American Horror Story Season 7

American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy Reveals Roanoke Twist, Hints at Next Season's Freak Show Tie-In

Ryan Murphy promised a twist. And a twist you will get.

As previously teased, this week’s American Horror Story: Roanoke changes the Season 6 game big-time when the focus shifts to My Roanoke Nightmare‘s behind-the-scenes players, including Cheyenne Jackson‘s producer character on the show-within-the-show.

ahs-dwIn a conference call with reporters on Tuesday, Murphy previewed the second half of AHS‘ current edition, beginning with this Wednesday’s episode (FX, 10/9c). What follows are the key takeaways:

* Beginning this week, “Something happens where half the cast is revealed to be doing something completely different than you’ve seen in the first five [episodes],” Murphy revealed, adding, “You realize what you’ve been watching with some of the characters is not [who] they are. [The actors] had to do a mad scramble to find new voices and accents. It is a big turn. It’s the biggest plot twist we’ve ever done with the show. And there’s a startling announcement in Act 3 that resets the season up until Episode 10.”

* AHS vets Taissa Farmiga and Finn Wittrock will be back later this season in unspecified roles.

* Murphy confirmed that Gaga’s Coven-infused persona is, in fact, the Original Supreme, adding that he plans to bring the character back in a future AHS season that will “return to Coven.”

* The plot of next season’s AHS will not be shrouded in secrecy the way Season 6’s was. “We’re going to announce [the premise] in the spring,” said Murphy. “We’re not doing a secrecy thing, but [next season] does have a big hook behind it.” And, according to Murphy, it involves several Freak Show characters.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    I’m so confused, just like every season lmao

    • AnnieM says:

      Except with this show, that’s really part of the fun, isn’t it? :-D

    • bed9111b says:

      Yup! Oh how I tried to love the past season, but I found it to be ridiculous–hard to follow and just plain “PIGGISH” Bring back the good seasons’ story lines, ie.. Freak Show–which was easy to follow -charming and also sad and heartbreaking. “Pepper” we NEED you now!

  2. Joey says:

    Isn’t Gaga’s character being the Original Supreme a retcon? Didn’t they say the white witches receive their magic from slaves in Salem? RM should double check his history. Salem was settled in 1626, and the Roanoke colony was established in 1585, and presumably Gaga’s character was in the area even before that.

    • Wordsmith says:

      If the Salem witches somehow got their magic from Roanoke, it still works.

      • Joey says:

        You mean the Salem slaves? Because I’m pretty sure they said they’d already done magic for hundreds of years in Africa or something.

      • Read the story of Salem that came out last Fall (Stacy Schiff, The Witches: Salem 1692). Not all the “witches” accused were slaves. In fact only one was a household worker from Africa. That shoots down that theory. Also most of the women and men hung were from the rank and file of townspeople. They were known as gossips, do-gooders, and people that the accusers (young girls) felt treated them badly. The author played it out as hysteria (or teens misbehaving badly). Personally, I saw it as revenge.

  3. Ah just go on and say she’s Virginia Dare. LadyGaga could play the ultimate character who no one knows exactly what happened to her. I love the myth that she is the white doe.

  4. N says:

    My friends and I have been waiting awhile to get a Summer Camp story season out of AHS, now it seems they’d rather go back to Freak Show and Coven before they’d do a Camp season. What a missed opportunity.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Two of their worst seasons imho.

      • bed9111b says:

        I thought that Freak Show was the best season for many reasons. It was sympathetic, charming and had a genuine story line one could actually follow without saying: “WHAAAA? “WTF” and “What IS this with the pigs and nonsense–and double-people? What a stretch.

    • Steven says:

      You’re probably better of watching Scream or Dead of Summer for a typical slasher series.

    • jbj says:

      Wouldn’t summer camp be more of a Scream Queens-type theme?

      • Haz says:

        I don’t think that will ever been seen because I do not see a season 3 of Scream Queens for Fox. Plus to me SQ was also supposed to be anthology but since some of the characters were so well received he scrapped it? I have no clue anymore and it seems to me he is forgetting the root of all this and just churning out content to meet deadlines or quotas vs quality work. He’s a talented man but holy hell is he spreading himself then.

