes were great and the makeup wonderful. The ads were annoying, and I would like to see the production uncut.
    Overall, I gave it a B and recommend it to all over 13.

  46. Lisa says:

    I do like Laverne Cox but I didn’t enjoy her performance in this. Tim Curry is a hard act to follow. Sometimes she tried to sound like him and other times didn’t. If she had gone a different direction I have liked it better. It felt like she was trying to imitate him and badly. Overall, it was ok but any version isn’t going to be as good as if you see it in a theater with a live cast and audience.

  47. dsrbroadway says:

    Did the writer watch the show? Where is Riff-Raff wearing a bald cap!

    • Ken says:

      The writer IS the original RiffRaff. He was also the projectionist in the opening scene.

      • David says:

        Are you joking? I don’t know who the projectionist is but Richard O’Brien, the original writer, had ZERO involvement in this fiasco. Lou Adler owns the film rights now, O’Brien the stage rights. He wasn’t very hip on this being made at all.

  48. Jared S says:

    I want to start by saying that I love Laverne Cox on OITNB, she’s one of my favorites. She’s also been great in the few other things I’ve seen her in. However, I think that she was miscast in this role. Forget about the fact that she’s not a man, which seems to be a criticism many people are having, whatever, as the lead character in the show she needed to really deliver on the singing. Be the best of the cast. She was good, just not good enough for THAT part; Magenta might have been a better fit. Also, her accent was killing me. It kept changing. Was she British, Southern, Australian? Who knows? She should’ve either used her natural speaking voice with a dramatic flare or found an accent she could do properly the whole way through. Christina Milian, who has a phenomenal singing voice, had similar accent issues IMO.

    As for the Brad character, Ryan’s acting seemed incredibly wooden most of the time. Maybe that was a choice they made to really make his transformation at the end stand out, because I thought he was good in the finale. There are other smaller things that I thought could’ve been improved on, like the audience who were seriously overacting.

    My biggest gripe, however, is that the show should have been LIVE. They could’ve performed it almost exactly the same as a live show. The window crash (possibly), the pool scene, and even Tim Curry’s scenes if he didn’t want to do it live, could’ve been recorded ahead of time. The audience definitely would have been much better live, bringing in actual fans of RHPS to interact with the show. I think it would have improved the energy level, which I felt waned at times.

    Also, was it just me or was there some lip-syncing going on? I could’ve sworn there were a couple times the actors lips didn’t move correctly with the words of the songs, but that might have been the video playback on my TV.

    I actually did like the show. It was enjoyable, despite the issues I had with it. I probably wouldn’t rewatch it as I did with Grease and The Wiz, at least not for a long time. Amazingly, I managed to sit through the whole thing and only picked up my phone once, which for me is saying something.

  49. Tiara says:

    Knowing there was no frigging way this would even begin to match the original, I enjoyed it. Fun to watch. Ms. Cox, Ben Verden and of COURSE Tim Curry were highlights. Also Columbia!