Grey's Anatomy Recap: Baby Talk

Forever, it seems, we’ve known that, more than just about anything, Owen has wanted to be a father. (Heck, you can tell just from this picture of him with Harriet, can’t you?) And in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, it sure looked like Amelia was about to make her husband’s dream — as well as our very early fall preview — come true. Were the newlyweds really expecting? Read on and find out.

‘TELL ME WHEN IT’S REAL’ | As “Both Sides Now” began, Amelia realized — because it was April’s first day back at Grey Sloan, not three days earlier — that her period was late. When Mer found her former sister-in-law looking “super sketchy” in the supply closet, she asked if Amelia was looking for drugs. When the newlywed balked, Grey sheepishly argued, “I’m supposed to ask if I care, right?” Upon being informed that Amelia was expecting, Mer sweetly offered her congratulations… until she learned that Mrs. Hunt wasn’t sure, she was just late. “So this isn’t real,” Grey said. “I hugged you, and you haven’t even peed on a stick yet?!?” At least Mer was able to show Amelia where the pregnancy tests were hidden. Off that, the maybe-mom-to-be was about to talk to Owen when he volunteered to babysit Harriet for Jackson. (And distractions don’t get much bigger or cuter.)

As Mer blabbed about Amelia’s possibly delicate condition to Maggie and Stephanie, and Amelia spilled the beans to April, Owen struggled with Harriet, asking Ben, “What is colic, anyway?” and bristling when the baby calmed down immediately in Alex’s arms. Finally, Harriet fell asleep on Owen, which, as any parent knows, is freakin’ heaven, and his wife… mmm, she became significantly less psyched about filling in Owen about their potentially expanding family. “I didn’t have to do this last time,” she told April, “because [the father] was dead.” In the hour’s final moments, Amelia left a pregnancy test for Hunt to find. “Are you pregnant?” he asked. “I might be,” she replied. “Do you wanna find out?” In response, he kissed her. (The most romantic way there is to say “Duh!”) Aaand… in the end, it turned out that she wasn’t expecting.

greys anatomy season 13 episode 5 recap‘I’M GONNA GET HER’ | While Maggie recruited Stephanie as “the best resident” for a surgery, irritating Jo and Amelia to boot, and Bailey picked Andrew to help her give a grandma a liver transplant (even after he didn’t know what made Miranda Ed McMahon, or even who Ed McMahon was!), Mer continued pushing Nathan away, which, at this point, must be quite a workout. Since Maggie’d told him that their AC was on the fritz, he offered to “share [his] with a colleague in need” — Grey. Though she was tempted — the house was a sweatbox — she turned him down, cracking, “You need a cooling blanket.”

Only minutes into the episode, Chelsea, a patient of Mer’s admitted with dehydration, developed complications that necessitated a liver transplant. Since Chelsea’s twin, Chandler, was pregnant and therefore ineligible to donate her liver, you knew to cue Grey’s clash with Bailey in 3, 2… “You try to have one damn day of joy around here!” Miranda sulked before asking Granny to give up her place on the transplant list to save Chelsea. Bailey was sure the old lady would make the sacrifice for the younger woman, but instead, she decided, “Screw her!” prompting Mer to brand her an “organ hog” and Richard to label her a “selfish old biddy.”

‘THIS IS FOR THE CHRISTMAS CARD!’ | As the prized liver arrived, Alex pleaded with Mer not to coerce Granny into relenting and giving up the organ. Miraculously, it worked. Maggie and Stephanie lost their patient, which might have been just as well, as the joke Edwards would’ve told him on his request would likely have killed him, Pierce said. Also, his demise freed up a liver for Chelsea. Watching Chelsea get her liver, Andrew told Jo to get her “self-pity gland” checked — “it’s incredibly swollen,” he joked.

So, what did you think of “Both Sides Now”? Hit the comments.

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  1. Matt C. says:

    I knew Amelia wouldn’t really be pregnant the second I saw the promos for this episode last week. She jinxed herself by telling everybody EXCEPT Owen until the very last minute. Still, I hope they do have a baby eventually. Amelia certainly deserves it, given her history.

  2. Lisa Echerd says:

    I found it hard to believe that the older lady would not give her liver to the young woman. And that Bailey would be so happy that she ‘won.’
    Apparently the doctors at Grey’s don’t like Jo anymore than the rest of us. Can we please transfer her to another hospital or have her flunk her boards? Surely these residents are ready to take their big exam. How many years have they been residents now?

    • Miranda says:

      Well Jo mentioned herself as a senior resident, so this must be the year for them.

    • Jo says:

      They started in season 9 as interns. So 2 years as interns and 3 as residents means they should have 2 more years as residents because Bailey was a 5th year resident when she became chief resident and then the following year she became an attending surgeon.

  3. Amber says:

    Petty Grandma was the highlight of this week. I love that she didn’t give up her liver.

    I’m kinda glad Amelia wasn’t pregnant yet. This being a Shines Thomas show, she definitely would have lost the baby at some point. Since we see that she’s not going to conceive right off the bat, I know the baby will be healthy.

