The Blacklist: Redemption

Ex-Castle Boss Tapped as Blacklist Spinoff Showrunner

Former Castle EP David Amann will be calling the shots on The Blacklist: Redemption.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Amann has been tapped to handle showrunner duties on the forthcoming NBC spinoff, which stars Blacklist vet Ryan Eggold and How to Get Away With Murder‘s Famke Janssen.

800px-david_amannAmann joined Castle in its third season as a producer-writer, ascending to the showrunner perch in Season 7 (replacing series creator Andrew W. Marlowe). He left the ABC drama prior to the start of the eighth and final season; he was succeeded by the co-showrunning team of Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter. His pre-Castle producing credits include The X-Files, Crossing Jordan and Without a Trace.

On Blacklist: Redemption — which starts production in late November ahead of a midseason launch — Amann will work alongside the mothership’s EP team of Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, John Fox and John Davis, as well as Luke Reiter and JR Orci.

The offshoot finds Eggold’s Tom Keen joining forces with his biological mother Susan “Scottie” Hargrave (played by Janssen) to work within “a dangerous world of deadly criminals;” at the same time, Tom will go on a mission to learn as much as he can about his murky past. The cast also includes Blacklist‘s Edi Gathegi and Tawny Cypress.

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  1. Teri says:

    Good for David. Feel he was railroaded from Castle and told how to write #Caskett.

  2. Show would have been doomed before it started if it was Alexi Hawley & Terence Paul Winter tapped as showrunners like they ruined season 8 of Castle.

  3. KLS says:

    I liked him as a writer, but I am glad his S7 showrunner efforts on Castle hasn’t hurt him too much. I see former Castle writers and producers across TV these days. Good news for all of them.

  4. Steven says:

    Ratings for The Blacklist aren’t great this year so I really don’t see this surviving the season.

  5. Mac says:

    Since Tom is my favourite and Janssen is one fantastic actress I’m more excited for this than the mother show

  6. georgee says:

    He did a super job with Castle for so many episodes, THANK YOU!!. The train wreck of season 8 was just wrong. It was hard to believe ABC put up with that BS. With good bosses Castle could of gone in so many different directions. Again David Thank You for the wonderful story of Castle.

  7. Robberey says:

    Would have been better , this wouldn’t be an own series. Instead this should have been an ark on the Blacklist itself. They maybe drop off Samar, so they could have had Famke Jansen coming on with her character and her characters firm, for taking down Alexander Kirk and finding Agnes. Instead they already screwed episodes 3 and 4 of the mother ship series 4th season already

  8. Aleks says:

    I bet he showed them Castle 7×20 ‘Sleeper’ episode to be hired 😏

  9. lisa says:

    My problem is I can’t imagine Liz without Tom, so I’ll be bummed to have 2 shows without true love interests to make the conflict worth the struggle.

    • Lynn says:

      You can’t imagine Liz without Tom, or Jacob, or Christopher, or whoever he is this week? Try watching season two or the first half of season three or season one when the show was great and she knew the whole time something wasn’t right with Tom. I liked him when he was a bad guy in season one but this character has outlived his usefulness. It’s obvious the character no longer fits and they were just trying to find something for him to do, especially season two and the first half of three. Bokenkamp admitted as much, he said Tom was supposed to be killed off about five times in season one. I just hate how they make everyone else out of character and have amnesia and retcon storylines for Tom’s “redemption”. I guess now we know why, they’re trying to keep the cash cow going with another show with his character.

      • PatriciaLee says:

        Wouldn’t the redemption theme be for, both, Tom and his mother? That dynamic I can buy into. Luckily, I didn’t see a lot of Blacklist’s episodes (fast forwarded to Spader’s scenes), so I can enjoy the setup without hate for Tom. Might it be that the younger demo liked his character and/or the actor? That, I’m grateful for because I do like the actor. Bummer for you fans, though, I see that. I went through years of the husband griping that Castle was being made to look like a doofus. Writing that is not consistent can be a pain.

        • Lynn says:

          The redemption is Tom as far as we know. His mother doesn’t even know she’s his mother, he was kidnapped as a child. We don’t really know much about her yet so I guess we don’t know if she needs redemption. Maybe he was taken from her because what she did put him in danger so she needs redemption, who knows. Frankly I’m barely sticking with the Blacklist at this point and only because I know Tom is leaving and for James Spader so I’m not going to be watching another show from these guys. I don’t have a problem with the actor. He is a good actor and I’ve seen him in a few interviews and he seems nice and funny. I don’t know if most of the people who like Tom are younger but the ones who seem to like him seem to be mostly female and like the person above seem to want to believe it is “true love” and I think they like the whole “bad boy changed and saved by love” unrealistic thing. Maybe if they did a better job of writing the “redemption” I’d have an easier time with it. I mean season one he’s beating the crap out of her and bragging about how he knew when he “had” her and cheating on her and not showing any feeling toward her and then were supposed to buy he all of the sudden loves her so much he’s willing to blow his cover, risk his life and be willing to go to jail for murder for her. It’s just ridiculous. As Bokenkamp said, it’s obvious they were going to kill him off season one then suddenly had to turn him into a great guy.

          • Nady says:

            Maybe it’s because I’m young or female but I don’t remember him “beating the crap out of her” in season one.
            Are you referring to the scene where Liz was going to torture him for intel and he broke free and ran away?

      • Nady says:

        It’s obvious that it’s your subjective opinion. I don’t see how they make anyone out of character for Tom’s storyline. Definitely no more so than they make everyone out of character to continue with Red/Liz soap opera. I like Red and Liz as characters but I’m so over “only he can save her” story. S2 was fantastic with Liz taking initiative in her own hands and using Tom as her source. 3A was back to weak dependable Lizzie.

        I don’t even care about romance that much but these few episodes where Liz and Tom worked together were the best writing her character got in S3 and S4.

        • Penny says:

          I’m young and female and have watched this show since the pilot. I also clearly remember watching Tom bash Liz in the head when she found his hideout after he killed Jolene.

          • Nady says:

            Not justifying that as any offensive violence isn’t justifiable, but can we agree that it was nowhere near “beating the crap out of her”? And the context wasn’t domestic fight. For Tom to keep his cover was a matter of life and death. It was choosing between two evils kind of situation, and he had chosen what was seemingly lesser evil. Was his choice wrong? Yes. But if characters always made right choices they wouldn’t have to learn and develop.

    • Penny says:

      This comment is just comical. If you believe Tom or whatever his name is and Liz are true love you have a very weird idea about love. I don’t remember husbands bashing their wives in the head or beating them to be true love? Lying to them or putting them in danger ever chance they get is also true love? Must have missed that memo.

    • dean says:

      A temporary separation doesn’t mean they won’t end up together. Besides, this is NBC. They do crossovers often with some of their other shows, so it’s likely Liz and Tom will still get scenes together sometimes in crossovers.

  10. arial2 says:

    So he’ll be working on a show in which the stars actually like each other?

  11. Missy says:

    Good news :)

  12. jj says:

    Too bad for him that the show won’t last.

  13. Allie says:

    Gag, I predict this show will last less than four episodes. It’s kind of sad all the time, money and effort on a loser right out of the gate.