        • John036 says:

          Scream Queens was never supposed to be anthology. Ryan said from the start the survivors from each season will continue to next season (except Grace and her dad, cause Skyler Samuels wanted to go back to college)

    • AnnieM says:

      N, you really should check out FreeForm’s ‘Dead of Summer’, then, you might like it. It’s kind of a supernatural mystery with a touch of slasher movie. And it’s only 10 episodes, so, not a huge commitment.

  5. Steve says:

    is it just me or is American Horror Story all of sudden a little to caught up in connecting seasons. its not really necessary in an Anthology show, and it seems like its just starting to confuse people more than anything else. A nice little Easter egg here or there would be cool but its not necessary for Ga Gas character to be elated to Coven and the original houses owner be related to Freak Show,etc. I liked it better early on when each season was self contained. Now it seems Murphy’s too caught up in past characters from previous seasons.

    • tybabb says:

      I see your point but I would argue that “the original house owner being related to Freak Show” is the definition of a little Easter egg. They had the same last name and then they mentioned that the last of his line died in Florida, that’s all.

  6. Dave says:

    Wait, aren’t all the Freak Show people dead? Not that death affects this show but who survived at the end of the end of that season?

    • Steve says:

      Thats a really good point, the kid with the lobsters hands and the twins survived, I believe that was it. Maybe it will have Wes Bentley and his ghostly team of soul collectors in it, that would seem to make the most sense.

  7. Marco Piazzo says:

    Returning to Coven? Exactly what shouldn’t be done, as that season is the NADIR of AHS. You can say what you want about Freak Show or Hotel, at least they ATTEMPTED to be horror or . Coven didn’t, opting instead for being HORRIBLE.

    • LAwoman says:

      Of all the seasons, Coven is the one I least want to have callbacks to. Freak Show I can handle.

    • AnnieM says:

      +1 from me! I *hated* Coven, and only watched it through to see how it ended. It wasn’t one bit scary, had too much Emma Roberts, not enough Evan Peters, and I hated how unfairly they left Lily Rabe’s character. :-P

      • Alana says:

        I realize I’m in the minority, but I *loved* Coven. Not because of the plot, but because of the sets. Mmmmm New Orleans set porn. Gawgeous.

        • QueenB says:

          I also loved Coven. I think it was the best It is also the only season they considered spinning off, if I remember correctly Assylum, FreakShow, and Hotel all rank below Murder House and Coven in my opinion

  8. Sara says:

    If the seasons start tying together does that affect how they submit to the Emmys? They aren’t really an anthology or limited series anymore, are they?

  9. "A" says:

    So every character we have seen on the show so far this season has been an actor but Lily Rabe, Andre Holland, & Adina Porter’s Shelby, Matt, & Lee right ?

    ( Shelby { Sarah Paulson }, Matt { Cuba Gooding Jr. }, Lee { Angela Bassett }, Tomasyn, Ambrose, Edward, Elias, Cricket, Priscilla, Guinness, and Ishmael, Lot, Cain, & Mama Polk are all actors )

  10. Spence says:

    AHS is really on its last legs. I’ll definitely be tuning out after this season. If I wanted to watch Coven, I would watch Coven, same goes with Freak Show. The biggest draw of this show was the anthology portion, and now it appears that aspect is vanishing because they’ve run out of ideas.

  11. CK says:

    I don’t want a return to Coven with both Angela Bassett’s and Kathy Bates’ characters stuck in hell.

  12. Christian says:

    I can’t believe people still watch this show.

    • Lynn says:

      I can’t believe people comment on shows they don’t watch.

    • T.M. says:

      I can’t believe someone who seems to dislike the show so much, as you,would spend your time reading and commenting on here? If I dislike something, I have better things to do with my time than pull up the shows discussion board just to make insults! Kinda hilarious if you think about it, unless you’re truly that bored with no friends to do anything better with your time?

  13. Steve says:

    so i have wandered, are Kathy Bates and Lady Gaga reenactors as well like Cuba Gooding Jr and Sarah Paulson, thus will those roles be played by different actors going forward. those who plays the witch and the butcher going forward


  15. Elena says:

    Disjointed, truly lame season and painful to watch. I will never get those prescious minutes wasted watching back. Waste of production and cast efforts in a vastly substandard product. Count me out. Elena

  16. Steve says:

    Bring Twisty back!!! His time was way too short in Freak Show.

  17. Cokefish says:

    they’ve shrunk the episodes down to 37 min, that bordering 50% commercial time, smh.

  18. Mary says:

    When season 7 start