American Horror Story Video: Roanoke's Big Twist (Finally) Revealed

American Horror Story: Roanoke is flipping the script — or the camera, rather — as it moves into the second half of the season.

Wednesday’s episode ended with Shelby, Matthew, Flora and Lee escaping the Butcher’s clutches — thanks to an assist from a conveniently traitorous Ambrose — and taking refuge at a nearby motel. And because these characters have all taped interviews for My Roanoke Nightmare, we know they survive.

So… what’s next? Well, if you caught the promo for Episode 6 — or if you already clicked on the video above — you’ll know that the focus is shifting to the behind-the-scenes players, specifically Cheyenne Jackson‘s character, believed by many fans to be a producer on My Roanoke Nightmare.

“We rolling?” Jackson asks his cameraman in the promo. “The camera never stops, no matter what anybody says. Even if I tell you to stop, you keep rolling. Got it?”

It’s unclear exactly what his angle is — did you really expect AHS to spoon-feed that to us in a promo? — but it’s fair to assume that, after hearing the survivors’ spine-tingling tale, he’d want to revisit the infamous manor for footage.

“You’ll see, starting in episode 6, the show has a huge turn,” series co-creator Ryan Murphy recently told Entertainment Weekly. “The thing that you think you’re watching is not what you’re watching.”

Your thoughts on the big Season 6 twist? Drop your craziest theories in a comment below.