    • Amber says:

      *Shonda Rhimes

    • the girl says:

      Amelia lost a baby on Private Practice, and in spectacularly devastating fashion. I really truly hope there is no more of that in her future. She and Owen this to go right.

    • Anna says:

      Shonda may love to break our hearts, but even she’s not cruel enough to have something bad happen to Amelia and Owen’s first child together since Amelia’s firstborn is dead and Owen’s ex-wife aborted a child that he really really wanted. It may take them a while to conceive, but Shonda will give them a healthy kid eventually.

  4. The thing that really took me out of the episode at times was this subplot about how hot it was in Seattle. It just doesn’t get THAT hot in Seattle this time of year, climate change or no.

    I had all sorts of imagination of how this story would play out from the older woman selflessly giving up her liver to her sister having an abortion so she could donate her liver to her sister. But the stars aligned in that Grey’s way.

    • LaDonna says:

      LOL! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who caught that. Also, their fixation on the broken air conditioning…most don’t even have air conditioning in Seattle. It’s just not necessary. Granted, this is a house, so they may have had air installed, but I lived in several very nice apartment complexes in Seattle…none had air, but they all had fireplaces!

  5. 777 says:

    The weirdest part about this episode was when they showed the date. October 2016. With all the time jumps they did in recent seasons, i’m surprised they’re synchronised with current time.
    Also, “great” use if Jessica Capshaw tonight.

  6. Stacy says:

    Yeah, knew she wouldn’t be preggers because of the promo. Honestly, so little happened this week I could have skipped it. I’m sure something’s coming in the next handful of episodes to up the drama… and I am ready for it!

  7. Paige says:

    I think I’m finally okay with Meredith and Alex ending up together – in the end.

  8. DD says:

    No one mentioned how utterly believed Amelia looked to discover she wasn’t pregnant… Mer talking about Dead McDreamy got Amelia thinking about Dead Druggie Boyfriend and the baby she post…

  9. Natalia says:

    Meredith is not Amelia’s former sister-in-law, is her sister-in-law because she is the widow of her brother. Mer y Derek was still married when Shonda …. well, we know the whole story.

  10. pecola says:

    So we’re not supposed to take the look on Amelia’s face at the end of the episode as an indication that she doesn’t actually want children?

  11. Tennisnsun says:

    Absolutely loved it when the senior lady wouldn’t give “her” liver away. The baby was totally adorable looking around at everything with big wide eyes when in the script she was supposed to be crying. Hard to keep from laughing with Amelia looking very pregnant with the big coat on when in the script she was anxious to find out if she was pregnant. Just look down at your belly Amelia!

  12. LaDonna says:

    Best scene of the episode: Two men performing the surgical changing of a baby’s diaper. The doubling-up had me seriously laughing so hard!

  13. cuius says:

    Have any of the “Grey’s Anatomy” production staff or actors been in a modern-day hospital?

  14. abz says:

    Out of the many characters on this show, Amelia is one of the most deserving of a normal pregnancy. I know she is a polarizing character, but if you watched Private Practice you will know exactly how devastating Amelia’s first pregnancy was. She dealt with the drug addiction and relapse, the death of Ryan (father of her baby from an overdose) and carrying an anencephalic baby to term that she knew would die right after its born. It was truly heartbreaking to watch. I want her to be pregnant. And while I know Shonda loves the drama and of course we the audience do too as evidenced of 13 seasons of this show, however when it comes to pregnancy-related drama, it has been done to death on this show and I’m kind of over it.. Bailey goes into labor while her husband has surgery, Callie gets into a car accident while pregnant, April loses her first baby, and with the second pregnancy you have the divorce drama added to it and then you Bailey’s husband deliver it in Meredith’s house, a blackout happen’s during Meredith’s pregnancy with Bailey and having to have an intern deliver the baby, and if we want to add other Shonda shows, we can look at the complete struggle Addison had to even have a child for years on Private Practice. Can we just have one normal and peaceful birth/pregnancy on this show? I can’t even think of a normal pregnancy (Meredith’s pregnancy with Ellis which I presume went normally, but I wouldn’t really count it because she had it off-screen during that year away and also you can add Derek’s death to that whole thing as another example of a tragic pregnancy with Meredith going through a pregnancy alone with two kids as a grieving widow.

  15. shadester says:

    I was really surprised the granny said no. t was kind of funny at first but i thought she would change her mind. I was surprised at bailey laughing about it. How is a girl dying funny? i am glad it all worked out in the end.I was surprised Amelia isnt pregnant since she is pregnant in real life. I hope they get pregnant they deserve happiness. Owen really wants a baby and she could use some happy. Are Jo and Andrew gonna get together? seems like its heading that way.

  16. Ariah says:

    Jo is full of self pity. I really hope the writers understand that she is not well liked by the a good amount of the grey’s fandom and they just write her off. I have never met a character that pities them self that much. She is not a child, she was in an adult relationship and if she could not trust Alex with her past, she should have left him.